The day after is always such a bummer -- most vendors have already packed up and left for home or their next destination, the few that remain are casually taking their booths down and loading up their cars and trucks -- and the Spoutwood crew is busy taking down any leftover evidence that the Festival was even here.... again, bummer.
Most folks don't have the opportunity to be around on the day after, as it is a day of work for most.  I'm lucky because I'm retired, and have the luxury of being able to do what I want, when I want (most of the time). 

So today, I'm around because I decided to help a friend, the sound guy, Bryant, get his equipment home.  With two of us towing trailers, we could get done in one day what would have taken him another day or two, AFTER he got off of work - yuk.

By the time I arrived around 10, about half of the spot-a-potty's had been removed, the rental tents were coming down, and loads of hay bundles were being brought down off the hill.  There were still about a dozen vendors in various stages of tear-down, and I went around and spoke with a few of them..... That's how I know the Kettle Korn folks had sold out! :-)

The picture below comes from Google Maps Streetview, and is at a time when nothing is going on.  The picture was taken in 2013, but it doesn't look any different in 2018.

The next picture also comes from Google, and their aerial view.  However, it is a composite of about 40 or more screen grabs, because as you move around on their aerial view, the vantage point changes, so it is not an easy task to stitch everything together!  If you look really, really hard, you may be able to spot a few places where things didn't particularly line up well, especially on the corners.  This is the base map I used on the DAY 3 page to show where everything is in relation to each other.


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