I'm taking a break from trains and signals for a while.....

The picture above is one of my favorites from the Hubble Telescope.
The picture contains only Galaxies, no stars.  The picture was taken in the equivalent
of taking a picture thru a hole the size of a dime at 75 feet away.
More at: https://hubblesite.org/contents/news-releases/1996/news-1996-01.html

After watching "How the Universe Works" on the Science Channel,
Your brain gets overloaded on this stuff.
But it all raises a question about the Big Bang and the origin of the universe.

If you look out in space, they say the farthest we can see are galaxies that are ~13.5 billion lights years away....
when they say the Big Bang happened.

Well, unless particles and atoms are traveling a billion light years -plus- a second, how did matter get from the point origin of the Big Bang, to 13.5 billion light years away in an instant, AND, change from particles to developed galaxies in that instant??? And that's not taking into account of astronomy's estimate of how long it took to create the first galaxy of out space dust released from the Big Bang - which I don't remember the details of, but first, sub-atomic particles had to combine to create atoms, then atoms had to combine to make elements, which then needed time for gravity to make them join-up into bigger clusters of atoms, then they had to combine to make other elements, and so on and so on, I don't remember how many millions of years they said it took for all of this to happen, but you get the gist... this is mind boggling in its own right... Anyone want to comment?  A program I saw at the Hayden Planetarium back in Dec 2019 also raises a few questions too, which I will address elsewhere.

Bienvenue.  Pour tous ceux qui sont en train de visiter mon site.  Je suis désole, mais je ne maîtrise pas la langue Française pour pouvoir traduire mes pages en Français.  Mais il existe un excellent site sur la signalisation canadienne et américaine par Martin Lévesque à: http://regle105.quebectrain.com/


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The Ringling Brothers 2017 Blue Train, Car by Car

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