The second day of the 2018 season was overcast, which helped to keep the temperatures down.  We started getting a little drizzle late in the afternoon, but it was not enough to disrupt anything.

Because this is such a large page, I decided to use thumbnails, as it will keep your page load time down :-)



      Twig the Fairy

      My daughter Jenny seemed to get around more than I did :-)



          That parasol is now in my living room :-)

      Cu Dubh









  Samantha and Scott after the day was done     Scott and his guitarmy of one.

Frenchy and the Punk were not supposed to be around on Saturday, but their other gig was cancelled, so we are glad they found a spot to let Scott play a set...





        Must have been a bitch to walk around in, as I saw him in flats a little later.....






Sometimes I spotlight cool t-shirts, but didn't see that many this year (like the R2D2 shirt above), so we did tattoo's instead :-)
Here is a small sampling of the Tattoo's I saw over the three days.....







Watching the movie Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr in it will enlighten you as the the significance of 221B.....






  Not real tattoo's.....


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