Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Train
In Strasburg PA at the Strasburg RR



My Homepage for Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Train
The train in Baltimore MD  Most of the detail shots are on this page
The train in Perryville MD
The train in Strasburg PA at the Strasburg RR
The train in Harrisburg PA
The train in Scranton PA at Steamtown
The train in Jackson MI
The train in Ft Worth TX
The train in Richmond VA
The train in Wilmington DE
The train in New York City

So far, Strasburg has probably been the best place to view the birthday train, of course, I wasn't in Lorton, so I can't say with great certainty.  With the Thomas engine running, and the huge crowds it attracts, the railroad would not let you go wandering around the yard, so the best way to get photos from the best side of train was to take a ride on the MOW ride.  They separated the HEP engine and set it off to the side, probably because the siding was not long enough for the whole train.  The three photos in the middle row were taken from Paradise Lane.  This is probably going to be one of the few times the train will be on private property like this. 

More pictures and a guide to the Strasburg area is located here




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