Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Train
In Baltimore MD



My Homepage for Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Train
The train in Baltimore MD  Most of the detail shots are on this page
The train in Perryville MD
The train at the Strasburg RR in Strasburg PA
The train in Harrisburg PA
The train in Scranton PA at Steamtown
The train in Jackson MI
The train in Ft Worth TX
The train in Richmond VA
The train in Wilmington DE
The train in New York City



the 1970's/1980's Display Car - 10093




Amtrak has 4 or 5 of these displays set up to show the different paint, cars, and engines used through the years in nice looking but difficult to photograph display cases.

the 1980's/1990's Display Car - 10094




the 2000's Display Car - 10095


Techie Stuff

      A Pennsylvania Railroad Dwarf PL (position light) Signal is on display for all to play with.

    Four air horns are on display, each with a button so you can hear what they sound like, and no, it's a recording :-)

     A control stand from a GP40TC diesel locomotive is here for kids 8-80 to play with.

      Display showing how electricity gets from the overhead catenary wire to the locomotive via a pantograph.  They have been busy since being in Baltimore, as the left photo is from then, and the right two were taken in Perryville.... Way to go guys! (They did the same for the signal and the control stand!)... (PS, they are wrong about one thing tho, for the New Haven used a "tri-angular" shaped catenary, with two support wires above instead of one - Amtrak replaced the last of these maybe 10-15 years ago in southern CT)

   Two rail displays.

the Diner / Souvenir Sales Car - 85999


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