Sunday, October 31st, 2010
The final day, on Halloween!

  only if you dare


Sunday was the last day of the Faire for the 2010 season.
A beautiful day it was, with a slight chill taking over after the sun set,
But with the entertainment the Faire Folks provided,
I think few of us hardly noticed!

The final jousting exhibition and the final finale were not to be missed,
The finale itself was worth the price of admission alone,
If you missed them, shame on you.

We'll see ya'll next year!

Around the Faire









At the Chessboard


This years Queen Elizabeth was played by Katherine Campbell, many happy returns
Sir Francis Drake was played by Lee Jordan, Taylor Tutt did the Sir Walter Raleigh character,
and P.A. West handled the Sir Randolph Pemberton role

Nightfall Approaches in the Shire


Night Time Jousting and Battle


The Finale

So much happened during the 2 1/4 hour finale that it is hard to remember all of it, but it kicked ass! 
By the end, almost everyone, cast and audience alike, had tears in their eyes....








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