the 2011 Fairie Festival
Sproutwood Farm
Sothern York County PA

Friday April 29th, 2011
the first day


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The day was a little cooler and less sunny than we would have all liked, but it didn't seem to keep people away!  This was the 20th year for the festival.

The organizers had a number of great musical entertainers lined up for our pleasure, including Victoria Vox, Hu Dost, and Telesma.

Of special note, was a special appearance by Twig the Fairy, who has attained a nationwide following.  Her home festival is the Minnesota Renaissance Faire, but she travels extensively to faires in Texas, North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, and South Dakota.  We were honored by her presence at Sproutwood, taking a break during the middle of the Scarborough Faire to come visit us in York County, and the kids just simply adored her!  Her website is at:

Twig the Fairy

 Victoria Vox on the Gossamer Stage

  Hu Dost

  Wendy Rule on the Royal Maypole Stage

  Scheherazade the Gypsy Temptress

  Sascha Peppercorn, Fairie Queen Living Statue

 Posie and her Tea Partyers

  Bunny Fairy              Bunny Fairy with Bubbles :-)


    A cute little observatory for checking out those stars and planets on a clear night!

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