the 2011 Fairie Festival
Sproutwood Farm
Southern York County PA

Saturday April 30th, 2011
the second day


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Saturday was a big improvement over Friday, altho it started off chilly!


  Twig the Fairy, lots more pix on the first day page.

  Scheherazade the Gypsy Temptress

  Sascha Peppercorn, Fairie Queen Living Statue

  Some of the "Tea Party" fairies.


  These bubble makers were a popular hit with the kids!

  Telesma on the Gossamer stage with the Indra Lazul Bellydancers... they rock!

  HuDost on the Frodo stage... more great music!

 Richard has an impressive collection of handmade costumes, and you'll see him in most of my faire pictures sets.

The Drum Circle, I thought we were going to break into "Soul Sacrifice" :-)


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