Westinghouse & NGC

Westinghouse  1977-1991
    click here  Pictures From Benson Ave ~1984

Northrop Grumman  2003-2015 (Thank God, should have retired sooner! :-)
     click here  Dave Wood's Retirment Party - December 2005
     click here  Sykesville Employee Appreciation Picnic - June 2007
     click here  George Suter's Retirement Party - February 2007
     click here  Matt Doutt's going away lunch at Becks - June 2008
     click here  Charlie O'Burne's going away lunch - June 2008
     click here  Sykesville Employee Appreciation Picnic - June 2008
     click here  John Howards 50th Birthday Party - July 2010
     click here  Jim Michael's Retirement Party - January 2010
     click here  Scott Pulling's Going Away Party - March 2010
     click here  Sykesville Employee Appreciation Picnic - June 2010
     click here  Voiceswitch's Thanksgiving Lunch - November 2010
     click here  2011's Big Retirement - April 2011
     click here  Matt Brock's Going Away Lunch - May 2011
     click here  John Fiackos' retirement lunch - June 20th, 2011
     click here  Ping's going away lunch - June 29th 2011
     click here  John Neiswender's Retirement Party - July 21st 2011
     click here  Sykesville Family Day 2011
     click here  Sykesville CRC Christmas Lunch 2011
     click here  Harry Buck's Retirement Party - December 2012
     click here  Troy Hill Picnic - September 2013
     click here  Charlotte Einboden's Retirement Party - November 2013
     click here  Upton McCracken's Retirement Party - February 2018
     click here  Mark Angelino's Retirement Party - March 2018
     click here  Mike Reynold's Retirement Party - January 2020
     click here  Ed Martinez's Retirement Party - January 2020
     click here  A CRC get-together lunch at Mutiny's in Elkridge - June 2023
     click here  A small ERC get-together lunch at the Hickory Lodge in Bel Air  - July 2023
     click here  Danny Smith's Retirement Party - August 2023

Other places I worked:
     click here  Alger Electric  1970-1971
     click here  C&P Telephone  1972-1973
     click here  EIL Instruments 1973-1977
     click here  Applied Physics Lab  1991-1995
     click here  The MTA Light Rail  1995-1998
     click here  IMS  1998-2002

Towson High School  - and the Class of 1968 Reunion Pictures
     click here  55th Reunion - September 23rd, 2023 -- Country Club of Maryland, Towson MD

Towson High School  - and the Class of 1969 Reunion Pictures
     click here  20th Reunion - November 1989 -- Martin's Eudowood (where? :-)
     click here  25th Reunion - November 1994 -- American Legion Hall - Towson
     click here  30th Reunion - November 1999 -- Maryland State Fairgrounds - Timonium
     click here  35th Reunion - November 2004 -- Sheppard Pratt Conference Center - Towson
     click here  40+1 Reunion - September 2010 -- Crowne Plaza Hotel - Timonium
     click here  45th Reunion - November 15th, 2014 -- North Baltimore Plaza Hotel - Timonium MD
     click here  50th Reunion - September 21st, 2019 -- Country Club of Maryland, Towson MD
     click here  A tribute to those of our classmates who can no longer be with us
     click here  For the 2021 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Luncheon

Renaissance Faire Pictures
     click here  If ya'll are into Renaissance Faires, check out my RenFaire Pictures

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