Do you like videos that amaze you?.... Here is a small sampling:

Are you into LEGOS?

If you had 5 million dollars to build a garage, what would it look like?

Now this is one cool boat!!!

Cool video in a TRON motif.....

If you're into cool garages, check this one out, it's owned by Craig Jackson, president of arrett-Jackson auctions:

Sophie Hunt from a group in the UK sent me a notice that the Microsoft password checker page I had on this page is no longer available. 
Once in a while, links may go dead, especially since checking them across 650+ pages gets near impossible for one person (sorry about that).....
So here is the link to her company's page.... it seems to be a much nicer page than the Microsoft page ever was, check it out!....


I'm partial to a town in East Texas called Tyler cause I used to live there.
I'm partial to this website because of that, and because Ken does a most excellent job of researching history.
Check out what he has uncovered about railroading in East Texas!!!


If you like railroad signals, traffic lights, ham radio, or a host of other interesting things, check out this website by Jeffrey:

Foreign trains get a bad rap from a lot of Americans.  I dunno why, for they offer the railfan a lot of variety... something different to shoot.  I was in France for 18 days back in 2002, and couldn't get enough of the stuff!  Personally, I'm bored with the Dash-9's, especially in the dreary black ones we get here in Baltimore on the NS.  So, to start off this page, I'm listing a great railfan page, in English, on Swedish trains.  The website is maintained by Ulf Herdenberg, and he has done a great job presenting the engines, rolling stock, MOW equipment, buildings, bridges, and tunnels of Sweden.  Mr. Herdenberg has graciously allowed me to use a few of his photos on my website. 

An SJ V5 diesel engine in Karlstad, Sweden - 07/28/94
Copyrighted photo by Ulf Herdenberg

An SJ Rc6 #1347 electric engine in Hallsberg, Sweden - 08/09/01
Copyrighted photo by Ulf Herdenberg

Mr. Herdenberg also turned me onto a site for Swedish signals, but it is in Swedish.  However, it is still very worthwhile checking out!  Very detailed.
If anyone knows where it has moved, or if it is still around, please drop me a line, tnx.

You haf-ta check out Zachary G's Signal Website......
I don't know how this guy finds time to work and fix signals, and then put them on his website!


Photo by Zach

Many more excellent pictures from around the MD-VA-WV areas by Todd Paoni are at:
Nice signal shot, BTW!  From Shenandoah Junction WV

A site by Eric Haas with oodles of signal and train pictures, mostly from the west where I hardly ever get...
A "stubby" searchlight installation in Tennessee Pass CO, on Sage siding

A couple of related websites by Bill Hudson,
most interesting model RR signal stuff and conversations on electricity and how how not to get killed while using it:

http://www.modelrrsignals.com/      and        http://www.hudsontelcom.com/  

A site devoted mostly to S Gauge railroading, lots of good stuff here!  Bill also likes Mustangs, Music, photography and Springsteen... Check it out.
Above is a customized brass Pennsy K4, modeled specifically after #5495.... Nice work!


Good CSX engine roster reference, not sure who it's by:


This guy has the money to do whatever he wants..... if you're into electronics, home theater, Machining, Astronomy, or just want to see what this guy did with his house remodeling, check this out:


For loads of signal pix from a wide variety of contributors, check this out:


A personal Live Diesel webpage and his EMD SD-45X
Norm and Jon's Shop

Some electronic circuit resources..... great stuff!:



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