I had heard on one of the Yahoo Groups about these strange PL signals in Northumberland PA... Nuthin like them around anywhere else they said.  Well, I just had to go and see for myself.

Harrisburg is about 80 miles from where I live in Baltimore County, and Northumberland is another 45 miles or so.  It was a Saturday, so my daughter and I trekked off northward, getting a late start.  I chose Saturday, cause the Harrisburg Tower is also open on Saturdays.

First thing you come to, taking the first exit of I83 from the south,  is a set of signals on the Philadelphia line for trains coming into the station.

Then, of course, there is the Harrisburg Station, formerly of the Pennsy.

Going over the tracks on Mulberry, you might be lucky enough to catch a freight coming thru, this one is heading towards Reading.

A WB freight on the ex Reading line heading towards the Rockville Bridge.

Market Street passes under the tracks just north of the station.


The restored Harris Tower.  On the day we were there, they get an "F", cause they were already closed when we got there at 2:30, and they were supposed to be open till 4  :-(  From what I could see tho, they did a great job on the restoration.  The people over at the Amtrak Station want to move the GG1 over to in front of the Tower, and are in discussions with the historical society about it.  They would have to lay down track and put a switch in to make the move tho.....

From the parking lot at the Tower, you can see a few searchlight signals put in by Conrail in the early 80's.  They look really out of place in the middle of PL territory!

Also from the Tower parking lot are these impressive sentinels at the end of the State Street bridge, if you're up on the bridge, it looks right to the capitol building.

From the Tower parking lot is a good  place to watch trains from, BTW.  During the week however, it is for State employee parking, so beware.

For more pictures of Harrisburg, check out my Harrisburg page here.

A view of the Susquehanna from the I81 bridge.

Taking the exit for US15 north off I81, coming from the east, you can catch the very north end of Enola Yard, and were lucky to catch this CN unit in the consist.

A short drive from I81 brings you to the west end of the Rockville Bridge.  This is a color light replacement for a Pennsy PL signal just before trains out of Enola head over the bridge.

For my guide to the Rockville Bridge area, click here.

From the same photo spot as above, you can shoot a PL signal for SB trains from Altoona way headed into Enola.  The upper head is a Safetran replacement signal.

Up in Marysville, is a great place to shoot EB trains, as there is a slight grade and they have to work a little.

The first signal bridge north of the Rockville Bridge, has a rare full background on the right lower head.

The next signal north, on a much newer aluminum signal bridge.  Most of the signals till you get past Duncannon are on bridges... then you start to see intermediate signals on masts.

Another set of signals a  little harder to get to, but with a long lens, not a bad shot... just south of Duncannon.

For my guide to the signals west of Harrisburg, click here

Ahhhh, finally, we reach Northumberland, and the trip was well worth the effort!

Looking towards the small Northumberland yard from the signals.

The Northumberland Depot, a great place to eat!!!

For the signal fan, Northumberland is a pretty good spot!

Looking back towards the bridge and the strange PL's from the station.

A Northshore engine, which operates out of Northumberland, and a stray coach.

Well, after Jen and I had a great dinner in Northumberland, we headed back down to Enola for a few night shots.

Last but not least, a couple of shots shooting across the river in to Harrisburg from US15

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