The bigger the boys, the bigger their toys, this page covers some of mine.

My Kubota tractor

It's the smallest Kubota you can get with a backhoe, a BX23.  I got mine in 2004, sweet little machine.... has a cab with removable doors...
Nice for pushin' snow in the winter and pulling out small trees during the rest of the year.
I added worklights on the roof, and installed a control panel up front of the cab.
Next thing to add is cab heat for keeping warm while pushin the snow.
The thing runs on a great little 3 cylinder diesel, easy to start, even in the cold winters we have around here.
When I got rid of it in 2019, after16 years, it only had about 280 hours on it.

Last year in 2019 I bought a new B2301, a little bigger, a little stronger.
Nice machine, but the controls sure are tight! :-)  :-)

In 2020, I finally got around to picking up a miniature train, that supposedly ran at Gwynn Oak Park in the kiddie section.  The train originally ran in a circular track about 40 feet in diameter.  The fellow I got it from, unfortunately, got rid of the track by the time I picked it up.  The engine ran off of a 120VAC motor, which had a wire running from a pole mounted on the engine, and ran to a slip ring in the middle of the track.  The motor is bad, so we will have to find a replacement.  The gauge is about 14-3/8 inches.  The whole train appears to be custom made, and is in really good condition considering it has been in Mike's back yard (and someone else's too) for the past 50 years!  Come spring, we will repaint the thing.

I guess it's "kinda" like one of my toys, for I used to work for the MTA fixing the Light Rail Vehicles that run behind my house.  When I worked there, and a train would come by while I was in the backyard, the operators would blow the horn, or get on the PA system and say "Hi Todd".  The things were fun and interesting to work on.

And, it's not really a toy, but I have a "flipper" I've been working on for a few years.  Until recently, my brother in laws were living in the house, so now that they are out, I can finally get down to business and start some serious renovation work.  This corner of the house used to be piled high with trash and dirt, and the patio on the right now has the beginnings of a 3 season porch on it.  A new roof went on it last year, but we paid someone to do that so it would get done in a day! :-)  :-)

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