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LTV steel #1010, in East Chicago IN, 1989

BNSF freight - Saginaw TX        October 2006

BNSF freight rolling through Frisco TX and Beaver Bend Park        September 2006

CEFX #3780 on the lead of a KCS freight in Richardson TX        September 2006

N&W #1515 on the lead  - Wabash IN        October 1977     It was rare to see a low nose on the N&W back in those days.

Penn Central in Porter IN     October 1976

Penn Central - New Carlisle IN     April 1977

TFM #1666 and #1683 on a KCS freight in Richardson TX     September 2006

UP freight on the Grand Trunk in Granger IN     June 2006
Tim lives in Dallas, where this is just about all you can see, and was annoyed he traveled a 1000 miles for this?

This is becoming more common place, as my friend John B and I were in Buffalo in September and got a shot of BNSF and UP engines on the lead of CSX freights - in the same shot!  John was also in Cumberland MD this past weekend and in one hour saw freights with single road power consists on CSX freights from BNSF, UP, NS, and CSX.  A few weeks ago in St Paul MN (well, by now, it was in September of 2006), I saw several CP freights with nothing but NS power on the lead.  It's happening more and more - that's why I spent two of my four days in the Twin-Cities area chasing after the short lines - stuff you can't get anywhere but in that region, like the IC&E, ITR, TC&W, and the Minnesota Commercial.... Maybe, one of these days, I'll do a guide for Minneapolis and St. Paul!

Rail America CORP 3827 and TPW 3878 at Kokomo IN in December 2010

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