This page covers derails.  Derails are used by railroads to protect.

Many derails are permanently installed, others are "portable", such as the one used to protect the mainline in case the DOT car below "gets away".  The derails in the Manassas yard are typical of permanently installed derails used to protect the mainline in case engines or cars inadvertently decide to head for the mainline, and it's not their turn.

Inclusion of manufacturer's information is not an endorsement and does not necessarily advocate their products.  One day when updating this page, I Googled " Railroad Derails", and some of what I came across appears on this page.

Is it just me, or do most of the blue derail signs look like refugees from the Conrail era? :-)

Don Shall
Tony Hake
Glenn Lane
Don Shall

Manassas VA

This derail is located adjacent to the ex Southern Railway station in Manassas, now used by the VRE.  The track is owned by NS.  Pix from 2005.






Manassas VA

This portable derail was also located in Manassas on a temporary basis.  It was on a siding that started adjacent to the staion, and was used to protect the DOT track car shown below.  The derail was at the entry point to the main line.  Pix from 2005.



Manassas VA

These derails are located at the western end of Norfolk Southern's Manassas Yard.  The Manassas VRE station is about a half mile down the tracks (way) in the background.  One leg of a wye also takes off from the left side of the photo, for trains going thru Front Royal, a favorite line for steam trips with 4501 back in the 70's and most recently (2016) 611!  Pix from 2005.



Cockeysville MD

This derail is on the (now) Light Rail tracks in Cockeysville MD, where a siding comes off the main line... The siding used to be the "main line" going up to York and Harrisburg PA.  The pictures were taken from Warren Rd, not to far off of I83.  The next station off to the left is Warren Rd.  The MOW department used to keep a speeder in a shed built over the siding, just out of sight.  Before NS abandoned freight service up to Genstar, if the train got stuck "up here", they would park the train on this siding till the following night till the L/R trains stopped running at 01:30.  A couple pictures from the early 70's of an RS-11 working another siding off Cockeysville Road (just out of sight) are located at:  https://railroadsignals.us/rs11.htm   Pix from 2007

Denver CO

  Photo by Tony Hake

Kannapolis NC

GPS Coordinates: 35.498347, -80.622759
Kannapolis/Concord also has (still) a bunch of older Southern Rwy style signal bridges, get pix while you can!
Photos by Glenn Lane, if it wasn't for the credit on his picture, I wouldn't be able to tell because I don't like Flicker and their non-human friendly interface designed by humans :-).....

Portland ME

A derail mechanism on the railroad tracks into Old Town, along the Fore River, Portland ME.  Found on Flicker.  Photo by Don Shall.

Unknown Locations

Wabtec Portable



Aldon Company



Western Cullen Hayes


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