This section covers power supplies and transformers that keep signals lit.
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GRS Units

GRS Model 31094-GR7 Transformer

No information on the specs of the transformer.  Size is 10-1/8" tall, 5" wide, 7-1/2" deep.


GRS Model 53715-1 Transformer

Power wise, this is a "small" transformer, being rated for 0.030VA, or about 30 watts.


GRS Model BT-432 Rectifier with Type TX Transformer

The input is set up for 110VAC only, 60/100 cycles.  Output is 13.5V max, at 2.4A.
This unit has a copper oxide rectifier.


GRS Model K Transformer

In examining the label, it looks like this one only runs off 120VAC, has an output range of 3-12VAC, and has a 25VA rating.... the marking that says 12v at 1.7 amps would confirm this.


Harmon Units

Harmon Model 5025A Inductor

Things like this, an inductor, AKA a choke, are used to block signals of a certain frequency when used in an overlay circuit, where multiple frequencies are used, if this was used in a track circuit.


Safetran Units

Safetran Model 010520 Transformer

This unit is a transformer - it converts 120 Volts AC to a low voltage AC that the light bulbs can use. 
It has a 115/230VAC input, and as shown in the photo, it is connected to run off 120V.
The transformer is rated at 0.31KVA, or 310 watts into a non-reactive load.
The output is 0.5V to 15.5VAC in 1/2 volt steps.
The numbered terminals correspond to the voltage output, starting at "8", and going thru "15",
The terminal labeled ".5" is for the half volt tap.
The output wires are connected to ".5" and "13", giving us 13.5V on the output,
The base is 6 x 6 1/2, exclusive of the mounting flanges, and 7 1/2" high - it weighs about 8 lbs.


US&S Units

US&S Model N Transformer

This is a single output transformer rated at 60VA, the EBay listing says it is from the 1890's.  Not sure of the model number.


US&S Model W-10 Transformer

This transformer is rated for 600VA (roughly equates to 600 watts), and runs off 120VAC only, no option for 220.
We found this one on EBay....


US&S Model W-10 Transformer

This transformer is rated for 300VA, and runs off 115/100VAC only, no option for 220.  Listed output is 17-17 volts. Another Ebay unit.


US&S Transformer - Unknown Model Number

The tag on it says the input is for 110VAC, and has a 200VA rating, but does not specify the output voltage. Another EBay find.


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