This page covers signals which you don't see much any more.
Not railroad signals, but signals for vehicular (auto) traffic.

Years ago, some towns used to install "semaphore" lenses into their signals,
The idea behind this was to make it easy for color blind people to tell what "color" the signal was,
Obviously, the idea was inspired by railroad semaphores,
This signal was made by Eagle.

I don't know of any left in the Baltimore MD area where I live,
The last ones I knew of were taken out-of-service about 15 years ago on Charles St in Towson.

I found two signals in Hagerstown MD, at Mulberry and East.
Another signal across the intersection only had two semaphore lenses in it.
An elderly woman came out of her row house and asked if red-light cameras were going in as I was taking pix,
She said they were badly needed at this intersection.

These pictures were taken in 2006, not sure when the intersection was upgraded.





Looks like they kept the one pole, and used it to put the hand/man signal on.


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