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Automatic Re-direct pages where I have moved sheet:

Anything that starts off with guides is on the http://www.railfanguides.us website
Anything that starts off with rsus is on the http://www.railroadsignals.us/ website

08-05-05 Created RSUS Website

added site counter

1 created rsus/cr1.htm
2 created rsus/csx1.jpg
3 created rsus/amtrak1.htm
4 created rsus/brc.htm
5 created rsus/bn1.htm
6 created rsus/ccp1.htm
7 created rsus/cnw1.htm

8 created rsus/switchmachines.htm
9 created rsus/switchheaters.htm
10 created rsus/signalbridges.htm
11 created rsus/crossinggates.htm
12 created rsus/clifton1.htm
13 created rsus/clifton2.htm
14 created rsus/rsus/clifton3.htm
15 created rsus/rsus/clifton4.htm
16 created rsus/revision.htm
UD rsus/index.htm

17 created rsus/manassas.htm and derail1 pix, added new O-2 subject
UD rsus/clifton1.htm
changed GRS Supply to Signal
18 created rsus/finials and pinnacles
19 created rsus/derails.htm

20 created rsus/signalcircuit.htm + associated jpegs
modified index page
added signal circuit description and pix insertion unfinished
21 created rsus/cplprimer.htm
22 created rsus/cplindex.htm

23 created rsus/xinggate1/htm + nwsig1.jpg, nwsig2.jpg, nwmap1.jpg
24 created rsus/relaybox.htm, relaybox1.htm
25 created rsus/cpl1.htm, plus assoc pix

26 created rsus/flagsetc.htm
27 created rsus/whistles1.htm
28 created rsus/handsigs1.htm
29 created rsus/trainsigs1.htm + associated jpegs
modified home page

30 created rsus/
31 created rsus/miscxingates1.htm + xingate3a.jpg thru xingate3f.jpg and 2333PCC1a.jpg
moved the Elliston xing gate from crossinggates.htm to miscxingates.htm
modified home page
fixed picture placement problem with rsus/clifton1.htm

32 created rsus/earlyindex.htm
33 created rsus/semaphoreindex.htm
34 created rsus/searchlightindex.htm
35 created rsus/mountingindex.htm
36 created rsus/auxsigequipindex.htm
37 created rsus/lightrailindex.htm
38 created rsus/heavyrailindex.htm


9-4-05 (9-5-05am)
39 created rsus/crsus/pl2.htm, cpl2a.jpg thru cpl2o.jpg
finished the signal controller circuit description

40 created rsus/baltlrv.htm and bitch1.htm

41 created the poll results in rsus/poll.htm

42 created rsus/pedgates.htm
modified rsus/miscxinggates.htm to move Darby off of it

43 created rsus/cpldwgs1.htm + usscat2a.jpg thru usscat2e.jpg + usscat3a.jpg thru usscat3g.jpg
44 created rsus/signindex.htm
45 created rsus/bulbs1.htm + usscat1a.jpg thru usscat1d.jpg
46 created rsus/gradexingindex.htm
changed around the index page bigtime

47 created cpl3.htm + cpl3a.jpg thru cpl3w.jpg
added rlycab2a/b to relaybox.htm
added graphics and pictures to cplprimer.htm; cplprimer1.jpg thru cplprimer5.jpg

48 created signalterms1.htm,
49 created baltlrvtech.htm
added stdenismd2.jpg as map to the stuff in the St Denis area

50 created bosigindex.htm
51 created csxsigindex.htm
added bo1.htm + cobo1a.jpg thru cobo1s.jpg
added co1.htm + cobo2a.jpg thru cobo2m.jpg
52 created corasigindex.htm

changed the index page photo to one of CPL's in Mt Winans yard but mistakenly called it Brunswick

corrected title on photo and added more description
added map BOmap1.jpg to go along with pix
updated pix signal-circuit3.jpg to show items left off original scan
added batteries to D and reading rulebooks to A, but no links yet
added lrv-pix-na1/2/and 3.jpg to the balt light rail section
added hferrycpl1 and 2.jpg to B&O CPL section
added northcent1.jpg to index page

53 created gradesigns.htm + gradesign1.jpg, gradesign2.jpg, Luthsta1.jpg
added e33-2.jpg to index page

54 created notres.htm + notres1.jpg and notres2.jpg
55 created pictures1.htm + VRE/NS/Wash Mon/NH pix
modified index and clifton3.htm

56 created yardsigns.htm + rrsign11.jpg + rrsign12.jpg
added lrv10.jpg thru lrv17.jpg to baltlrv.htm
added rrsig10 to cplindex.htm
added rrsign13 to notres.htm

added some light rail tech stuff...lrvchap1.htm thru lrvchap3.htm

added somemore light rail tech stuff...lrvchap4.htm thru lrvchap11.htm
altho i only added tech shit on 4 and 5

added 3 pix to the signal circuit page, dsc00121a.jpg, dsc00122a.jpg, dsc00123a.jpg,

57 created diamond.htm and the pictures dia-sig1a.jpg thru dia-sig4c.jpg + pennmary1.jpg

58 created cp1.htm and added cp1-sig.jpg

59 created phoneindex.htm
60 created baltlrvtrainpix.htm
added poleline1.jpg and poleline2.jpg to the phoneindex page
moved lrv train pix to the other page created and off the lrvindex page

did little or nothing

added pix to marta.htm

added more pix to marta.htm....still more to come!  STAY TUNED

61 created "todds1.htm" and 5 toddsxxx pix
changed lead picture on homepage
moved CPL pix to CPL index page

added bocpl3e.jpg to cplindex.htm
added baltlrv4a/b.jpg to balt light rail pix page

62 created webers.htm plus webers1.jpg thru webers8.jpg

63 created baltlrvsig.htm....still more to come!  STAY TUNED
changed banner to include Merry Christmas

changed Merry Christmas to Happy New Year
added section at top for links to new stuff
changed main picture to 2 light rail pix, baltlrv31a/b
64 created oldpix.htm, and placed old main page photos on that page

added recent pix of LRV in Riderwood, blatlrv31bb.jpg
removed happy new year

finished baltlrvrules.htm (accidently uploaded on 1/14)
added pix to baltlrvsig.htm

changed descriptions on marta.htm

removed light rail photos on homepage and added pedestal1.jpg, from Balt Penn Station
We became a grandfather today...Elena Lauren Phillips....8-6lbs/19in

Added the marta5x and marta6x series of photos to the Marta page after trip down there to see my new grandaughter, Elena Lauren

65 created atlantasearch.htm and stuck search1a.jpg thru search1aa.jpg on it

added mtapolicea/b/c.jpg, mta5036a/b.jpg, and mta805a.jpg to baltlrvtrainpix.htm

66 created finial.htm + 11 AA pixs
67 created xformer.htm + AB001/002/003/014/15.jpg
68 created hagerstown.htm + AC108/109/110/112/114/116/119/120/130.jpg
placed two new pictures on homepage - AD219 and AD 341
Moved 2 old pix to oldpix.htm

added AE046/49/53/59.jpg to diamond.htm - Tyler TX diamond crossing gate
added AF007.jpg to searchlightindex.htm
added AF001-006.jpg to switchmachines.htm

69 created cpl4.htm and added AG237/240/242/243/244.jpg to it - 2 aspect CPL/Baltimore/by Montgomery Wards

added funny section of jokes n shit

70 created trolley.htm about the arrival of 2728 in Baltimore

added a few more pix, and links to the trolley.htm page

Added 6 pictures by Charles Plantholt to the trolley.htm page

added 2160 pix from Charlie Plantholt to trolley.htm

71 created nomenclature.htm, and got part way thru typing shit in, to cover signal wires

72 created relay1.htm
73 created relay2.htm

added subwaysig.jpg to todd1.htm

added ai series jpegs to pedgates.htm for the hand-man crossing signals at Timonium Rd.
changed the main picture to one of color light signals just west of new castle PA

nuttin much... swapped out the main picture for AJ097.jpg... from OCT2004 BDS trip to Cleveland
74 created dollposts.htm and added ak036/38/40/41/42.jpg... B&O CPL with doll post on route to Wilmington

75 created visit.htm, and a couple of links to Swedish websites, one in English, added 2 jpegs to the page
modified the index page to add the link

76 created sleepers.htm and added pix portage1/portage2.jpg and am091 thru am143.jpg

modified cplprimer.htm and added drawing to show basic components
75 deleted sleepers.htm cause of shit I got about it from a supposed friend

76 created lrv chapters 11/12/13 and added text to chap 6 thru 10
took out the bad shit on LRV problems

77 78 created chap 14 and 15 to the LRV technical section and coupler1.jpeg
changed around cplprimer.htm, added colors and corrected lunar white to white for marker lights

79 80 created fun.htm and fun2.htm

finished adding stuff to nomenclature.htm, but need to add columns to make it look nicer

Changed the intro page photo to one by Mike Watnosky of dwarf CPL at Baileys Wye, am150
added 9 photos to the LRV tech section.... an01 thru an09.jpg

changed the pictures on the homepage and added a few more

81 created toy.htm, and added pix to lathe.htm..... AS062/65/68/69/73.jpg

82 created a World Trade Center 9/11 memorial page, substituted it for the regular index page

put things back to normal with the home page, changed around the TOC a little bit

changed searchlightindex.htm to searchlight1.htm
added pix from Buffalo trip, BUF128-166.jpg and 168-181.jpg
added pix to WTC page

added more pix to lathe.htm.... comparison shopping

83 84 created md-pix2003.htm and pa-pix2003.htm and changed the renfest index page

Changed the look of a lot of the pages to include a red-white-blue logo at the top of the page

85 86 87 created minn.htm, minn1.htm, minn2.htm, and added a few pictures to get the Minneapolis section going!

added more Minneapolis pictures

88 89 90 91 created buff.htm, buf1.htm, buf2.htm, and buf4.htm - still need a map

added the rest of the digital Buffalo pictures from August trip with Buxton

92 created rotban.htm, and added (what few) pix (i have left) of the rotating banner from the Burnsville MN area

93 created newhouse.htm and added pix of the new modular house at 1206
94 created md-pix1006 and added pix from MD1006-xx series jpegs
95 created va-pix1005 and added pix from va05-xx series jpegs

96 created mdpix-2006last and added pix from the MDL06xxx series of jpegs
97 created mdpix-2005 and added pix from the md05-xx series of jpegs

added pix to pa-pix06.htm and made link to it from renfest index page
took two pix out of main index page and inserted two from Buffalo trip

98 created timv.htm and added a bunch of Tim's pictures
added about another 62 pix to pa06.htm

99 created halloween06.htm and inserted about 8 pix

added phone, telegraph, and pole pix to phones.htm
changed phoneindex.htm to phones.htm
added the finished service picture to the index page
added 9 pictures to the gradesigns.htm page

100 created rsus/sltower2000.htm
101 created rsus/railfaninnj.htm, added pictures from the yahoo railroad signal website

102 created rsus/domino.htm and added 9 or so pix from Mike Spencers collection from the Yahoo Rwy Sig Group
103 created rsus/hotbox.htm, and added 5 pix from Batavia NY area

104 created rsus/horns.htm for horns and whistles and lanterns.htm
103 102 deleted whistles1.htm and handsigs1.htm
finally added pix to spencer.htm
removed-link no good: 6) Good reference for C&O style signal bridges: http://www.cryergrayfoundry.com/manufacturing/cantilever.html
changed the whole whistle/horn/flags/lantern section
changed flagsetc.htm to just flags, classification lights and the like
changed the look of the website

102 created rsus/trains.htm
103 created rsus/depots.htm
added Albert Lea speedsign to speedsign.htm

104 created rsus/funny2.htm

105 created rsus/PL.htm, and added many pictures

106 created rsus/radial.htm
for the museum in Ontario

added 15 or so pix to radial.htm, and added some words of wisdom

added pix from Lancaster NY and Cumberland MD to pedgates.htm
105 deleted miscxinggates1.htm cause I wanted the Darby ped xing gates on the ped xing page

changed the homepage for Christmas

106 created rsus/heaters.htm, page for switch heaters
put pictures of switch heater from Clifton VA on page

107 created rsus/uss-semaphores.htm
scanned 13 pix out of catalog to post in response to email inquiry on signal group
UD home page and semaphoreindex.htm to reflect this new page

108 created rsus/rs11.htm and stuck 3 pix on it
added B&O semaphores at PRR diamond by Canton to diamond.htmalong with new map

109/110/111/112 created rsus/diamond1.htm thru diamond4.htm
changed around the diamond protection set
changed diamond.htm to an index page

added a few more links to visit.htm

added US&S catalog scans to trilight.htm, series BJ, BK, BL

113 created rsus/tower85.htm and added about half the pictures
put a note on the home page about the loss of Houston signals

114 created rsus/funny3.htm
115 created rsus/tower87.htm
116 created rsus/towers.htm
117 created rsus/tower17.htm for the Rosenberg RR Museum
installed new map tower85map.jpg
added links to diamond2.htm, and added tower 183 to the title

Fucked up files and pictures because Frontpage deleted picturesx

restored some of the fucked-up pix
118 created rsus/beth.htm for Beth Fryer Coleman

created rsus/houston subdirectory
119 created rsus/index.htm for houston index
120 created rsus/houston1.htm for houston signals

changed the main page picture to 2 pix of searchlight with doll post in Lineville AL courtesy John Higginson

changed around the aspects section, created subdirectory "rulebooks"
121/122 created rsus/Washington Terminal and Conrail aspects into their own directories "cr88" and "washterm"
121 deleted the old C&O page and put new corel dwgs into directory "co58"

122 created cnw29.htm and loaded it up with pix form rulebook and corel dwgs of my own, fuck you

5/4/2007 Fr
UD - added 4 maps to the Baltimore railfan guide, map3, map6, map7, and mdMTAmap
modified several pages already done for the railfan guide
changed the index page with new picture link for Baltimore Railfan Guide

5/6/2007 Su
rebuilt the website directory on the hard drive, almost all of the pictures have disappeared (Frontpage somehow deleted them while uploading shit), the files are 0K
did more work on the Baltimore Railfan Guide, and moving the updated pictures to this website and off of Comcast website

5/7/2007 Mo
123 created diane.htm and upload about 30 pix for Diane Betty's 40th bday
124 created basics/basics1.htm
125 created basics/basics2.htm to get the basic signal shit going, finally
UD baltlrvsig.htm, added 3 pix for the red/grn/restrict aspects, and added comments

added pix to balt light rail section

126 created rsus/baltlrv/lrvpix/baltlrvpix.htm and added bunches of pix (new format for Balt L/R pix)

127 created rsus/sr81.htm and moved the signal aspects onto that page
128 created rsus/ns00.htm
129 created rsus/atsf89.htm
UD wasterm.htm

130 created baltlrvmisc.htm

131 created museums directory and bomuseums.htm

132 created rsus/sig-driver1.htm for watnoski's signal driver circuit and inserted A1013.jpg and A1013a.jpg

created SEPTA subdirectory
133 created septa100.htm
134 created 100map.htm
UD rsus home page - put one of Tim Vermande's pix at top

135 136 137 created SEPTA map pages: 101/market/69/broad/etc

UD, added google earth and maps.live.com pix to 69.htm
138 created sitemap.htm

139 created septa/30map.htm
took NEW or RECENTLY MODIFIED section off main page.... now you have to look for new stuff

140-147 created most of the other SEPTA maps and webpages

added pix to sykes.htm, and changed map again
added new or recently modded pix back in

139 created livediesel directory
149 created rsus/mi/wc/ for White Creek RR for fall meet

150 created GUIDE directory for railfan guides not covered elsewhere
151 created guides/oh/berea.htm for Berea OH

added pix of signals to berea.htm

UD berea.htm, added new red/white/and blue number banners (we'll see how long they last)
uploaded changed around map berea.jpg

10/29/2007 M
152/153/154 created towers, stations, and trainpix.index in their own sub-directories
scanned in pictures for haley tower in terre haute and put them in haley.htm
scanned in pix for stations in iowa city and rockport ia

155 created towerJD.htm
moved diamond2 to towers directory, had to download it from website cause a blank page was on the hard drive, fuck me!

moved all diamond related stuff to new diamonds subdirectory
156 added the Mason City stuff to the mix
157 added tower 87 to the list of diamonds
158 added Pierce Junction to the diamond section in diamond7.htm
modified searchlight1.htm, up-dated it, cleaned it up, added a short description
did the same with the rulebook home page and added GCOR railroads

159 added signal history

160/161 added two rants, #2 and #3

added Christmas tidings of homepage
changed this pages a little and added a small rant

162/163/164 created balt guide map13.htm, map14.htm, and map15.htm

2/17/2008 Su
modified map13, 14, 15.htm for details of baltimore city, and made them available on the map index page

2/21/2008 Th
165 created map11.htm and added around 27 photos from maps.live.com

updated colorlight.htm, diamond.htm, and PL.htm.
added two pix to colorlight.htm

166 created cals.htm and added a few CALS pix
167 created the sykes directory and index.htm for it, added pix

168 created the dc subdirectory
169/170/171 created mapus.htm, mapivy.htm, and mapm1.htm

172 created directory  sigcont and addedindex.htm for that directory
deleted sigcintindex.htm
172 created
directory readsig and index.htm for that directory

updated mappy.htm and added pictures of the pedestals and some CPL's

changed and added to PL.htm

changed more stuff on PL.htm

173 created the collections subdirectory
174/175 created the subdirectories scotth and mikes in collections
created the index page for scotth and added about 7 pix

176 added vgn43.htm to the rulebook section (finally)
removed the C&O tower pic to the old main line section
added comments by Eric Pedersen to the CNW rulebook section
added CP Rail Pigs Eye shove signal to humpsigs.htm
updated the look of rotban.htm
177/178/179/180/181 created also started changing the crossing gates section and created subdirectory xing,
     further created miscgrade, pedxing, rot, xinggrates subdirectories,
     and moved stuff into them except for pedestrian xing gates, that will take a while..... phew!

182/183/184 created directories support, signals, other
rearranged homepage to get rid of sections A thru E

7/19/2008 sat
uploaded newly arranged homepage and the above new directories

updated searchlight1.htm,
moved it to search directory under wayside signals directory
added 6 sets of pictures from Batavia/Buffalo/Toronto in 2006, St Paul/Mason City in 2006, Houston 2007
also moved atlantasearch.htm to search directory

185 created stations1/stations1.htm and put depots from other states in there
added to the maryland stations page too

186 created mapindex.htm, and started populating it, and taking map info off the main index page, replacing it with a link

187 created hampstead.htm and put map in it and links to fire stations
redid the heavyrailindex page,
188 added San Juan, added pix of Balt Metro instead of a balt l/r pix
moved the Marta page to a newly created atlanta directory
downloaded marta pictures from website to replace the ones frontpage fucked up last year, only 20% of them were on the hard drive,
and those that were on the hard drive, were all 0 bytes.... fucking frontpage.....
189 created ebt.htm and the ebt subdirectory and put my EBT map on it
190 created cb.htm in the baltimore directory and added map to it

updated other.htm to include links and pix of deep space
191 created pl subdirectory in signals and downloaded pix from website into it
took about 2 dozen pix from sunday and resized them for manheim, pl, and museums sections

192 created manhein.htm and added pix of the station and stuff

193 created signals/pcl.htm and added pix from Landsdowne, Aberdeen and Wilmington
added Wilmington depot pix to stations1

added pdf.htm to the comcast website and added link on homepage, mapindex page, and septa page
created new homepage to the comcast website to explain the changes

194 created nyta44.htm and stuck rulebook pix in there
195/196 added bo69.pdf and atsf89.pdf to comcast toddguide website and added links on rulebook index page

195 removed the 2728 page from the mainpage after finding out the fucking BSM sold the thing

changed the main picture and added pix of the signals from Northumberland

W 11/26/2008
fixed up a new homepage for thanksgiving

TH 11/27/2008
fixed up the following pages for font, lines, and home icon
cplindex.htm, domino.htm, sleepers.htm, horns.htm, pedgates.htm, humpsigs.htm

11/29/2008  SAT
removed the thanksgiving homepage
put new home page on there with only like 12 links
196 created - put indexa.htm as second index page
updated mapindex.htm fixing font that wasnt times new roman, added the Salem to Christiansburg VA map
updated diamond.htm, flagsetc.htm, finials.htm, lanterns.htm, gradesigns.htm, speedsigns.htm, notres.htm, mileposts.htm, stopsigns.htm, miscrrsigns.htm, bridges/signalbridges.htm

12/3/2008 WED
revised the position light section
and moved it all to rsus/signals/pl/pl.htm

12/4/2008 THU
moved CPL page to ...rsus/signals/CPL.cpl.htm
added 5 marker pix and one of 2 old signals on new cantilever bridge

added two pix to PL.htm, no378, no379

removed the merry xmas and happy new year jpeg from the home page

moved choochoo.htm to the museums directory, and updated the look of the page
197 created bsme.htm and added to the museum directory

created BINGO and PORTLAND directories
198/199 created bing.htm and port.htm, and imported maps I have made for those areas

200 created york.htm - railfan guide to York PA

modified and added to york.htm

added pix of Lake Ave M&Pa depot and 4 of the Point of Rocks B&O depot to stations.htm

M 3/9/2009
201 created harris.htm and the harris directory... added pix
202 created directory KA3IOJ for Tony Kobilski and put 4 pages into it... changed the homepage to index.htm

Sa 3/14/2009
203 created the directory jimm for the signal trips of Jim M
added pix to the harris guide

Su 3/15/2009
added hotelmap.jpg to hotels.htm
deleted hotel.jpg (old b&w) and replaced with hotel1.jpg (color)
204 added the tech directory and added chroma.htm and the various chroma charts to it
205 created merger.htm and stuck it in the tech directory

Su  3/22/2009
206 created a sem directory in the signals directory and moved the semaphore stuff into it.... started adding tech stuff to it

th  4/2/2009
added chroma-chart1.jpg to the tech/chroma.htm page
added pictures and figures to signals/sem/index.htm (phew!)

su 4/12/2009
added the DCM-501 directory about the cable box dilima
added pictures for Gastonia and Richmond depots to staions1.htm

su 4/19/2009
207 created altoona directory and altoona.htm and added about 11megs worth of pictures
updated mapindex.htm to include Altoona

jun 2009
added the directory michigan for the Owosso steam event at the end of august

fri 7/3/2009
modified tower 85 to correct improper pointer tags for pix and updated the look (pix were missing for about a year tnx to uS)
revised diamond.htm to reflect the "new" location for tower 85 and tower 87 in the tower directory
updated tower87.htm and moved it to the towers directory

Tu 7/7/2009
208 created lansing.htm and added it to the michigan subdirectory

w 7/8/2009
209 created saginaw.htm and added it to the michigan subdirectory

th  7/9/2009
210/211 created/added southbend.htm and elkhart.htm to the michigan subdirectory... SB prelim

fri  7/24/2009
updated the MI index page with pix of 4449
added pix from Delray to delray page
added JV directory for the Junction Valley RR

sat  7/25/2009
updated the MI railfan homepage with news of the day, no pix

sat 8/1/2009
added photos from trip to the Saginaw page
changed the Michigan homepage and added pix of Durand depot and moved the 4449 pix

wed 8/5/2009
added pix from trip to lansing.htm
changed around the michigan index page, moved 4449 stuff below the rest of the stuff on MI
put the lansing stuff in the LANSING directory
added depot turned restaurant section on the index page for michigan

thur  8/6/2009
added pix of my truck to the MI index page
started a Durand page to replace the map only

sat 8/8/2009
changed the pictures to thumbnails on the Lansing and Delray pages

sat 8/15/2009
updated bay.htm with pix from trip, moved stuff to BAYCITY directory and changed index page
updated the ann arbor stuff, created aa.htm and put it in ANNARBOR directory
started durand.htm and added pix from trip

mon 8/17/2009
finished durand.htm and uploaded it (~10min!)

wed  8/19/2009
created beta directory
added colorlight beta page to that directory after working on it last night

tue 8/25/2009
worked more on the color light page

fri 8/28/2009
finished the trip report page

fri  9/4/2009
added pix from Gastonia NC and Kennesaw GA to the signal bridges page, and cleaned up the page some

sat 9/5/2009
spent most of the day adding pictures to the signal bridges page - now has 15 locations

sun 9/6/2009
cleaned up stuff from yesterday including bad link to PL page from bridges page

fri 9/11/2009
added new pix to and uploaded page for 911

sat 9/12/2009
worked on but did not upload the charlotte light rail page

sun 9/13/2009
fixed the page for the maryland renfaire 1004 cause the links were bad to go to the pictures

fri 9/18/2009
worked some on the roanoke south page

sat 9/19/2009
uploaded the charlotte page with pix taken on atlanta trip-did work on it while in marietta
changed the homepage back to it's regular page - taking the 911 page off as homepage

sat 09/26/2009
updated the N&W signal page with rulebook aspects from John C Henderson from when he sent them way back in April

sat 10/3/2009
worked more on the two Roanoke pages

sun 10/4/2009
uploaded the three Roanoke pages and modified mapindex.htm to reflect this
also made a page for map 3 of roanoke, but only put notice on there that it is in process

tue 10/6/2009
loaded photos into baltlrv directory on website from the main/root directory so pictures of Baltimore LRV signals would show up (pix missing for years, probably)

fri  10/9/2009
created the /perry directory, moving it out of the /baltimore directory
uploaded perry/index.htm and some 214 photos into it

sun  10/11/2009
thanks to Ali Kettani, I placed a note in french to visit Martins Levesque's website:

Bienvenue. Pour tous ceux qui sont en train de visiter mon site, je suis désole, mais je ne maîtrise pas la langue Française pour pouvoir traduire mes pages en Français. Mais il existe un excellent site sur la signalisation canadienne et américaine par Martin Lévesque à: http://regle105.quebectrain.com/

thu  10/15/2009
212 created salem.htm for the Salem VA guide, and added pix to index3.htm for Roanoke, updated  the main maps too
added "map 3 of 5 for the Roanoke area" to the 4 guide pages.... 5 may stay a map only

sun  10/18/2009
updated the page tower85, and changed the pointers on mapindex.htm and towers.htm
213 created haley.htm and uploaded the pix of Haley tower, added to towers.htm and mapindex.htm

mon 10/19/2009
214 created englewood/index.htm and upload 10megs worth of photos

mon 10/26/2009
updated the michigan index page with the end of 4449's trip back home

wed  10/28/2009
215 created salemchase.htm and index0.htm for the Roanoke railfan guide and uploaded them and pix

thur  10/29/2009
added VT logo pix to the Salem Chase map page

Sat 10/31/2009
216 created bedford.htm to post pix of the depot that burned down

mon  11/3/2009
updated home page with Sunil's website link

sun  11/8/2009
changed link to septa pdf file from SEPTA homepage
added steam pix and PDF map to Roanoke JK page

tues  11/10/2009
updated index1.htm on the roanoke page after getting input from Doug
Got really fucking ignorant email from Lee in Philly, all he had to do is say he didn't want to help.....

sun 11/15/2009
modified the balthome.htm page to get rid of the shit about not being a rivet counter

mon 11/16/2009
added about half the signal pix to mapjd.htm, and created directory jd to put it all in (after only 2 fucking years of having the pix and making the map)

tues 11/17/2009
finished adding pix to and uploaded them for mapjd.htm
uploaded updated Perryville map after working on it today

wed 11/25/2009
changed around towers.htm in the root to grey everything out and add link to the new towers/towers.htm page

thursday thanksgiving  11/26/2009
put more pix for the nrhs yard and south yard on index1.htm or the roanoke pages

sat  11/28/2009
added line to sykes/index.htm about clicking on link to take you to the sykesville railfan page
still havent restored all of the pix from the frontpage picture fuckup of 3/20/2007

tues 12/1/2009
created directory 1204, and did a section for the garage project and uploaded the page

wed  12/2/2009
changed around the garage page

sat 12/5/2009
changed the PL.htm sitting in the root directory to add auto redirect to new signals/pl/pl.htm page
changed link on early.htm for the semaphore from root/semaphoreindex.htm to signals/sem/index.htm
changed link on indexa.htm to reflect semaphore page change

thur  12/10/2009
moved the pedestrian crossing gate section to new directoryxing/pedgates and added pix from Camp Hill

sat 12/12/2009
217 created xing/ww to put wig-wag pictures on the site
added counter to xing/index.htm

tues  12/15/2009
modified the philly/index.htm page and added my maps and maps from google

sat  12/19/2009
BIGGEST SNOWFALL SINCE THE 22" IN 2003.. got around 18"
added bunches of stuff to the Philly railfan guide, copied the baltimore guide lock stock n barrel

sun 12/20/2009
added cabin fever and Merry Xmas shit to the main index.htm page

mon 12/21/2009
added complexity.jpg to page, moved page to new directory philly/zoo, and updated the main zoo map and added PDF

tues 12/22/2009
added a CPL dwarf for sale on the homepage
called up and started http://www.railfanguides.us/ with host "justhost.com"

wed 12/23/2009
added first home page to the railfan guides page

thu 12/24/2009
further refined the homepage on guides

fri 12/25/2009
changed the home page for Christmas day
changed link on wig-wag page for Dans Wig-Wags to reflect the "1c" page address instead of "2c"
added Nick Longshore's PL pictures to the PL page

tues 12/29/2009
revised and updated signalterms1.htm and converted it to basics3.htm and moved it to the basics directory
changed readsig/index to basics/basics4.htm
changed readsig/sigterms1 to basics/basics3.htm
DID NOT delete the readsig directory yet

wed 12/30/2009
added three pix to basics2.htm to show more Amtrak PCL's in Wilmington and a Pennsy PL in Mapleton.
added pix and dialogue to basics4.htm

fri 1/1/2010
added pix of signals, mostly pedestals, to the PL page
added text and stuff to the basics5.htm page, moved one section from basics4
218 created pa09/index.htm and stuck around 60 pix into it, but having a problem uploading it cause fucking microsoft wants to do what it wants to do
deleted the VA05 directory in the root of rrsignals cause it duplicated what's in the renfaires directory
added FAIRY2009 directory for the 2009 fairie festival, uploaded pix and page I did back in May.... sent out msg to renfaire pix group
added upcoming RenFaires to the renfaires.htm index page

sat 1/2/2010
added update paragraph to the garage page

sun 1/3/2010
changed around basics4 and basics5 some more
took CPL add off the main page

sat 1/9/2010
took off happy new year from main index page, also took out my thanx for helping in 2009 paragraph
modified the color meaning section of basics4.htm
added PLaspects.jpg to PL.htm
scanned in CSX and Seaboard signal aspects
HAD to download irfanview to convert the tiffs to jpegs
added CPLaspects.jpg to the CPL page
added rulebook shit to the csx87.htm page
modified the rulebook index page

sun 1/10/2010
added more shit to basics4 and basics5
added a link  to the Pennsy aspects sheet on the rulebooks index page

mon 1/12/2010
added N&W CPL aspect chart to the N&W CPL index page
added the CPL aspect reference sheet to the csx87.htm page

thur  1/14/2010
modified the rulebooks homepage and added the N&W and the RF&P
deleted the old comcast links for PDF's on the rulebooks homepage

fri 1/15/2010
added counter (fucking finally) to the york and harrisburgs railfan pages
added link to N&W aspects jpeg

sun 1/17/2010
219 created stations to the railfan website

mon 1/18/2010
220 created RF&P aspects to the rulebook page and uploaded the jpeg and pdf

tues 1/19/2010
221 created prr aspect page instead of just going to a jpeg, just my stuff on it so far
222 created KCS aspect page with just my stuff on it
added my drawing to the atsf89 aspect page
223 created an SP aspects page with just my stuff on it

wed 1/20/2010
224 created UP RR rules to the rulebook section in up88
added the ALLaspects.pdf to the rulebook section

thurs  1/21/2010
225/226/227 created a rulebook pages for the B&LE, Amtrak NEC, and D&H railroads

fri 1/22/2010
updated home page with full CPL pictures, replacing the N&W CPL

sat  1/23/2010
worked on rsus/bingo/index.htm  and uploaded oodles of pix that I added
worked more on rsus/bingo/index.htm , adding snag-it clips

sun 1/24/2010
updated the home page and the 3 CPL pix with my name

mon  1/25/2010  CRISTMAS DAY  what the fuck am I doing on the computer???
uploaded updated jpegs and PDFs for amtrackNEC and PLaspects drawings
removed reference to cabin fever off the index page

tues  1/26/2010
228 created western maryland 1913 signal aspects

wed  1/27/2010
added counter to pages:

thurs  1/28/2010
added counter to colorlight.htm and trilight.htm
moved trilight.htm to signals/trilights/index.htm
changed the index and indexa pages to reflect changing the trilight page location

friday 1/29/2010
created new directory amis
229 created page for Jim Michaels retirement party at ...amis/ngc/michaels/index.htm

sunday  1-31-2010
added counter to the DOMINOS page and moved it to: ...signals/dominos/index.htm
added counter to heavyrailindex.htm
added counter to lrvindex.htm
added counter to signals/color/index.htm and repointed to this from indexa page
deleted the reference to the colorlight beta page
changed the link on the main page for color light signals to ...signals/color/index.htm

mon  2/1/2010
230 created cror directory and uploaded  cror rulebook stuff

sat 2/6/2010
added pix of snow to homepage
added counter to:
     semaphore page
     (& and on page links to) lanterns.htm
     (& date conceieved, and home icon to) auxsigequipindex.htm
started changing around mountingindex.htm and adding shit to it, created mounts directory to move it to

mon  2/8/2010
231 created cut37.htm and one page reference sheet and moved Erics link to that page

tue  2/9/2010
232 created ICG85 aspects page & modified rulebooks index page
231 created new directory ..signals/dolls to put the doll post page, and renamed it from dollpost.htm to index.htm
.....also added pictures of the SCL searchlight in Alabama with a doll post
deleted ako36, ako38, ak040, ak041, ak042 jpegs in main website root directory since I moved them to the dolls directory
put change of page notice on the dollpost.htm page
232 created ..signals/finials.htm, moved the finials page to it after changing its name from finials.htm to index.htm, added a bunch of pix, updated look

wed  2/10/2010
added auto forwarding html to xformer.htm, bulbs.htm, dollposts.htm and finials.htm
created ..signals/bulbs directory
moved bulbs1.htm to the new bulbs directory and renamed it to index.htm and updated the look of the page
233 created ..signals/xformers/index.htm and moved the xformer page to it, updated look and added page counter
updated harris.htm with additional script and adding links

sat 2/13/2010
added pix by Tim Vermande of CSS train in snow to home page
234 created goodrant1.htm to the rants section and added counter to the rant index page
updated all of the rants with page counters
added a few links to indexa.htm

Sun 2/14/2010 Valentines Day
made corrections to ..basics/timeline.htm, correcting 1830 date without highlight and adding Frank to Patenall and that he came from England
worked on the CPL page sumore

mon  2/15/2010
added downtown map and pix of dwarf to N&W CPL page
added DTI  38 rulebook scans to ...rulebooks/dti38/index.htm

fri  2/19/2010
235 created page rsus/minn/albertlea/index.htm  with MUCH MUCH help from bud Jim Mahelik, replacing the diamond3 page, which was just for the diamond in town
236 created ..md/bruns/index.htm for Brunswick MD, finally uploaded it on sunday 3-7-2010

sat  2/20/2010
added aerail photos to rsus/minn/albertlea/index.htm

sun  2/221/2010
237 created the mason city page at rsus/iowa/masoncity/index.htm

wed  2/24/2010
loaded two maps to rsus/iowa/masoncity/index.htm , plus transferred photos from the HD for the two junctions signals

thurs  2/25/2010
added a bunch of pix and uploaded two revised maps for Mason City
modified the main index page and the map index page to include Mason City

sunday  2/28/2010
changed link on rsus/harris/harris.htm to Perryville, and added bit on security and tom kadesh's name - he's the one who emailed me about using nazi southern

sunday  3/7/2010
worked on the brunswick page and uploaded it for the first time under...md/bruns/index.htm
updated mapindex.htm and index.htm for the brunswick page

wed  3/10/2010
added stuff to the brunswick page

sat 3/13/2010
modified towers/tower17.htm tp include page counter and changed colors of captions from blur to black, changed subtitles from blk to brn and made 24 point
added counter to chattanooga choo choo page and added a host of pix from our visit there in september, moved it to ..museums/choochoo/index.htm
changed the Spencer Museum page from the root to ...guides/museums/spencer/index.htm, and added a few pix and directions

sun  3/14/2010
modified the SLEEPERS page, added counter, and moved it to ...support/sleepers/index.htm
looking for pix of the sleepers in digital files but dont think I have em.....

mon  3/15/2010
238 created ...guides/baltlrv/shopmaps.htm and put the two shop/yard maps on it......
added the rest of the missing pictures to .... baltlrv/baltlrvtrainpix.htm

tues  3/16/2010
changed derails to ..support/derails/index.htm
moved manassas1 to the above page
changed phones to .. support/phone/index.htm
put "moved to" notice on the three old pages

sat  3/20/2010
239 created ...guides/md/central/index.htm and added pix and maps to it
updated mapindex.htm to include the new guides and maps
240 created ...guides/wv/hferry/index.htm
added MARC and Amtrak schedules to the central MD page

sun  3/21/2010
added more pix to ...md/central/index.htm  and ..md.bruns/index.htm
241 created ...guides/md/mtairy/index.com

mon  3/22/2010
added pix to the mt airy page and uploaded the directory
updated root.index.htm and mapindex.htm

fri 3/26/2010
updated the altoona page by adding a map of Altoona, and modifying the wide area map, taking out numbered references

sun 3/28/2010
2pm, changed around the altoona page, added on page links, divided page up into possible maps sections, added prre.jpg of Pennsy E8 in Perryville

mon 3/29/2010
updated towers/tower85 with updated map and redid font color from blue to black, bolded em, and changed number colors to match the circles
updated the tower 87 page with NE Houston area map

sat pm 4/3/2010
updated altoona/altoona.htm with new pix  for the shops, the curve, cresson, the museum, and uploaded the newest altoona map.. fair number of hits on it recently

sun am 04/04/2010
added page counter to stations.htm and stations1.htm...
added reference links to the Altoona page

thurs  4/8/2010
rearranged the whole Altoona section, creating an index page, and changing the old altoona.htm to index.htm
242 created ...guides/pa/altoona/index.htm for the altoona stuff in the altoona directory
changed the main index page to reflect the new index page
changed the mapindex page to reflect the same
243 created ....guides/pa/altoona/west.htm and ...guides/pa/altoona/west.htm

fri  4/9/2010
added bing aerial pix of spruce creek tunnel to the ...altoona/east.htm page

sat  4/10/2010
corrected stuff on the Point of Rocks page where I cut n paste shit from the Brunswick page, also added several links
244 created ...rsus/models.htm, and put stuff in there from today's train show
updated toys.htm with current look and added counter, did the same with lathe.htm and pictures1.htm  
updated visit.htm, added new link
updated ..oldmainline/index.htm to the new feel and added page counter
added pix by Roman Kebalo  to altoona east page

sun  4/11/2010
added oodles of pix from the train show to models/index.htm

mon  4/11/2010
changed around rsus/baltimore/sykes.htm, added new map.....

sat  4-17-2010
updated rsus/harris/harris.htm with links to other PRR main line maps and added conrail map gif
245 created ...pa/hburgwest/index.htm and uploaded it
246 created ...pa/mueast/index.htm and uploaded it
updated the mapindex.htm page

tues  4-20-2010
uploaded more stuff to rsus/harris/harris.htm and new map with push for the PRRTHS meeting next weekend

wed  4-21-2010
updated rsus/harris/harris.htm again..... off to H'burg tomorrow

sat 4/24/2010
spent about 5hrs adding pix to rsus/harris/harris.htm from thursdays trip

sun 4/25/2010
started adding pix  from thursdays trip, and pix from me n Jens trip to Northumberland to the rockville page

tue  4/27/2010
uploaded latest maps to rsus/harris/harris.htm and ..pa/rockville.htm, and added the list of links to the entire set to the rockville page

wed  4/28/2010
added counter to:
     the San Juan PR page
     the Baltimore Metro home page at ... baltmetro/index.htm
     minn.htm... and added the map to the page
     buf.htm... and updated the look and home link
     camden/index.htm...  and updated the look
deleted the minn3.htm page, all it had on it was the map....

fri 4/30/2010
updated the Rockville/index.htm page with more photos of signals...

sat  5/1/2010
246 created ..RENAFAIREs.FAIRY2010/index.htm and uploaded pix

sun  5/2/2010
updated the Minneapolis Hiawatha LRV page, moved it to ..minn/index.htm from root/minn.htm... added many pix, revised map, links, dialogue to area RR's
changed the mapindex.htm to reflect the change in the hiawatha page
changed ..root/minn.htm to reflect changes and added non auto link to the new page
added page counter to ..port/port.htm, and added link to the PDF of the maps
added counter to ..septa/index.htm...
added counter to ..septa/railmap.htm...
added counter and map to septa100.htm and deleted ..septa/100map.htm because of moving the map
changed the main index page, and the Harrisburg page to take out the reference to the PRR thing in H'burg this weekend

mon 5/3/2010
changed the map on rsus/harris/harris.htm to remove the reference to the PRRTHS weekend
247 created discovered the DC Metro page wasn't there, so I uploaded ..dc/index.htm and added maps and pictures.....

thurs  5/6/2010
updated ..houston/index.htm with new map and added pix, deleting the links to separate pages
updated the ..dc/index.htm page with a few modified maps

sun 5/9/2010  Mothers Day
248 created ..rulebooks/lirr89/index.htm and uploaded jpegs from David P. Maloln

tues  5/11/2010
added my one page reference sheet to the LIRR page
249 created ..rsus/amis/ngc/scott.htm for scott pulley's going away lunch

wed  5/12/2010
250 created ..rulebooks/dlw25/index.com and uploaded my one page reference sheet and another jpeg
corrected scott pullings last name on his lunch page

fri  5/14/2010
added stuff to and changed the look of ..baltimore/map3.htm.....
need to update the whole fucking baltimore section.....

sat 5/15/2010
added pix and counter to chesapeake beach page, and changed it from the baltimore to md directory.....
worked all day on adding pix to the ...baltimore/map3.htm page.... first baltimore page to get a full treatment
added pix to the ..hampstead.htm page, and changed it to: ...md/hampstead/index.htm.....

sun  5/16/2010
finished the trip2 page I started a long time ago, and created  ...trips/trip2/index.htm to put it in, changed it from ...trips/trip2.htm....
uploaded the hampstead page

wed 05/19/2010
updated map3 page...
updated the .baltimore/baltimore.htm page......

fri  05/21/2010
did more stuff with the map 3 page and started adding pix to the map 1 page.....

sat 05/22/2010
added more pix to the map 1 page.....
went thru the picture from early 2005 thru 2006_0311: it has CPL sig pix for the baileys wye area.....

sun 5/30/2010
created guides/ga....
251 created guides/ga/atl/map8/index.htm... and added a host of pictures... uploaded it... I HATE THE PROVIDER!!!

mon 5/31/2010
added memorial day banner to homepage
added counter to  mapindex, indexa, nycta44, vgn43, washterm, sr81, ns00, cr88, canpac/cp1 (and updated look), co69, co58,cnw29, b069, amtrak1, cora1,  pages....
changed the rulebook section to include ...cora directory, and moved cora stuff into it
252 created ...rulebooks/cora/csx1.htm....
revised the marietta map... per input by Jonathan Deitch from GNRR yahoo group

tues 6/1/2010
updated rsus/baltimore/map3/index.htm  with Watnoski's correct spelling and corrected some things he pointed out
changed the home page back to normal, and added link for the balt map 3 page

wed  6/2/2010
253 created map 10  for atlanta and map 3

thu  6/3/2010
updated with final version of Atlanta MAP 10 and added pix

sat  6/5/2010
254 created diamonds/diamond4 and moved the diamond4.htm to index.htm... (one of the 2 B&O/PRR crossings in Canton)
changed the diamond index page to reflect the change...
moved diamond2.htm to ...diamond/diamond2/index.htm... (Tower 183 in Tyler TX)
moved diamond7.htm to ...diamond/diamond7/index.htm... (Pierce Junction in Houston)
moved doswell.htm to ...diamond/doswell/index.htm...
253 deleted ...diamonds/diamond5 and diamond6.htm, and put link to the Mason City IA page in place of them
updated the PL page with a picture from Tim Vermande of an Amtrak train and an overpass with DOMINO signals on it!!!!  Thanx Tim!

wed 6/9/2010
added maps to GNRR page

fri 6/11/2010
added map to atlanta map 3 page
Updated all of the atlanta pages with the link to map page 3 - the main yards

mon  6/14/2010
updated the charlotte L/R page with pix from this past saturday

sun  6/20/2010
changed home page to say Happy Fathers Day
changed home page, got rid of CPL pictures and added pix of Thomas Viaduct for 175th anniv in July

mon  6/21/2010
added pix to MAP6 page of baltimore guide, and moved it to rsus/baltimore/map6/index.htm
updated the home page, the map index page, and the baltimore guide map page

tue  6/22/2010
updated rsus/baltimore/map6/index.htm page with a new map6 and more info

wed  6/22/2010
added more pix to rsus/baltimore/map6/index.htm

thurs  6/23/2010
added more pix to rsus/baltimore/map6/index.htm

sat 06/26/2010
added more pix to the Charlotte L/R Tour section

sun  06/27/2010 am
updated rsus/baltimore/map6/index.htm  with newest map

wed  6/30/2010
254 created rsus/baltimore/map7/index.htm and moved map 7 stuff to there, uploaded pix

fri  7/2/2010
updated rsus/baltimore/map6/index.htm  with Thomas Viaduct area map

sun  7/4/2010earlyam
added flag pix to homepage
added links to the live diesel homepage

tues  7/6/2010
took July 4th stuff off homepage... added pix of Warehouse 13 cast for premier night
updated the renfaires homepage. renfaires.renfaires.htm
added page counter to and updated the look of ..root/rs11.htm.... 

thu  7/8/2010
added paid woodlawn ambo pix to MAP6
updated signalcircuit.htm and added counter and last changed date
updated sig-driver1.htm with counter
updated uss-semaphores.htm with counter
updated webers.htm with counter, updated look, changed arial font to times new roman

sat-sun 7/10/2010
255 created ...root/aimis/howard50 for John Howards 50th bday party

mon 7/12/2010
added pix of LIRR magazine cover to the ...pl/pl.htm page.....
added counter to ...early/early.htm, and corrected link to the semaphore page
corrected link to the semaphore page.... how the fuck did i let that one get by me????!!!!

tues  7/13/2010
corrected bad link on the colorlight page to the Mason City page
fixed up the baltimore metro page, added on page links, smallerized map and centered it, etc
corrected links on mapindex page for Mason City.....

fri  7/16/2010
added missing pix to rsus/harris/harris.htm  at harris tower section and added link to webscam pix
updated  rsus/bingo/index.htm, for some reason, I updated the page n all in March, but never uploaded it... added a couple of info snags and salute to Gary
256 created rsus/merger1.htm  for the merger chart and family charts I made up

mon  7/19/2010
took avalanche in for its first body work from 1st accident
added family railroad charts to rsus/merger1.htm

wed 07/21/2010
added pix of signals to  rsus/bingo/index.htm

thurs  07/22/2010
added harris tower pix to rsus/harris/harris.htm
added Greene depot to rsus/bingo/index.htm
corrected link on ...mapindex.htm page for binghamton page to reflect change from /bing.htm to index.htm...

sun 07/25/2010
corrected a few pages on the Philly Guide... maps.htm/index.htm/hiways.htm, all of them
corrected the name of the website on the top to RAILFAN GUIDES of the US......
257 created directory pa/phl/rrsites so I don't load up the root with photos...
moved .....rrsites.htm from root to directory rrsites, and changed the page from rrsites.htm to index.htm....
258 created ...rrsites/greenwich.htm for the Greenwich Yard...
changed all links to reflect changing the rrsites page to its own directory.....

mon  07/26/2010
noticed people still going to ...bingo/bing.htm, so changed the page to have link to ..ny/bingo/...
moved the MARTA page to ...railfanguides/ga/marta...
changed the links to marta on pages: atl/map8, map3, index, map10, map9...

thur  07/29/2010
corrected link to binghamton page

fri  07/30/2010
changed the semaphore street lens page from the root directory to ...signals/hagerstown/index.htm.....
Changed the ...indexa page to reflect the change...
changed lanterns from the root to ...other/lanterns/index.htm... and changed indexa to match....

sat  7/31/2010
revised all of the Buffalo light rail pages, changed the header to read railfan guides of the us, moved it to the guides site, changed indexa and map index

tues 08/03/2010
added a boatload of pix to the Doswell page, dam i was up late for this one, hope ya'll like em

fri 8/6/2010
changed main page picture to one by matt brock of western md steam engine

sat  08/07/2010
updated the Charlotte page with photos and text from Dr Jon Bell of Presbyterian College, but didnt upload pending approval

tues  08/10/2010
259 created va/boyce  and added index.htm for stuff from Boyce and Berryville VA to guides...
updated the railfanguides homepage, and the railroad signals homepage and map index page

sat NO JEN  08/14/2010
added pix to Mt Airey MD page after taking trip there yesterday
updated the central md page
260 created ...md/fred/index.htm and uploaded the folder....
updated the index pages again....

sat 8/21/10 
added text to the Boyce and Berryville page, with names from the signal group that contributed
added prelimenary jpeg to the frederick md page

sunday 8/22/2010
261 created added pix and text to the Virginian railway rulebook signal aspects page

tues  08/24/2010
added updated map of frederick, and rearranged other pictures

sat  08/28/2010
updated home page with link to SNAGIT homepage
deleted the TRON plug

mon 8/30/2010
262 created  ...amis/georges/index.htm for george suters retirement party

tues 8/31/2010
263 created started a page for the benson ave pix from 84/85

uploaded pix to the bensonave84.htm page

fri 9/3/2010
264 created uploaded ...md/hag/index.htm.....
changed the index pages to reflect the addition of the hagerstown guide

sat 9/4/2010
added link on hagerstown page for the semaphore traffic lenses on a separate page

tues  9/7/2010
added pictures from Ann Arbor, but cant upload them due to no internet connection.
265 created  ...mi/flint/index.htm for the Flint MI pictures.....
changed the ann arbor page from ..mi/aa.htm to index.htm.....

wed 9/8/2010
added pix of a northern central PL signal to the PL page..... needs to be uploaded, still in MI
266 created  ...other/modelRR1/index.htm for model rr built by John Popa, neighbor of my aunt Amalia's.....

fri  9/10/2010..... finally on the fucking internet!!!
changed homepage for 9/11
267/268 created uploaded the new Ann Arbor and Flint pages
269/270 created uploaded the new MI index page and the mapindex.htm page......
271 created Uploaded John Popa HO layout page at ...root/other/modelRR1/index.htm.....
and changed around indexa.htm.....

sat 9/11/2010
added pix of WVA license plate to the 911 page

fri 9/17/2010
added page counters to the first 4 chapters of LRV tech, and changed the bad links in the section links

sun 9/19/2010
corrected missing pictures , bad file names, etc to the signalcircuit.htm page which I thought were already corrected.....

wed  9/22/2010
corrected more of the light rail tech pages, chapters 5, 6 and 7

uploaded the new Ann Arbor map
changed the pages that reference it.....
updated the Flint page too with new map and pointer to PDF page.....
changed mapindex.htm.....

sat 9/25/2010
updated the ..atlanta/marta.htm page with history and shortcuts to the different sections

mon  9/27/2010
added a picture of the Northumberland signals from Rob Blackford to ...signals/pl/pl.htm.....
272 created added rant 8 on the motor cycle guy with a camera on his helmet that got arrested

tues  sick day  9/28/2010
finished the redo of the Minneapolis Light Rail page and moved it from ...minn/index.htm to ..minn/hiawatha/index.htm...
changed the lrvindex.htm, indexa.htm, and the home page to reflect the move
added redirect to ..minn/index.htm.....

thurs 09/30/2010
273 created  ...michigan/traverse/inex.htm... and uploaded it and the pictures....

mon  10/4/2010
redid the Buffalo section, had bad links to pix, put everything on one page on guides under..ny/buffalo/index.htm

mon  10/4/2010 - JOHN B's BDAY
274 created had to make a page... minn/index.htm cause thats where Googles link to my Minneapolis Light Rail system page goes to

tues    10/5/10
redid the Camden light rail page, putting everything on one page, the index page.....
in between, numerous updates to the ths6940 page

tues 10/19/10
added pix to ...frankg.htm off the WBAL video site

thurs  10/28/2010
275 created  ...mi/cadillac/index.htm, no upload yet

fri  10/29/2010
updated the michigan index page with link to cadillac
updated the main home page with link to cadillac
updated the mapindex page with link to cadillac

Wed  11/3/2010
updated the Traverse City page with new map and getting here directions and added the PDF
updated the Cadillac page with newer maps

Friday 11/5/2010
276/277 created  pages for the PA RenFaire, ....renfaires/pa10a/index.htm and ...renfaires/pa10b/index.htm......
added those two to the renfaires index page
Added the links to the website homepage

sat 11/6/2010
updated the indexa page and ... other/lanterns.htm with link to Jeff Polstons lantern page

mon 11/8/2010
updated the look of and added counter to atlantasearch.htm...

thurs 11/11/2010
278 created  ...rulebooks/septa63.htm and added corel dwg for the septa subway signals i made
added it to the rulebook index page and added it to the home page

sat 11/13/10
changed the homepage picture to one from Flint
change the old main page pix by adding Matts pix to it
added picture of the mailbox post with the flag on it.....

tues 11/16/2010
updated the Sykesville page with pix from the Moose Caboose hobby shop

sat  11/20/2010
added pictures to the Toledo OH railfan page

tus 11/23/2010
updated ...dc/mapus.htm with counter, pictures from Bing, and centered maps

thurs  11/25/2010 Thanksgiving
added Happy Thanksgiving USA to the home page
changed the old ..wayside/search/searchlights.htm to point to the new searchlight page
279 created  ..signals/searchlights/index.htm and uploaded pix.....
deleted pictures from the wayside location...
changed the main index page and indexa to new searchlight page address....
snagged pictures of the searchlight signal locations and added them to the page

sat  11/27/2010
added links and plugs for local railroad events on homepage
added pix from Chase Gunnon to the colorlight page

sun 11/28/2010
added counter to ...basics/basics5.htm....  why wasnt it already on there, asshole!!!
updated the pennsy pl page with  new pix off of flicker, by vxla
updated the doswell page with link to C&O page website and a little new info

mon  11/29/2010
added another pix of southern approach cpl's to ...dc/mapus.htm.....and sumore text

sun  12/5/2010
added GA stuff to the mapindex page
changed around the funny section by moving it to .... funny/index.htm and 280 created  .... funny/funny4.htm......

mon  11/6/2010
281 created  ..root/signs/index.htm to replace the assortment of sign web pages, all now on one

tues  11/7/2010
modified ...clifton1.htm thru ...clifton4.htm to update look and add counter cause someone on the signal group had  question about switch motors

wed 12/8/2010
282 created rsus/indexpix.htm  for an index page to non train mostly work pictures....

thurs  12/9/2010
made changes to ....basics/basic5.htm, changing /adding absolute and permissive to the staggered lights section....

fri  12/10/2010
added 6 pictures to the THS 6940 reunion page
added pix of CHuck Leidy to the benson ave 1984 page

sat 12/11/2010
added pix to the CPL page, and moved watnoskis primer onto the same page
updated rsus/rulebooks/rulebooks.htm with correct pointer to rsus/rulebooks/cora/cora1.htm

fri  12/17/10
283 created  ....amis/ngc/vs112310/.... for pix from voiceswitch's thanksgiving party
284 created  ....amis/eil/index.htm

sat 12/18/2010
finished and uploaded the eil pictures

sun 12/19/2010
modified mileposts.htm with counter
285 created  ...loa/index.htm for the lights of america LED light bulbs

tues  12/21/2010
added pix of lunar eclipse to the homepage
added more pix to the Doswell page from yesterdays visit

wed  12/22/2010
deleted webring link on homepage and indexa cause they have started to take over and you can't get rid of them, fuck you webring, why do you do shit like that?????
added back the little signal icons on the indexa page that for some reason had been deleted from the html coding on that page....

sat  12/25/2010
changed the homepage to say Merry Christmas

mon  12/27/2010
updated the Baltimore Metro page with a few pix from i795 at Owings Mills and 2 new snagit's from there too
changed the photo on the ...indexa... page to pix from recent trip thru Doswell VA

wed  12/29/2010 
added pix by Tim Vermande to the indexa page

thu  12/30/2010
took moon pix off of home page and put them on old main page pix page
added note about last day of kodachrome processing in USA

saturday  1/1/2011
added pix to the THS 6940 page
added a couple of Tim Vermande pix to the South Bend railfan guide page
ok, sunday, took off xmas stuff from home page, added Jim Mihaleks pix from Farmington MN

tues 1/4/11
uploaded ...loa/index.htm and added it to the index page
updated the ...1204/garage page with new pix for the 1st time in over a year!!!

sat 1/8/2010
added info and changed the headers around on the ...york/york.htm page, for the upcoming Cabin Fever Expo next weekend
286 created  ...root/letters.htm to put my letter icons on

mon 1/10/2011
287 created moved the Tyler TX crossing page to ...texas/tyler/index.htm from ...diamonds/diamond2/index.htm... and changed the mapindex page
put link on the diamond2 page to the new page.....

tues  1/18/2011
removed the cabin fever expo info from the main page and the york pa page
288 created removed track heaters from section F of the indexa.htm page and consolidated everything into ...support/heaters/index.htm...
added pix of Manly IA switch heaters  to ...support/heaters/index.htm...
added pix of the derail on the L/R in Cockeysville....
289created  and moved switch machine pix to ....support/switches/index.htm....
corrected links on the ...indexa page.....
290 created moved the equipment detector shit from ...root/hotbox.htm... to ...support/hotbox/index.htm....and changed the link on indexa....
deleted hotox.htm and heaters.htm from the root along with series BI059-086 and BA086-090 JPEGS from root

wed  1/19/2011
289 created  ...pa/newfreedom/index.htm and uploaded, changed the map section

sat  1/22/2011
changed the ...root/nycentral.htm so it only has a link to the new NYC rulebook page, this page hasnt been touched since 8/2/2006
updated a couple of the diamond7 pages to point to the new Pierce page, still need to get it onto railfan guides site
removed pictures from ...root/perry... and changed the index page to have link to perryville page at ...root/baltimore/perry/index.htm...
Also changed the icons for the signals on the perryville index page to reflect what I now use....  PERRYVILLE SHIT
the indexa page in the ...baltimore/perry section is the index page now used in the baltimore section, confusing isnt it, the index page is used in the root to redirect
moved the NEW FREEDOM and PERRYVILLE pages to guides/md/perry/index.htm ...
added the second farmington picture from Jim M to the main index page
changed link to new perryville page on page: rsus/baltimore/mappy.htm
changed  rsus/diamonds/diamond4.htm (last changed in 2007) to point to the most recent version of it at rsus/diamonds/diamond4/index.htm
changed  rsus/towers/tower.htm (deleted) to the new page: rsus/towers/index.htm, corrected on indexa page
deleted the info on rsus/towers/tower87.htm (last modified on 7/3/2009) and put a link to: rsus/towers/tower87/index.htm  where it is now
did the same for rsus/tower85.htm (last mod on 2/21/2007) and put link to rsus/towers/tower85.htm ....
added counter to ...signals/CPL/cpl.htm.... why the fuck wasn't it on there 5 years ago?????

mon  1/24/2011
changed link on: rsus/signals/pcl/index.htm for the CPL page from: rsus/cplindex.htm to: rsus/signals/CPL/cpl.htm
changed the cpl page at: rsus/cplindex.htm to link to the new page at: rsus/signals/CPL/cpl.htm
moved the US&S CPL drawings from: rsus/cpldwgs1.htm to: rsus/signals/CPL/cpldwgs1.htm
288 deleted rsus/cpldwgs1.htm and the associated dwgs usscpl2 and 3 series pix from the root
corrected a bunch of fucked up on page links on the CPL page: www.rsus/signals/CPL/cpl.htm (a couple went to the N&W CPL page!)
deleted hferrycpl1 and hferrycpl2.jpg from the root (they're in the CPL directory now)
deleted rrsig10.jpg, baileyswye.jpg from the root (there since 9/25/2005) (they're in the CPL directory now)
deleted AG237, 240, 242, 243, 244 and their smalls from the root, also been there since 2005 (they're in the CPL directory now)
deleted cpl4a.jpeg and its small from the root, also been there since 8/28/2005 (they're in the CPL directory now)
deleted BOmap1.jpeg and its small from the root, also been there since 9/19/2005 (they're in the CPL directory now)

added 5 photos to rsus/pa/rockville/index.htm from photos scaned taken about about 5yrs ago
added 5 pix to: rsus/signals/dolls/index.htm
added pix of NC Rwy caboose to: rsus/pa/newfreedom/
added a bunch of pictures to: rsus/baltlrv/baltlrvtrainpix.htm

tue 1/25/2011
still as on sat  11/28/2009 - still havent restored all of the pix from the frontpage picture fuckup of 3/20/2007 - keep finding new ones I havent found yet
added pix to rsus/timv.htm and added counter and creation date and updated the look (after 4 years)
289 created  ...root/gp30.htm, put one picture on it.....
updated rsus/renfaires/renfaires.htm  with 2011 schedule
added link to the above page on the main index page

thurs  1/27/2011
added pix to: rsus/amis/ths6940/ , B&W pix of teachers and one from Chris Reichart with Steve Justis in it who just died :-(

sat 1/29/2011
added page counter and added pix of the 34th st area to: rsus/philly/zoo/zoo.htm
added bing map to: guides/pa/phl/hiways.htm
updated guides/pa/phl/links.htm with a few links, formerly nuttin on the page
updated guides/pa/phl/intro.htm
updated guides/pa/phl/rrsites/index.htm and added two pix from Darby of PCC 2333 and ped crossing gate
290 created rsus/xing/pedgates/index.htm to section C of the ...indexa page....

deleted rsus/xing/xinggates/crossinggates.htm and moved its contents to rsus/xing/index.htm
289 same for: rsus/xing/rot/rotban.htm
288 same for rsus/xing/ww/index.htm
287 same for rsus/xing/miscgrade/miscxingates.htm
for now, the old pages are still there as is the old index page as: rsus/xing/indexold.htm

slightly changed the look of: rsus/other/lanterns/
changed the link on ...indexa for the phones n shit to: rsus/support/auxequip/index.htm
deleted the pix in the root directory that go with rsus/relaybox1.htm, left the htm there
also added some pix of the battery box from the Masaon City page to the auxequip page
also added pix of impedance bond on Iowa Traction from the MINN3 group of pix

wed 2/2/2011
updated rsus/renfaires/md03/md-pix1003.htm with page counter and newer looks
did the same for: rsus/renfaires/pa03/pa-pix1003.htm
did the same for: rsus/renfaires/md04/md-pix1004.htm
same for: rsus/renfaires/va05/va-pix1005.htm
same for: rsus/renfaires/md05/md-pix1005.htm
same for: rsus/renfaires/mn06/mn-pix1006.htm
same for: rsus/renfaires/md061/md-pix1006.htm
same for: rsus/renfaires/md062/md-pix1006last.htm
same for: rsus/renfaires/pa06/pa-pix06.htm
added link to renfests to: rsus/indexpix.htm

sat 2/6/2011
added international signal links to the indexa page

mon 2/7/2011
288 created  rsus/support/relays/
added it to indexa.htm.....

tues  2/8/2011
added trackcircuit1.jpg to the relays page
added dribble about Mr Farrier to the THS page

wed 2/9/2011
added finials to the index page, as a for sale item for a reader
also added the same finial to: http://rsus/signals/finials/index.htm

thurs 2/10-2011
added pictures of relays to: rsus/support/relays/
added pictures (and page counter) from 9/2007 (finally) to: rsus/septa/69map.htm
added link to the 69th st terminal page on the main index page

sat 2/12/2011
redid the MAP2 section of the Baltimore guide, moving it from: rsus/baltimore/map2.htm
     to: rsus/baltimore/map2/index.htm
added it to the homepage
changed around the map index page, and the map index for the baltimore guide
thats enough for one night folks!!!!!

mon 2/14/2011
289 created rsus/amis/ngc/chilis061208/
290 created rsus/amis/ngc/mattD08/
and added the two pages to their index page: rsus/indexpix.htm

tues 2/15/2011
291 created rsus/amis/ngc/picnic08/
292 created rsus/amis/ngc/picnic10/
293 created rsus/allpixindex.htm to have index for all of my pictures
added the above two links to: rsus/indexpix.htm and took off the links to other stuff than NGC/westinghouse

wed  2/16/2011
added more pix from trip to train show in 2008 to the baltimore map 2 page
corrected the chili's lunch page to Charlies going away lunch
corrected the index pages too

thurs 2/17/2011
added text and pictures to: rsus/support/relays/

fri  2/18/2011
removed the plug for the Harris Tower days for last weekend on the main index page

sat 2/19/2011
moved the whistle and horn page from: rsus/horns.htm  to: rsus/other/horns/
added tilting target pictures from Ingram from England to the early signal page

sun 2/20/2011
changed the index and indexa page to reflect the change of the early signals page to: rsus/early/index.htm
added a few bits of dribble to that page and added link to John Romas flicker page

wed  2/23/2011
added note to the Sykesville page about the arrogant cop

fri  2/25/2011
added terms to the relay page at: rsus/support/relays/ , Still need about half the list typed in tho......
added link to Louis Van Winkles page at: http://depotmaps.com/  to station pages: rsus/baltimore/stations1/stations1.htm
and rsus/baltimore/stations/stations.htm
changed around rsus/michigan/kalamazoo/ a little bit and changed the link on the map index page to point to it, it was pointing to just the jpeg map... fuck me
added link to the Grand Elk RR to the Kalamazoo page and the Elkhart page
changed the look of the Elkhart IN page
added link to the PDF version of the map to the Elkhart page (why wasnt all of this shit done before!!!)

sat 2/26/2011
updated the SEPTA index page with shit about photography
updated rsus/septa/railmap.htm  with additional snagged map from septa and route descriptions
     added info on streetcar yards and facilities, and added color coded route designations for the commuter routes that disappeared in Nov2010

sun 2/27/2011
moved most of the SEPTA pages into their own directories
294 created and uploaded route 15 stuff at: rsus/septa/route15/index.htm
295 created and uploaded subway surface stuff to: rsus/septa/surface/index.htm
mon 2/28/2011
changed the Norristown line page to: rsus/septa/route100/index.htm
same for:  rsus/septa/market/index.htm
same for:  rsus/septa/broad/index.htm

wed  3/2/2011
added the rest of the terminology list to  rsus/support/relays/
uploaded updated map to rsus/septa/railmap.htm

sat 3/5/2011
added links to Bill Hudsons stuff on the indexa page/section N , the finials page, and rsus/visit.htm
added pix from PUCO in Columbus OH to:  rsus/signals/pl/PL.htm

sun  3/6/2011
updated the signs page with a bunch of pictures rsus/signs/index.htm
updated with dribble on Banjo's rsus/early/index.htm

mon  3/7/2011
added smashboard pix and corrected Inghams name on the early signals page

fri  3/11/2011
updated the wording of and added a link to the signs page to: rsus/basics/basics1.htm
deleted www.rsus/whistles1.htm from the root of the website, orig from 10/8/2006
deleted rsus/va-pix1005.htm from the root and the associated pictures, they're in the renfaire section now

sun  03/13/2011
added history and pictures and maps to rsus/septa/trackless/index.htm
added link to the whats new section of the main index page for the trackless trolley page

tues  3/15/2011
added a couple of maps and pictures to the trackless trolley page

added another map of all of the TT routes in Philly to the TT page
updated the homepage to the baltimore railfan guide to include link to new yahoo group for baltimore

sat 3/19/2011
updated the relay page with additional photos and list of manufacturers
update the main index page with blurb about update to relay section

sun 3/20/2011
added a whole lot more pix and shit to rsus/baltimore/map1/index.htm

mon 3/21/2011
added more pix I took tonight to the map 1 page

tues 03/22/2011 - Jens 31st Birthday!!!
296 created  ...baltimore/greenspring.htm for the Greenspring Branch

thurs  03/24/2011
added photos to the greenspring page and uploaded the directory, changed the page to index since its in the greenspring directory

sat 03/26/2011
added more pictures to the greenspring branch page

sun 03/27/2011
added more pix and uploaded the modified greenspring page
added the page to the baltimore guide homepage rsus/baltimore/maps.htm
added the link to the main map index page
added a note about it to the main homepage

tue 032911
added info from Elliot F and pix of loops from Bing to the trackless trolley page

sat  04/02/2011
updated the map1 page with more pix of brush 14 and l/r pix from Gilroy

sun 04/03/2011
changed page picture and added MTA photo policy to rsus/baltimore/balthome.htm
changed the page a little, made link fonts bigger, added counter to rsus/baltlrv/shopmaps.htm
updated rsus/baltlrv/signals/index.htm by adding counter, the looks from 2005 style, and moving it to its own directory
295 deleted baltlrvsig.htm from the baltlrv directory
updated the rules section at rsus/baltlrv/baltlrvrules.htm
updated with counter and fresh looks: rsus/baltlrv/bitch1.htm
296 created  rsus/baltlrv/support/index.htm and changed the link on the baltlrv homepage

tues 4/5/2011
added pix and two dates for red eye signals to rsus/signals/pl/pl.htm

wed  4/6/2011
created new map4 directory for baltimore/map4/index.htm to take the place of map4.htm, added pix to the directory, didnt upload yet

fri  4/8/2011
297 created  directory and page for reading rulebook rsus/rulebooks/rdg54/index.htm
changed the rulebook index page and main index page
uploaded another updated map for the greenspring page

sun  4/10/2011
added streetcar pix to rsus/baltimore/greenspring/index.htm
added my own pix of the Roseburg IN wig-wag to rsus/xing/index.htm

tu  04/11/2011
changed the page ...root/colorlight.htm to give a link to the newer colorlight page at rsus/signals/color/index.htm
added history dates to the greenspring page

wed 04/13/2011
updated rsus/signals/searchlights/index.htm with some basics description and a little history

thurs  04/14/2011
298/299/300 created  three new directories for SP rulebooks for 1907/23/30 from Chuck Catania, uploaded rsus/rulebooks/sp07/index.htm
added the SP 1907 page to the rulebook index page


sat  4/16/2011
updated rsus/septa/index.htm by taking out things that said "blank page so far"
updated rsus/rulebooks/rdg54/index.htm with correct name that shows up on IE bar, and uploaded the latest and last version of my chart, need scans tho
moved root/webers.htm to rsus/other/webers/index.htm and fixed indexa
301 created  ...other/bsme/index.htm

sun  4/17/2011
fixed a few problems and grammar with the Greenspring page.

wed  4/20/2011
uploaded updated map to rsus/baltimore/mapm.htm
Added stuff for nat train day and roanoke train day on main index page
sun 4/24/2011
302 created a page for license plates
updated rsus/signalcircuit.htm with a few re-writes. uploaded center AC output module cause it was missing from server
updated rsus/xing/ww/index.htm with my picture of double w-w in Roseburg IN
added another snagged map to guides/ga/atl/map3/
added link to the atlanta homepage

wed  4/27/2011
303 created amis/2011R/index for retirement pix

sun  5/1/2011
304 created rsus/renfaires/fairy111/index.htm for the 1st day of the fairie festival, uploaded,
changed the index page rsus/renfaires/renfaires.htm to add the 2 days
updated the 2009 and 2010 fairie festival pages with new links to other years
added Martys and Chris' pictures to rsus/amis/ngc/2011R/

mon 5/2/2011
changed the main page photo to one sent to me by Mike Falls in Roanoke
added the old pictures to the oldmainpage picture page

tues  5/3/2011
305 created a page for Burlington VT

sun  5/8/2011
redid the main index page to change train day to yesterday

thurs  5/12/2011
306/307 created two new rants rsus/rants/index.htm after getting shitty letter from Tim McGee via Chris
updated rsus/virginia/roanoke/index.htm with a plug for the railfest this coming weekend

sat  5/14/2011
updated home page with stuff saying THIS WEEKEND and added railfests in durand and north platte
added counter to rsus/museums/bsme/bsme.htm and changed it to index.htm instead of bsme.htm, changed indexa
added counter to rsus/museums/manheim/index.htm
moved the Rosenburg RR Museum from the tower subdirectory to rsus/museums/tower17/index.htm
created new sub-directory for the Radial Rwy Museum at: rsus/museums/radial/index.htm , moved it out the root directory
deleted radial.htm from the root directory and all of the associated BF JPEGS

sun  5/15/2011
added pictures by Mike Falls to rsus/signals/color/index.htm 
deleted this weekends events off of the homepage and roanoke railfan guide homepage

mon  5/16/2011
308 created a page for Victoria Vox's pictures at renfaires/fairy111/VV/index.htm

tues  5/17/2011
added a link to the indexa page, sent in by Sarah Powers of Jefferson Cnty TN

wed  5/18/2011
309 created rsus/amis/ngc/mattB11/ and added it to rsus/indexpix.htm for Matt Brocks going away
added link to Aubrey Wileys page to rsus/virginia/roanoke/index.htm and indexa

sat  5/21/2011
updated home page with info on the amtrak 40th anniv train and inserted snagged pix from their 40th anniv webpage
changed picture for IMG_5220 and substituted picture I took years ago for the Brooklandville station without tree in the way
added a bunch of station pix to rsus/baltimore/stations/index.htm and had to redo the links to the pictures
changed the link to the stations page from stations/stations.html to stations/index.html.....
and deleted all of the versions of stations.index I had in the baltimore directory
corrected link on mapindex.htm for map1 from ..baltimore/map1.htm to ..baltimore/map1/index.htm..... and deleted map1.htm from server
310 created  rsus/nj/newark/ because of picture sent in by
added it to the main index page
added link to the main index page: http://www.wimp.com/vegetablemarket/

wed  5/25/2011
added picture to rsus/harris/harris.htm for the amtrak anniv train
311 created page for the Maryland Midland RR at: rsus/md/MMid/index.htm

sat 5/28/2011
added page counter to the dcm-501 cable box page and changed the look slightly
changed the look to the indexa page, took out some of the old stuff to the newer links section

sun 5/29/2011
updated the DLW25 aspect page with threads from blogs and a semaphore picture
updated the main page with link to the MMid page

mon 5/30/2011
changed the index page to reflect next 40th anniv train stop in Perryville
updated rsus/septa/surface/index.htm with a new link on the 34 line
updated rsus/septa/commuter/index.htm with some new history from Trolley Driver

tue  5/31/2011
added my own map of Newark to the Newark page, and uploaded the changes I made the other day
updated rsus/early/index.htm with smashboard pictures from Rich W.

wed  6/1/2011
added more pix and updated map to the Newark page

fri 6/3/2011
312 created  rsus/texas/galv/museum/ and added to indexa.....
313 created ...nj/index.htm to act as an index page for NJ railfan guides....

sat  6/4/2011
314 created  rsus/amtrak40th/index.htm  and moved stuff about off the main index page.....

sun 6/5/2011
changed the portland index page from rsus/portland/port.htm to rsus/portland/index.htm
and corrected link on rsus/lrvindex.htm

mon 6-6-2011
updated rsus/amtrak40th/index.htm with picture and link for Harrisburg

updated the greenspring page with maps from the baltimore county 1877 map book reprinted by BaltCo in 1969 showing proposed connector to towson
updated guides/md/perry/index.htm with about 60 more pix and text from this past weekends trip

thu 6/9/2011
added VGN RWY stuff to .../models/index.htm .....
changed main index page to push googles doodle of the day.....

changed the semaphore page link from rsus/semaphoreindex.htm  to rsus/signals/sem/index.htm (dunno why it took so fuckin long)
added page on how the GRS semaphore works to semaphore page....

sat  6/11/2011
returned the homepage back to normal - but put Mike Brotzmans pics of red eye pedestals on there
noticed my PRR signal aspect chart is wrong cause of rule 286, there is none.....
added Mikes Falls picture to the old homepage picture page....

sun  6/12/2011
added pictures from Wendys TV ad to the Berryville/Boyce page guides/va/boyce/
updated rsus/septa/trackless/index.htm with links from Engleman
updated the newark page with a couple of new photos from Rich

tue 06/14/2011
315 created guides/ma/springfield/index.htm and added it to the mapindex and homepage

wed  06/15/2011
updated the amtrak page with the latest picture from Strasburg
316 created guides/pa/strasburg/index.htm and added it to the main index page and the mapindex page

thu  6/16/2011
317 created guides/pa/lancaster/index.htm and added it to the index and mapindex pages,
          took lancaster stuff of the Strasburg page... need to do page for Manheim and Columbia yet

fri  6/17/2011
added harrisburg pix to the amtrak 40th bday page
318 created a central page for PA

sat  6/18/2011
updated the amtrak 40th page with a contributed pictures
updated the strasburg page with links to other south central pages

sun  6/19/2011
updated guides/pa/strasburg/index.htm and rsus/amtrak40th/index.htm with pix from yesterday

wed  06/22/2011
added new updated map to guides/ny/buffalo/index.htm

thu  6/23/2011
319 created guides/ct/newhaven/index.htm and uploaded it, added it to the main index page and mapindex

fri  6/24/2011
updated the buffalo L/R page with text and pix from guy in Bauffalo
added the meeker photos to the CPL page at rsus/signals/CPL/cpl.htm
updated the PL page at rsus/signals/pl/pl.htm with pictures of the red-eys and the discussions around it....

sun  6/26/2011
added George Pitz's photos to the baltimore map 3 page
added a NO WIKI thing to the homepage after all of hte fucking trouble I have had with them deleting my links to my railfan guide pages

wed 6/29/2011
320 created rsus/amis/ngc/ping11/index.htm for Pings going away lunch today and added it to the indexpix page
also added note on there that Johns pictures wont get posted till I get a photo pass :-)

thu  6/30/2011
updated the Amtrak 40th page with Springfield pic and info
added a bunch of shit and new aspect dwg to the PL page at: rsus/signals/pl/pl.htm#Cab_Signals_

sat  7/2/2011
321 created guides/md/wsrr/index.htm for the walksersville southern rr
AND added it to mapindex and the main page and the central MD index page
added happy 4th banner to the main index page

sat 7/9/2011
322 created guides/va/richmond/

mon 7/11/2011
added more pix and dialog to richmond page
added it to mapindex and main page

wed  7/13/2011
changed the link icons on the main page

thur  7/14/2011
323 created guides/va/richmond/richmond4.htm for the east side of Richmond
added an index of sorts to guides/va/richmond/
And added a whole richmond section to the mapindex page

fri  7/15/2011
added pictures to Pings going away lunch page - finally

mon 7/18/2011
repaired the Baltimore Railfan Guide...
     changed the headings so they are all consistent in spacing and looks....
     changed the colors of the headings to blue instead of light blue (hard to read)....
     made the menu bar consistent and made it bigger....
     modified text on most pages, took out most opinions, and added text to the map page....
     got rid of the links on the photo page to comcast pages, fucking time, isnt it, after 6 years.....

wed 7/20/2011
added a bunch of pictures to the baltimore bus page
added new richmond map to the richmond homepage

fri 7/22/2011
added stuff to the Richmond page
added stuff to the railfanguides homepage
changed the amtrak page to New London

sat 7/23/2011
added a bunch of pictures to baltimores map 5, no upload yet

sun  7/24/2011
changed links for the New Freedom page to the railfan guides location
uploaded baltimore map 5 to the railfan guides site and linked from other page to it
changed links for the Newark NJ page to the railfan guides page instead of at RSUS
324 SPLIT map 5 into a north and south section map5n and map5s
changed links on the main index page, mapindex, baltimore/maps, and the main railfanguides index page for maps 5n and 5s (FPIA!)
added redirect to the map 5 page on RSUS
changed the PL aspects page to rsus/rulebooks/prr56/index.htm  instead of rsus/rulebooks/prr/index.htm
and changed the link on rsus/rulebooks/rulebooks.htm

mon  7/25/2011
325 created rsus/amis/ngc/johnN11/index.htm

wed  7/27/2011
changed renfaire page..... md04/md sumtin to rsus/renfaires/md04/index.htm
also corrected the pointers to the pictures cause they had an extra /RENSITES/ in the pointer
corrected link on rsus/renfaires/renfaires.htm
moved rsus/trains.htm to rsus/trainpix/index.htm
changed the link on rsus/indexa.htm#O to point to the new page

fri  7/29/2011
took amtrak birthday train off rsus/harris/harris.htm and added note about red eye pedestals off rt22
updated the amtrak 40th bday page with this weekends location in providence RI
added it to the railfan guides index page and the mapindex page
NOTE found that my mapindex page was fucked up, somehow an earlier version got saved and was missing half the links, so I used the one from railfanguides
     now using the same map index page for both sites and the mapindex page
added the Atlanta stuff to the index
modified the Baltimore section to make it easier to use and dropped the map numbers which didnt mean anything
created the directory collections
moved mike spencers collection into it and created rsus/collections/mikes/index.htm
changed the old page at www.rsus/sltower2000 to a link to the new page
moved rsus/todds1.htm to
updated the indexa page for both
324 deleted todds1.htm from the root directory along with the pictures that go along with it... uploaded 10-8-2006... pictures dated 11-21-2005....

sun 07/31/2011
added 3 pictures off of TV to rsus/baltmetro/index.htm from movie no way out.....

Tue  8/2/2011
corrected description of RR terminology on the relay page rsus/support/relays/

wed  8/3/2011
325 created  guides/va/richmond/richmond2.htm for acca yard and the amtrak station, updated the richmond index page

thur 8/4/2011
corrected picture captions for 3a and 3b on rsus/support/relays/
added richmond map 2 to mapindex and index page on railfan site.....
changed the location for this weekends amtrak 40th birthday location to boston.....
326 created new directory and page for baltimore map 11 at: guides/baltimore/map11/index.htm

fri  8/5/2011
added transit info to the amtrak 40th homepage for south station

sat 8/6/2011
327 created and uploaded page for hte new Norfolk TIDE light rail system guides/va/tide/index.htm

mon  8/8/2011
added rsus/michigan/traverse/ to mapindex and the railfan guides index page.... dunno how I stepped over it b4....

tue 8/9/2011
added my own map to the norfolk tide page

wed 08/10/2011
328 created guides/va/richmond/richmond1.htm
329 created guides/va/richmond/richmond3.htm and upload them
and added them to the main Richmond Page
also updated the mapindex page and the railfanguides index page

fri 8/12/2011
redid the roanoke pages to use map1.htm, map2.htm instead of the other stupid designations

sat 8/13/2011
moved the DOSWELL RAILFAN GUIDE to railfanguides
updated the roanoke page with new names and uploaded

sunday 8/14/2011
330/331/332/333 created /split the Binghamton guide into 4 maps and an index page, did snagits of crossings for map 3/west.... uploaded to raifanguides.us

Tues  08/16/2011
added bingmap0 to the binghamton index page.....

Thurs  08/18/2011
added stuff to the Burlington VT page and uploaded it, added it to the 2 index pages mapindex & railfanguides
changed around the amtrak 40th homepage and the main index page for the Burlington visit this weekend

sun 08/21/2011
added pictures, mostly signals, to the TIDE L/R page

Monday 8/22/2011
added note to rsus/altoona/index.htm  and rsus/altoona/altoona.htm  pages about PL signals
changed around those 2 pages and the 2 index pages to reflect new map numbering for the Altoona area
334 created rsus/altoona/horseshoe.htm and rsus/altoona/gallitzin.htm
added them to the index pages and re-modified ALL of the Altoona pages to add them to the altoona area indexs

tues 8/23/2011
335 created guides/va/fredburg/index.htm and added to the mapindex.htm
changed picture pointers on the tower 87 page-they pointed to the root texas directory and you got the 404 error

thurs 8/25/2011
Moved the Washington DC stuff to railfanguides.. what a mutherfucking pain in the ass!!!
336 created the subdirectories map1.htm, map2.htm, etc and moved Hyattsville into map 3
Updated the two map index pages and added link to the whaats new section on the homepage RSUS
added map0 (index map of the guide areas) done last night to the DC index page

sat 8/27/2011
337 created www.guides/pa/scranton/index.htm and uploaded it on sunday
added it to the 2 index pages

sun 8/28/2011
worked on the scranton page more
338 created rsus/museums/electrolley/index.htm and uploaded first version of it, dunno why it took me over 2 fucking years to do this one!

mon 8/29/2011
updated rsus/md/bruns/index.htm, dunno why, but it was hit 34 times yesterday in 8hrs at 300/hits per day = 100/8hrs on counter page
updated the brunswick page with radio frequencies
update the scranton page with radio frequencies
added shortcuts on the two index pages to make it easier to get to a particular state of subject like museums or transit

tues  8/30/2011
added new link to rsus/visit.htm bu bill lane
added map and loads of pictures to the scranton page

wed 08/31/2011
added map1 to the scranton page
changed the default railfan guide page to meet new criteria
added two maps to the DC railfan guide page

added many more pix and updated maps to the Scranton page.....
added maps  to the DC guide for highways and railroads of the area

fri  9/2/2011
updated scranton page with info from DL yahoo list
updated the amtrak 40th bday page

sat 9/3/2011
added additional pictures to rsus/museums/electrolley/index.htm

tue 9/6/2011
339/340/341/342/343 created new pages for Scranton dividing it up into 5 pages including the index page

wed  9/7/2011
uploaded some of the new Scranton pages

thurs  9/8/2011
uploaded Scrantom map 4 page after adding pix and text to it

fri 9/9/2011
redid the homepage for Amtrak in St Louis and changed signal pictures to unilens

sun 9/11/2011
344 created rsus/amis/ngc/family11/index.htm and uploaded pix, added it to indexpix.htm ......

mon 9/12/2011
updated rsus/livediesel/wc/index.htm with track mileage and changed a "do" to "so"
took the 911 page off as the homepage, put note about amtraks bday train being at beech grove but its an employee event

tues 9/13/2011
345 created www.guides/system/gtw/index.htm for my 1st system map of the Grand Trunk, created new directory for it too

wed  09/14/2011
updated the scranton 4 page,
uploaded updated map to the GTW system map page,
added list of visiting sites for upcoming trip to MI 10/2-10/9

thurs  09/15/2011
moved the Toledo page to guides/oh/toledo/index.htm,
changed the old page at rsus/michigan/TOLEDO/toledo.htm   to make it a link to this page
changed the two map index pages
uploaded finished map 4 for Scranton

sat 09/17/2011
changed some of the links to baltimore railfan pages on mapindex and railfanguides.index that pointed to old ma6.htm places instead of map6/index.htm....

sun 9/18/2011
344 deleted diamond7.htm from the root of RSUS.....  getting tired of keeping track of old pages.....
deleted diamonds/diamond7.htm from the diamond directory of RSUS.....
345 moved it to railfanguides/tx/houston/pierce/index.htm.....
changed mapindex.htm and railfanguides/index.htm to reflect move.....
changed index at ...diamonds/diamond.htm.....
then changed the above diamonds/diamonds.htm (the index page for diamonds) to diamonds/index.htm.....
corrected indexa and railfanguides/index.htm to reflect the change.....

corrected pointer to Doswell under the diamonds section which was pointing to: rsus/diamonds/doswell/index.htm .....
Modified the Doswell page, updating the color links, adding on page quick links, changing the internet title, etc......

Moved the note about the Amtrak bday train being in Burlington to the bottom of the page, changed links to HOME at the top.....

wed 9/21/2011
346 created guides/oh/toledo/map3.htm and guides/oh/walbridge/index.htm , starting a move of the Walbridge stuff...
uploaded some of the above stuff

sat  9/24/2011
changed homepage for the amtrak train in GalesburgIL
changed the amtrak bday page for same
split off the pictures I took into individual pages, BAL, PER, HAR, SCR, STR, JAC.htm to keep the index page from getting too large

sun 9/25/2011
modified the toledo homepage and got rid of the pictures n stuff now on map 1 and map 2

mon  9/26/2011
added stuff to guides/oh/toledo/map3.htm and uploaded

fri 9/30/2011
changed altoona/altoona.htm to guides/pa/altoona/map1.htm
changed the two map indexs to reflect the change
changed the altoona page to point to the new page
did the same for horseshoe curve: guides/pa/altoona/map2/index.htm
347 created Bellevue: Railfan Guide

sat 10/1/2011
348 created the map3 for altoona
corrected mapindex and railfanguides index
changed the main index page to reflect the change--took off the blurb about my itinerary
changed rsus/altoona/altoona.htm to a pointer page for the new Altoona location on the railfan guides site....

mon 10/10/2011
349 created guides/mi/jackson/index.htm , uploaded it and pictures from MI/OH trip, added to index pages and the main index page

tuesday 10/11/11
updated the look and added counter to rsus/diamonds/diamond1.htm , changed font from blue to black, added bing snag...
350 created guides/mi/albion/index.htm and uploaded it, correcting the main page and the two index pages
updated rsus/michigan/LANSING/lansing.htm with new pix from my latest MI trip, also changed the look and added     2   

sat 10/15/2011
corrected link to the buffalo page on the mapindex and railfan guides index page, it was ok on the light rail index page
updated the amtrak 40th homepage to Milwaukee
updated the main index page to the milwaukee location too
also changed the internet title of the page from birthday to anniversary so more people can find the page
finished guides/oh/deshler/index.htm and uploaded it
351 created a page for N Baltimore
corrected the two index pages and added the two to the main RSUS index page

thu  10/20/2011
uploaded more stuff to the portland or page and map1 page

fri 10/21/2011
uploaded the trimet stuff to railfan guides site at: www.guides/or/portland/trimet/index.htm
changed the links and index pages for the transit switch and the new Portland pages, what a fucking pain in the ass.....
changed the homepage and the amtrak 40th homepage to seattle wa
added 5 pictures by Eric Davis to guides/oh/deshler/index.htm .... THANKS ERIC!
added pictures and text to guides/or/portland/map1/index.htm

sat 10/22/2011
did up a page  for the PA faire and uploaded it

sun 10/23/2011
352 created guides/or/portland/map2/index.htm and uploaded it and a snagit few pictures

wed  10/26/2011
353 created guides/or/portland/map3/index.htm and guides/or/portland/map4/index.htm and uploaded them and pix

thu  10/27/2011
354 created several more pages for the Portland system, and uploaded pix to the trimet 6 page

fri  10/28/2011
355 created www.guides/ut/saltlakecity/uta/index.htm for a place to put UTA's maps of the system
356 created guides/ca/sandiego/trolley/index.htm

sat  10/29/2011
spent all day going thru some 150+ pix for the Altoona page and puttin em on there and finally uploading around 3am

sun 10/30/2011
added the TIDE L/R system to the what's new section of my RSUS home page... how the f*ck did I forget it, also added note the updated altoona page

tues 11/1/2011
changed the main page picture to a shot from Altoona with all PL signals in the shot
moved the unilens pictures to rsus/oldmainpix/index.htm
updated rsus/harris/harris.htm with info about the upcoming PRRTHS meeting in May (added it to the homepage too)....
changed all links on the portland pages to reflect the new page at guides/or/trimet/trimet6/index.htm instead of just the page for the map by itself

thurs  11/3/2011
added pictures and uploaded guides/oh/nbalt/index.htm

sat  11/5/2011
changed SOUTHBEND IN RAILFAN GUIDE from rsus/michigan/SOUTHBEND/southbend.htm to guides/in/southbend/index.htm
and added a bunch of shit to it
also changed the link to it on mapindex and the railfan guides homepage

sun 11/6/2011
added pictures and maps to the National Capitol Trolley Museum page and uploaded and corrected the index pages including the main RSUS index page

fri 11/11/11
changed homepage for Veterans day AND 11/11/11 but the f*cking post offices are closed so you cant get a stamp cancelled with the postmark... f*ckers

sat 11/12/2011
changed the homepage back, and changed the 40th bday to Oakland CA
357 created guides/dc/metro/red/index.htm and added pix of most of the stations along the route from end to end, took about 5 hours
rearranged the metro index at guides/dc/metro/index.htm and added links to a page for each color line, only the red one there so far

sun 11/13/2011
revised rsus/baltlrv/bitch1.htm and changed f*cked to fraked, but left clusterf*ck in ........
added more pix and commentary to the red line page
358 created guides/around/ for pictures that don't fit in anywhere else, Sunil's pix from Prague are the 1st
added pictures and text to guides/mi/baycity/index.htm and moved it to the railfan website
made copy of website on the new USB hard drive

tues  11/15/2011
359 created map 10 for DC and uploaded the map

fri 11/18/2011
uploaded new map and changes to guides/dc/map2/index.htm

sat 11/19/2011
moved the ANN ARBOR RAILFAN GUIDE to guides/mi/annarbor/index.htm
moved the BAY CITY RAILFAN GUIDE to guides/mi/baycity/index.htm
moved over the JUNCTION VALLEY RAILFAN GUIDE to guides/mi/jv/index.htm
deleted rsus/michigan/annarbor/index.htm rsus/michigan/BAYCITY/bay.htm  and  rsus/michigan/JV/jv.htm
moved the DURAND RAILFAN GUIDE from  rsus/MICHIGAN/durand/durand.htm to guides/mi/durand/index.htm and deleted the old page
moved the TRAVERSE CITY RAILFAN GUIDE from rsus/michigan/traverse/ to guides/mi/traverse/index.htm altho the stuff had been on the server for a while
moved the SAGINAW RAILFAN GUIDE from rsus/michigan/SAGINAW/saginaw.htm to guides/mi/saginaw/index.htm , again, the stuff had been on the server for a while
moved the OWOSSO RAILFAN GUIDE from rsus/MICHIGAN/owosso.htm to guides/mi/owosso/index.htm
moved the LANSING RAILFAN GUIDE from rsus/michigan/LANSING/lansing.htm to
put redirects to the home page of the railfan guides website for the following pages to direct viewers to the new pages )also deleted contects of the directories except for the listed file
360 created rsus/inventory.htm for tools n shit

sun 11-20-2011
"greyed" out the page rsus/bingo/index.htm but it wasnt updating when you click on refresh
updated guides/oh/toledo/index.htm with more maps and much more dribble.....

mon 11/21/2011
361 created guides/mi/battlecreek/index.htm and uploaded pics n shit, changed the menus

tues 11/22/11
added link to rsus/livediesel/ and took out LALS from menu, for now
created guides/heavyrail/path/
modified rsus/heavyrailindex.htm , took out marta picture, added PATH
changed and grayed out the page: rsus/dc/index.htm and pointed to the two index pages mapindex and the railfanguides homepage....
added pix of flyers to guides/mi/jv/index.htm
added a couple of pics to rsus/gp30.htm
added an additional pix of the GP-30 in Kokomo, using a scanned picture at higher resolution and cropped on rsus/early/index.htm
created separate folder for stations and uploaded it to RailfanGuides.....:
moved rsus/baltimore/stations1/stations1.htm to
deleted the stations directory on RSUS... only had Iowa City pics in it anyways.....

wed  11/23/2011
added pictures to guides/pa/altoona/map2/ and guides/pa/altoona/map1/ by Tyler Nace and Marc Lingenfelter/NS6677 on youtube

thurs  11/24/20113
changed RSUS homepage-took out thing for gaithersburg and changed amtrak 40th to off for the weekend

sat 11/26/2011
changed rsus/altoona/altoona.htm by graying out the lettering and deleting all of the files in that directory except for the index page
removed the page at rsus/baltimore/perry/index.htm and stuck in link to guides/md/perry/index.htm

sun 11/27/2011
changed the look of rsus/humpsigs.htm
reorganized the Houston section... major PIA but needed ..... moved everything to the railfanguides website
moved the ENGLEWOOD page from rsus/texas/englewood/index.htm  to guides/tx/houston/map1/index.htm
moved the TOWER 85 page from rsus/towers/tower85.htm  to guides/tx/houston/map2/index.htm
moved the TOWER 87 page from rsus/towers/tower87/index.htm  to guides/tx/houston/map3/index.htm
moved the PIERCE JUNCTION/diamond page from to guides/tx/houston/map4/index.htm
changed the link on rsus/diamonds/diamond2.htm to the tyler page at guides/tx/tyler/index.htm cause it was pointing to itself
AND had to update the two main index pages.....
BUT... i decided to delete mapindex.htm on the mainpage, and direct people to the home page of the railfan guide website
PHEW... what a major f**king pain in the arse that was!!!!!!!  4 hours!

mon  11/28/2011
updated the atlanta homepage at guides/ga/atl/ , added snagits and stuff from the DOT maps and amtrak station and verbage
put back the maps on page 3 guides/ga/atl/map3/ and changed things a little bit at hte top
did the same for guides/ga/atl/map8/
and for guides/ga/atl/map9/ and guides/ga/atl/map10/
Made changes to the railfanguides homepage too to reflect updates

tues  11/29/2011
added new pix to guides/tx/houston/map4/index.htm , actually, redid the whole Pierce Junction map.....

thurs  12/1/2011
362 created guides/mo/StLouisLR/index.htm for the map I did of the St Louis Light Rail System, updated the index pages

fri  12/2/2011
worked on guides/co/denver/rtd/index.htm adding pics of the stations and added my map of the system to the page

sat 12/3/2011
added pic of NS executive train by Glenn Anderson to guides/va/boyce/
uploaded all of the snagits and new page to guides/co/denver/rtd/index.htm , phew!!
updated the main RSUS index page, the railfanguides index page, and lrvindex.htm, which should be moved to railfanguides

tues  12/6/2011
363 created guides/transit.htm to act as the main page for all transit stuff
MOVED rsus/heavyrailindex.htm and rsus/lrvindex.htm  to the above page, and made the main page links point to the new page
364 created guides/on/otrain/index.htm

wed 12/7/2011           Pearl Harbor 70th Anniversary
did map for the Los Angeles transit systems, metro1.cdr, etc
changed around the pages for LA, made one page for the heavy and light rail at guides/ca/losangeles/lightrail/index.htm
and one for the commuter stuff at guides/ca/losangeles/commuter/index.htm
And made an index page for the shit at guides/ca/losangeles/transit.htm which will eventually be part of the LA railfan guide... phew
added the stuff to guides/transit.htm

thurs  12/8/2011
365 created guides/ca/sanjose/lightrail/index.htm, uploaded it, and changed transit.htm.....

sat  12/10/2011
added links for san jose commuter rail to guides/transit.htm
366 created page for CalTrain at guides/ca/caltrain/index.htm
367 created pages for ACE guides/ca/ace/index.htm
put the "regular" page counter on rsus/baltimore/stations/index.htm and added in page links, and changed the main links on the left
recreated the mapindex.htm page to point to the railfan guides homepage, since people are still going there, and changed the site counter to the normal one
moved most of the light rail guide to the guides site, renamed a lot of the directories....... phew!

sun  12/11/2011
added map and PDF to guides/or/portland/map2/index.htm, dont know why it wasnt uploaded back in october when I did the page
368 created guides/pa/pittsburgh/lightrail/index.htm and added it to index pages
updated the railfanguides homepage with a bunch of the transit systems i've added recently

wed  12/14/2011
uploaded the Cleveland RTA light and heavy rail page at guides/oh/clevelandLR/index.htm
369 Created page for the Boston alight and heavy rail systems at guides/ma/bostonLR/index.htm
370 created a page for the Toronto streetcar and heavy rail systems at guides/on/TTCstreetcar/index.htm
added all of these to the guides/transit.htm page

fri 12/16/2011
updated guides/vt/burlington/index.htm by changing heading to read Todd's railfan guide....
did the same to rsus/charlotte/index.htm .....
started working on adding pix to map8 of the baltimore guide..... WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER?

sat 12/17/2011
moved the MASON CITY IA RAILFAN GUIDE to guides
changed rsus/diamonds/index.htm  and the other index pages to reflect this change
369 deleted rsus/diamonds/index.htm and put note about it being in the railfanguides index page
changed the link on the indexa page for diamonds to the railfanguides homepage.....
ALSO - started adding pix to the FOSTORIA page, what a pain in the ass!... shouldnt have waited so long-too many pix--dont remember where they are were taken :-)

tues 12-20-2011
updated guides/va/richmond/richmond2.htm with pictures of Amtrak from trip yesterday
updated the main index page with all of hte light rail maps I did, and changed the amtrak bday train info

wed 12/21/2011
added picture of semaphore by eric schmelz to guides/oh/toledo/map1.htm, long overdue since we talked about it in 2009!!!

thursday 12/22/2011
changed the header of rsus/baltimore/map3/index.htm and added bit about Mohrs Lane bridge being closed
did the same to rsus/baltimore/mapm.htm
did the same with rsus/baltlrv/bitch1.htm and added a section on the Red Line not connecting with anything
moved the MICHIGAN RAILFAN INDEX PAGE to  guides/mi/index.htm from rsus/michigan/index.htm
corrected some links to michigan railfan guides on main index page
also corrected some on railfanguides index page and added cadillac to it

sat 12/24/2011
added link to new page for roanoke at rsus/virginia/roanoke/index.htm
changed over the homepage for xmas.....

mon 12/26/2011
moved the DETROIT DELRAY RAILFAN GUIDE from rsus/michigan/DET-DELRAY/delrey1.htm to guides/mi/delray/index.htm
and corrected the MI index page and the railfanguides homepage... put link to new page on the old page

tues 12/27/2011
updated all of the basic pages such as rsus/basics/basics1.htm

thurs 12/29/2011
moved the HIAWATHA L/R GUIDE from rsus/minn/hiawatha/index.htm to guides/mn/hiawatha/index.htm and corrected index pages
          and added redirect on the old page, also had to correct some JPEG file extensions
added some Northstar info to the page and added it to the transit index page

sat 12/31/2011
changed the look to guides/in/elkhart/index.htm and changed the old page at rsus/michigan/elkhart/elkhart.htm to a link to the new  page
moved the CHARLOTTE LYNX L/R GUIDE from rsus/charlotte/index.htm to guides/nc/lynx/index.htm , corrected the index pages

sun 1/1/2012
removed the wiki note at the bottom of the main index page
moved SYKESVILLE RAILFAN GUIDE from www.rsus/baltimore/sykes.htm to guides/md/sykesville/index.htm  fking pain in the ass
moved FREDERICK RAILFAN GUIDE from www.rsus/md/fred/index.htm to guides/md/frederick/index.htm
worked on the SIGNS page, phew

mon 1/2/2012
updated the main index page, removed happy new year, shortened the list of recent things by 75%, updated amtrak location
updated rsus/amtrak40th/index.htm with ft worth location this coming weekend
finally finished and uploaded the signs page at rsus/signs/index.htm

tues 1/3/2012
added blurb on cabin fever expo to homepage

wed 1/4/2012
uploaded baltimore map 8 to the railfan guides site
and changed around the links on maps.htm to agree with it

sat 1/6/2012
redid the indexing of all of the Baltimore railfan guide pages,
moved the BAILEYS WYE RAILFAN GUIDE page from baileys.htm to guides/baltimore/map12/index.htm
moved the ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION RAILFAN GUIDE from baltimore/map11.htm to guides/md/dorsey/index.htm
changed ALL headers to look the same, got rid of the light blue shit, got rid of the index icon......

sun 1/7/2012
updated and re-wrote some of the page for rsus/baltimore/balthome.htm

mon  1/8/2012
fix up the page for map 16 and uploaded it to

wed 1/11/2012
modified guides/baltimore/map12/index.htm by adding new map for the wide area around Bailey's Wye

fri 1/13/2012
changed the main page top signal pix to PLs at Penn-Mary
sent them over to and added them to the rsus/oldmainpix/index.htm page
updated the Amtrak 40th homepage
added pix to the roster from Dane Ridenour in Ft Worth at: www.rsus/amtrak40th/FTW.htm
fixed problem with jpeg vs jpg label on Tyler TX page... also corrected some grammer......
updated rsus/york/york.htm with new map, added blurb about cabin fever, and added little maps for Harbor Freight and Tractor Supply

sun 1/15/2012
removed cabin fever from the main page and the York PA page, changed the amtrak city to San Antonio

wed 1/18/2012
moved YORK RAILFAN GUIDE from rsus/york/york.htm to guides/pa/york/index.htm
corrected some grammer on www.rsus/911/index.htm
sitemeter counter hit 336 today!!!

thurs  1/19/2012
modified the baltimore map 4 railfan guide, also redid the map 5 drawing, but no time to change the page today

fri  1/20/2012
loaded up redome maps for baltimore map 2 and 3,
moved pictures from the map 3 directory to the map 10 directory
uploaded the redone page for map 10 to guides/baltimore/map10/index.htm , still need redone map for 10 tho

sat 1/21/2012
put link to new transit page on rsus/heavyrailindex.htm to guides/transit.htm
finally, put a new picture on the baltimore guide homepage at rsus/baltimore/balthome.htm

sun 1/22/2012
deleted link to B&W GIF maps on rsus/baltimore/maps.htm and put note on there to excuse the mess
added the note:  Please note: This and all of my pages are done with Frontpage, a Microsoft product.  If you use a non-uS browser such as Mozilla or Firefox, I can not guarantee that you will see the pages the way I designed them..... to the following pages:
added a bunch of shit to guides/ca/sandiego/trolley/index.htm but didnt upload it yet cause I'm waiting on reply from the marketing
     people at MTS for permission to use their stuff since their copyright page is like dealing with the Nazi's.....

tues 1/24/2012
updated map 7 for baltimore guides/baltimore/map7/index.htm
updated map 16 with new map guides/baltimore/map16/index.htm

fri  1/27/2012
I noticed yesterday that there were some problems with links to the light rail technical pages, so I started going over each page
from page 8 and on, the headers and look of the pages need to be updated to the look of the first 7 sections
decided to use non-bolded font for the text in contrast to my regular use of bolded font on all of my pages
changed the paragraph number to a bolded blue number
added page counter to pages 8 and up
so far, have redone rsus/lrvtech/lrvchap11.htm , added 7 pictures
added 20 pictures to  rsus/lrvtech/lrvchap10.htm
added 2 pictures to rsus/lrvtech/lrvchap12.htm and updated the look as done with the other pages today

sat 1/28/2012
added 7 pictures to rsus/lrvtech/lrvchap13.htm and changed the look as done with the others
added 10 pictures to rsus/lrvtech/lrvchap14.htm and did the same as above
rsus/lrvtech/lrvchap15.htm added no pix, just updated
rsus/lrvtech/lrvchap16.htm same thing, no pix, only updated
added only 2 pictures to rsus/lrvtech/lrvchap17.htm and did the same as above
rsus/lrvtech/lrvchap18.htm and did the same as above
rsus/lrvtech/lrvchap19.htm and did the same as above
rsus/lrvtech/lrvchap20.htm and did the same as above
rsus/lrvtech/lrvchap21.htm and did the same as above
phew, that's enough for today!!!!!!

SUN 1/29/2012
updated the amtrak 40th birthday pages
updated rsus/baltimore/maps.htm by adding index maps so people know where the maps physically were, added future for map 17, odenton & laurel

tues  1/31/2012
moved the Plymouth Diamond page to guides/mi/plymouth/index.htm from rsus/michigan/plymouth1.htm
changed the railfan guides index page to reflect this and moved plymouth diamond under detroit
uploaded a new page for baltimore map 14, it used to be for the bayview yards, now riverside & locust point guides/baltimore/map14/index.htm
and added to maps.htm on the balt guide map homepage......
370 created  guides/baltimore/map15/index.htm but still need to add pictures

wed 2/1/2012
371 created guides/baltimore/map17/index.htm and uploaded basically an empty page and added it to maps.htm on the RSUS baltimore site

sun 2/5/2012
updated the Grand Rapids page and moved it to guides/mi/grandrapids/index.htm from guides/mi/grandrapids/index.htm
also updated the railfan guides index page to reflect the move
also changed link on railfan guides homepage from rsus/atlanta/marta.htm to guides/ga/marta/index.htm ......
          don't know why I didn't do it earlier since I uploaded an updated page back in December..... WTF?
uploaded updated page for the San Diego trolley, despite what the MTS rep said she wanted to refer all picture and info stuff to their website guides/ca/sandiego/trolley/index.htm
added comments to Ohio signals sent to me (4/6/2010) by Steven L. Klement, sent him an email, on page: rsus/signals/color/index.htm

mon 2/6/2012
372 created guides/md/marc/pennsouth/index.htm for the marc penn line from baltimore south
uploaded an updated version of the Buffalo light rail map to guides/ny/buffalo/index.htm

wed  2/8/2012
moved the septa route 100 page from  rsus/septa/septa100.htm to  guides/septa/route100/index.htm
373 created created guides/md/odenton/index.htm , only uploaded map so far......
added map numbers to the baltimore maps

thurs  2/9/2012
changed the link on the transit page from rsus/pr/index.htm to guides/pr/index.htm
     and added some notes in the general section and changed the look and feel, added page counter.....
moved the camden riverline light rail page from rsus/camden/camden1.htm to guides/nj/riverline/index.htm,
     changed the directory name in case I do a railfan guide for trains for Camden
     stuck link to new page on the old page......

fri  2/10/2012
updated rsus/signals/CPL/cpl.htm with a couple of new pictures of the full CPL
dunno why, but the main link to fostoria still pointed to just the JPEG on RSUS, so I changed it to guides/oh/fostoria/index.htm, like the diamond link pointed to......
........ i had redone the page back on 12/17/2012

sat 2/11/2012
updated rsus/support/relays/
updated the home page and amtrak bday page
added pix from 3/17/2005 to guides/md/dorsey/index.htm

mon 2/13/2012
updated rsus/other.htm for the first time since 9/1/2008, should just make it part of INDEXA.....

fri 2/17/2012
moved the ZOO page from www.rsus/philly/zoo/zoo.htm to guides/pa/phl/zoo/index.htm
moved Albert Lea page from rsus/diamonds/diamond3.htm and rsus/minn/albertlea/index.htm to guides/mn/albertlea/index.htm
put new direct links on the old pages and corrected the railfanguides index page

sat 2/182012
don't know why, but the link on the railfan guides pages still points to the old Newark page at rsus/nj/newark/, changed it.....
changed around the look a little bit and added on page links to the new newark page at guides/nj/newark/
also corrected bad link to buffalo page in transit section of index page that pointed to rsus/buf5.htm and should be guides/ny/buffalo/index.htm
moved the Michigan City page from rsus/michigan/MICITY/mcity.htm to guides/in/micity/index.htm and changed the look to coincide with my current style

sun 2/19/2012
374 created Kalamazoo guide from just a map... rsus/michigan/kalamazoo1.jpg to guides/mi/kalamazoo/index.htm, added 100 or so pix from OCT2011
changed the main railfans guides index page
changed the pages for amtraks bday page, 2 days late.....
changed the Hampstead page from just a map to a guide, moved it from rsus/baltimore/hampstead.htm to guides/md/hampstead/index.htm
also changed the links on maps.htm and the main railfanguides index page

mon 2/20/2012 - Presidents Day
moved the Brunswick page from rsus/md/bruns/index.htm to guides/md/bruns/index.htm, changed railfanguides & central md index page
373 deleted stuff in directory rsus/md/rocks/index.htm and stuck in new pointer to guides/md/rocks/index.htm
modified guides/md/central/index.htm to include hotspots in Charles Town and Winchester
added redirect to the old central guide on RSUS to guides/md/central/index.htm and deleted content of directory
changed the home to the Baltimore guide to railfanguides
changed the link on maps.htm to the new homepage for the Balt guide

tues 2/21/2012
uploaded new Hampstead map
374 created guides/nc/spencer/index.htm for Spencer and Salisbury NC and added it to the main index page

wed 2/22/2012
375 created guides/nc/raleigh/index.htm and uploaded preliminary map and a bunch of snags

thurs 2/23/2012
uploaded "finished" version of the Raleigh map, and 2 pix of the Carolinian in Charlotte

fri 2/24/2012
uploaded map for the Spencer NC page
changed the main page picture to one from Deshler
changed headings and links on the Deshler page and the Richmond page

sun 2/26/2012
redid the Houston section, all of the headers, putting in on page liinks
376 created  guides/tx/houston/index.htm finally, cause there were links to it

mon 2/27/2012
added map to the main Houston page and a few snags

377 created guides/tx/houston/map5/index.htm for downtown houston
added it to guides/tx/houston/index.htm and guides/ and rsus/ with the link

sun 3/4/2012
378 created rsus/amtrak40th/RICH.htm for the richmond amtrak pictures and uploaded it, added it to the amtrak homepage

tues 3/6/2012
updated all of the DC railfan guide pages to look current
379 created Bowie page: guides/md/bowie/index.htm

wed 3/7/2012
updated rsus/support/sleepers/index.htm
updated, added pix, and moved Berea from rsus/guides/berea/berea.htm to guides/oh/berea/index.htm
added link on old page to new page and corrected link on main railfanguides index page, added note in the latest on RSUS
updated the amtrak 40th homepage

sat 3/10/2012
updated guides/or/portland/map4/index.htm cause I noticed I had description for Albina yard in there instead of for Brooklyn yard
also updated the top heading of the railfan guide pages for Portland, no tri-met pages tho

sun 3/11/2012
changed around the wording of a lot of the stuff on rsus/basics/basics2.htm and added on page links to the different signal types

tues 3/13/2012
380 created guides/de/wilm/index.htm

wed 3/14/2012
381 created guides/de/newark/index.htm

ssat 3/17/2012
382 created guides/de/wilm/map2/index.htm and uploaded shit

tues 3/20/2012
383 created guides/de/wilm/map3/index.htm and uploaded it

wed 3/21/2012
384 created guides/de/wilm/map4/index.htm

friday 3/23/2012
uploaded the wilmington map 4 page

sat 3/24/2012 - 22 years
changed 08-31-05's mountingindex.htm to rsus/support/mounting/index.htm

sun 3/25/2012
had to fix 5 links to pictures on guides/pa/phl/zoo/index.htm, not sure how they got pointed to ../../philly/zoo/pix

mon 3/26/2012
changed the main RSUS index page and the Amtrak 40th page to reflect train in Wilmington DE on the 31st/1st

tues 3/27?2012
corrected problems with a few picture links on guides/mn/hiawatha/index.htm ...... jpg vs jpg, that kind of shit.....
385 created page for Buffalo CSX's Frontier yard
386 created a map 5 page for Wilmington at:
updated guides/de/newark/index.htm with aerials of Davis tower

wed 3/28/2012
updated Wilmington 1, 2 and Newark with new maps adding stuff I learned about tonight at work
added pix to the Newark page
Changed the look on all of the Roanoke pages to update them to what I'm currently doing... need to do Bedford yet

thurs 3/29/2012
updated the look of guides/mi/jackson/index.htm
did the same for guides/mi/albion/index.htm
created pages for the buffalo railfan guide, including...
     387 created guides/ny/depew/index.htm
     388 created guides/ny/buffalo/index.htm
     389 created guides/ny/buffalo/map1/index.htm
     390 created guides/ny/buffalo/map2/index.htm
     391 created guides/ny/buffalo/map3/index.htm
uploaded the Depew page, changed the railfanguides index to add it and the start of the Buffalo pages
added link on RSUS homepage for the contact page

sat 3/31/2012
updated rsus/signals/dolls/index.htm with a couple of new pictures, a diagram, and new wording
uploaded guides/ny/buffalo/map1/index.htm and guides/ny/buffalo/map2/index.htm
changed the location of the buffalo light page from  guides/ny/buffalo/index.htm   to guides/ny/nfta/index.htm
uploaded the new buffalo index page
corrected the railfanguides homepage, added whats new link on the RSUS page, and added it to the transit index page

mon 4/2/2012
updated guides/de/wilm/map2/index.htm with pix from sunday and updated descriptions of the buildings and adding the NCOC

tues 4/3/2012
changed around Wilmingtons map 2 again, and upload yet another version of the map.

fri 4/6/2012
moved the harpers ferry page from  rsus/wv/hferry/index.htm to guides/wv/hferry/index.htm
          it's been sitting there since 12/2011, but I never did anything with it or add pictures, so I added pictures from the 2010 gaithersburg trip there with buxton

sat 4/7/2012
moved rsus/pictures1.htm to newly 392 created rsus/pictures/index.htm and added pictures
also moved pictures from rsus/trip1.htm to the new picture page
removed link from trip1 page from rsus/other.htm
390 deleted pictures1.htm and trip1.htm......
changed links on indexa.htm.....
moved the Bedford VA page from guides/va/roanoke/bedford.htm to guides/va/bedford/index.htm
deleted the Bedford pictures from the Roanoke directory
moved the Salem VA page from guides/va/roanoke/map4.htm to guides/va/salem/index.htm .......
changed both the Roanoke index page and the railfanguides homepage with the above changes

sun 4/8/2012
placed link on the page rsus/texas/englewood/index.htm   to the "new" one at  guides/tx/houston/map1/index.htm
          deleted the pictures out of the RSUS site
moved guides/va/roanoke/map1.htm to guides/va/roanoke/map1/index.htm
moved guides/va/roanoke/map2.htm to guides/va/roanoke/map2/index.htm
moved guides/va/roanoke/map3.htm to guides/va/roanoke/map3/index.htm
updated rsus/basics/timeline.htm
moved guides/va/roanoke/map5.htm to guides/va/roanoke/map5/index.htm and added more pix and Snags

mon 4/9/212
updated roanoke map 5 with new map and more snags

tues 4/10/2012
updated guides/wv/hferry/index.htm with uodated map and one more sight of the overlook
updated guides/va/roanoke/map5/index.htm with yet another updated map after adding all of the bridges

thurs 4/12/2012
moved the Chesapeake Beach page from rsus/md/chbeach/cb.htm to guides/md/chbeach/index.htm
          and added a whole lot more content and expanded it to include Annapolis & the MD RenFaire

fri 4/13/2012
updated rsus/renfaires/renfaires.htm wit the latest info for 2012
moved rsus/md/mtairy/index.htm to guides/md/mtairy/index.htm about time since the files were uploaded a long time ago
moved rsus/md/hag/index.htm to guides/md/hagerstown/index.htm about time since the files were moved months ago
moved rsus/baltimore/JD/mapjd.htm to guides/md/hyattsville/index.htm
then updated the look of the hagerstown page to current standards

sat 4/14/2012
Updated rsus/indexa.htm with link sent in by Julie via her teacher
changed links on the tower page from rsus/towers/tower87/index.htm to guides/tx/houston/map3/index.htm
changed links on the tower page from rsus/towers/tower85.htm to guides/tx/houston/map2/index.htm
changed links on the tower page from rsus/towers/tower68.htm to guides/tx/houston/map1/index.htm
changed links on the tower page from rsus/towers/tower17.htm to rsus/museums/tower17/index.htm
updated rsus/towers/index.htm with hundred or so pictures, added index at top, and made it look like the railfan guides homepage, added it to the main page
added guides/pa/columbia/index.htm to the railfan guides page, been there since 6/18/2011, but never put the link on the index page WTF?

sun 4/15/2012
updated the look of the Durand page... guides/mi/durand/index.htm .... it had 10 hits today, wonder why?

mon 4/16/2012
updated the look of the following pages to my current standard

wed 4/18/2012
updated the Wilmington DE pages with the latest corel dwgs

fri 4/20/2012
updated http://rsus/signals/finials/index.htm
updated rsus/signals/bulbs/index.htm but need more specific info on bulbs
updated rsus/signals/xformers/index.htm
updated rsus/support/relays/
moved rsus/mountingindex.htm to rsus/support/mounting/index.htm and uploaded all of the new pictures--took about 2min
updated a little bit but need a lot more pix: rsus/support/auxequip/index.htm

sat 4/21/2012
updated rsus/signals/color/index.htm with pictures from Joseph Norman and inserted on page links
did same with rsus/signals/nwcpl/index.htm

sun 4/22/2012
updated rsus/basics/basics1.htm thru rsus/basics/basics5.htm .. added a picture to page 5 by Jim Mahelik
updated rsus/basics/basics3.htm by changing the colors from purple/blue to brown/black

tues 4/24/2012
took out the Mt Vernon station from the MD stations per Alexander Mitchell who said it was never a station rsus/baltimore/stations/index.htm

fri 4/27/2012
uploaded newest version of the baltimore map 10

mon 4/30/2012
fixed links on main Railfan Guides index page for Baltimore railfan guide that were still pointing to RSUS
uploaded yet another baltimore map 10 and added a bunch of pix to the index page

tues 5/1/2012
worked on new map for Sykesville and added pix guides/md/sykesville/index.htm
391 created new page rsus/tv/index.htm for pictures of trains and transit in the movies and on tv.......

wed 5/2/2012
uploaded updated map for guides/md/frederick/index.htm , changed link to the PDF, updated look to make like the latest look
added pix to the TV page

fri  5/4/2012
updated the main RSUS page and the 40th birthday page for amtrak being in Toledo this weekend
updated the look and feel of the Toledo pages

sun 5/6/2012
updated ALL of the amtrak birthday train pages with the latest index of the different locations
392 created rsus/amtrak40th/NYC.htm in anticipation of next weeks trip
updated the baltimore guide BIOS page,
updated rsus/harris/harris.htm with new index on page, moved sights TOC down to that heading, changed all sight headings to 18 font, etc
updated guides/md/perry/index.htm to look like the rest of the MD guides, added shortcuts, got rid of the Baltimore railfan page connection
updated guides/md/bruns/index.htm to look like the rest of the MD guides, added shortcuts

mon 5/7/2012
uploaded new map and index page to the Point of Rocks MD page, changed pointer on RFG page to the railfan guide (RFG) location
changed pointer on RFG index page for the Mt Airy page too
repointed the rest of the baltimore guide pages to RFG
changed pointer on the Central MD index page for the main map, it used to point to the map on the Brunswick page
edited the mapm.htm, mainlines.htm, map22.htm, and mapc.htm pages on the baltimore guide so they all look the same now

wed 5/9/2012
updated rsus/loa/
updated the TV page last night

fri 05/11/2012
updated the main RSUS page for this weekends Amtrak visit to NYC
updated rsus/signals/sem/index.htm with a Youtube link and my new thing of the two homepage links instead of the home icon
moved guides/baltimore/hiways.htm to guides/baltimore/hiways/index.htm

sun 5/132012
updated the main RFG index with link to Michigan railfan guide index on RFG instead of RSUS (dunno why it took so long)
updated the look and feel of guides/mi/lansing/index.htm to make it like all of the other pages

mon 5/14/2012
updated both rsus/visit.htm and rsus/indexa.htm with a few new links
sent Todd Paoni of Front Royal VA and Eric Haas an email to use their pictures
uploaded the pictures for rsus/amtrak40th/NYC.htm
corrected GRS on the indexa page from Railroad to Railway, dumb ass
updated the look and feel and map for guides/mi/cadillac/index.htm

tues 5/15/2012
updated the flint page by replacing just the map with guides/mi/flint/index.htm , uploaded about 200 pix and 200 thumbs
updated the following maps for philly, made the pages look brown and green:
     guides/pa/phl/ , guides/pa/phl/maps.htm , guides/pa/phl/hiways.htm ,
     guides/pa/phl/hotels.htm , guides/pa/phl/intro.htm ,

wed 5/16/2012
updated guides/pa/phl/links.htm , guides/pa/phl/aux/photos.htm ,
393 created guides/pa/phl/phillytracks.htm and uploaded jpg for it

sat 5/19/2012
updated guides/baltimore/greenspring/index.htm the look of it, added links to both index pages

sun 5/20/2012
394 created a new homepage for Harrisburg to divide the city up

mon 5/21/2012
395 created a new homepage for Detroit and set up new structure for the guides

tues 5/22/2012
updated rsus/rulebooks/rulebooks.htm and rsus/rulebooks/ble/index.htm with revised chart

wed 5/23/2012
updated ALL of the Atlanta pages

thur 5/24/2012
updated rsus/signals/sem/index.htm with smashboard pix and link to Mason City IA
updated the Bingo pages with new looks
updated the main index page with new events and Statue of Liberty pic

fri 5/25/2012
updated the BASICS ONE page with new link....
updated the TIMELINE page, correcting mis-spellings.....

sat 5/26/2012
396 created stuff.htm....
updated the CPL page.....

mon 5/28/2012 - MEMORIAL DAY
397 created rsus/rulebooks/prrpenn/index.htm
398 created rsus/rulebooks/nkp/index.htm
399 created rsus/rulebooks/nsw/index.htm

mon 5/29/2012
gave guides/in/southbend/index.htm a makeover, added the getting here section, etc, need to redo the map... DONE 5/31/2012 and uploaded
updated the CalTrains page with pictures from various people and tiny maps and made it a station by station guide

fri 6/1/12
updated rsus/rulebooks/csx89/index.htm and standardized the files cause I had csx87 on some of them, and uploaded the PDF file that wasnt there

sat 6/2/12
added an automatic redirect to rsus/charlotte/index.htm
updated the look on the Charlotte Lynx page
added redirect to rsus/xing/ww/index.htm to send it to rsus/xing/index.htm
updated rsus/xing/index.htm

sun 6/3/12
added redirect to the old roanoke va page at rsus/virginia/roanoke/index.htm

wed  6/6/12
updated guides/pa/york/index.htm
put redirect at rsus/york/york.htm

fri 6/8/12
updated guides/md/mmid/index.htm with pictures and updating the look

sun 6/10/2012
updated the main index page and guides/nc/spencer/index.htm for the upcoming NS heritage fleet display at Spencer
added link to guides/stations/index.htm on the main railfan guides page
400 created guides/stations/de/
401 created guides/stations/va/

mon 6/11/2012
added more pix to the DE station page
moved the stations in MD page from rsus/baltimore/stations/index.htm to guides/stations/md/ & deleted the old page

tues 6/12/2012
updated guides/dc/metro/index.htm with info on schedule changes

wed 6/13/2012
402 created guides/move.htm for 4 pictures for Tina from last day in Atlanta before moving to Richmond
403 created guides/stations/ny/ and uploaded what i got so far.....

fri  6/15/2012
moved the Chattanooga Choo Choo page from rsus/museums/choochoo/index.htm to guides/museums/choochoo/index.htm
         and updated the look a little bit, corrected link on the railfan guides index page, added redirect to old page
moved the Spencer museum from rsus/museums/spencer/index.htm to guides/museums/spencer/index.htm and fixed link on main railfan guides page

sat 6/16/2012
updated RSUS homepage with picture of E's from this morning
updated rsus/harris/harris.htm
updated rsus/pa/rockville/index.htm with stuff on B&B and updated to the current look

sun 6/17/2012
updated the NS heritage page
updated the RSUS homepage
updated guides/md/wsrr/index.htm
updated the dntn Altoona page, the look, and added pix from the PL signals coming out..... thanks ADB and AJK

fri 6/22/2012
updated guides/ca/sandiego/trolley/index.htm some

sat 6/23/2012
updated guides/de/newark/index.htm with pix from Aprils trip to Wilmington for the anniversary train, finally, sent request to evan schilling for one of his pix
gave guides/pa/newfreedom/ a quickie makeover to update the look to my current standards
did the same for guides/va/boyce/

sun 6/24/2012
updated guides/baltimore/bios.htm

mon 6/25/2012
updated guides/NS/index.htm

fri 6/29/2012
CREATED http://www.toddin12.org/

sat 6/30/2012
updated guides/va/roanoke/index.htm and guides/va/roanoke/map2/index.htm with note about July 7th

sunday 7/1/2012
updated the RSUS home page with pix from walkersville southern rr
updated the toddin12 page

tue 7/3/2012--7/5/2012
trip to Spencer NC for NS show of new vintage paint locomotives

tues 7/3/2012
404 created  guides/nc/henderson/index.htm
added it to the railfanguides index page

thurs 7/5/2012
updated rsus/ and guides/NS/index.htm
updated rsus/oldmainpix/index.htm

sat 7/7/2012
updated the Raleigh page with 100+ pictures guides/nc/raleigh/index.htm
updated rsus/renfaires/renfaires.htm

sun 7/8/2012
405 created  history page Baltimore RR's at guides/baltimore/history

tues  7/10/2012
updated guides/md/wsrr/index.htm with new map I did
updated the main page, got rid of old shit now gone

wed  7/11/2012
updated  guides/md/wsrr/index.htm with pix from the steamer #75
updated homepage with note about it

Sat  7/15/2012
406 created  xxx and uploaded around 314 pictures

sun 7/15/2012
put in redirect from rsus/iowa/masoncity/index.htm to guides/ia/masoncity/index.htm
made up to date copy of Mason City IA and deleted pix from laptop
added new redirect page to rsus/michigan/elkhart/elkhart.htm , also updated the page a little

mon 7/16/2012
Moved the first of the Richmond pages to its own subdirectory, phew, what a PIA
uploaded the new map1 page for richmond and changed the railfan guides index page guides/va/richmond/richmond1.htm to the above link

tues  7/17/2018
updated rsus/early/index.htm with a picture I took in Bay City MI
updated rsus/sigcont/index.htm , 1st time since 2010
updated rsus/basics/nomenclature.htm , 1st time since 2009
updated rsus/poll1.htm , 1st time there since 10/4/2006, and added a page counter
updated rsus/tech/chroma.htm , 1st time since 1/27/2010

thurs  7/19/2012
updated guides/on/TTCstreetcar/index.htm with pictures from 2006 trip
added the above page to the railfan guide index page, WTF, why did I miss it back in December

sat  7/21/2012
updated index page with 4 stats from sitemeter
moved and redirected rsus/septa/index.htm to guides/pa/septa/index.htm
updated guides/pa/phl/hiways.htm
updated guides/pa/phl/maps.htm
updated guides/pa/phl/
updated guides/pa/phl/intro.htm

tues  7/24/2012
updated the rest of the Roanoke pages
updated the Richmond pages and uploaded them to: (richmond 1 was already changed)
    guides/va/richmond/map4/index.htm, guides/va/richmond/map3/index.htm, guides/va/richmond/map2/index.htm
added a bunch of pictures from July trip to the Richmond map 3 page
updated rsus/support/sleepers/index.htm with pix of C&A sleepers in Bordentown NJ

uploaded new map I did today on the Bedford VA page

sat  7/28/2012
updated rsus/fun2.htm and rsus/fun.htm for the first time since 10/8/2006
updated rsus/trips/index.htm

mon 7/30/2012
updated rsus/trips/trip1.htm and rsus/trips/trip2/index.htm

fri 8/3/2012
updated guides/ct/newhaven/index.htm with current standard format and new map
updated rsus/trips/trip3/index.htm

sun 8/5/2012
updated guides/NS/index.htm with pix from Steve P

mon 8/6/2012
updated guides/baltimore/mapc.htm and uploaded updated maps

wed 8/8/2012
worked on Baltimore map4 and map5 today
updated guides/baltimore/map4/index.htm with new map, pictures of L/R and BSM

thurs  8/9/2012
updated rsus/signals/pl/pl.htm with 4 pix, one from A Burnett & 3 snags of tombstones
updated RSUS indax page with link to youtube video of PL signals
updated guides/baltimore/map6/index.htm with new map and rearranged the page to agree with map
updated guides/baltimore/map5/index.htm by getting rid of the 5n and 5s maps after putting some of map 5 onto the bottom of map 4

sat 8/10/2012
updated the main RSUS page with new NS picture
updated rsus/signals/searchlights/index.htm with new pictures

sun 8/11/2012
updated rsus/xing/pedgates/index.htm with Olmstead Falls OH and aerial shots

tues  8/13/2012
407 created guides/il/metra/index.htm
408 created guides/il/cta/index.htm
updated guides/transit.htm , couldnt find it on the computer so had to download it

updated RSUS homepage
updated guides/museums/nctm/index.htm
409 created guides/museums/altoona/index.htm

sun 8/26/2012
410created guides/va/ashland/index.htm
added it to the railfanguides index page and the main RSUS page

mon 8/27/2012
411 created guides/va/lorton/index.htm and added it to the main RFG index page

tues  8/28/2012
slightly updated the puerto rico heavy rail page
updated the guides/nj/riverline/index.htm

thurs 8/30/2012
moved the livediesel index to railfan guides site
Moved the White Creek page to guides/livediesel/wc/index.htm
moved the CALS page to guides/livediesel/cals/index.htm
moved the Sykesville Train page to guides/livediesel/sykes/index.htm
updated the look and feel to guides/mi/traverse/index.htm 

sat 9/1/2012
updated the Tyler TX page with pictures sent to me a year ago.....

sun 9/2/2012
updated rsus/visit.htm

mon 9/3/2012 LABOR DAY
updated a few items on guides/pa/phl/index.htm
Updated rsus/letters.htm
moved the baltimore metro page from rsus/baltmetro/index.htm to guides/bal_metro/index.htm
corrected the index pages for the change, added redirect to the original page

sat 9/8/2012
put new picture on the homepage by Mike Falls, signals n trains

sun 9/9/2012
updated map 2 of the toledo railfan guide with bridges pictures

mon 9/10/2012
changed main page to the 911 page

wed 9/12/2012
put the main page back

|thurs 9/13/2012
touched up guides/md/mmid/index.htm a tad
put redirect page at rsus/md/MMid/index.htm , deleted the rest of the stuff in the directory

fri 9/14/2012
updated guides/on/otrain/index.htm with some new info and look

sat 9/15/2012
412 created guides/livediesel/r33/index.htm

sun 9/16/2012
updated guides/livediesel/r33/index.htm some

mon 9/17/2012
updated guides/livediesel/r33/index.htm with two drawings I made

tues 9/18/2012
413 created guides/system/acl14/index.htm & added it to railfanguides home

wed 9/19/2012
414 created guides/museums/harris/index.htm & added it to railfanguides home

in El Salvador

sun 9/30/2012
updated guides/va/salem/index.htm with picture and info from Ken Miller
415 created links/index.htm

tues 10/2/2012
updated rsus/signals/color/index.htm
Updated guides/ia/masoncity/index.htm

mon 10/8/2012
updated guides/baltimore/map10/index.htm with updated 10csx22 pix, changed the yd ofc info via George Kolman in 10/8/12 email
also updated rsus/diamonds/diamond1.htm the look of
updated rsus/diamonds/diamond4/index.htm
updated rsus/diamonds/diamond1.htm

wed 10/10/2012
updated the link for stations on rsus/indexa.htm
updated the pages for stations in DC, IA, PA, MI

fri  10/13/2012
updated guides/heavyrail/path/ with pictures from 5/12/2012

sat 10/14/2012
updated and moved the GET-GTW directory to map3 and guides/mi/detroit/map3/index.htm 
corrected the railfanguides index page
updated guides/mi/plymouth/index.htm

sun 10/15/2012
updated the r33 project page with pix of the assembled arch bar trucks from Plum Cove
updated the Sykesville page with 70 or so pix from the west friendship open house, also uploaded pix of pro-custom hobby that hadnt made it before :-(

mon 10/15/2012
updated the lame Springfield MA railfan page, look only

thurs 10/18/2012
updated the look of the Burlington VT page

fri 10/19/2012--fri 10/26/2012
in El Salvador

mon  10/28/2012
updated rsus/indexa.htm#N with new link for model rr signals
updated rsus/ with pix of the hurricane Sandy going over RSUS home

tues 10/30/2012
updated guides/in/micity/index.htm with new map and cleaned up the look a tad to make it like the rest
updated guides/ny/buffalo/map2/index.htm with many photos from 2006 and additional writings

sun 11/4/2012  TIME FALLS BACKWARD
updated map for Buffalo map 2 page and rearranged the order of things so the buffalo terminal is first
added quick link to the the main RSUS page so i dont have to scroll all the way down to get to the site counter
updated guides/nj/newark/ with all of the Rich W photos and some amtrak stuff

tues 11/6/2012
updated guides/md/mmid/index.htm with updated map

sat 11/10/2012
updated the format to current style of guides/va/fredburg/index.htm
did same for guides/oh/nbalt/index.htm
added content to guides/livediesel/starting/index.htm

sat 11/10-mon 11/12 - in Richmond VA with no way to the internet

tue 11/13/2012
added a little text to the getting started live diesel page, and uploaded the pictures that go with it that have been missing for a month... sheesh

sat 11/17/2012
updated the tide light rail page, just the heading n shit
did the same for rsus/signalcircuit.htm

wed 11/21/2012
gave the saginaw MI page a long overdue quickie make-over
corrected minor things and MI main page link on Albion, Ann Arbor, Bridgeport, Bay City, & Battle Creek pages

thursday 11/22/2012    Thanksgiving Day
416 created guides/wi/hixton/index.htm and guides/wi/merrillan/index.htm with pictures from Jim Mihalek
added them to the railfanguides index page and diamonds section

sat 11/24/2012
updated rsus/other/lanterns/ a little bit
moved rsus/flagsetc.htm to rsus/other/flags/index.htm and updated the look, deleted the pix in the root
got rid of rsus/horns.htm and the link to the new page at rsus/other/horns/
moved hand signals from the flags page to: rsus/other/hand/index.htm
moved signs from rsus/signs/index.htm to rsus/other/signs/index.htm

mon 11/26/2012
updated the main railfan guides homepage and guides/transit.htm with links to Boston... why the fuck werent they in there before?

tues 11/27/2012
updated rsus/signals/hagerstown/ since 7/30/2010
redid all of the Scranton index pages to update them to the current look

wed 11/28/2012
updated guides/ma/bostonLR/index.htm with a few pictures, updated map, and comments from Larry Shaw

fri 11/30/2012
updated the guides/ca/losangeles/lightrail/index.htm with map of proposed crenshaw line
415 deleted rsus/diamond4.htm (created 1/14/2007)cause we've had rsus/diamonds/diamond4.htm to take its place for sometime

sat 1/1/2012
added redirect from rsus/baltimore/greenspring/index.htm  to guides/baltimore/greenspring/index.htm
414 deleted rsus/clifton2.htm NEW 10/6/2006  last changed 12/7/2010
updated rsus/support/phone/index.htm with pix of insulators from Bayard and phone boxes in Richmond VA & the look
updated the look of rsus/support/heaters/index.htm

sun 12/2/2012
updated the look of rsus/collections/todds/index.htm

mon 12/3/2012
updated guides/mi/detroit/map1/index.htm

tues 12/4/2012
updated guides/tx/houston/map1/index.htm with updated map and more pix from 2006 trip to Houston

wed 12/5/2012
updated guides/mi/detroit/map1/index.htm again with delray map 2, and redid the signals
updated the look of and added pix of the twin arch bridge on guides/md/mtairy/index.htm

sat 12/8/2012
updated guides/museums/rockhill/ and guides/museums/ebt/  with current look and photos from 2011 visit

sun 12/9/2012
moved rsus/texas/galv/museum/ to guides/museums/galveston/ , added redirect to old location, changed railfan guide homepage

tues 12/11/2012
updated guides/pa/strasburg/index.htm with new map and look

wed 12/12/12
updated guides/md/perry/index.htm   with two updated maps

fri 12/14/2012
cleaned up rsus/harris/harris.htm
updated guides/baltimore/map1/index.htm with pix of foam unit #14 in Timonium.....

sun 12-16-2012
moved rsus/uss-semaphores.htm to rsus/signals/sem/uss/index.htm and deleted pix from RSUS root
did same for rsus/baltimore/maps.htm  to guides/baltimore/maps.htm
     and deleted ALLTOP.jpg and ALLBOT.jpg from the RSUS baltimore directory

thurs 12/20/2012
updated rsus/amtrak40th/index.htm took off the thing about the last day since it's 7 months later!!!
updated guides/ga/atl/map8/ with new map, newer one still needs to be uploaded

fri 12/21/2012
Played Santa at Jens School
updated rsus/rulebooks/up88/index.htm and fixed bad link to pdf
updated rsus/rulebooks/ns00/ns00.htm and changed it to an "index" page instead of ns00.htm
same for rsus/rulebooks/nyta44/nyta44.htm
put redirect link on rsus/md/bruns/index.htm and deleted all of the photos on RSUS server
updated rsus/rulebooks/rulebooks.htm with the new address from above

sat 12/22/2012
updated guides/oh/nbalt/index.htm
updated rsus/merger1.htm
updated rsus/models/
moved rsus/pa/rockville/index.htm to guides/pa/rockville/index.htm and fixed the railfan guides index page
     actually, the page was moved to railfan guides sometime ago, but i never set up the RSUS page as a redirect, or changed the link on the index page
updated the RSUS homepage and added snag of Pipers crisis kits website

sun 12/23/2012
added a bunch of text and pictures from the web to rsus/amis/eil/index.htm
uploaded the SEPTA section to guides and updated the index page, now all i need to do is many pages of redirects on the RSUS site :-(
          had to put special effort into the 69th st, 30th st, pages cause all of the pictures werent in the directory
moved rsus/septa/69map.htm to guides/septa/69th/index.htm , what a fuckin pain in the ass

mon 12-24-2012
put Xmas greetings on both homepages

12/25/2012 XMAS DAY
added a few pix to guides/mi/baycity/index.htm and updated the writing, dunno why it took so long, need to update the map

thurs  12/27/2012
moved rsus/timv.htm to rsus/timv/index.htm and updated look and added one pix

fri 12/28/2012
updated ALL of the Altoona railfan pages with dood links to the railfan guide website and:
415created guides/pa/altoona/west/index.htm altoona map 4 and guides/pa/altoona/east/index.htm altoona map 5
adde3d pix to guides/stations/dc/
added pix to guides/stations/md/

sat 12/29/2012
updated rsus/sigcont/index.htm
updated the dc station guide page again
416 created guides/stations/nc/ and added it to guides/stations/index.htm
417created guides/stations/oh/ and added it to the stations index page
416 deleted rsus/michigan/MICITY/mcity.htm , cleaned out the directory, and put redirect page in place
415 deleted the stations1 page under Baltimore and put in redirect to the stations index page
414 deleted rsus/michigan/cadillac/mcity.htm , cleaned out the directory, and put redirect page in place
413 deleted rsus/michigan/annarbor/index.htm , cleaned out the directory, and put redirect page in place
412 deleted rsus/michigan/DET-DELRAY/delray1.htm , cleaned out the directory, and put redirect page in place
DET-GTW and Durand and elkhart already done
411 deleted rsus/michigan/flint/index.htm , cleaned out the directory, and put redirect page in place
410 deleted rsus/michigan/kalamazoo/index.htm , cleaned out the directory, and put redirect page in place

sun 12/30/2012
moved www.guides/transit.htm to the main railfan guides hompage, changed links on RSUS index page
added Philly to the heavy rail section, dunno why it wasnt there to begin with
updated guides/ut/saltlakecity/uta/index.htm with additional pictures and info from Wikipedia and their site
updated guides/system/gtw/index.htm with reciprocal link

mon 12/31/2012
cleared out rsus/livediesel/sykes/index.htm and put redirect in place of the index page
cleared out rsus/livediesel/wc/index.htm  and put redirect in place of the index page
cleared out rsus/livediesel/cals.htm and put redirect in place of the index page
cleared out rsus/livediesel/index.htm and put redirect in place of the index page
added counter to guides/livediesel/index.htm
moved rsus/signalcircuit.htm to rsus/tech/sigcircuit1/index.htm
moved rsus/sig-driver1.htm to rsus/tech/sigdriver1/index.htm
deleted the pictures for the signal circuit from the root"...... same for the 2 pix for Mike's signal driver
moved the chroma page from rsus/tech/chroma.htm to rsus/tech/chroma/index.htm
placed redirect page at rsus/tech/chroma.htm
moved rsus/signals/xformers/index.htm to rsus/support/transformers/index.htm
          and deleted the photos from the RSUS root and xformers.htm
deleted xingateX pictures from RSUS root

tue 1/1/2013
updated guides/livediesel/wc/index.htm and corrected link to it from the railfan guides homepage
411 created guides/md/aberdeen/index.htm , need to upload my pix of the stations and signals and add more text

fri 1/4/2013
put redirects in the 4 Richmond railfasn pages such as guides/va/richmond/richmond1.htm to guides/va/richmond/map1/index.htm
added more pix and verbage to the Aberdeen page

sat 1/5/2013
updated guides/mo/StLouisLR/index.htm with a few pictures and a bunch of info from Wikipedia
placed redirect page at rsus/atlanta/marta.htm to guides/ga/marta/index.htm which has been there for quite some time
updated guides/ga/marta/index.htm
updated rsus/support/phone/index.htm with pix from 2007 trip with watnoski
moved rsus/ridervale.htm to guides/ridervale/index.htm and added pix took today, and moved over county info to the page

sun 1/6/2013
corrected link to the galveston rr museum in the TX section, link in museum section OK
updated guides/co/denver/rtd/index.htm with little tiny maps for each section

wed 1/9/2013
412 created guides/md/havredegrace/index.htm and made changes to the aberdeen/perryville pages and railfan guides index to reflect it

fri 1/10/2013
updated guides/va/boyce/ with updated map
updated rsus/support/phone/index.htm with pictures from Mike Watnoski

sun 1/13/2013
updated rsus/pa/mueast/index.htm but need to finish map!!! NEED TO MOVE TO GUIDES
updated guides/md/frederick/index.htm with info from Mr Richard Benjamin, president of the historical agency

tues 1/15/2013
moved rsus/pa/hburgwest/index.htm to guides/pa/HBwest/index.htm, updated the look to current statndards
got a bunch more to do.....

fri 1/18/2013
changed RSUS main page picture with one from Jim Mihalek of BNSF freight over the mississippi

mon 1/21/2013
updated guides/md/sykesville/index.htm with new map and additional aerials of the Springfield siding

sat 1/26/2013
updated guides/nj/newark/ with pix from Matt Van Hattem, editor from Trains Magazine

SUN 2/3/2013 - SUPERBOWL SUNDAY with the Ravens and 49'ers... and the winner is... THE RAVENS, fuck you Colts
updated guides/livediesel/r33/index.htm
413 created guides/dc/metro/blue/index.htm
414 created guides/dc/metro/orange/index.htm
415 created guides/dc/metro/yellow/index.htm
416 created guides/dc/metro/green/index.htm
417 created guides/dc/metro/silver/index.htm
added congrats to the Ravens on the home page

tue 2/5/2013
updated guides/ny/nfta/index.htm with news about station closure

fri 2/8/2013
418created guides/in/val/index.htm so i had a place to put Tim V's picture
added link on the new haven page to the Univ of CT NH track map collection

sun 2/10/2013
finally fucking uploaded the Bowie page... why do I wait for these things???

mon 2/11/2013
uploaded somemore pix to guides/md/bowie/index.htm

wed  2/13/2013
added map2 to the Bowie page

sun 2/17/2013
added pix to guides/stations/pa/ - they were missing - took many many hours

mon 2/18/2013
uploaded new map and deleted non-Bowie stuff to put in Washington DC section guides/md/bowie/index.htm

tues  2/19/2013
419 created guides/ia/manly/index.htm and added it to the index page

sat 2/23/2013
420 created guides/va/suffolk/index.htm

mon 2/25/2013
updated the Manly IA page

sat/sun 3/2 & 3/3/2013
421 created guides/va/staunton/index.htm , a huge page!
deleted the picture index page at rsus/allpixindex.htm
And added those links to the rsus/indexpix.htm page
updated the Alger Electric page

wed 3/13/2013
uploaded updated map and rearranged pictures on the Staunton VA page

thu 3/14/2013
422 createdguides/va/charlottesville/index.htm and uploaded a basic page
corrected the railfan guides homepage to correct the bad link to that page

sun 3/17/2013
423 created guides/stations/az/
424 created guides/stations/ca/
425 created guides/stations/nm/
426 created guides/stations/ok/
427 created guides/stations/tx/
added them to the stations index page

fri 3/22/2013
428 created guides/system/milw/index.htm
added it to the railfanguides index page
429 created guides/ny/batavia/index.htm

sun 3/24/2013
corrected bad link on  rsus/signals/CPL/cpl.htm from rsus/BOmap1.jpg to

mon 3/25/2013
added pictures to: guides/stations/pa/ & 39 to guides/stations/tx/

thur  3/28/2013
updated the Batavia page with prelim version of my map for Batavia and added topo maps

sun 3/31/2013
updated main index page and the Batavia page

tue 4/9/2013
updated the Batavia page
updated guides/baltimore/index.htm and added the Ma&Pa, HTF did I forget them?????

sun 4/21/2013
moved rsus/frankg.htm to rsus/amis/frankg/index.htm
moved fun1.htm and fun2.htm to rsus/funny/fun/fun1.htm and fun2.htm
updated the indexa page, took some stuff out, replaced sitemeter
removed sitemeter from & put Google web counter on pages:
     frankg, fun1, fun2, funny1, funny2, funny3,


fri 4/26/2013
added link to the Tyler TX page and put in google counter

Sat 4/27/2013
430 created guides/stations/il/
431 created guides/stations/al/
432 created guides/stations/al/
433 created guides/stations/co/
434 created guides/stations/ct/
435 created guides/stations/fl/
436 created guides/stations/foreign/
437 created guides/stations/ga/ with additional pictures and snagits

sun 4/28/2013
Put new pix on RSUS mainpage and took out counter and rrsignals webring link
updated rsus/oldmainpix/index.htm
438created guides/stations/in/
439created guides/stations/or/
440 created guides/stations/ne/
441 created guides/stations/mt/
442 created guides/stations/mo/
443 created guides/stations/me/
444 created guides/stations/ma/
445 created guides/stations/nv/
446 created guides/stations/nd/
447 created guides/stations/nj/
448 created guides/stations/ri/
449created guides/stations/vt/
450 created guides/stations/wi/

wed  5/1/2013
added more pix to the NC station page

thur  5/2/2013
added more pix to the NC station page

sun 5/12/2013 MOTHERS DAY
updated the Harpers Ferry page with info about toy train museum -- came from Tim Eaton from work while in Charlottesville...

sat 5/18/2013
updated rsus/signals/dolls/index.htm and replaced counter
updated the charlottesville page
corrected link on rsus/funny/fun/fun1.htm to the fun2 page
moved rsus/baltimore/balthome.htm to guides/baltimore/index.htm on the indexa page where the family history map is
removed sitemeter counter from:
     rsus/visit/index.htm and changed it from rsus/visit.htm, also deleted the contained pix from the root directory

sun 5/19/2013
added blurb about 765 running in H'burg next weekend to homepage
updated the indexa page with a link to the N&W CPL page which has been left out FOREVER!!!
removed sitemeter counter from:
    rsus/signals/dominos/index.htm , also updated the page a little bit with link to northumberland signals and got rid of the old RSUS icon
    rsus/signals/nwcpl/index.htm , also added some text and changed around the look in the Roanoke section
fri  24/2013
added link to NC steam train on the main index page
removed sitemeter counter from:
    rsus/basics/basics6.htm  (not currently used)
updated guides/va/boyce/ with pix from yesterday, and removed sitemeter

thurs 5/30/2013
changed the main page pix to that of Acca yard at night, and added el salvador to the old mainpage pix page

sun 6/2/2013
added pix to the station pages of AZ, AK, AL, CA and replaced sitecounter on most
451 created guides/stations/ar/
added R to the station index page

mon 6/3/2013
removed sitemeter from the following pages and updated them in the process:

wed 6/5/2013
added promo for Continuum on the mainpage

thurs 6/6/2013
removed sitemeter from the following pages and updated them in the process, changed them to index's, corrected links on rulebook homepage:
|   rsus/rulebooks/bo69/index.htm

sun 6/9/2013
removed sitemeter from the following pages and updated them in the process, changed them to index's, corrected links on rulebook homepage:
    rsus/rulebooks/cr88/cr88.htm changed to cr88/index.htm
    rsus/rulebooks/canpac/cp1.htm & changed it to /cp05/index.htm
    rsus/rulebooks/cnw29/cnw29.htm & changed it to cnw29/index.htm

tues 6-11-2013
452 created guides/stations/mn/ and put in about 13 cities, 20 depots, uploaded

wed 6/12/2013
deleted all JPEGs & shit & did redirects for pages on RSUS for SEPTA at rsus/septa/ including

sat 6/15/2013  Tina's Anniv
453 created rsus/basics/basics6/index.htm
removed sitemeter from guides/septa/index.htm
removed sitemeter from rsus/support/relays/ & added pix of HALL relays
removed sitemeter from:
454 created guides/mi/suttonsbay/index.htm
455 created guides/mi/kalkaska/index.htm
456 created guides/mi/grayling/index.htm

thurs  6/20/13
updated guides/va/charlottesville/index.htm with pix from 6/19/2013
removed sitemeter from:

sat 6/22/13
updated guides/va/staunton/index.htm with ~100 pix from 6/21/2013

sun 6/23/13
updated the RSUS index page with new main picture
updated rsus/oldmainpix page

sunday 6/30/13
made a few changes on rsus/rulebooks/cror/index.htm
457 created guides/ga/folkston/
I think I created va/milford on this date, but not sure since date got fucked up on the milford page

tues 7/2/13
uploaded updated rsus/rulebooks/CROR drawing

wed 7/3/13
458 created guides/ga/cornelia/index.htm

thurs 7/4/13
added pix to and added Denver Todds stuff to the Folkston GA page

fri 7/5/13
deleted rsus/funny/index.htm and made each page a real page

fri 7/12/13
added new map to guides/va/milford/index.htm

sat 7/13/13
added text about angled building to guides/pa/scranton/map1/index.htm

fri 7/19/13
updated the Charlottesville page with new map

sat 7/20/2013
updated the home page with link to N&W 611

sun 7/21/13
added a few links to the upcoming trips section of the RSUS homepage
updated rsus/signals/trilights/index.htm
removed web ring link from guides/mn/hiawatha/index.htm and guides/va/suffolk/index.htm

mon 7/22/13
deleted webring from rsus/signals/sem/index.htm and added link to semaphore model using Arduino

tues 7/23/13
added new map to the Hiawatha LR page

fri  7/26/13
459 created guides/mn/northstar/index.htm
updated the Hiawatha page, taking Northstar off the page, and links for albert lea and mason city
changed the railfanguides index page

Fri 8/2/13
460 created guides/ct/stamford/index.htm

sat 8/3/13
NOTE: started changover to STATMETER from Sitemeter AND Google Analytics
     changed it on RSUS index page, funny 5, funny 6, Stamford CT

sun 8/4/13
added link to rsus/other/horns/index.htm
changed page counter & deleted webring link on rsus:
moved rsus/humpsigs.htm to rsus/other/humpsigs/index.htm, deleted sitemeter, and webring too
deleted  from the RSUS root (because they are now elsewhere):
461 created rsus/ct/waltham/index.htm

mon 8/5/13
oooooooh.... rsus/other/webers/index.htm was fucked up bad...
          the picture links had /../.. so they were looking wherever for the pix, swapped out the page counter, updated the look, added current 2 link thing at the top....
changed page counter & deleted webring link on guides/livediesel/index.htm
462 created rsus/other/graffiti/index.htm and added it to the indexa page

thurs 8/8/13
updated the Stamford page with my own map

sat 8/10/13
updated guides/stations/pa/ with AB's pix of Marysville and removed sitemeter and webring and added statcounter

tues 8/13/13
removed sitemeter from guides/system/milw/index.htm
added my own map to the Waltham MA page
uploaded guides/ma/waltham/index.htm , it had been under CT for some unknown f**king reason!

thurs 8/15/13
added Abram's pictures to rsus/support/sleepers/index.htm and removed sitemeter

fri 8/16/13
updated the charlottesville page, deleted google counter and stuck in statmeter, added many pix on BBrr, the busses, etc

sat 8/17/13
463 created guides/pa/northerncentral/index.htm

sun 8/18/2013
fixed link for the sleepers on the INDEXA page from rsus/sleepers.htm  to rsus/support/sleepers/index.htm
          deleted the page from the RSUS root... and the pix that go with it....

thurs  8/22/13
loaded my own map up to the NCRR page
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter to the New Freedom page, also uploaded missing zz... picture of caboose

fri  8/23/13
swapped out sitemeter on guides/baltimore/map2/index.htm, inserted updated map, updated the ambience of the page
did the same for guides/md/dorsey/index.htm

NOTE: any page modified to add either: the Google counter; or removing the sitemeter counter; or adding the statcounter, ALSO means I deleted the WEBRING link

mon 8/26/13
inserted statcounter into these rsus pages:

tues 8/27/13
inserted statcounter into guides/tx/houston/map4/index.htm
inserted statcounter into guides/tx/houston/map2/index.htm

fri 8/30/13
added pictures to guides/de/wwrr/index.htm and inserted the statcounter... WTF?... that was 16 months ago
changed the portland streetcar from just a map to guides/or/trimet/map2/index.htm because I sent off a letter to gov people about the red line

sat 8/31/13
464 created rsus/bond/index.htm for listing of James Bond and Startrek movies :-)

sun 9/1/13
replaced sitemeter page counter on these rsus pages:
-early/index.htm  also added pictures of BALL signals to the early signals page
-signals/sem/index.htm  also added pictures of semaphores from places I've been to, at the bottom of the page

mon 9/2/13 LABOR DAY
changed around the guides/or/trimet/index.htm page, deleted sitemeter, changed links
465 created guides/or/trimet/map3/index.htm so it is a page instead of just a JPEG
466 created guides/or/trimet/map5/index.htm so it is a page instead of just a JPEG
changed guides/or/trimet/trimet6/index.htm to guides/or/trimet/map6/index.htm
re-indexed guides/or/trimet/index.htm
deleted the sitemeter from appropriate trimet pages and inserted the statcounter
467 created guides/or/trimet/map7/index.htm
468 created guides/or/trimet/map8/index.htm
469 created guides/or/trimet/map9/index.htm
470 created guides/or/trimet/map10/index.htm
471 created guides/or/trimet/map11/index.htm
472 created guides/or/trimet/map12/index.htm
473 created guides/or/trimet/map13/index.htm
474 created guides/or/trimet/map14/index.htm.... PHEW......took ~9-12;30
changed guides/or/portland/map8/index.htm to guides/wa/vancouver/index.htm

tues  9/3/13
475 created guides/vt/GreenMntn/index.htm
removed sitemeter from guides/vt/burlington

sat 9/7/13
476 created
rsus/signals/lenses/index.htm took contents of purple and put it in there

sun 9/8/13
deleted rsus/signals/purple/index.htm and uploaded the webpage to the lenses subdirectory
changed the links on INDEXA, and deleted purple from the list
added content to guides/mi/kalamazoo, and replaced google counter with statmeter

mon 9/9/13
477 created guides/mi/flatrock, redid map for it, used only pictures from Bing maps

tues 9/10/13
placed 911 page on rsus homepage

thurs 9/12/13
updated guides/mi/abion/index with new map and a few new snags of aerial stuff, placed statcounter and removed google analytics
removed 911 page
deleted 99 bn JPEGs from the rsus root, been on the tower 17 museum page for many years
deleted around 60 cobo JPEGs of C&O/B&O rulebook aspects
deleted 104 bm JPEGs from the rsus root, pix from englewood yard in houston
deleted 9 cplprimer JPEGs from the rsus root
deleted 40 diasig JPEGs from the rsus root
deleted 42 derail JPEGs from the rsus root, plus derails.htm

fri 9/13/13
removed sitemeter from, and added pix to guides/va/roanoke/map2:
-va/charlottesville already had statcounter

sun 9/15/13
added counter to guides/dc/map2, there was none before
changed sitemeter to statcounter on the guides pages:
-ct/stamford already had statcounter as it was new enough
moved guides/ca/SJlightrail/index.htm to guides/ca/sanjose/lightrail/index.htm, corrected links on GUIDES homepage
deleted waltham/index.htm from the CT directiory on GUIDES.... WhyTF was  it there?

mon 9/16/13
478 created guides/sc/blacksburg/index.htm FIRST SC guide!!!
479 created guides/nc/gastonia/index.htm

thurs 9/19/13
added new map to rsus/harris/harris.htm
added new maps to guides/pa/rockville and added postcards and removed sitemeter to add statcounter

fri 9/20/13
replaced sitemeter on guides/stations/md/index and added a link in baltimore section

sun 9/22/13
another painful day :-)  spent 7 hours redoing the Altoona section

480 created  guides/pa/cresson/index.htm
481 created guides/pa/gallitzin/index.htm
482 created guides/pa/hcurve/index.htm
moved everything around, deleted the guides/pa/altoona/map 4 and guides/pa/altoona/map 5 sections of Altoona into the 3 above pages, added pix from 2011 trip (fuckin finally)
483 created  guides/oh/marion/index.htm

wed 9/25/13
moved rsus/halloween06.htm to rsus/halloween/index.htm
deleted rsus/halloween06.htm from the root directory
moved rsus/toys.htm to rsus/toys/index.htm
moved rsus/lathe.htm to rsus/toys/lathe.htm
changed the sitemeter counters to statcounters on the above, added counter to the halloween page which didnt have one

mon 9/30/13
removed sitemeter from guides/baltimore/map10/index
removed sitemeter from guides/baltimore/map14/index
updated both with new maps, and 14 with info on Port Covington

wed  10/2/13
removed sitemeter and signal webring and redid guides:

thurs 10/3/13
trip to Baltimore with Jersey Mike to take pictures of signals, started at the wall fall area near him

Sun 10/6/13
added my own pix to guiides/baltimore/map14, 4 of port covington

Mon  10/7/13
updated the RSUS homepage
updated with statcounter & removing sitemeter
corrected link on guides/index to walbridges, was pointing to RSUS map page only, corrected to guides/oh/walbridge

tues  10/8/13
updated pages--removed sitemeter---added statcounter:
-ca/sanjose/lightrail/index (just updated page, statcounter already on it)

sun 10/13/2013
redid rsus/signals/pl/pl.htm, replaced google analytics counter, and corrected half the pages pix links where they were /../../pix, and I removed them from the rsus root directory

mon 10/14/2013, from Tina's
updated guides/pa/columbia, inserted statcounter, updated the look, added additional pictures, corrected internet tag line that said it was Lancaster :-)

tues 10/15/2013
updated guides/va/doswell with pics from yesterxday
484 created guides/pa/northumberland/index.htm

wed 10/16/2013
replaced sitemeter on the following guide pages:
-ga/atl/map10/ - also added signal pictures from AUG2008 trip to Tina's
and later on...
-ny/depew.... also added pix of bridges, added how to get here description...

sun 10/20/2013
485 created guides/ny/b2b/index for chase guide from Batavia to Depew

thurs 10/24/2013
redid the bsme page at rsus/museums/bsme/index.htm, killed the sitemeter and installed statcounter

sat 10/26/2013
486 created rsus/amis/ngc/davewood/index.htm
487 created rsus/amis/ngc/picnic07/index.htm
removed sitemeter from guides/mn/hiawatha/index.htm, added pix on the green line

thursday  11/31/2013
488 created rsus/amis/ngc/xmas11/index.htm

friday 11/1/2013
on rsus/signals/searchlights: swapped sitemater for statcounter, corrected on page links to pics, added on page shortcuts, added some stuff about US&S

sunday 11/3/2013
489 created guides/museums/bsm/index.htm

mon 11/4/2013
490 created guides/il/chicago/index.htm
491 created guides/il/chicago/crossings/index.htm

tues 11/5/2013
RENAMED rsus/signals/CPL/cpl.htm to rsus/signals/cpl/index.htm

wed 11/6/2013
492 created guides/il/chicago/crossings/city
493 created guides/il/chicago/crossings/north
494 created guides/il/chicago/crossings/west
495 created guides/il/chicago/crossings/south
496 created guides/il/chicago/crossings/northind

fri 11/8/2013 early am
removed sitemeter & webring and inserted statcounter on:
removed sitemeter & webring and inserted statcounter on: Fixed up the look of rsus/towers/haley, and moved it to guides/museums/haley/index.htm
corrected link at on guides homepage, and added redirect to rsus/towers/haley
fixed up the whole museum section on guides/museums/index.htm
     added the Haley Tower link
     cleaned up the color issue by reinserting the links for several of the later links

fri 11/8/2013 pm

thurs  11/14/2013
497 created rsus/amis/ngc/charlotte1113 for Charlotte Einbodens retirement party on 11/19
replaced sitemeter with statcounter, and added rsus & guides links to the following pages:

friday  11/15/2013
updated guides/museums/haley/index.htm with gps coordinates and link to Zax's page
updated guides/mi/detroit/map1/index with gps coordinates and link to Zax's delray page
updated guides/oh/marion/index.htm with link to Zax's page and gps coordinates

sat 11/16/2013
updated the kalamazoo railfan guide with pics of 1916 usgs topo maps, and update on depot $4 being a GR&I depot, sent in by tim shanahan
uploaded a new photo for aeveryicon1, so it doesn't have a train in it.... put a relay in it...
498 created rsus/support/lightning/index.htm for lightning arresters provided by Abram Burnett
499 created guides/pa/newcastle/index.htm

mon 11/18/2013
updated rsus/signals/bulbs/index.htm

fri 11/23/2013
updated rsus/other/lanterns with 4 more pictures from Abram Burnett of the PRR block limit signal... way to go ADB!

early sunday 11/24/2013
added shit to the ridervale page, changed things a bit, added USGS map, removed sitemeter, added statcounter

early monday 11/25/2013
deleted the choo choo directory from RSUS/museums
moved RSUS/museums/radial to the railfanguides site, added content, changed sitemeter to statcounter, changed guides index page link (massive makeover)

tuesday 11/26/2013
500 created guides/on/guelph/index.htm
501 created rsus/rulebooks/sirt/index.htm for pix of the SIRT signals for Zach, need the aspects
revised the rulebooks index page to add SIRT link
502 created guides/il/metra/BNSFaurora/index.htm - added it to the metra homepage

wed 11/27/2013
changed link for Guelph to the new guelph page on the guides homepage

thursday Thanksgiving 11/28/2013
removed sitemeter from all of the rant pages: RSUS/rant/index.htm. rant001, thru rant011.htm

sat 11/30/2013
503 created guides/chicago/hotspots/index.htm

sunday 12/1/2013
504 created guides/chicago/bridges/index.htm
505 created guides/chicago/towers/index.htm

thurs 12/5/2013
uploaded 8 pictures to guides/oh/marion
506 created guides/fl/jacksonville/index.htm for pictures sent to me in 2009 by John C Henderson

sat 12/7/2013
507 created rsus/accidents/index.htm for the purpose of putting an accident report from 1978 on there, which is similar to the MN accident in NY on 12/1/2013
added folkston link to guides/fl/jacksonville
added picture to guides/pa/altoona/map one, from that ADB guy

sun 12/8/20113
508 created rsus/gp30/index.htm
deleted rsus/gp30.htm, moved contents to the above page
deleted the page rsus/rs11.htm, and moved contents to the gp30 page, added 759 and sd-90's to the gp30 page

tues 12/10/2013
509 created guides/il/amtrak/hiawatha/index.htm
modified guides/il/amtrak/index.htm and moved the hiawatha stuff off of it, turned in into an index page (I know, isn't it already?)....

thurs 12/12/2013
added radio freqs to guides/il/chicago/index.htm
added list of RR's in 1928 to guides/il/railroads/index.htm


fri 12/13/2013
added mini-maps to guides/il/amtrak/hiawatha
updated guides/il/amtrak/index with new table of trains adding times and distances
510 created guides/il/amtrak/pmarquette/index.htm

sat 12/14/2013 Chelsey's bday
added 2 pix to guides/stations/ne
added 1 pix ro guides/stations/co
511 created added 3 pix to guides/stations/ky, started it a awhile ago, but never uploaded it
added KY to the stations index page
removed google analytics site cntr from guides/stations/index, and put in statcounter
added 1 pix ro guides/stations/ar
added 1 pix ro guides/stations/ca
512created uploaded the stations/sd page, finally, with about 7 pix

sun 12/15/2013
added pix and stuff to guides/pa/columbia

tues 12/17/2013
513 created guides/il/rochelle/index.htm

thurs 12/19/2013
updated the rochelle page with additional pictures from Denver
updated the hiawatha page with a new link

fri 12/20/2013
514 created guides/il/aurora/index.htm

sun 12/22/2013
515 created guides/il/homewood/index.htm
516 created guides/il/joliet/index.htm
517 created guides/il/union/index.htm
added content and pix to guides/il/rochelle

mon 12/23/2013
518 created guides/md/capitolbeltway/index.htm and guides/md/capitolbeltway/index2.htm
corrected radio freqs on the rochelle page

sat 12/28/2013
took christmas note off of the homepage

sun 12/29/2013
removed sitemeter from guides/md/aberdeen
removed sitemeter from guides/museums/altoona
removed sitemeter from guides/md/frederick
removed google analytics from guides/stations/ct, and added Devon to the page, which was left off from the old page on RSUS, changed title to reflect towers etc
removed sitemeter from guides/stations/de, and added pix of Davis tower, changed title to reflect towers etc

mon 12/30/2013
removed sitemeter from guides/stations/in, added pix of terre haute Haley tower, changed title to reflect towers etc
added a zillion pictures of postcards I downloaded today from Ebay of Indiana stations

tues 12/31/2013
updated guides/mn/albertlea, removed sitemeter and update look and added new google satellite photos
did the same for guides/mn/northstar... added pix and maps of all of the stations in service

wed 1/1/2014
moved and added pictures from RSUS/museums/bomuseum to guides/museums/BnOmuseum/index.htm, added statcounter (no counter before)
did the same for the tower 17 page, the rosenburg rr museum, changed it from rsus/museums/tower17/index to guides/museums/rosenburg/index

created the directory for Alabama: guides/al
519 created guides/al/lineville, just for two pix of rare doll post installation that is no longer there
520 created guides/fl/indiantown for one single picture of a diamond sent to me
added them to the railfanguides index page
deleted the directory guides/MISCLOCATIONS, which used to have the two above locations in it

fri 1/3/2014
521 created guides/il/chicago/history/index.htm
moved the Harrisburg guide to the railfanguides website
522 created guides/pa/harrisburg/history/index.htm
changed the directory from harris to harrisburg

sat 1/4/2014
removed sitemeter from guides/dc/metro/index.htm
added the rest of the stations to the DC Metro Blue line page
added composite USGS map to guides/pa/columbia
removed sitemeter and added statcounter to guides/pa/lancaster/index.htm - had trouble with frontpage whiting out the page and screwing up left margin & no scroll bar on right, fuck me!!!

sun 1/5/2014
removed sitemeter from guides/ma/bostonLR/index.htm and stuck statcounter in its place
removed sitemeter from guides/bal-metro/index.htm, and updated the page a little, inserted new map in place of older one for dntn stations

wed 1/8/2014
created new website: baltimoreces.org
removed sitemeter from RSUS/models/index.htm and inserted statcounter
removed sitemeter from rsus/other/modelRR1/index.htm and inserted statcounter
removed google analytics from rsus/tech/sigdriver1/index.htm and inserted statcounter
removed sitemeter from rsus/collections/mikes, and inserted statcounter
added statcounter to rsus/collections/scotth, (it had NO cntr at all), and added it to the indexa page, for some reason, it wasnt there :-(
added pix to guides/museums/spencer/index.htm and removed sitemeter/added statcounter, Frontpage did the fucking white page thing again
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/baltimore/busses/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/baltimore/bios/index.htm

fri 1/10/2014
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/museums/nctm/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/MO/stlouisLR/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/on/TTCstreetcar/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/oh/clevelandLR/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/pa/pittsburgh/lightrail/index.htm, also changed the page title from LA-CA to Pittsburgh
corrected link to the san jose light rail page on the main rsus index page
removed Piper's Crisis Kits link cause the page seems to have disappeared :-(
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/on/otrain/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/tx/dallas/lightrail/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/ut/saltlakecity/uta/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/md/hampstead/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/tx/houston/map1/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/tx/houston/map2/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/tx/houston/map3/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/tx/houston/map4/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/tx/houston/map5/index.htm
(actually, on 3 of them needed the change, I just did the rest so they all have the same update date!
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/tx/houston/lightrail/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/ny/buffalo/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/ny/buffalo/map1/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/ny/buffalo/map2/index.htm
renamed guides/ny/nfta/index.htm to guides/ny/buffalo/lightrail/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on guides/ny/buffalo/lightrail/index.htm
inserted forwarding page to the old nfta/index.htm page
deleted rsus/bo1.htm for the B&O rules now in the rulebooks section
deleted rsus/brc1.htm for the B&O rules now in the rulebooks section
redid the redirect page at rsus/buf.htm so it had statcounter instead of the sitemeter, and it automatically redirected people
corrected bad picture calls on rsus/signals/finials/index.htm, where some were .jpg instead of the needed .jpg, and some had the ../../ac001.jpg, referring to the root
     (I still do not f**kin understand how the extensions got f**ked up....
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on rsus/xing/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter on rsus/bridges/signalbridges/index.htm
moved rsus/bridges/signalbridges.htm to rsus/bridges/signalbridges/index.htm, and added examples, reorganized the heading section to be more logocal
523 created guides/ky/lagrange/index.htm (first one for kentucky)

fri 1/17/2014
524 created guides/la/neworleans/streetcar/index.htm
created the LA subdirectory on the guides website
added it to the guides index page

sun 1/19/2014
added gatewway oh to guides index page
took the substation pix off the new haven guide page, someone wrote me and said it wasnt an NEC substation...

fri 1/24/2014
525 created guides/stations/id/index
526 created guides/stations/la/index

sat 1/25/2014
527 created guides/stations/ut/index
528 created guides/stations/sc/index
529 created guides/stations/ms/index
updated guides/stations/al with a bunch of new postcards, histories of station, gps locations, etc

mon 1/27/2014
updated guides/nc/raleigh with additional point of interest from SHAVE in Raleigh, USGS map, and acknowlegments...

wed 1/29/2014
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/md/hyattsville, also modified map to show location of the tower
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/md/cbeach
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/md/bruns
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/md/hagerstown
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/md/havredegrace
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/md/mtairy
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/md/perryville
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/md/pointofrocks (rocks)
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/md/sykesville
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/md/mmid
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/md/marc/pennsouth
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/md/central/index
530 created guides/museums/westernmd, added it to the railfan guides homepage

fri  1/31/2014
deleted sitememter/inserted statcounter to guides/ma/springfield

sun 2/2/2014
531created rsus/forsale/index2.htm
532 created sus/forsale/index3.htm
533 created rsus/forsale/index4.htm
534 created rsus/forsale/index5.htm
535 created rsus/forsale/index6.htm
536 created rsus/forsale/index7.htm
added my opinions to the prices in the way of signal icons

mon 2/3/2014
added to guides/md/hyattsville
added to guides/mn/albertlea

thur  2/6/2014
added content to RSUS/models/index.htm
changed the name of the link to the models page

fri 2/7/2014
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter to guides/pr/index.htm
removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter to guides/ri/providence, last time was 7/29/2011, yukko, changed a few things to update the page....

sat  2/8/2014
deleted guides/dc/map3/index.htm  and substituted md/hyattsville/index.htm in place of it, that way i don't have to maintain 2 pages
replaced google counter with statcounter on guides/tx/tyler
replaced sitemeter with statcounter on guides/museums/galveston
537 created guides/ca/tehachapi/index.htm

fri 2/14/2014
created guides/tn directory
538 created
guides/tn/jc/index.htm for Johnson City TN
539 created guides/tn/erwin/index.htm for Erwin TN

sun 2/16/2014
moved rsus/mergers1.htm to rsus/mergers/index.htm, changed over the sitemeter to statcounter
     changed indexa
     put redirect page on the old merger1 page
updated guides/baltimore/history/index.htm, changed over the sitemeter to statcounter
changed sitemeter to statcounter on guides/baltimore/maps.htm
changed sitemeter to statcounter on guides/baltimore/hotels.htm
changed sitemeter to statcounter on guides/baltimore/hiways.htm
changed sitemeter to statcounter on guides/baltimore/intro.htm

thurs 2/20/2014
discovered, bcause of the statcounter, that the XING gates page is missing some pictures, redid page to include the Chat Choo Choo wig-wags, but can't find others anywhere :-(
updated guides/ny/depew with note from Sal about the name of the dash line branch name

sat 2/22/2014
updated guides/mn/albertlea/index.htm with 4 pictures from Jim Mihalek

tue 2/25/2014
updated the list of yards on guides/il/chicago/yards/index.htm

wed 2/26/2014
corrected problem with an sykesville link on the guides/md/capitolbeltway
uploaded new perryville page, removed sitemeter
added all of the pictures and newly done maps for guides/md/odenton/index.htm, dunno why it took me so long, oooops, I remember now, I suffer from CRS, can't remember sheet

fri 2/28/2014
added more info and pictures to guides/md/odenton
added pictures of the CPL's to guides/baltimore/map12
added a few aerial shots to guides/oh/berea, cause I noticed a lot of people are looking at the tower.....
removed sitemeter from rsus/virginia/roanoke, replaced with statcounter
updated guides/va/roanoke/index.htm some

wed 3/5/2014
updated guides/mi/kalamazoo with fluff
updated guides/dc/map2 with 2 links

fri  3/28/2014
laptop crashed about 2 weeks ago, this is the first time it has turned on....
updated the main RSUS page with new main photo from baileys wye, and moved the old pix to oldmainpix....

sat 3/29/2014
deleted rsus/fav/index.htm, and deleted the directory fav
added link to check passwords to fav/index.htm
corrected the link on indexa.htm from rsus/visit.htm to rsus/visit/index.htm
moved rsus/funny/fun/fun1.htm to rsus/gooquiz/quiz1.htm and quiz2.htm

tues  4/1/2014
540 created guides/nj/manunkachunk/index.htm, all for one picture Abram sent me!  :-)

thurs  4/3/2014
updated guides/pa/york for the upcoming cabin fever expo, replaced sitemeter with statcounter
added a couple of things and info to the chicago yards page

fri 4/4/2014
updated guides/pa/harrisburg and guides/pa/HBwest, changed sitemeter out
changed out the sitemeter on guides/museums/harris

sun 4/6/2014
updated the lenses page again, add a couple of chroma charts, took out names
took out sitemeter and webring from guides/pa/strasburg
did the same for all of the scranton pages, index, map1, map2, map3, map4
did the same for mueast, and moved it from the RSUS site to the railfanguides site
deleted  the RSUS page at rsus/pa/mueast/index.htm

sat 4/19/2014
added rant 12 to the rant section, long page, dedicated to Paul Lubliliner (purposely misspelled) cause of him being an asshole

mon 4/21/2013
changed message about emailing me, moved it down to the bottom on:
all RSUS signal related pages
added statcounter to semaphore page, never had one there b4, WTF?

wed 4/23/2014
updated rsus/signals/lenses
updated rsus/signals/finials
updated rsus/rants/rant012

sun 4/27/2014
corrected bad link on the guides index page for the PDAF version of the michigan city PDF map
updated the michigan city page some and added a USGS map, added more disclaimer stuff thanks to Paul L
updated the Valparaiso page too
updated the Southbend page too
updated the Elkhart page too
updated the Haley Tower museum page too
updated the Griffith page too

thurs 5/1/2014
added pixs of yesterdays 26th st collapse to guides/baltimore/map4

sun 5/4/2014
541 created rsus/renfaires/fairy131pa for 1st day of spoutwood fairie festival, uploaded content
542 created rsus/renfaires/fairy132pa
543 created  rsus/renfaires/fairy133md
544 created rsus/renfaires/fairy141pa
545 created rsus/renfaires/fairy142pa
546 created rsus/renfaires/fairy143md
added the above 6 pages to rsus/renfaires/renfaires.htm, and changed sitememter to statcounter, need to change to an "index" page....

sun 5/11/2014
boy oh boy, hated doin this one, reorganized the whole Binghamton section, moved the separate maps into their own subdirectories, so,
     moved guides/ny/bingo/map1.htm to guides/ny/bingo/map1/index.htm.... same for the other three
corrected the guides index page
placed redirect pages on the old map1, map2, etc pages for people and websites that might have links to the old locations
changed the sitemeter ot statcounter on all 5 bingo pages!!!!!
added 2 pix from Elizabeth NJ of the 4x4 crossover, that is no longer around... added to guides/ny/sirt
revised rsus/index by taking the harrisburg and york events off, also removed link to light bulb page

tues  5/13/2014
removed sitemeter from guides/dc/metro/index, also updated the page a bit, added on page links, moved stuff from 2012 to bottom...
updated guides/va/suffolk with new disclaimer
updated guides/va/stauton with disclaimer
updated guides/va/salem with disclaimer and USGS map
updated guides/va/milford with disclaimer, and moved things around...

sat 5/17/2014
547 created guides/pa/stewartstown/index because I was sent about 6 pix of hte construction work being done
added it ti the guides index page

sat 5/24/2014
added disclaimer section to guides/ga/marta.index.htm
did same for guides/ga/folkston/index.htm
did same for guides/il/aurora
did same for guides/il/elmhurst
did same for guides/il/dolton

mon 5/26/2014
added pix to rsus/screen/tv
added Led Zeppelin to rsus homepage

fri 5/30/2014
added missing pictures to rsus/xing
548 created guides/oblivion

fri 6/6/2014
added picture from Tim V and USGS map to guides/in/val
added USGS map to guides/ia/manly

sun 6/8/2014
changed sitemeter to statcounter on rsus/trips/trip1/index.htm
changed google analytics to statcounter on rsus/trips/trip2 and trip3
549 created rsus/trips/trip1
renamed rsus/trips/trip1.htm to rsus/trips/trip1/index.htm
put a redirct page on rsus/trips/trip1.htm

sun 6/15/2014
550 created guides/oh/hamler/index.htm

sun 6/22/2014
fixed links that were years out of date on rsus/signals/color/index.htm
replaced sitemeter with statcounter on rsus/diamonds/diamond3.htm, and inserted code to auto forward to new page

tues 6/24/2014
removed sitemeter and railroad ring from guides/baltimore/map6/index.htm, and put in statcounter
did same for guides/baltimore/map5/index.htm
did same for guides/baltimore/map7/index.htm
did same for guides/baltimore/map9/index.htm
did same for guides/baltimore/map11/index.htm except no counter on the page
did same for guides/baltimore/map13/index.htm except no counter on the page
did same for guides/baltimore/map15/index.htm
did same for guides/baltimore/map16/index.htm
did same for guides/baltimore/map17/index.htm except no counter on the page, also uploaded pix which i did a year ago or so, and never uploaded WTF?


at White Creek MI

fri 12/13/2014
Drive to Walters in Rehoboth Beach DE with Jenny, overnight trip, pix and stop in at the Georgetown depot

thur 12-25-2014
551 created  guides/mi/grandhaven.index

sun 2/8/2015
corrected station names in upper description part of page on guides/mi/battlecreek/index.htm

wed 2/11/2015
uploaded missing USGS maps for the main Toledo index page

thurs 2/12/2015
corrected name of the AA tower on guides/mi/toledo/map1.htm, and corrected map too

sun 2/15/2015
added the grand haven guide to the index
added some security info to the caltrain page

tues 2/17/2015
made corrections ans link addition to guides/baltimore/map17.htm
added new link to rsus/signals/bulbs/index.htm

fri 2/20/2015
added pix of csx business train to guides/fl/jacksonville

sat 2/28/2015
uploaded about 100 stations on the revised page rgus/stations/mi, only took about 3 days to do.....

mon 3/2/2015
replaced sitemeter with statcounter on guides/mi/traverse
uploaded Denver Todds pictures of Battle Creek, plus the pix of the TV show Battle Creek
replaced sitemeter with statcounter on guides/mi/index.htm
replaced google analytics with statcounter on guides/mi/alma
replaced google analytics with statcounter on guides/mi/annarbor

tue 3/3/2015
replaced google analytics with statcounter on guides/mi/baycity
replaced google analytics with statcounter on guides/mi/bridgeport
replaced google analytics with statcounter on guides/mi/detroit index.htm
replaced sitemeter with statcounter on guides/mi/cadillac
replaced google analytics with statcounter on guides/mi/detroit/map3/index
replaced google analytics with statcounter on guides/mi/plymouth
replaced google analytics with statcounter on guides/mi/durand

Sun 3/8/2015
after 2 days of work, uploaded a whole new Battle Creek page

tue 3/10/2015
redid the format of the RSUS homepage, just page a single picture and icons on it, took everything else off of it!!!

sun 3/15/2015
updated rsus/signals/trilights with more pictures and info after getting an email for info on them from Cameron Wolk
updated guides/va/sufflok after Justin Cartwright sent me additional info on the content

thurs  3/19/2015
updated guides/va/roanoke/mapi/index.htm with overpass street name, moved the USGS maps to bottom, added disclaimer, thanks to Bill King, wckiii@verizon.net

mon 3/23/2015
upload the 2nd half of trip 8 after putting about 10-12 hrs into finishing it...
added some more pix to rsus/signals/trilights

sun  3/29/2015
did sumthin, don't remember

tue 3/31/2015
trip to Columbia PA and Lancaster PA with Charlie

wed 4/1/2015
updated the Lancaster PA page again with pictures from yesterdays trip

sat 4/4/2015
updated the guides/septa/rt100 (norristown) line page with pictures and stuff (just a map before)

mon 4/6/2015
uploaded a whole new update to guides/septa/surface (just a map before)

wed 4/8/2015
had to reconfigure filezilla after doing an upgrade of it... fuckerz
updated guides/pa/altoona.htm with 2 missing pictures
updated the york pa page with info on this years cabin fever expo

thurs 4/9/2015
updated guides/ga/folkston with more pictures and my very own map, which I did last night....

sat 4/18/2015
updated guides/ma/springfield with COREL map and new content

sun 4/19/2015
Updated rsus/basics/basics4.htm with wikipedia link

fri 4/24/2015
updated rsus/basics/basics1.htm, correcting a few bad links sent in by an anonymous person
did same for rsus/basics/basics4.htm
changed sitemeter to statcounter on rsus/rulebooks/ns00/index.htm
changed sitemeter to statcounter on rsus/rulebooks/nkp/index.htm
changed sitemeter to statcounter on rsus/rulebooks/nyta44/index.htm
changed sitemeter to statcounter on rsus/rulebooks/lirr89/index.htm

sun 4/26/2015
redid the whole rsus/rulebooks/bo69 page, including generating new jpegs due to the fact that I could not find the original ones in good shape anywhere..... Also changed from Google analytics to statcounter
changed the google analytics to statcounter on rulebooks/amtraknec, and changed the heading
did same for rulebooks/ble, and added carsten lundrens drawing and link
did same for rulebooks/cnw29
did same for rulebooks/co58
did same for rulebooks/co69
did same for rulebooks/cp05, added pix at top
did same for rulebooks/cr88, added pix at top
did same for rulebooks/sbd68, added pix at top
did same for rulebooks/csx89, added pix at top

tues 5/5/2015
moved guides/md/balt_lrv/index.htm to guides/md/baltimorelightrail/index.htm
moved the LRV tech page to the sa,e guides/md/baltimorelightrail directory
changed the guides main index page to reflect the page change
updated guides/ms/baltimorelightrail/rules/index.htm, changed to statcounter
updated guides/ms/baltimorelightrail/stations.indexhtm, changed to statcounter
updated guides/ms/baltimorelightrail/signals/index.htm, changed to statcounter
updated guides/ms/baltimorelightrail/support/index.htm, changed to statcounter
recreated guides/md/baltimorelightrail/shops/index.htm
updated guides/ms/baltimorelightrail/complaints/index.htm, changed to statcounter

updated rsus/renfaires/renfaires.htm to index.htm

fri  5/22/2015
552 created guides/system/awp/index
553 created guides/system/lehighvalley/index
554 created guides/system/chicagograndtrunk/index

thurs  5/28/2015
updated the page on semaphores
555 created RGUS/il/chicago/interlockingdiagrams/index.htm

fri 5/29/2015
556 created guides/system/peremarquette/index.htm
557 created  guides/system/nashchatstlouis/index.htm

mon 6/1/2015
558 created  guides/system/erie1884/index.htm
559 created  guides/system/delawarehudson/index.htm
560 created  guides/system/southernrwy/index.htm
and updated the RGUS index page

fri 6/5/2015
added Denvers pix of the new amtrak station to guides/mi/grandrapids, and took off the C&MRR
added the pix from the grand rapids page to the coopersville page
added aerial view and link and GPS to guides/mi/bridgeport
added pix of billboard to guides/md/baltlightrail/miscpix/index.htm, changed to statcounter
561 created  guides/system/hockingvalley

sat 6/6/2015
562 created  guides/system/NJ1887
563 created  guides/system/northernpacific

sun 6/7/2015
added aspect diagram to RSUS/signals/unusual
added BLUE ISLAND to the guides/il/chicago/crossings page

sun 6/14/2015
added Amtraks 40th Anniv train link to the RGUS index page
564 created   guides/museums/steamtown/index.html
finished adding Denvers pages to the RGUS index page

thurs  6/25/2015
added pictures to the license plate page

sun 6/28/2015
added marceline mo to the Guides index page

tues 6/30/2015
updated RSUS index with link icon for the aspects page
updated the colorlight signals page, changed pictures around, fixed bad link......

thurs 7/2/2015
added two banjo pix to rsus/early/index.htm
changed from sitemeter to statcounter on rsus/signals/xformers/index
added 4 pictures from Dave Pierson to the rsus/signals/dolls page

FRI 7/3/2015
Changed from sitemeter to statcounter on all of the Amtrak 40th Anniv pages:
rsus/amtrak40/index.htm + PER, BAL, STR, HAR, SCR, WIL, RICH, JAC, NYC, FTW

sat 7/4/2015
565 created  rsus/support/mileposts/index.htm
uploaded the changes I've made in the past couple of days because I was downloading the 2 websites onto a memory stick for safe keeping

sun 7/5/2015
deleted rsus/diamonds/doswell/, because it is now at guides/va/doswell
redid rsus/diamonds/diamond4, changed to statmeter, and renamed it rsus/diamonds/d4/index.htm
redid rsus/diamonds/diamond1, changed to statmeter, and renamed it rsus/diamonds/d1/index.htm, moved the associated files into the directory
cleaned out the diamonds directory on rsus
corrected link on guides/baltimore/map10/index.htm to the d4 page, also deleted msg about canton1 being incorrect cause i photoshopped the dwg

sat 7/11/2015
updated with new map and pictures from Bing and Google maps, guides/oh/fostoria (actually over the past few days
564 deleted the directory guides/livediesel/start.... it was a dumb page anyways

thurs  7/16/2015
redid the map for York PA and uploaded it

fri  7/17/2015
redid the map for New Freedom PA, uploaded it, and did a complete makeover on the guides/pa/newfreedom page to include the steam engine

sat 7/18/2015
added 3 pictures from Jim Mahelik to rsus/xing/index.htm
updated guides/museums/bsm/index.htm with pictures and new top format, didnt have pix before

thurs 7/23/2015
updated guides/ny/bingo/index.htm --- also finished the redoing of the map started in fucking march......

sat 7/25/2015
updated the northstar page, but havent uploaded it yet, waiting for a response from Emily, cat girl

sun 7/26/2015
updated rsus/support/mileposts with and additional photo found elsewhere in my millions of directories, milepostG48

sun 8/2/2015
added picture credit to the milepost page
added pictures to the BSM page - went down there today

sun 8/9/2015
565 created  guides/in/frankfort/index.htm

thurs 8/13/2015
changed from sitemeter to statcounter on guides/livediesel/sykes
changed from sitemeter to statcounter on guides/livediesel/cals, and added 3 updated maps

tues 8/18/2015
installed new picture on the rsus home page, shoved old one onto oldmainpix.....

thurs 8/20/2015
ROBIN went into the hospital

sat 8/20/2015
566 created  guides/system/iais/index.htm

sun 8/30/2015
updated rsus/signals/trilights with pix from Safetran catalog

fri 9/4/2015
ROBIN DIED --- FUCK ME!!!  If anyone sees this, Robin is my sister, she was 61, died from cirrhosis

sun 9/6/2015
567 created  rsus/robin/index.htm

tue 9/8/2015
updated guides/pa/hburg/index.htm with 3 additional links

fri 9/25/2015
updated guides/livediesel/cals/index.htm with new map and description on how to get there

sun 9/27/2015
updated guides/livediesel/cals/index.htm again with additional pix
updated guides/hampstead/index.htm with a whole boatload of additional pictures

thurs  10/8/2015
updated guides/mi/traverse with info about the traverse zoo engine

wed 10/14/2015
568 created  rsus/trips/trip9/index.htm

sat 10/17/2015
added pix from baltimore marathon today to rsus/ami/frankg/index.htm

sun 10/18/2015
updated funny 6

sun 10/25/2015
569 created  guides/oh/cincinnatistreetcar/index.htm for the streetcar system
added it to the guides index

mon 10/26/2015
570 created  guides/in/kokomo/index.htm for Tim Vermande

wed 10-28-2015
changed the signal picture on the main RSUS page

sun 11-8-2015
updated guides/mi/grapids/index.htm and the grand rapids map, added a few more google streetviews

fri 11-13-2015
replaced the sitemeter with statcounter on rsus/funny/funny1/index.htm, and funny 2, and funny3, and funny4, also editied funny1 some to get rid if superfluous code!!!

sun 11/29/2015
added pictures from Nate Danenberg to guides/mi/grandrapids

mon 11/30/2015
added pictures to guides/baltimore/map1/index.htm cause I caught tower 17 at Lowes tonight

sat 12/12/2015
571 created  uides/il/effingham/index.htm
added it to the index page

RETIRED, but official date is 1/5/2016

fri 12/25/2015
updated rsus/signals/semaphores with a few new pictures
updated guides/vt/gmrc with some new google images

thurs 12/31/2015
added pictures to guides/vt/green mountain

sat 1/2/2016
added pics to guides/chicago/crossings, and modified some of the maps to personalize them for each crossing

sun 1/3/2016
added pix from John Engleman to septa/rt101, also got rid of the counter and put statcounter in, updated page, 1st time since 2/28/2011

wed 1/6/2016
572 created  guides/md/towson/index.htm

thurs  1/7/2016
573 created  guides/md/ruxton/index.htm

wed 1/13/2016
updated guides/stations/ne with many new pictures, cleaned up the html code

thurs 1/14/2015
updated guides/stations/oh with new pictures, cleaned up the html code

sun 1/17/2016
574 created  guides/ma/mattapan/index.htm for the Mattapan High Speed Line in Boston

mon 1/18/2016
added pictures that John Engleman sent me to the Mattapan page
added picture to the Chicago Station page that Denver Todd sent me
updated the guides/stations/de page

mon 1/25/2016
575 created  guides/stations/nh/index.htm
added new hampshire to the stations index page, I had 2 ND pages instead
576 created  guides/systems/centvermont/index.htm

thurs 1/28/2016
moved the RSUS website from a windows based server to a linux based server, lost a lot of pictures and pages

mon 2/1/2016
577 created  guides/fl/jacksonvillewest/index.htm

wed 2/3/2016  ELENA's 10th BIRTHDAY!
578 created  guides/FL/jacksonvilleeastFEC/index.htm

fri 2/5/2016
corrected jpg to jpg on rsus/sigs/searchlight/index.htm because pictures were missing.... got many more to do after moving website

sun 2/7/2016
added sumtin like 60 pictures to guides/stations/mn

tues 2/9/2016
added pictutres to guides/stations/in
579 created  guides/md/baltimore/bptunnel/index.htm

wed 2/10/2016
580 created  guides/md/bollman/index.htm

thurs 2/11/2016
fixed bad links on guides/pa/septa/index.htm (cause I had moved stuff from RSUS to the guides website)
updated guides/septa/phillytt/index.htm, redid/updated the main map

fri 2/12/2016
did sumthin, dont remember, spent ALL day on computer
i think I did a page for the san francisco cable cars, but can't find it

sat 2/13/2016
581 created  guides/fl/jacksonvillemonorail/index.htm
changed the name of guides/fl/jacksonville to guides/fl/jacksonvilleunion cause if made a new jacksonville homepage
582 created  guides/fl/jacksonville/index.htm for the new jacksonville home page
added content to guides/fl/jacksonvillewest

sun 2/14/2016
replaced the main RSUS page main picture with 3 from Jim Mihalek of Griswolds

mon 2/15/2016
reorganized the jacksonville directory
583 created  guides/fl/jacksonville/JAXbusinesstrain/index.htm
renamed guides/fl/jacksonvillewest to fl/jacksonville/JAXsouthwest1/index.htm
renamed guides/fl/jacksonvilleeastfec to fl/jacksonville/JAXsoutheast1/index.htm
renamed guides/fl/jacksonvillemonorail to fl/jacksonville/JAXmonorail/index.htm

tue 2/16/2016
584 created  guides/fl/jacksonville/JAXttr/index.htm for chasing the Talleyrand Terminal RR

wed 2/17/2016
added more content to the JAXttr page

fri 2/19/2016
585 created  guides/dc/streetcar/index.htm

sat 2/20/2016
updated/rsus/letters.htm and moved it to rsus/letters/index.htm, deleted letters.htm from the root directory
also updated rsus/indexa to reflect that change

sun 2/21/2016
did a massive html cleanup on INDEXA, it went from a 84K document to a 39K one.....
updates rsus/xing with 3 more pictures of griswolds from Jim Mihalek
updated the OBLIVION page, took out extraneous html coding, had all this column shit in it.....
updated rsus/xing/pedgates/index.htm
updated rsus/other/hand/index.htm
updated rsus/other/horns/index.htm, had to change a jpg to a jpg (how de fuk did that happen?

mon 2/22/2016
updated rsus/rulebooks/bo69/index.htm, changed a jpg to jpg in the lead photo
updated rsus/rulebooks/amtraknec/index.htm
updated rsus/rulebooks/atsf89/index.htm
updated rsus/rulebooks/cnw29/index.htm
updated rsus/rulebooks/ble/index.htm
updated rsus/rulebooks/co58/index.htm
updated rsus/rulebooks/co69/index.htm
updated rsus/rulebooks/cp05/index.htm
updated rsus/rulebooks/cr88/index.htm
updated rsus/rulebooks/csx89/index.htm
updated rsus/rulebooks/cut37/index.htm
updated rsus/rulebooks/dh/index.htm
updated rsus/other/signs/index.htm
updated rsus/other/lanterns/index.htm
ALSO wiped out 110 instances of JPG in this document when trying to purge them from the lantern page... fuck me

tue 3/1/2016
586 created  rsus/trips/JVE022016/index.htm for John Englemans latest trip to australia

wed 3/2/2016
added 2 links on guides/ny/depew/index.htm

thurs 3/3/2016
added john englemans trip to australia to the trip index page
added pictures to the JVE022016 page
moved the trip index page to the main RGUS index page
changed the trip index page so there is a note there about it being moved

fri 3/4/2016
created guides/ca/sanfrancisco
587 created  guides/ca/sanfrancisco/bart.index.htm
moved CALTRAIN into the sanfrancisco directory on the index (not on the server)
added all of this to the RGUS index page, made room for the other stuff to come

mon 3/14/2016
added updated a bunch of pictures of signals and bridges to guides/ny/buffalo/map2/index.htm
added updated a bunch of pictures of signals and bridges to guides/ny/depew/index.htm
588 created  guides/ny/williamsville/index.htm, but changed it to westernnyrwysociety

wed 3/16/2016
updated guides/md/purple with another op-ed column jpeg

sun 3/20/2016
589 created  rsus/rulebooks/csx14/index.htm for CSX signals from 2014 rulwebook
updated rsus/rulebooks/rulebooks.htm, added csx14, cleaned up code

sat 3/26/2016
updated rsus/gp30/index.htm - cleaned up code, finished on page links, fixed a JPG vs jpg issue with one of the pictures
updated guides/amtrak40/scranton/index.htm

sun 3/27/2016  EASTER
updated guides/mi/annarbor, correcting a few links and updating page after Jon Baxter sent in a few tips

wed 3/30/2016
590 created   railfanguides.us/md/baltcofirepaid/

thurs 3/31/2016
updated guides/md/purpleline with news articles

tues 4/5/2016
591created  guides/baltco/index.htm, and a slew of others for Baltimore County Fire Stations:
592 created  guides/baltco/sta1
593 created  guides/baltco/sta4
594 created  guides/baltco/sta5
595 created  guides/baltco/sta14
596 created  guides/baltco/sta17
597 created  guides/baltco/sta30
598 created  guides/baltco/sta39

mon 4/11/2016
made a corel map for Cresson PA, and added more shit to the page, a USGS map from the 80's?, etc

tues 4/12/2016
599 created  guides/museums/portage/index.htm for the Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS

thurs 4/21/2016
600 created  guides/va/petersburg/map1
601 created  guides/va/petersburg/map2

sun 4/24/2016
updated guides/va/[etersburg/map2

mon 4/25/2016
updated guides/mn/northstar with pictures from Jim Mahelik
started updating the hiawatha page

sun 5/1/2016
updated guides/de/map2 with 3 pictures from Bruce Dunlap of the Wilmington B&O depot
updated guides/pa/septa/index.htm
updated guides/septa/railmaps.htm, created its own directory at guides/septa/railmaps/index.htm and made it an index page, added ICON jpegs, replaced sitemeter with statcounter
updated guides/index.htm
added missing picture, walimg-7466 to guides/septa/rt100, took an hour to find it cause it wasnt in the back-ups, been missing since i redid the page last august

tues 5/3/2016
602 created  guides/septa/vintage for pictures by Mitchell Libby

thurs 5/5/2016
corrected problems with the JPG vs jpg thing on RSUS/signals/hagerstown
updated guides/de/maps with yet another thing from Bruce Dunlap about the PW&B building

sat 5/7/2016
603 created  guides/md/lutherville/index.htm, added it to RGUS index page

Sun 5/8/2016  MOTHERS DAY
604 created  guides/md/texas/index.htm to move texas stuff out of the cockeysville page

sat 5/14/2016
updated tge guides index page with 2 new map links and the link to my how I make my maps page

sun 5/15/2016
added article to guides/dc/DCstreetcar

mon 5/16/2016
605 created  guides/nj/patco/index.htm

mon 5/30/2016
606 created  guides/va/manassas

tues 5/30/2016--sun 6/5/2016
Denver Todd in town
wed--JB with us, york, york,rail, harrisburg, rockville bridge, harrisburg amtrak, lancaster amtrak
thurs--baldwins 4 lunch in sykesville, BnO museum, west baltimore nec, light rail on howard street
fri--close on robins house, then lorton, DC, streetcar, union station
sat--611 in manassas, ashland, doswell

fri 6/3/2016
corrected note about stone mural on kalamazoo page due to anonymous email

sun 6/5/2016
inserted Theo's full name per his OK on the Batavia NY page

wed 6/8/2016
updated rsus/screen/ads

sat 6/25/2016
607 created   guides/ny/nymot for the New York Museum of Transportation

mon 6/27/2016
changed around the page guides/mi/kalamazoo
did a new map too, legal size

tue 6/28/2016
added signal stuff to guides/mi/kalamazoo

sat 7/2/2016
changed label on the google maps picture of white creek at guides/livesteam//wc

wed 7/6/2016
608 created   guides/ny/queens/html

sat 7/9/2016
created rsus/rants/index017.htm, added it to the index page for rants

tues 7/12/2016
updated guies/nj/bordentown with interlocking map from Penn Central

fri 7/15/2016
updated the buffalo light rail page - moved the signal section down the page & added an article about extending the light rail and tearing down the skyway

sun 7/17/2016
updated system map pages for:
   erie 1884
   delaware & hudson
   chicago & grand trunk
   central vermont
   B&O akron div
   atlantic coast line
   atlanta west point
609 created guides/system/virginian
610 created guides/system/uprr
611 created guides/system/prr
612 created guides/system/nh
613 created guides/system/wabash
614 created guides/system/centralnewengland
615 created guides/system/atsf
added lehigh valley to the rgus index page, even tho I had done the page last year
updated the Oblivion movie page

mon 7/18/2016
616 created guides/system/drgw
617 created guides/system/stlouissanfran

fri 7/22/2016
updated guides/stations/tn, deleted the site counter, added statcounter, took out the link to webring
updated guides/stations/al, deleted the site counter, added statcounter, took out the link to webring

sun 7/23/2016
updated guides/stations/ak, deleted the google site counter, added statcounter
updated guides/stations/az...  added a bunch of postcard pictures and some from Google maps
updated guides/stations/ar
updated guides/stations/ca

mon 7/24/2016
updated guides/stations/co... added a bunch of postcard pictures and some from Google maps
updated guides/stations/ct... added a bunch of postcard pictures and some from Google maps

wed  7/27?2016
added pictures of PL-4 dwarf PL at hunt valley to the PL page
corrected bad link on indexa page for the PL page, it was caps while the file is pl.htm

fri 07/29/2016
uploaded USGS map to guides/oh/deschler, it had been missing since 2014....
also added jpegs of the symbols used like signal 13 and sight 4 to page instead of using highlighted letters
added pictures of the DC tunnel to guides/stations/dc

tues  08/02/2016
created guides/system/pwb/index
added the piladelphia, wilmington & baltimore rr system map to the rgus index page

sat 8/6/2016
updated guides/pa/manheim, removed site counter, added statmeter
updated guides/pa/newcastle with USGS map
updated guides/museums/ebt
updated guides/museums/rockhill
updated guides/pa/northumberland

sun 8/14/2016
added pictures to guides/ca/tehachapi from Richard Gamble
updated corel map0 on guides/pa/scranton

tuesday 8/16/2016
moved guides/septa/railmaps.htm to guides/septa/railmaps/index.htm... had done the page update before, but never changed the index page link to the new page
split the guides index Philly section into two, one fro trains, one for transit
updated guides/pa/phl/index.htm

thurs 8/18/2016
updated guides/de/wilm/map4/index.htm
changed around the map designations for the Wilmington pages
updated guides/pa/phl/index.htm

sun 8/21/2016
updated guides/baltimore/maps.htm, redid the ALL maps and made it one coherent jpg
updated guides/baltimore/index, changed the 2nd rr from the northern central to the baltimore and susquehanna, dumb ass
redid the highway map and updated guides/baltimore/hiways.htm
redid the major lines map and updated guides/baltimore/majorlines.htm

mon 8/22/2016
added map PRR1911a to the pennsy system map page

thurs 8/24/2016
updated guides/houston/map5/index.htm, added bridges, still need to do more, updated the corel map

mon 8/29/2016
updated guides/wi/hixon, replaced the thumbnails with their full size partners
updated guides/wi/merrillat, replaced the thumbnails with their full size partners
updated guides/wi/millston, replaced the thumbnails with their full size partners
updated guides/wv/hferry, replaced sight callouts with tiny jpegs and added pix of the train museum

wed 8/31/2016
618 created  rsus/rants/rant18/index.htm
619 created  rsus/rants/rant019.htm

sun 9/5/2016
updated rsus/pictures/html, deleted site counter and inserted statcounter, added pix of smiley water tower
updated guides/in/griffith with the crossing picture i put on the pictures page above!

tues 9/6/2016
updated guides/mi/owosso and replaced site meter with statcounter
corrected link on Grand Haven page for PDF from "grandhaven.pdf" to "grandhaven1.pdf"
did same on the Coopersville page, left off the "1"
did same on the Bay City page, left off the "1"
did same on the Traverse City page, left off the "1", and had link pointing to the old railroadsignals website, f**k me!!!
did same on the Delray page, no pdf link at all
did same on the Plymouth page, left off the "1"
did same on the Detroit CN/GTW page, left off the "1"
did same on the Kalamazoo page, altho no link for pdf, and no pdf in the main directory, had to reload Corel and save PDF
this all took an hour and a half.....

thurs 9/8/2016
added pictures and content and updated map to guides/mi/plymouth

sat 9/10/2016
added 3 commuter rail stations to the guides/stations/pa section for septa

thurs 9/15/2016
updated guides/oh/nbalt with additional pictures and pix of the CSX/NS crossing east of town
updated guides/nj/patco with additional pictures from M Libby

fri 9/16/2016
updated the semaphore page
updated guides/ca/sandiego/trolley to only have the san diego trolley on it, will create new pages for the other two train things, coaster and the vintage trolley

sat 9/17/2016
updated the semaphore page sumore
updated rsus/diamonds/d4 with additional verbage

fri 9/23/2016
620 created  guides/pa/mtunion/index.htm

mon 9/26/2016
updated the Oblivion page with a map I made with corel draw, and other pictures

wed 9/28/2016
updated rsus/signals/trilights with 2 locations on the Pennsy mainline at Huntingdon and Port Royal

thurs 9/29/2016
updated the trilights page again, corrected dome JPEG tags, and added stuff to the body, cleaned up the html

sat 10/1/2016
621 created  guides/ct/oldsaybrook/index.htm, included a picture of my old saybrook console

tues 10/4/2016
updated rsus/models with link and pix from ISS
622 created  rsus/tech/sigcontroller/index.htm

thurs 10/6/2016
corrected the JPG vs jpg tag on flash2.jpg, cause the picture wasnt showing up on the basics 2 page
623 created  guides/system/dmir/index.htm
624 created  guides/system/cle/index.htm
625 created  guides/system/chicagoalton/index.htm
added them to the RGUS index page

fri 10/7/2016
added another oooops to the Oblivion page about the crash site not being in grid 17 on Vikas display console.....

thurs 10/13/2016
updated the redline page for the first time since July 2015

mon 10/17/2016
updated guides/museums/bsm with a few new pictures, corrected some grammar

tues 10/18/2016
updated guides/va/boyce with a couple of B&W pix from the VT library
added pictures from Junes trip to Lorton to the guides/va/lorton page

wed 10/19/2016
626 created  guides/system/ihb/index.htm
updated the delaware and hudson system map page with additional maps
updated guides/septa/index.htm, by redoing the SEPTAmain map, added the Harrisburg Line, but had to do it all over again from the original 2007 version cause I could not find the updated 2011 version

thurs 10/20/2016
627 created  guides/septa/darby/index.htm
628 created  guides/septa/norristown/index.htm
629 created  guides/septa/frankford/index.htm

sat 10/22/2016
added broadcastify to the baltimore section
added frograil to the rr guide links section, against my better judgment :-)
added pictures to the PA section of stations
had question from Steven Bedford about source of readville ma station photo

sun 10/23/2016  Debbie's birthday
updated the Grand Haven page

mon 10/24/2016
updated the Grand Haven page again with info from Denver
updated the Grand Rapids page with new info from James Mancuso
630 created  guides/system/prsl/index.htm

tues 10/25/2016
631 created  guides/system/indianapolis/index.htm
632 created  guides/system/riograndepecos/index.htm for one 1882 map I found

wed 11/2/2016
added cool williamsport and elmira rr map to the NY/elmira page....
633 created  guides/system/williamsportelmira/index.htm
added the systems map page tothe RGUS index page
added a picture of the CVFC patch to the guides/md/cockeysville page
added two pictures of Griswolds to the rsus/xing/index.htm page
updated rsus/xing/index.htm with all sorts of new pictures and headings, need more pix tho :-)
updated guides/de/newark with blurb about pedestal signal gone.....

thurs 11/3/2016
634 created  rsus/rulebooks/milw/index.htm, and threw 6 pics in there, still need a few more if John can figure out the sending problem....

fri 11/4/2016
updated the rsus/signals/support/auxequip page, added a few new pictures, took most thumbnails out and replaced with full size pictures
finished the MILW aspects page, sent John request for cover and title page

sat 11/5/2016
updated guides/md/baltlightrail/shops/index.htm, took out some of the disclaimer shit...
added the cover and title page to the MILW aspects page
updated rsus/rulebooks/septa63/index.htm, last time jan16, deleted sitemeter and inserted statcounter
updated rsus/rulebooks/wm13/index.htm, last time 5-26-12, deleted sitemeter and inserted statcounter
updated rsus/rulebooks/wt/index.htm, last time 4-24-07, deleted sitemeter and inserted statcounter

mon 11/7/2016
updated the balt light rail index page

tues 11/8/2016 VOTING DAY -- FUCK!
updated the light rail page sumore, and updated the map-but I had to redo the whole map cause I couldnt find the source file
updated rsus/rulebooks/up88, replaced sitemeter with statcounter

wed 11/9/2016
updated  rsus/rulebooks/sr81, last time updated 1-22-16, replaced sitemeter with statcounter
updated  rsus/rulebooks/sp98, last time updated 1-22-16, replaced sitemeter with statcounter
updated  rsus/rulebooks/nsw, last time updated 2012, replaced sitemeter with statcounter
updated  rsus/rulebooks/sp07, last time updated 2012, replaced sitemeter with statcounter, added pix of cab forward, did away with the thumbnails

mon 11/14/2016
updated rsus/rulebooks/sbd89
updated rsus/rulebooks/rdg54
635 created  updated by creating a new page for the RF&P rulebook, rsus/rulebooks/rfp/index.htm, formerly just a jpeg hanging out there in space
updated the rulebooks index page with link to the new RF&P page instead of the jpeg
63rd page created since retiring!!!

tues 11/15/2016
updated guides/dc/map2 with additional pix from Jersey Mike and changed sight and signal numbers to jpegs

wed 11/16/2016
last YMCA fitness class... yeah.....

thurs 11/17/2016
updated  guides/dc/map2 with additional photos of 1st st tunnel signals, pix of GG1 accident in 1953, and 2 more maps, added disclaimer section, added signal number jpegs
added pix to Robins page

fri 11/18/2016
updated guides/septa/rt101/index.htm with 2 pix from Tim Vermande

sun 11/20/2016
updated rsus/basics/timeline.htm, edited the html coding, went from 50K to 26K file, checked links and deleted those not working, took about 2.5 hrs
added 3 pix to rsus/signals/unusual/index.htm, edited html

mon 11/21/2016
added 2 video links to the semaphore page, Denver sent em to me

wed 11/23/2016
updated guides/stations/pa with 3 pix of Bryn Athyn from streetview because of article found via the philly traction group posting, also changed the page title to end PA with an A instead of an S :-)

thurs 11/24/2016  THANKSGIVING
uploaded about 150 pictures to the THS 45th reunion page, finally, after 2 years.....
updated rsus/mergers
changed the link on INDEXA to reflect that mergers had it's own page, used to point to the merger chart on the baltimore railfan guide homepage
hooked up electrical outlet in stairway to hook up chargers
updated rsus/tech/sigcircuit1/index.htm, changed google anylytics counter with statcounter, changed some grammer

fri 11/25/2016
636 created  map page for the gulf, mobile & northern rr, added it to the rgus index page

sun 11/27/2016
updated the rgus index page with the mattapan high speed line in the appropriate boston places, dunno why I didn't do it when I created the page back in jan16
637 created  map page for the boston & maine rr, added it to the rgus index page
updated guides/system/wabash - added 2 maps and a logo
638 created  map page for the buffalo, rochester n pittsburgh rwy, added it to the rgus index page
639 created  map page for the duluth, winnipeg n pacific rwy, added it to the rgus index page
640 created  map page for the aurora, elgin & chicago rr, added it to the rgus index page
updated guides/stations/pa with conrail map of the newtown branch that includes the Bryn Athyn station

tues 11/29/2016
passed 1.25 million views today
updated prrpenn signal aspects - replaced sitemeter with statcounter - took out the railwebring shit
updated nytc37 signal aspects - replaced sitemeter with statcounter - took out the railwebring shit
----- also tried using a JPEG logo for the title block at the very top instead of using HTML letters with nytc37
updated nyta44 signal aspects - replaced sitemeter with statcounter - took out the railwebring shit
updated pm1903 signal aspects - did away with the thumbnails and inserted logo jpeg
updated prr25 signal aspects - did away with the thumbnails and inserted logo jpeg
updated prr56 signal aspects - deleted sitemeter, installed statcounter, and inserted logo jpeg
updated ns00 signal aspects -  inserted logo jpeg
updated nkp signal aspects -  inserted logo jpeg
updated milw signal aspects, my newest aspects page -  inserted logo jpeg
updated lirr89 signal aspects -  inserted 5 logo jpegs & 2 pix, got rid of thumbnails
updated kcs98 signal aspects - deleted sitemeter, installed statcounter, and inserted logo jpeg, added 2 logos & 2 pix
updated cnw29 signal aspects again -  inserted 2 logos & 3 pix, inserted the rsus logo jpeg

wed 11/30/2016
updated pm1903 signal aspects again, with pictures of 1225 and Walter Todd
updated Robins page again with 3 more pictures found in HFT

sat 12/3/2016
updated rsus/other/humpsigs/index.htm, got rid of thumbnails, made a jpeg for the titles so other browsers won't change the font
updated rsus/xing/pedgates/index.htm,  made a jpeg for the titles so other browsers won't change the font
updated rsus/other/handsigs/index.htm,  made a jpeg for the titles so other browsers won't change the font

sun 12/4/2016
641 created  map page for the central michigan rwy, added it to the rgus index page
642 created  map page for the ohio central lines, added it to the rgus index page
642-572=70 pages created since being retired

mon 12/5/2016
updated rsus/rulebooks/rulebooks.htm with additional RR names of railroads I need aspects for....
643 created  rulebook page for Train Mountain signals
worked on HFT-appendix P

wed 12/7/2016
created indexalph for HFT
worked on HFT chap48

thurs 12/8/2016
added the C&O RWY family chart to rsus/mergers/index.htm after creating the chart
updated rsus/early/index with pictures from

fri 12/9/2016
added 4 pics from Tim V to guides/septa/rt100/index.htm

sat 12/10/2016
644 created guides/wa/link/index.htm
added it to 3 places on the RGUS index page

mon 12/10/2016
fixed a bunch of picture tages from jpg to JPG on the rsus/oldmainpix page, and one buf to BUF
updated rsus/horns with top of the page logo and new link
updated rsus/bridges/signalbridges, redid the index section at the top, inserted top of page logo

thurs 12/15/2016
updated rsus/rulebooks/dlw25/index.htm, replaced googleanalytics counter with statcounter, added loco picture, added lgo69 at top of page
updated rsus/rulebooks/dti38/index.htm, replaced googleanalytics counter with statcounter, added loco picture, added lgo69 at top of page
updated rsus/rulebooks/icg85/index.htm, replaced googleanalytics counter with statcounter, added 2 loco pictures, added lgo69 at top of page deleted webring

sat 12/17/2016
645 created guides/ms/grenada/index.htm, just for one photo!!!  MY FIRST MISSISSIPPI page!

sat 12/18/2016
646 created guides/system/gryr/index.htm for the grenada rr system map
added more stuff to guides/ms/grenade

mon 12/19/2016
647 created guides/ms/vaughan/index.htm
updated guides/mi/battlecreek/index.htm with note from Jack Prange that the signal replacement is complete, cleaned up some html, replaced title at top with jpeg logo69

tues 12/20/2016
updated rsus/signals/nwcpl, replaced stuff at the top with logo69, updated the note about Roanoke signals being replaced, inserted logo jpegs instead of html yellow/green tags
updated rsus/signals/pcl, amtrak signals, inserted logo 69 at the top, corrected JPG vs jpg shit for picture 009 at the bottom

wed 12/21/2016
updated rsus/signals/trilights, added a bigger disclaimer section, replaced heading with logo69, added on page links to locations photos

mon 12/22/2016
648 created guides/system/rockisland/index.htm, used 2 maps, one sent by Denver Todd
649 created guides/system/ttr/index.htm for the toledo terminal rr
650 created guides/system/lhrr/index.htm for the lehigh & hudson river rr
651 created guides/system/len/index.htm for the lake erie & northern rwy

sat 12/24/2016
updated the RSUS home page for Christmas
652 created guides/on/confederation/index.htm for the confederation light rail system being built

mon 12/26/2016
added the trains of hallamrk to the INDEXA index page

tues 12/27/2016
updated guides/system/drgw with new map from Denver Todd
653 created guides/system/LandN/index.htm because of map from Denver

wed 12/28/2016
updated rsus/signals/pl/pl/\.htm with pictures of phase break signals

sun 1/1/2017
updated the NH stations page, corrected danbury, had daubury cause that was what was on the card, rrtrax2 Bob sent it in
added new map of the hallett tower area to guides/toledo/map1

sun 1/8/2017
654 created  rsus/rulebooks/fec/index.htm
added it to the rulebooks index page

mon 1/9/2017
655 created  guides/mn/minneapolis/map0/index.htm

tue 1/10/2017
added more stuff to the minneapolis page

wed 1/11/2017
656 created  guides/mn/minneapolis/map1/index.htm

thurs 1/12/2017
added stuff to guides/mn/minneapolis/map1/index.htm

fri 1/13/2017
657 created  the Lebanon PA page - added pictures of lebanon depot and warehouse stuff
added it to the guides index

sun 1/15/2017
added stuff to the lebanon page after going into town today

mon 1/16/2017
added more lebanon stuff

tues 1/17/2017
added more stuff to the lebanon page, worked on corel lebanon map

wed 1/18/2017
658 created  guides/pa/palmyra/index.htm
added it to the guides index
added 2 pix to the searchlight page and edited some text in the basics section

thurs 1/19/2017
updated rsus/basics/timeline.htm with 1936 about nx and signals coming down recently
updated guides/md/lutherville with some new icons, new pix of the lutherville station, and some new text

fri 1/20/2017
updated guides/balt/map10
updated guides/balt/photos, replaced sitemeter with statcounter, added and delted links as needed, added a few more friends photo locations

sat 1/21/2017
updated guides/system/ttr with new map Denver sent me today in response to Willy Bemis (web24@cornell.edu) request for a TTR map
updated rsus/signals/unuausl with picture from Stev Barlett of signal in Beaumont TX
updated guides/al/lineville with logo at top and text editing

tues 1/24/2017
updatede guides/baltimore/map/index.htm with updated main map, renamed BaltimoreMap12, added an 1877 map, added CSX map, redid some html

sun 1/29/2017
updated guides/ga/atl/map9 with a couple new maps and updated main map, last time 10/16/13

mon 1/30/2017
updated guides/ga/atl/map0 with updated corel map and renamed it AtlantaAreaMap1

tues/wed 1/31-2/1/2017
in St Joes for stent

wed 2/1/2017
659 created  guides/baltimore/wallfall/index.htm and added it to the guides index page

fri 2/3/2017
660 created  guides/md/ellicottcitycsx2012/index.htm and added it to the baltimore section
updated guides/baltimore/map6/index.htm with picture of Relay station by Leonard Buxton and did minor editing
661 created  guides/md/csxrosedale2013/index.htm and added it to the baltimore section
edited the baltimore section, making a separate category for tunnels and transit

sat 2/4/2017
662 created  guides/baltimore/howardtunnel/index.htm and added it to the baltimore section

wed 2/8/2017
updated guides/staions/md
TRIP--JBB and I went to DC and Perryville today via MARC, the Metro, Amtrak, MARC, MARC, and Amtrak, and the last MARC train broke down on the NEC!!!!!

thurs 2/9/2017
updated the cockeysville page, added station pictures and pics of the signal off york rd, added the top logo69, added POI pics

fri 2/10/2017
updated rsus/basics/timeline.htm, added italics and color highlights to important names, add logo69time to the page (it was missing before)
663 created  guides/md/lcs/index.htm for the Lancaster, Cecil & Southern RR
664 created  guides/md/monkton/index.htm, including Glencoe
added both to the RGUS index page

sat 2/11/2017
updated guides/pa/hbwest with link to Jersey Mikes page of pics from the Harrisburg trip we made
updated the monkton page

mon 2/13/2017
updated guides/mn/albertlea with updated corel map, and added numbering JPGs, and top logo JPEG, added notice section at bottom
added crummy map photo of PRR yards to guides/pa/york, came from ebay listing, added 69 logo, added numbering JPEG, added YorkRail map and photos
updated guides/pa/scranton/map2, updated the corel map, added sight JPEGs, added logo 69

wed 2/15/2017
665 created  guides/fr/grenobleLR/index, first non north american map

thurs 2/16/2017
updated rsus/martin/index, deleted sitemeter and added statcounter, redid html. added logo 69, added disclaimer, last edit 4/29/2012, WTF did I name it MARTIN???
updated rsus/support/phone - replaced sitemeter with statcounter, removed link for raqilnet, added discussion on insulators, changed many JPG's to jpg cause pictures were missing, added logo69, last update 8/11/2011
updated rsus/support/hotbox, added logo69, replaced sitemeter with statcounter, added disclaimer, added two locations from Baltimore and JD tower, last update 1/18/2011
updated rsus/support/switches, added logo69, replaced sitemeter with statcounter, added disclaimer,  last update 1/18/2011
updated rsus/support/heaters, added logo69, replaced sitemeter with statcounter, added disclaimer,  last update 1/18/2011
updated rsus/support/derails, added logo69, replaced sitemeter with statcounter, added disclaimer,  last update 1/18/2011
updated rsus/support/sleepers, added logo69,  last update 1/5/2014... STILL NEED PHOTOS am091 and am126
updated rsus/signals/hagerstown, added logo69,  last update 4/21/2014

fri 2/16/2017
TRIP -- to Midlothian VA

sun 2/19/2017
updated guides/or/trimet/map3 - the WES page, updated the corel map using snagit, added pictures stolen from the internet, added description, added logo69

mon 2/20/2017
updated guides/or/portland/map1 with additional photos of union station and the steel bridge, added logo69

tues 2/21/2017
additional update to portland/map1

sat 2/25/2017
updated guides/dc/dcstreetcar, some of the JPEGs were missing, had to turn them 90 a couple of times and reload, added one new article
updated guides/baltimore/map10 with new picture, logo69, credits

tues 2/28/2017
updated guides/ga/atl/map8, changed some thumbnails to full size, moved some stuff to added floobydust section, added logo69

wed 3/1/2017
updated guides/nc/lynx with construction photos of the extension, added logo69, last update 7oct13

thurs 3/2/2017
went down to Canton and Sparrows Point with Mike Watnoski
updated guides/baltimore/rrsites with logo69 and got rid of sitemeter, inserted statcounter, added disclaimer section
updated guides/baltimore/rrlinks with logo69 and got rid of sitemeter, inserted statcounter, added disclaimer section, last done 5/6/2012

fri 3/3/2017
updated guides/baltimore/map22 with logo69, overhauled completely the map for the page, added corned beef row and harborplace restaurants, done 6/27/2014

sun 3/5/2017
updated guides/baltimore/map11 with logo69, overhauled completely the map for the page, last done 2014

wed 3/9/2017
updated guides/museums/bsm with a few new pix, logo 69, and editing the html
upgraded museums/manheim with logo69, replacing sitemeter and replacing it with statcounter, etc, last time updated was 5/14/11

sun 3/12/2017
added consumer alert notice for HH Greg to main index page
updated guides/ridervale/indexd with new map of prices from 3/17, re-added the statcounter, it isnt showing up, added logo69

mon 3/13/2017
added a BNSF made history chart to rsus/mergers/index.htm

fri 3/17-sun 3/19/2017
massive update to guides/baltimore/history adding a comprehensive list of dates, added logo69

tues 3/21/2017
updated guides/fl/jacksonville/JAXbusinesstrain with additional pix and logo69

fri 3/24/2017  27th anniversary
updated guides/md/baltlightrail/lrvtech/lrvchap1, added logo69, edited colors, edited content, changed over finally to statcounter, last update 1/29/2012, moved it back to rsus/lrvtech
updated guides/baltimore/lightrail/index and changed the pointer to lrvtech being on the rsus website

sun 3/26/2017
updated guides/ny/depew with picture of the signals at MP433 coming down
updated rsus/signals/unusual with article about Herington KS from an old Railway Signaling book article
updated guides/ny/batavia with picture from the abandoned rails page on FB fro buffalo

tues 3/28/2017
updated guides/md/towson with a few new photos and added logo69
updated guides/mn/northstar with many many more pictures and Google street shots

fri 3/31/2017
trip to Strasburg RR with John Buxton to ride doodlebug in the rain, museum at a later time

sat 4/1/2017
added the Arduino notice to both homepages

tues 4/4/2017
did a massive makeover on the stations of MO, added logo69, removed sitemeter and inserted statcounter, added around 50 pictures, up from about 6!

wed 4/5/2017
started makeover of Iowa stations, last revised 10/10/12

thurs 4/6/2017
took the Arduino Day notice off of the RGUS and RSUS homepages
666 created  guides/system/FDDM&S/index.htm
updated the Iowa stations page, added logo69
updated rsus/visit cause someone sent me a note about the link to Microsofts password strength checker is dead, and it is, added logo69, last revised 3/29/2014

fri 4/7/2017
updated the recently updated lrv tech chapter 2 page again - fixed the links for the other pages, they werent turning purple after visiting the page
did the same for chapter 3
did the same for chapter 4

sat 4/8/2017
updated lrv tech pages chapter 5 and 6

Sun 4/9/2017
updated rsus/signals/unusal with pix from totonto's union terminal, the 3 aspect searchlight housings
updated lrv tech pages chapter 7

mon 4/10/2017
updated lrvtech chapters 8 and 9

wed 4/12/2017
updated lrvtech chapters 10, 11, 12, and 13 (last time 1/28/2012)

fri 4/14/2017
big update to lrvtech chapter 14, modified most of the pictures with callouts

sun 4/16/2017
added the PRRTHS annual mtg to the RGUS homepage
also added it to guides/pa/harrisburg/index.htm

mon 4/17/2017
667 created  the circus train page guides/Circus2017Blue1/index.htm

tues 4/18/2017
added more to the circus train page

wed 4/19/2017
added more to the circus train page

thurs 4/20/2017
added more to the circus train page, corrected Mt Claire to Mt Clare
added a link on both RSUS and RGUS index pages, AND the INDEXA page to circus train page

sat 4/22/4017
made changes to the Oblivion page

sat 4/22/4017
made more changes to the Oblivion page, added the ONLINE change sequence

wed 4-26-2017
updated lrvtech chapter 15/16-couplers/lights

thurs 4/27/2017
updated lrvtech chapter 17/18-winterization/destination signs

fri 4/28/2017
updated lrvtech chapter 19-operation
finished up updating the lrv tech section with chapters 20 and 21, still have a few items to correct in bad links

sat 4/29/2017
668 created  guides/museums/lakeshore

sun 4/30/2017
updated the graffiti page on RSUS

fri 5/5/2017
669 created  guides/pa/jenkintown/index.htm because of a set of pictures Mitchell Libby sent me

sat 5/6/2017
updated guides/stations/id with a whole bunch more pictures and added top of the page links, replaced google analytics with statcounter
updated guides/ny/buffalomap2 with additional pics from Scott H
did the same for the Depew NY page

sun 5/7/2017
updated guides/in/griffith because of question someone had about picture credit, added logo69, added the normal header stuff in top section

sun 5/14/2017

sun 5/21/2017
Went to the MicroCenter and bought a new Dell laptop

sat 5/27/2017
updated guides/livediesel/index, removed JPEGs for the railroads, and just put text in
CALS open for the Baltimore Herb Festival

sun 5/28/2017
updated guides/index by removing notice for the PRRH&TS meeting last weekend
670 created  guides/mi/mtpleasant/index because someone, Amanda, sent me a note a train station restaurant in town

thurs 6/1/2017
added  notice about N&W Historical Society annual mtg in Strasburg to guides index
corrected bad links on the GTW system map page, inserted logo 69
updated the IAIS system map page with some new maps, inserted logo 69

sat 6/3/2017
671 created  guides/wv/sheperdstown/index.htm, added it to the guides index page
672 created  guides/va/midlothian/index.htm

fri 6/9/17
673 created  rsus/stuff/index.htm
674 created  rsus/stuff/electronics/datasheets/ebay/index.htm
added STUFF to the RSUS index page, need to add it to the indexa page

sun 6/11/17
Trip with Jersey Mike to take pictures of Pennsy signals Huntingdon PA to Lewiston

mon 6/12/17
added descriptions to some of the signal names, like early

tue 6/13/17
updated guides/sc/blacksburg, added logo69, added GPS info, added standard disclaimer section

wed 6/14/17
uploaded the midlothian page, added it to the RGUS index page
added two logo69's to the RGUS index page

thurs 6/15/17
Tina's 15th Wedding Anniversary
did huge update on guides/stations/sd, went from 4 towns to around 40, many with multiple pictures, like the black hills central rr

fri 6/16/17
Dianne down to OC to visit aunt Joanna
updated guides/stations/nd, went from one city to 29, added logo69
Did up a default page for stations, had one, but lost it on the crashed computer

sat 6/17/17
updated the raleigh nc page, added logo 69, added my new normal IN GENERAL section

sun 6/18/17
Hamfest (bought 2m/440 mag mnt antenna), BARC, in Arcadia, then lunch and trainshow (bought switch machines) with Jen
another quick update for Denvers name on RI station page because of links he sent me

mon 6/19/17
updated the link section on the live diesel homepage
added more postcards to the RI station page
updated the VT station page, added logo 69, added statcounter

thurs 6/23/17
updated the georgia station page

fri 6/24/17
updated the Georgia station page again
675 created  guides/system/cgw/index.htm
676 created  guides/system/savannahatlanta/index.htm
updated the Southern Rwy system map page, added logo 69

sat 6/25/17
677 created  guides/system/asab/index.htm
678 created  guides/system/cottonbelt/index.htm
679 created  guides/system/nandw/index.htm
680 created  guides/system/dti/index.htm
681 created  guides/system/nkp/index.htm
updated the VGN Rwy system map page, added logo 69 and many photos and maps
updated rsus/trips/trip2, corrected 3 links, added logo69
updated rsus/trips/trip11, added logo69

mon 6/26/17
updated the dc streetcar page with two articles
682 created  guides/livediesel/midmichigan/index.htm, added it to the RGUS index page, 2 places, added it to the livediesel homepage

tues 6/27/17
updated the DOLL POST page, added logo69, deleted thumbnails
added vintage pix of suttons bay depot to guides/mi/traverse, added location JPEGS, added logo69

wed 6/28/17
updated the suttons bay page , did away with thumbnails, added logo69, other small stuff

thurs 6/29/2017
683 created  rsus/amis/THS69RIP
created rsus/jimsouthern.htm

sat 7/1/17
updated guides/ridervale/index.htm with house prices, took out Mimi's contact info since she moved 5 years ago

sun 7/2/17
684 created  guides/vt/stalbans/index.htm
685 created  guides/system/cae/index.htm, one map

mon 7/3/17
686 created  guides/system/B&E/index.htm for the baltimore and eastern rr
Dan and Cynthia left around 11 for a two week trip to France

tues 7/4/17
687 created  guides/system/cf&w/index.htm for the caney fork & western rr
688 created  guides/system/cnj/index.htm for the central rr of nj
689 created  guides/system/cog/index.htm for the central rr of georgia
updated guides/system/chatnashwest with a 2nd map
690 created  guides/system/kb&s/index.htm for the kankakee, beaverville & southern rr
691 created  guides/system/inr/index.htm for the indiana northeastern rr
692 created  guides/system/ac&y/index.htm for the akron, canton & youngstown rr
moved Jim Southerns page to rsus/jim/index.htm

thurs 7/6/17
updated guides/in/southbend with logo69, more pictures, article about short line, added PL1 etc, moved picture and misc sections around

thurs 7/13/17
693 created  rsus/stuff/electronics/arduino/shields/index.htm

fri 7/14/17
694 created  guides/md/baltco/fire/sta10 for parkville paid

sat 7/15/17
updated ALL of the Baltimore County Fire Station pages with the disclaimer section, shortened basically just for contact info
695 created  guides/md/baltcofire/sta2 for pikesville paid
696 created  guides/md/baltcofire/sta57 for sparrows point paid
697 created  guides/md/baltcofire/sta32 for pikesville vol
698 created  guides/md/baltcofire/sta6 for dundalk paid

mon 7/17/17
699 created  guides/system/B&O/
700 created  guides/system/C&O/
701 created  guides/system/chessie/
702 created  guides/in/seymour/

tues 7/18/17  TINA's 40th BDAY
updated the Indiana stations page with logo 69, and the station pictures from the Seymour page, about 10 or so pix

thurs 7/20/17
703 created  rant20 page, added it to the rant index page
added signal pix to the seymour page

fri 7/21/17
Denver sent a boatload of seymour signal pix

sat 7/22/17
704 created  guides/in/northvernon/
added signal pix to the seymour page

sun 7/23/17
updated ALL of the prices pages with huge disclaimer that I am not selling the stuff, got another email asking if something was still for sale

mon 7/24/17
updated guides/il/interlocking/index with logo 69 and took out most the excess verbage in disclaimer section
updated guides/livediesel/sykes/index, deleted thumbnails, added logo 69

wed 7/27/17
updated guides/ri/providence for the 1st time since it was created, added logo69, removed sitemeter and added statcounter, added bunches of google streetview screenshots

frid 7/27/17
updated guides/tx/tyler with logo69, additional signal pictures, my standard in general section

sat 7/28/2017
updated the Seymour page with a few more signal pix and a food map, AND the final corel draw map
added vallonia, sparkston, brownstown, and norman to the RGUS index page under indiana as a brief mention on the seymour page

sun 7/30/17
Tina n kids drove up today

mon 7/31/17
705 created  rsus/stats/index.htm
706 created  guides/pa/yardley because of suggestion by Tim Glen, who lives there
Tina here to help clean off garage

tue 8/1/17
updated guides/mn/albertlea with 2 pictures from Tim Glen
updated the yardley page with info from Tim Glen
Tina still here to help clean up garage

wed 8/2/17
added Morrisville, Woodbourne, Langhorne and YARDLEY to the guides index page
updated guides/nj/bordentown, added logo69, a few more pictures, added the "normal" in general section

thurs 8/3/17
additional update on Bordentown, deleted almost all thumbnails, added many postcard pix from ebay
Tina and kids go back to Richmond

fri 8/11/17
updated rsus/signals/trilights with new picture from andrew maximous in san diego
updated guides/va/roanoke/page1 with note about railwalk being closed due to amtrak station construction

sun 8/13/17
updated guides/il/chicago/towers with info on harrison twr and additional pix from blue island

tues 8/15/17
created guides/il/blueisland/index.htm

sSun 8/20/17
corrected guides index page, added rosenburg to TX section,
added tehachapi to the CA section,
removed rosenburg from the rsus musem site,
corrected houston guide to have correct link to rosenburg page

mon 8/21/17
updated rsus/stats with 3 weeks of stats

tues 8/22/17
very large update on the chattanooga choo choo page, added all of the other attractions around town, added the (now) standard in general section

wed 8/23/17
updated the BSM page with photo to 4732 and a couple of lake roland
updated the old saybrook ct page with info from William Nelson, took out shit that didnt matter, corrected font sizes in several places, inserted logo69

fri 8/25/17
updated guides/pa/scranton0
updated guides/pa/scranton2, redid map
updated guides/pa/scranton3, added logo69, added a few things for Pittston

sat 8/26/17
Tour of Light Rail and Metro Shops!!! with the NRHS, Dave Wilson was tour guide, and Reid Baer was the superintendent on duty!

mon 8/28/17
707 created  guides/fl/miamimetro/index.htm

tues 8/29/17
fixed two links on INDEXA page for drawings of semaphores and PL signals
updated rsus/signals/sem/uss/index, put in statcounter after taking old one out, inerted logo69, got rid of thumbnails, inserted lined and mae headings 5 font and brown
added miami to the railfan guides index page
"redid" the heavy rail section of the index page
Trip to Camden NJ with Charlie, got a few pictures of the Light Rail in Camden NJ and the Maple Shade train station

wed 8/30--sat 9/2 at Walters

sun 9/3/17
708 created  guides/system/marquette
709 created  guides/system/M&O for the mobile and ohio rr
710 created  guides/system/GMnO for the gulf, mobile and ohio rr
711 created  guides/system/gnf for the georgia & florida rr
712 created  guides/system/monon
713 created  guides/system/mopac
714 created  guides/system/nyow for the new york, ontario and western
715 created  guides/system/nysw for the new york susquehanna and western

mon 9/4/17 LABOR DAY
updated rsus/stats with 2 weeks
716 created  guides/system/pe for the pacific electric in L.A.
717 created  guides/system/mec for the maine central
updated guides/mi/albion with logo69, signal3 pictures, which werent there and lost on old laptop, added new in general section
updated guides/mi/battlecreek, redid the corel map, added bridges section, added more pictures of amtrak trains, added now usual in general section
saw the movie THE HITMANS BODYGUARD tonight, very cool!

tues 9/5/17
trip to Harrisburg Amtrak Station and the Strasburg RR Museum with John Buxton

wed 9/6/17
additional update on the battle creek page, finished the corel draw update
just remembered that the White Creek operating session is this week.... fook

thurs 9/7/17
updated guides/stations/ky with tons of photos and info on the bridges and mammoth cave

fri 9/8/17
more updates on the ky station page

mon 9/11/17
updated guides/stations/ar with tons more postcards, and inserted logo69
changed rsus homepage for 9/11

tues 9/12/17
updated guides/stations/nj with logo69, oodles of pictures

wed 9/13/17
more updates to the NJ station page
changed the rsus homepage back to normal

thurs 9/14/17
more updates to the NJ station page

fri 9/15/17
more updates to the NJ station page

sat 9/16/17
trip to Sunbury and Northumberland PA with Jersey Mike

sun 9/17/17
updated guides/va/lorton with logo69 and like to an autotrain page

mon 9/18/17
718 created  guides/pa/sunbury/index.hrm

tues/wed/thurs 9/19/20/21/17
added more stuff to the sunbury page

sun 9/24/17
lead picture on my Electric Trolley museum page for Scranton gets used on LAST WEEK TONIGHT with John Oliver, is that fucking cool or what!!!
updated the sunbury page sumore

mon 9/25/17
updated the rsus stats page with 3 weeks
updated the sunbury page sumore

sun 10/1/17
updated rsus/tech/sigcircuit with logo69, corrected 2 mispelt words, and change JPG to jpg for the 3 photos of output modules

mon 10/2/17
updated guides/tx/houston/map2 for tower 85, added logo 69, updated the map with light rail line and other stuff, added many pix off google maps and bing

tues 10/3/17
more update to the tower85 page
updated houston light rail main page, guides/tx/houston/lightrail, updated the system maps and description of the lines and added a section on the LRV's
updated guides/tx/houston/map3, added logo69, redid the two maps, added disclaimer section
updated  guides/tx/houston/map6

tues 10/10/17
updated guides/tx/houston/map6 (for tno junct), added logo69
719 created  guides/tx/houston/map8/index.htm for Tower 13 and Eureka Yard
added it to the guides index

thurs 10/12/17
720 created  guides/tx/houston/map7 for Casey Yard
sat 10/14/17
added more tuff to casey yard page

sun 10/15/17
added more stuff to casey yard page

mon 10/16/17
TN Operation at Johns Hopkins Outpatient Center

tues 10/17/17
721 created  guides/tx/houston/map9 for Belt Junction

wed 10/18/17
722 created  guides/tx/houston/map10 for GH&H Crossing

thurs 10/19/17
added more stuff to the GH&H crossing page

sun 10/22/17
723 created  guides/tx/houston/map12 for tower 26

mon 10/23/17  DEBBIE's BDAY
added more stuff and my map to the twr 26 page

tues 10/24/17
added dot crossing reports to twr 26 page

thurs 10/26/17 -- thurs 11/2/17
In Richmond to help Tina with Halloween, no computer usage at all

tues 11/7/17
updated guides/in/southbend

wed 11/8/17
more updates on the south bend page

thurs 11/9/17
more updates on the south bend page
724 created  guides/system/indiana/index.htm

sat 11/11/17
updated guides/md/bowie with pix of a caution only signal on pope's creek branch

sun 11/12/17
updated guides index, removed ad for conference in Michigan back in sep
updated rsus/trips/trip3 with a more labelled version of the woodside aerial shot

tues 11/14/17
725 created  rsus/rulebooks/acl26
726 created  rsus/rulebooks/br&p15
727 created  rsus/rulebooks/bo48

wed 11/15/17
728 created  rsus/rulebooks/bm31
729 created  rsus/rulebooks/bar10

thurs 11/16/17
730 created  rsus/rulebooks/C&A09
731 created  rsus/rulebooks/WM39
732 created  rsus/rulebooks/C&O31
733 created  rsus/rulebooks/D&H14
734 created  rsus/rulebooks/DL&W18

fri 11/17/17
735 created  rsus/rulebooks/Erie52
736 created  rsus/rulebooks/L&N09
737 created  rsus/rulebooks/L&N74

sat 11/18/17
738 created  rsus/rulebooks/MEC24
739 created  rsus/rulebooks/NH25

sun 11/19/17
740 created  rsus/rulebooks/MiC20
741 created  rsus/rulebooks/N&W15
742 created  rsus/rulebooks/RUT37
743 created  rsus/rulebooks/WAB22

mon 11/20/17
updated rsus/stats with 8 weeks of statistics
744 created  rsus/rulebooks/WAB58
745 created  rsus/rulebooks/SCL67
746 created  rsus/rulebooks/SAL62
747 created  rsus/rulebooks/PM36
updated rsus/diamonds/d1 for the B&O/PRR crossing by penn-mary yard, made all pix full size instead of thumbnails, added transit map

tues 11/21/17
748 created  rsus/rulebooks/LS&MS05
749 created  rsus/rulebooks/NY&LB03
750 created  rsus/rulebooks/NYC&HR12
751 created  rsus/rulebooks/NYC37
752 created  rsus/rulebooks/PRR25
753 created  rsus/rulebooks/SR43
754 created  rsus/rulebooks/WAB01
755 created  rsus/rulebooks/SOO28

tues 11/22/17
756 created  rsus/rulebooks/CNW02
757 created  rsus/rulebooks/UP19

thurs 11/24/17
758 created  rsus/rulebooks/MetraRI
759 created  rsus/rulebooks/PRRCUS

fri 11/24/17
760 created  rsus/rulebooks/ICG74
761 created  rsus/rulebooks/IC28

sat 11/25/17
762 created  rsus/rulebooks/CGW54
763 created  rsus/rulebooks/DMIR65

sun 11/26/17
764 created  rsus/rulebooks/GN29
765 created  rsus/rulebooks/RI21
766 created  rsus/rulebooks/KCT17
767 created  rsus/rulebooks/KCT53

mon 11/27/17
768 created  rsus/rulebooks/C&EI49
769 created  rsus/rulebooks/CNW1893
770 created  rsus/rulebooks/C&WI55
771 created  rsus/rulebooks/MP29
772 created  rsus/rulebooks/DRGW38
773 created  rsus/rulebooks/MILW17
774 created  rsus/rulebooks/ATSF09
775 created  rsus/rulebooks/CBQ16
776 created  rsus/rulebooks/GM&O51

tues 11/28/17
777 created  rsus/rulebooks/ChiJct27
778 created  rsus/rulebooks/CSPM&O99
779 created  rsus/rulebooks/EJ&E42
780 created  rsus/rulebooks/WP24
781 created  rsus/rulebooks/SP30
782 created  rsus/rulebooks/SOO12
783 created  rsus/rulebooks/NP25
784 created  rsus/rulebooks/Frisco09
785 created  rsus/rulebooks/FE&MV1890
786 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraAMTK/

wed 11/29/17
787 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraATSF/
788 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraBRC/
789 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraBN/
790 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraCC&P/
791 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraCNW/
792 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraCR/
793 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraCSSSB/
794 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraCR/
795 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraCSX/
796 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraEJ&E/
797 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraGTW/
798 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraIC/
799 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraIHB/
800 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraMETRA/
801 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraNS/
802 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraSOO/
803 created  rsus/rulebooks/cora/coraUP/
802 deleted rsus/amtrak1.htm and referenced rsus/rulebooks/amtrakNEC

fri 12/1/17
updated rsus/rulebooks/cror/index.htm, replaced google stats with statcounter, inserted logo69, got rid of thumbnails cleaned up shitty microsoft html code
803 created  rsus/rulebooks/SNCF/

mon 12/4/17
laser roto-rotor at Chesapeake Urology

tues 12/5/17
updated guides/on/guelph
updated guides/stations/id
wed 12/6/17
updated guides/stations/id sumore

thurs 12/7/17
updated guides/stations/id sumore
started update on guides/stations/ms

fri 12/8/17
finished update to the MS station page, added logo 69 and about 45 towns

sat 12/9/17
started update to guides/stations/mt

sun 12/10/17
finished montana station page update, went from 1 station to 33 locations, added logo69
started update to guides/stations/ut, 1st time since created, added logo69, changed googlestats to statcounter

mon 12/11/17
updated guides/stations/ut sumore

tue 12/12/17
updated guides/stations/ut sumore

wed 12/13/17
updated guides/stations/ut sumore
updated guides/stations/ri - had 2 entries for rutland, added index at top

thurs 12/14/17
updated guides/stations/ut sumore, thelast for now

fri 12/15/17
updated guides/stations/ok, added logo69, changed sitemeter to statcounter, went from 1 to 37 locations

sat 12/16/17
updated guides/stations/ny, added logo 69, added plenty more towns

sun 12/17/17
updated guides/stations/ny sumore
updated guides.stations/pa, moved oakland from NY to susquehanna PA (near Gary S's house)

mon 12/18/17
did m ore NY stations page
updated the SC stations page, added logo69
tues 12/19/17
added more stuff to the SC stations page
added link to Denver Todd's museum index page to the Guides homepage
updated guides/stations/wi, added logo69, replaced google analytics with statcounter, added a few more towns

wed 12/20/17
updated guides/stations/wi, added logo69, inserted statcounter, removed google analytics, added more stations

thurs 12/21/17
updated guides.stations.or, cobverted to statcounter, added logo69, added more stations

fri 12/22/17
started update of guides/stations/il, added logo69, changed google analytics to statcounter, added a few stations

sat 12/23/17
did a quick update on guides/oh/deshler to add a diagram of the angle of the diamond, added the now normal IN GENERAL section and disclaimer section
added a few more pix to the IL station page

sun 12/24/17
added more pix to the IL station page

mon 12/25/17
added more pix to the IL station page
changed the RSUS homepage to MERRY CHRISTMAS at 2am

tues 12/26/17
added more pix to the IL station page

wed 12/27/17
added more pix to the IL station page

thurs 12/28/17
added more pix to the IL station page

fri 12/29/17
added more pix to the IL station page

sat 12/30/17
added a picture to rsus/signals/pl by marty bernard showing domino style background on regular pennsy style signal
added more pix to the IL station page

sun 12/31/17
continued working on IL train stations page

mon 1/1/18
continued working on IL train stations page

tues 1/2/18
continued working on IL train stations page

wed 1/3/18
continued working on IL train stations page

thurs 1/4/18
restored the main rsus index page
continued working on IL train stations page

fri 1/5/18
for now, done with IL stations page after going thru 18 pages of postcards on EBay
started on makeover for the TN stations page

sat 1/6/18
did more work on the TN stations page

sun 1/7/18
did more work on the TN stations page
804 created  guides/system/TnCentral/index.htm

mon 1/8/18
did more work on the TN stations page

tues 1/9/18
did more work on the TN stations page

wed 1/10/18
did more work on the TN stations page

thurs 1/11/18
did more work on the TN stations page
added miniature trains to the GUIDES index page and added a 3 item miniature train section:
805 created  guides/ParkTrains/zoo/index.htm
806 created  guides/ParkTrains/park/index.htm
807 created  guides/ParkTrains/other/index.htm

sat 1/13/18

sun 1/14/18

mon 1/15/18
updated guides/pa/lebanon with pictures from yesterdays visit to downtown Lebanon before CABIN FEVER SHOW

tues 1/16/18
added pictures to the Kansas station page, it had NONE

wed 1/17/18
updated rsus/rulebooks/rulebooks.htm withcredit to Allen Miller, cleaned up some html code
more Kansas stations

thurs 1/18/18
updated guides/ga/folkston with info from Chuck Till
did more KS station stuff

fri 1/19/18
did more KS station stuff

sat 1/20/18
finished up going thru Ebay postcards for the KS station page, phew

sun 1/21/18
did some updating on the MO station page page, inserted logo69
started on updating the WY station page - only one picture on the page, only edit was the day it was created
updated revision page

mon 1/22/18
more WY stations page stuff

tues 1/23/18
more WY stations page stuff
added an Avatar comment to the RSUS home page when I found out #2 isn't till (now) 2020... the fuckers.....

wed 1/24/18
started work on redoing the FL stations page

thurs 1/25/18
continued work on FL stations page

fri 1/26/18
worked on FL stations page

sat 1/27/18
worked on FL stations page

sun 1/28/18
worked on FL stations page

mon 1/29/18
worked on FL stations page

tue 1/30/18
final (for now) upload of FL stations page
started work on TOWERS page

wed 1/31/18
worked on TOWERS page

thurs 2/1/18
worked on TOWERS page

fri 2/2/18
finally uploaded completely redone TOWERS page to guides/towers/index.htm, moved it from RSUS where I didnt even have a link to it!!!

sun 2/4/18
SUPERBOWL SUNDAY, New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles, EAGLES WON!
started changes to the chicago yard page

mon 2/5/18
worked on finishing the html huge facelift for the chicago yards page

tues 2/6/18
added stuff for 18th st yard to the chicago yards page

wed 2/7/18
down to Tina's

thurs 2/8/18
trip to Farmville VA

fri 2/9/18
return home, Sophia got strep throat

sat 2/10/18
808 created  guides/va/farmville/index.htm

sun 2/11/18
added farmville to the GUIDES index

mon 2/12/18
continued adding content to the farmville page
more work on double root canal by geating
deleted tues 2/13/18 HOUSTONLR205 from the Houston LR page cause a girl who took the picture wrote to me and wanted me to buy it...... fc hr

tues 2/13/18
added more stuff to the farmville page

wed 2/14/18
lunch with Jen and Dianne
added more stuff to the farmville page

thurs 2/15/18
added more stuff to the farmville page

fri 2/16/18
added more stuff to the farmville page

sat 2/17/18
added more stuff to the farmville page, added my own map of the blue ridge district instead of using trainwebs
did a quick update of the saybrook ct page, minor grammar shit

sun 2/18/18
finished the main corel map for farmville and uploaded the (for now) final version of the page
also sent Stephanie, the one who emailed me about the Alamay photo of hers on my houston page, an email with a link to the page stephanieannmiller@hotmail.com

mon 2/19/18
updated website stats page with stuff since 11/19/17

tues 2/20/18
updated guides/mi/saginaw after Jack Prange emailed me and told me the semaphore is gone jackprangeii@yahoo.com
updated the BSME page, added logo69, 3 pics of narrow gauge section, redid the HTML

thurs 2/22/18
updated guides/stations/co, redid the html, added logo 69, made pics all the same size, etc

fri 2/23/18
809 created  rsus/honda/ for complaints on my honda odessey

sat 2/24/18
810 created  guides/ca/fresno and added it to the index

sun 2/25/18
added more stuff to the fresno page

mon 2/26/18
added more stuff to the fresno page

tues 2/27/18
added more stuff to the fresno page

wed 2/28/18
Walter's birthday
Trip to DC to ride the DC Streetcar with Buxton
added more pics to the fresno page

updated the queens NYC page with maps and pictures, in response to Denver's inquiry about the hell gate bridge page
updated the BSM page after getting email from Suzy Kopf that a new bsm website was up and running suzykopfstudio@gmail.com
updated the septa rt100 page after Jeff Karpinski sent me a note about the line and some fare updates jeffkarp@hotmail.com

fri 3/2/18
updated guides/roanoke main page with link after seeing an incoming visit from www.railroadradio.net/content/view/174/207/

sat 3/3/18
updated two maplets for sunbury pa

sun 3/4/18
trip up buffalo line with mike brotzman
811 created  guides/pa/nesbit/index.htm for the signals at the three interlockings

mon 3/5/18
added more pics to the nesbit page, including a corel map of the layout

tues 3/6/18
added more pix to the nesbit page

wed 3/7/18
added more pix to the Linden signal page
812 created  rsus/amis/upton020118 for Upton's retirement party

thurs 3/8/18
lunch with Phil Farmen, cancelled with Ali & Ed
813 created  guides/pa/nicholson/index.htm for the Tunkhannock Viaduct, why didnt I do one before this???

fri 3/9/18
added 2 pix by Jersey Mike to the linden interlocking page
814 created  a page for what signal style railroads used

sun 3/11/18
created a page for 10 minutes, rsus/rant69, just so charlie could see it and get pissed off

mon 3/12/18
did a major makeover on the Guides index page, deleting the orz green bars and just going to a size 6 name of the state, also cleaned up  lot of html code

tues 3/13/18
updated the signal types page with pictures

thu 3/15/18
815 created  guides/ar/hoxie, cause Denver Todd did one too, after train mag did a hotspot thing on it

fri 3/16/18
updated the cincinati streetcar page with an article, reformatted some of the html

sat 3/17/18
816 created  guides/system/GN/index.htm for a map of the Great Northern Rwy
updated the HOXIE page

sun 3/18/18
updated the HOXIE page

mon 3/19/18
updated guides/oh/marion cause Denver asked about the coal tower, that seems to be gone now
updated the HOXIE page yet sumore

tues 3/20/18
updated the marion oh page sumore, ooooops, the coal tower is still there, just in a different place

wed 3/21/18
updated guides/ga/folkston, redid the map, added roadmasters lodge as a separate listing, as well as making the other lodge an item
added the beatles park and the airplane a separate site on the hoxie page

thurs 3/22/18

fri 3/23/18
817 created  guides/system/R&D/index.htm for the richmond & danville rr

sun 3/25/18
818 created  guides/system/ic for map of the illinois central

mon 3/26/18
updated the map for South Bend IN, uploaded it, prompted by email from Don Keeler

tues 3/27/18
819 created guides/system/rdg for map of the reading rr

wed 3/28/18
updated guides/pa/newcastle, added a few new pix, cleaned up html, added logo69

fri 3/30/18
updated ROBIN's page with new photo from Bruce Dunlop

sun 4/1/18
updated guides/stations/nh
820 created guides/system/eh&asr

mon 4/2/18
started adding pictures to guides/stations/nh

tues 4/3/18
added more NH station pix

wed 4/4/18
added more NH station pix

thurs 4/5/18
added more NH station pix

fri 4/6/18
added more NH station pix

sat 4/7/18
added more NH station pix

sun 4/8/18
added more NH station pix

mon 4/9/18
added more NH station pix

tue 4/10/18
added more NH station pix

wed 4/11/18
added more NH station pix

thurs 4/12/18
done with adding over 10 pages of ebay NH station pix

fri 4/13/18
started adding pictures to guides/stations/tx

sat 4/14/18
added more tx station pix

sun 4/15/18
added more tx station pix

mon 4/16/19
added more tx station pix

tues 4/17/18
added more tx station pix

wed 4/18/18
updated the SEPTA homepage with more security stuff in response to note on philly streetcar group
added more tx station pix

thurs 4/19/18
added more TX station pix

fri 4/20/18
added more TX station pix

sat 4/21/18
cant ftp to railfan guides

sun 4/22/18
still cant ftp to railfan guides, called JUST HOST, 888-755-7585, spoke to Brian,  still nuttin
changed the encryption to plain old non secure ftp, that seemed to work

mon 4/23/18
added more TX station pix

tues 4/24/18
added more TX pictures, done for now with huge update
started update on baltimore map 7

wed 4/25/18
STARTED editing on the MI stations page, but not uploaded yet, changed picture names, severe html edit

thurs 4/26/18
did more editing on the MI stations page, but not uploaded yet

fri 4/27/18
did more editing on the MI stations page, but not uploaded yet

sat 4/28/18
updated the Oblivion page with another picture, oblivionlarge1

sun 4/29/18
did more editing on the MI stations page, but not uploaded yet

mon 4/30/18
did more editing on the MI stations page, but not uploaded yet

tues 5/1/18
did more editing on the MI stations page, but not uploaded yet

wed 5/2/18
updated baltimore map 14 page with news of Locust Point Yard closing, added more aerial pix, added current balt guide index pages, added logo69

thurs - nuttin

fri 05/04/18 - nuttin
1st day of last Spoutwood Fairie Festival

sat 05/05/18 - nuttin
2nd day of the last SFF

sun 05/06/18
821 created guides/system/fec
822 created guides/system/FoxRiver
added them both to the GUIDES home page

mon - nuttin - helped Bryant move 4 trailers from Spoutwood after 3 days at the Spoutwood Fairie Festival - Kumbiano

tues 05/08/18
823 created guides/system/gwwr
824 created guides/system/GWRwyUK
825 created guides/system/KCM&O
826 created guides/system/IlTerm
updated the unusual signal page, some type face got made size 5

wed 05/09/18
827 created guides/renfaires/spoutwood18a for the 1st day
828 created guides/renfaires/spoutwood18b for the 2nd day
829 created guides/renfaires/spoutwood18c for the 3rd
830 created guides/renfaires/spoutwood18d for the day after
831 created guides/renfaires/spoutwood18x for the deal on spoutwood farms

thurs 5/10/18
updated spoutwoodc with additional pix

fri 5/11/18
created rsus/amis/ngc/MarkA/index.htm for Mark Angelino's retirement
updated guides/renfaires/spoutwood18c sumore
added pics to charlotte's retirement party page, finally, after 5 years

sat 5/12/18
updated the guides/pa/stewartstown page with pictures taken last monday

sun 5/13/18
updated the guides /system/frisco page with additional map, added logo69, added "found at guides" to the amps
832 created guides/system/mkt
833 created guides/system/DelawareCoPA for a 1909 map of the county

mon 5/14/18
updated guides/pa/stewartstown, added a corel draw map started last night, added pictures

tues 5/15/18
added more pics to the stewartstown page, ones from thsi past saturday with JEN
updated the BART subway page, added logo69, added pix of Milbrae, added list of places it interfaces with other transit

wed 5/16/18
updated the sacramento light rail page, added pics, added logo69, added content, added maps

thurs 5/17/18
Walter here

fri 5/18/18
Walter here, replaced windows in dining room at 1220

sat 5/19/18
Walter here, removed wall between den and mastr bath at 1204, TIMBER!, been 10 years since we did the outside there and replaced 11 windows and 1 door, moved another door, added third door

sun 5/20/18
834 created guides/system/sal for the seaboard air line rr system maps, added to guides index
835 created guides/system/scl for the seaboard coast line rr system maps, added to guides index
836 created guides/system/soo for the soo system maps, added to guides index
837 created guides/system/texpacific for the texas & pacific system maps, added to guides index
833 deleted in the rsus/signals directory, index.htm, and cpl.htm, amtrak.htm, and cpldwgs.htm

thurs 5/24/18
updated the Newark DE page, it had a grand rapids USGS map on it????, added logo69, made some of the thumbnails full size, changed the blue horz lines to gray where needed, moved
fire stuff down to its own category, same with floobydust and USGS, still need to do the thing to the IN GENERAL section
John Gavin came over, gave him Steve P's CPL signal I was selling and wiring up for him, now that he doesnt work at CSX anymore, hard to come by them!!!

sun 5/27/18
Howard Cnty Hamfest - didn't go
added "festivals, faires, and fests" to the RSUS homepage, cleaned up the html code too

mon 5/28/18
uploaded more of spoutwood day 2

tues 5/29/18
uploaded an almost finished day 2 of the spoutwood festival

sun 6/3/18
revised guides.us/mn/stcloudnw/index.htm, redid the html, added signal bullet point icons, went from 18K to 10K in size

mon 6/4/18
834 created my first page for Nebraska: guides/ne/sutherland/index.com, cause Denver did a page for it, because of the railroad park there

tues 6/5/18
updated the sutherland page with stuff about the depot

wed 6/6/18

thurs 6/7/18
updated Spoutwood B
updated guides/pa/gallitzin, added lower info section, added logo69, added place icons, changed html

sat 6/9/18
Train show at Timonium, and MD Fairy Festival, shoulda gone TODAY!!!

sun 6/10/18
MD Fairy Festival, rained, fuc

mon 6/11/18
updated guides/il/joliet with logo69, few pictures, stuff about bridge, added my racetrack dwg

mon 6/18/18
updated guides/oh/fostoria

wed 6/20/18
updated guides/pa/stewartstown for info from a guy that sent it in

tues 7/3/18 to fri 7/6/18
atTina's in Richmond

sun 7/8/18
updated the BSM page with article that appeared in yesterday's Sunpapers about 544

MON 7/9/18
Sophia's Birthday
CHUCK died :-(

tues 7/10/18
changed RSUS homepage picture to one from the NYC subway
added the old pix to the old main page picture page

fri 7/13/18
did a minor update on the bedford VA page, added logo 69, changed a there to a their, did some html stuff

mon 7/16/18
KITCHEN REMODELING STARTED - took out the old cabinets

tues 7/17/18
KIT REMOD - took out old flooring, dan n bob (dad), I started rewiring

wed 7/18/18
KIT REMOD - prepared floor, thought they would take old old flooring up, but too much trouble, I took old sheetrock to expedite wiring

thurs 7/19/18
KIT REMOD - they screwed around with the floor sumore, I continue wiring

fri 7/20/18
KIT REMOD - they put down concrete board on the floor, supported island from bsmnt with 2x8, they bring in sheetrock, I continue wiring

sat 7/21/18
KIT REMOD - spent all day wiring in the attic, taking old fan out, major PIA, install recessed lights

sun 7/22/18
updated guides/pa/mtunion
KIT REMOD - more wiring, almost finished, also ran new water line for frig with plastic tubing

mon 7/23/18
KIT REMOD - done with electric, sheetrock goes up, dan n bob, they got me copper tubing and I ran that instead of the plastic

tues 7/24/18
KIT REMOD - last sheetrock goes up, starts drywall compound, finishes the island, dan only, I do some minor wiring for under cabinet lights

wed 7/25/18
KIT REMOD - drywall compound, does sheetrock around the rear wall support that hangs down, dan only, I install the under cabinet light box in wall

thurs 7/26/18
KIT REMOD - 3rd coat of drywall compound, dan only

fri 7/27/18
updated the station 10 fire dept page  with a few new pix i took
KIT REMOD - put on last coat of drywall compound, dan only, gave him chk for $2K

sat 7/28/18
updated the guides/stations/az page, added logo 69, changed cities to lower case instead of all caps, indented html, added larger disclaimer section, added more photos from ebay

sun 7/29/18
more update on the AZ stations page

mon 7/30/18
last update on the AZ stations page
KIT REMOD - they sanded and painted the walls and ceilings, primer and finish coast, dan n bob

tues 7/31/18
KIT REMOD - installed 1/2 tile, dan and bob

wed 8/1/18
updated the NC stations page
KIT REMOD - installed the other half of the tile, dan n bob

thurs 8/2/18
last NC stations page update
KIT REMOD - dan did the grout, only used one bag, dan only, gave check for $6K

fri 8/3/18
KIT REMOD - start cabinet install, dan n bob

sun 8/5/18
updated the Atlanta map 8 page, marietta, because I noticed one of the old pictures was not there, so I took 2 new screenshots and added them
updated more of the MI stations page, what a major PIA
KIT REMOD - minor wiring, put in lights under cabinets over the sink area

mon 8/6/18
835 created guides/al/stevenson, after Denver told me about the trains mag hotspot in new issue
KIT REMOD - they installed the rest of the hanging cabinets, the pantry, and started on the base cabinets, dan and bob, 6hrs

tues 8/7/18
added more content to the stevenson page, Denver said it is already on the 3rd page of returns on google
KIT REMOD - installed the rest of the base cabinets, dan and bob, 6.5hrs

wed 8/8/18
KIT REMOD - started on crown molding, dan and bob - 7hrs

thurs 8/9/18
KIT REMOD - crown molding, dan and bob, 6.5hrs

fri 8/10/18
KIT REMOD - finished crown molding, did base cabinet molding, dan and bob, 5.5hrs

sat 8/11/18
did some updates on the guides/pa/lewistown page

sun 8/12/18
help for open house day wuth CALS 9;30-4

mon 8/13/18
KIT REMOD - range hood installed, cleaned, took equipment out, dan and bob, 2hrs
836 created rsus/rulebooks/GTW90

wed 8/15/18
update on guides/mi/durand

thurs 8/16/18
KIT REMOD - counter tops installed, excellent work, here 1-4;30
update on guides/ny/emira

fri 8/17/18
finished updating guides/mi/durand with note about signals being replaced, replaced thumbnails with full size pix

tues 8/21/18
updated guides/mn/minn/map0
837 created guides/mn/stpaul/map0, added it to the index page
saw THE EQUALIZER 2 tonight

wed 8/22/18
moved the minneapolis map 2 page for pigs eye yard to map 1 under st paul
changed the guides homepage to reflect the change
added/updated the pigs eye page

thurs 8/23/18
updated the st paul map 1 page sumore
the fucking state fair started tonight

fri 8/24/18
838 created guides/mn/newbrighton and added it to the index page
updated the st paul map 1 page sumore

sat 8/25/18
updated the new brighton page
updated the st paul map1 page

sun 8/26/18
updated the new brighton page

mon 8/27/18
more work on the new brighton page

tue 8/28/18
more work on the new brighton page corel map

wed 8/29/18
more work on the new brighton page corel map, maybe finished?

thurs 8/30/18
839 created guides/mn/stpaul/map2 for the downtown area
Went to last RAVENS preseason game with the Washington Redskins, we won, 30-20, took light rail down, we won all 5 preseason games

fri 8/31/18
did a little more update on new brighton page adding it is called Bulwer Jct, after Jim sent me good maps

sun 9/2/18
updated the Benson Ave picture page with a list of my bosses and what I did, added pix of retired people from going away parties, and a list of where are they now

mon 9/3/18
updated the st paul 2 page
updated guides/md/cockeysville with correct dates of hurricane agnes, added USGS map, a little html update too

thurs 9/6/18
updated guides/pa/altoona/map1, added logo69, cleaned up html, did away with many thumbnails, gotta update corel map

fri 9/7/18
another update on the altoona 1 page
NEW STOVE delivered - nope, cancelled because they said it got crushed

sat 9/8/18
840 created the guides/il/franklinpark page

sun 9/9/18
update the franklin park page
1st Ravens game of regular season against Buffalo, we win 47-3

mon 9/10/18
update the franklin park page

tues 9/11/18
change the homepage to my 911 page
updated the franklin park page for the last time, for now, added my corel map, which for now is a junior version, not complete with standard signal callouts
Stove delivery, this one all fucked up, enamel fucked up on cooking top, knob damaged, front stainless control panel damaged, rear cover damaged, upper control panel stainless steel panel dinged, WTF???

thurs 9/13/18
841 created guides/in/hanna
restored the normal RSUS index page
2nd Ravens game of the regular season on THURSDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL against Cincinnati

fri 9/14/18
small update on the Hanna IN page, added new aerial, added railfan guides to the maps

sun 9/16/18
updated hanna and hamlet pages
Jim Southerns memorial party at the Still

mon 9/17/18
updated the Elmira page, added GPS info, added article about the high line, added info about the LV depot

tue 9/18/18
2nd stove got delivered at 11;15

fri 9/21/18
842 created guides/az/sunlink/index
843 created rsus/funny/funny7/index

daily updates to the SUNLINK page, pretty much finished on wed 9/26

thurs 9/27/18
added aerial pix to the rsus/trips/trip3 page, of flying over the apartment bldg of my grandparents
updated guides/pa/hcurve, added an unyet done map of the curve, got rid of most thumbnails, cleaned up the html, it was terrible, added logo69

fri 9/28/2018
quick revision to the altoona map 1 page, added a couple of names to the credit list, moved the shops down to site 4, added note about the tower being closed
updated altoona map 3 page with pix of signal and bridge location

sat 9/29/18
updated the altoona map 3 page sumore

sun 9/30/18
updated the altoona map 3 sumore with directions and description in general section
TRIP TO ALTOONA with Mike Brotzman--return monday, miss train auction in Sykesville on monday

fri 10/5/18
844 created guides/pa/darby2/index.htm for the trolley-rail crossing

sun 10/7/18
updated the darby2 page

mon 10/8/18
updated the darby2 page with more pix

tues 10/9/18
updated rsus/support/derails/index.htm, more pix, deleted thumbnails

wed 10/10/18
845 created guides/ia/norasprings for the stuff previously on the Mason City page, which needs to be taken off of there
added nors springs to the guides index page,
also added a note about the national railfan ham radio frequency to the index page

thurs 10/11/18
upated the EIL page after David Bley emailed me, just corrected grammer mistakes

fri 10/12/18
added map to the Nora Springs page

sun 10/14/18
846 created uploaded a new old page I started years ago for Harrisburg, the dntn/central section, it was done, but never uploaded 4 years ago, WTF???  guides/pa/harrisburg/map1

mon 10/15/18
updated the rsus NWcpl page with updated Roanoke locator map, correcting Park St Tower to Yard Ofc, replacing yellow icons with the proper green/blk ones for signals

tues 10/16/18
updated the guides/mi/kalamzoo page with some semaphore pix from Railfan Jack
updated guides/in/southbend  with picture from Tim Vermande, also cleaned up some html code

wed 10/17/18
quick update on the guides/pa/altoona/map1 page with spelling corrections, adding links at the top, added a screen capture for signal time line

thurs 10/18/18
updated the kalamazoo page again with additional photos from J Prnage
847 created guides/md/striegals

fri 10/19/18
updated guides/mi/jackson cause Jack P sent me a thing to chk out the signals on Google, they have been replaced too, like KZoo

sun 10/21/18
updated guides/mi/kalkaska, edited html, redid the map, enlarged a few pics from thumbnails, added logo69

mon 10/22/18
quick update to guides/mi/traverse, added logo 69, changed some thumbnails to full size pix, edited html

tues 10/23/18
848 created guides/co/lyons for the train station there, added it to the index page

sat 10/27/18
changed rsus index page picture to wigwag i'm trying to sell, put old one on the old main page page

sun 10/28/18
updated guides/fl/marcy, because they replaced the old signals, added logo69, cleaned up html, added in general section, separated out the signal pix, added on page links

mon 10/29/18
started working on HFT again, finally, after an absence of about 5 or 6 years, lets try to get this shit done, worked on chap 1, reformatting the whole page and adding new titles and icons

tues 10/30/18
worked on chap 2 of HFT, doing the same, reformatting, etc

wed 10/31/18 HALLOWEEN
did more on chap 2, adding more pictures
started on chap 3
added note about drone 166 to the oblivion page

thurs 11/1/18
worked on chap3, still
added picture to guides/baltimore/greenspring for milepost, added logo 69, added icons for the 1, 2, 3, A, B, etc, added pix of the hollins station

fri 11/2/18
another quick update to the green spring page, added note about the milepost

sun 11/4/18
Gaithersburg train show, saw and/or met AndyLloyd, RobCatlin, JohnGavin, Sunil & friend, more, had fight with Brians wife about pictures of their stuff on my website

wed 11/7/18
updated the rsus/other/signs page, added logo69 and other jpegs for the headings, removed Brians name from the page after fight with his wife, added wikipedia typed warnings about buying signals

thurs 11/16/18
updated guides/pa/strasburg, inserted logo69, added gps and address, cleanedup html

fri 11/17/18
trip to Paoli and Strasburg with JB

sat 12/1/18
updated guides/md/timonium with logo69 and disclaimer section, cleaned some of the html

workin on HFT, kept me from working on railfan guide pages

wed 12/19/18
updated guides/va/suffolk with logo69, info from Pat Suttle, icons for places and signals, edited html

Fri 12/21/18
another small update to the Suffolk page

sat 12/22/18
Yet another small update to the Suffolk page, thanks to Pat again

working on HFT

wed 1/16/19
updated guides/oh/berea, inserted logo69, added a few new pictures, replaced thumbnails with full size pics, added the standard in general section

sun 1/20/19
LAST BSME OPEN HOUSE FOR PUBLIC, using generators to run things

wed 1/23/19
849 created rsus/rulebooks/GTW96 for new aspect chart Jack Prange sent me
added it to the rulebook index page
had to go in to the GTW90 page and change the page title, and same with the GTW96, I always forget them

sat 1/26/19
updated guides/pa/nicholson, added pix, added how to get there, added history

sun 1/27/19

fri 2/1/19
update guides/va/petersburg/map1 with photo of train on ACL line, cleaned up html A LOT

sat 2/2/19
Timonium great scale train show with Jen, gone to 2 a year, no more show in June

Sun 2/3/19
Another BSME work session, removed HO bldgs, rolling stock, yard cont panel and bridges, O side guys cut out switches removed wire
back to train show with Jen

mon 2/4/19
John and i to DC via light rail from Falls Rd, MARC Camden line, ride on DC Streetcar,
pix from parking lot, take Penn Line MARC back, light rail from Penn to Mt Royal and then Falls Rd
Rob didn't come, said he started having shingles on friday, but worked a full day down at the BSM, no more train ride invites

tues 2/5/19
additional html and formatting updates on the map 1 petersburg page

wed 2/6/19
BSM monthly board meeting, hardly anyone there

fri 2/8/19
updated guides/dc/map2 with additional maps and photos, cleaned html, added logo69
BSME monthly meeting in Woodbury

wed 2/13/19
moved newhouse/index.htm from RSUS to the railfan guides site
corrected the pointer on guides/ridervale
restored the pictures to newhouse, as they had been deleted on the RSUS server, got pictures off of the 2002 XP basement computer
Updated rsus/signals/lenses/index.htm, moved the purple and blue discussion headers around

sun 2/17/19
created guides/museums/newhopevalley/index.htm

mon 2/18-thurs 2/21
trip to Midlothian to see Tina

fri 2/22/19
minor changes to the new hope valley rwy page
changed the main picture on RSUS to that of the new transcontinental stamps, and put blurb about the BSME go fund me page on there too

sat 2/23/19
changed the south paterson  depot to the valdosta depot on the GA station page
took out the music links on the THS6940 page, cause it looks like they are now links to virus pages

fri 3/22/19
850 created  rsus/amis/ths6950.htm for the ths 50th reunion coming up in september

tues 3/26/19
added pix to guides/stations/md

thurs 3/28/19
HAD TREE in back yard cut down, and the other one that fell about a month ago cut up
added more pix to guides/stations/md

fri 2/29/19
help at the BSME
Tina and the kids drove up today

sat 3/30/19
went to lunch at the Nautilus with T and the kids, shop for furniture, Dianne bought new used chair for living room
uploaded hightower15.jpg to guides/md/bowie, it was missing

sun 3/31/19
Last day to move things out of the BSME saratoga street location

mon 4/1/19
updated guides/md/bowie with 2 pictures from Ric Carter
updated rsus/signals/pl/pl.htm, changed it to pl/index.htm, left the old page and put notice it will not be maintained anymore, changed rsus indexes

sat 4/6/19
another revision to rsus/signals/pl/index.htm, put notice about the signals in Northumberland being replaced, and the RR Museum of PA not wanting them
Timonium Train Show - the great scale model rr show, with Jenny
help Jim move more shit out of the BSME after landlord called him and asked him to move trash out, cut out another HO trolley section and some big xformers!

sun 4/7/19
fairly big update on guides/mi/grandrapids after I received a big update, redid the corel map, added pix, and cleaned up the html, added logo 69

fri 4/10/19
BSME meeting at parkdale

sat 4/11/19
created rsus/funny/funny8/index.htm
changed all of the FUNNY pages to put index to the funny pages on each one
updated indexa page to add funny8
sun 4/14/19
updated the EIL page with the story about working at westinghouse and rejecting the meters, someone else on FB said they worked there the same time I did

mon 4/15/19
updated the tyler tx page, with GPS locations, more info under the depot, and added link for the depot museum
cause I found out they have a link on their page to mine, but it is to; rsus/teaxs.tyler/imndex.htm, which I deleted a long time ago, so I put it back
851 created  rsus/texas/tyler as a redirect page for the Tyler depot museums link to my railfan guide

wed 4/17/19
updated rsus/rulebooks/lirr89 cause a fellow who "owns" one the pictures emailed me with info on it

thurs 4/18/19
updated guides/va/midlothian with a few new mini maps of the NS, and added Eli Christman's name, cleaned some html

Easter Sunday 4/21/19
TRIP to Scranton PA to meet Adam and pass-off my Wig-Wag signal

mon 4/22/19
updated guides/pa/scranton/map2 with with pictures of the DLrr from sun

thurs 4/25/19
updated the 50th reunion page, put the info page back i took off to plead Debbie, and added my hotel map of north baltimore

thurs 5/9/19
852 created  rulebooks/NKP43 and added it to the rulebooks homepage
Debbie's first day of Chemo....
updated the Oblivion page, added two pictures of the middle of the film, edited html

fri 5/10/19

tues 5/14/19
853 created  rulebooks/UCOR62 and added it to the rulebooks homepage

wed 5/15/19
854 created  guides/va/emporia/index.htm, and added it to the index page, still working on the map

mon  5/20/19
updated the 911 page

tue 5/21/19
updated the RSUS homepage with the Allied and Klein air horn notice not to use them, after dropping off letter to allied

sun 5/26/19
updated the FEC system map page, added a few new maps and FEC logo

tues 5/28/19
updated guides/oh/berea with a new corel map, info on amtrak, and additional info in the in general section

thurs 5/30/19
updated guides/va/map1, corrected all of the html, aded logo69, added standard in general section, added article on the VGN depot, etc

fri 5/31/19
another small update to roanoke map 1
started on update to guides/va/roanoke/map3

Fri 6/1/19
855 created  guides/va/christiansburg and uploaded it, added it to the railfan guides index

Mon 6/3/19
updated guides/va/roanoke/map5

thurs 6/6/19
856 created guides/trips/trip4 for the trip to NYC, but have not posted it yet

mon 6/10/19
updated guides/stations/nh with a few more cities and postcards from ebay

tue 6/11/19
updated  milford va page with current things like the location jpegs etc

fri 6/14/19
updated the EIL page with info from Dave Heise

sun 6/16/19
updated the subway surface page with additional photos

mon 6/17/10
updated the subway surface page again

fri 6/21/19
857 created guides/StreetcarTrainCrossings for the 3 US train/streetcar grade crossings, and put it in 4 places on the index page

mon 6/25/19
quick update to the MI stations page
858 created guides/stations/wa/index.htm

thurs 6/27/19
updated the WA stations page

fri 6/28/19
updated the WA stations page

sun 6/30/19
updated the WA stations page, added the Cascade Tunnel

mon 7/1/19
859 created guides/wa/cascade/index.htm for the Cascade Tunnel, decided to give it a page of its own

tue 7/2/19
860 created rsus/rulebooks/BARC2008/index.htm

thurs 7/4/19
updated guides/mi/detroit/index.htm

fri 7/5/19
861 created guides/mi/detroit/map2/index.htm for Delray tower, instead of covering it on the map1 page

mon 7/8/19
updated guides/septa/rt100, redid the corel map, enlarged thumbnails to full size photos

wed 7/10/19
updated guides/ridervale with a little bit of new data

fri 7/12/19
created the directory AMTRAK in the guides root
862 created guides/amtrak/amtrak0719/index.htm
863 created guides/baltimore/sinkhole0719/index.htm

mon 7/15/19
updated guides/baltimore/wallfall with additional signal and old pictures

tues 7/16/19
updated the NV stations page with new logo69 and additional photos

wed 7/17/19
updated the NV stations page

thurs 7/18/19
updated the NV stations page

updated the NV stations page

sat 7/20/19
updated the NV stations page with info on 3 amtrak stations
updated the CO stations page with new logo69
updated the CT stations page, added logo69, cleaned up HTML, changed city font to normal instead of all caps, added normal station prelude, and normal ending section at bottom
updated the Bedford VA page cause Rich sent me 2 new pix of signals

sun 7/21/19
updated the AL stations page

mon 7/22/19
updated the AL stations page

tues 7/23/19
updated the AL stations page

wed 7/24/19
updated the AL stations page

thurs 7/25/19
updated the AL stations page again
updated guides/atl/map3 with additional pictures and updates on Tilford yard being ripped up

sat 7/27/19
updated guides/pa/lebanon with some additional info from Warren T, who lives there
updated guides/md/hyattsville, with new pix of sig 7 from Steve of abandoned rails

sun 7/28/19
updated the Green Spring branch page

mon 7/29/19
862 deleted guides/indexb.... after not updating it since 2011!
updated guides/pa/phl/maps.htm, edited html, changed some info, deleted old page counter, inserted statcounter
863 created guides/pa/phl/philly1/index.htm, temp page tho just so not to get the 404 msg
864 created guides/pa/phl/philly2/index.htm, temp page tho just so not to get the 404 msg
865 created guides/pa/phl/philly3/index.htm, temp page tho just so not to get the 404 msg
866 created guides/pa/phl/philly4/index.htm, temp page tho just so not to get the 404 msg

thurs 8/1/19
updated the IN stations page, changed the logo69, edited htmal, did away with teh thumbnails, added bottom info section

sun 8/4/19
updated the IN stations page again

mon 8/5/19
updated the badly neglected OH stations page

tues 8/6/19
updated the OH page again

wed 8/7/19
more on the OH page

did more on the OH Page, only thru 2 of 10 pages on ebay for postcards
created guides/restaurants/index.htm

mon 8/13/19
updated rsus/rulebooks/sp98 with animated GIFs

tue 8/14/19-sat 8/24/19
updated the OH stations page-still not done15+ pages of postcards on ebay, phew

sat 8/24/19
updated guides/septa/market, updated corel map, edited html, added logo69

sun 8/25/19
867 created guides/stations/oh/indexb.htm after splitting Ohio into 4 pages
868 created guides/stations/oh/indexc.htm
869 created guides/stations/oh/indexd.htm, finally finished going thru 20 pages of ebay postcards for OH

mon 8/26/19
more oh stations updates

tues 8./27/19
updated guides/septa/norristown with new photos, logo69, and html stuff

fri 8/30/19
created guides/uk/isleofwight for the subway line there... first european guide

Sa 8/31/19
UD rsus/other/lanterns with picture of station lamp from ft kent me, added logo69, editied html

W 9/4/19
UD guides/pa/rockville, added logo69, added pix, got rid of some thumbnails, edited html

Th 9/5/19
UD rsus/basics/timelines.htm, changed it to basics/timelines/index.htm
UD guides/pa/rockville, edited html, added pix

F 9/6/19
UD rsus/basics/nomenclature, put it in its own directory, substituted JPEGs for the tables to make page simpler and smaller, inserted logo69, edited html

Tu 9/10/19
place 911 page in place

Th 9/12/19
UD placed add to sell website on the stevenson AL page as test run

F 9/13/19
UD changed main rsus index page to normal, escaped another year of someone complaining about my 911 page, or worse yet, having the government shut it down
UD stevenson AL page, added logo69, took out septa link
UD main rsus index page and took out BSME add
UD oldmainsignals page with the last two pictures

Sa 9/14/19
UD guides/septa/railmaps with new map I modified from septa map for heavy rail

M 9/16/19
UD the same page with map I modified from septa map for streetcar lines
UD guides/septa/route101 with logo69, and the trolley map from above
UD guides/septa/trackless with logo69, edited html, made look conform to that of Philly guides
UD guides/septa/route100 with edited logo69-made Philly the brown line, edited html, made look conform to that of Philly guides-brown lines
UD guides/septa/railmaps - made look conform to that of Philly guides with brown lines

W 9/18/19
updated guides/septa/surface, changed the horz lines to brown
updated guides/septa/broad, did same and added pix from 2104 John and I made on the line

Sa 9/21/19

UD all week, been working on update to the THS6950 page

F 9/27/19
UD guides/septa/index.htm with additional info

M 9/30/19
UD guides/sc/blacksburg cause of a site I found using pictures from there

Tu 10/01/19
UD guides/phl/index, added logo69
UD guides/phl/intro.htm, got rid of old counter, inserted statcounter, moved to its own directory: phl/intro and made it an index.htm, added some content, added logo69

W 10/02/19
UD philly links page, guides/pa/phl/links.htm, gave it its own directory guides/pa/phl/links/index.htm, corrected the phl index page, added logo69
UD changed the links.htm page to a redirect page wit link to new location

Th 10/3/19
small UD to guides/pa/links with a link from the philly guide index page
868 deleted guides/pa/phl/intro and moved info to the main philly index page

F 10/4/19
BUXTON's birthday
869 created guides/pa/phl/railroads/index.htm, finally after 10 years :-)
UD moved guides/pa/phl/links.htm to pa/phl/links/index.htm

Sa 10/5/19
870 created guides/pa/phl/bridges.htm from the bridge section of phl/places

Su 10/6/19
UD added more to the bridge page

M 10/7/19
871 created  guides/pa/phl/towers/index.htm
872 created  guides/pa/phl/junctions/index.htm

Th 10/10/19
more updates to the Philly towers page

Su 10/13/19
start UD pa/phl/zoo, including updating the corel map-corrected the hi line branch

M 10/14/19
more UD to pa/phl/zoo

Tu 10/15/19
more UD to pa/phl/zoo

more UD to pa/phl/zoo, added another signal location

Th 10/17/19
more UD to pa/phl/zoo, added two more signal locations
Elijah Cummings died today, dam

F 10/18/19
more UD to pa/phl/zoo
UD Philly junction page

Su 10/20/19
created the following guides/gregarious pages and added then to the railfan guides index
873  al/irondale
874  al/decatur
875  al/flomaton
876  al/stevenson
877  ak/anchorage
878  az/flagstaff
879  az/kingman
880  az/wilcox
881  az/winslow
882  ar/hoxie
883  ar/mamothsprings
884  ca/comptonac (alameda corridor)
885  ca/cabazon
886  ca/chatsworth
887  ca/featherrivercanyon (portola)
888  ca/fresno
889  ca/kleinfelter
890  ca/oaklandjls
891  ca/sanfranciscocc
892  ca/truckee
893  co/georgetown
894  dc/dc1 (union station)
895  ca/cajonpass
896  ga/austell
897  ga/dalton
898  ga/folkston
899  ga/locustgrove
900  ga/manchester
901  ga/ringgold
902  id/sandpoint
903  ca/dunsmuir
904  il/aurora
905  il/berwyn (lavergne metra station)
906  il/blueisland
907  il/cary
908  il/centralia
909  il/chicagobnsfracetrack
910  il/chicagoclyborn
911  il/chicagoroosevelt
912  il/chicgounionsta
913  il/dolton
914  il/edelstein
915  il/elmhurst
916  il/franklinpark
917  il/galesburg
918  il/homewood
919  il/jolietunionsta
920  il/lagrange
921  il/lakebluff (rondout junction)
922  il/matteson
923  il/rochelle
924  il/savanna
925  il/streator
926  il/unionirm
927  il/westchicago
928  il/westernsprings
929  in/elkhart
930  in/frankfort
931  in/garypinejct

mon 10/21/19
updated the guides index cause I added the following new pages:
932  ia/clinton
933  ia/davenport
934  ia/masoncity
935  in/griffith
936  in/lafayette
937  in/michigancity
938  in/porter
939  in/ogdendunes
940  in/portagewcj
941  in/terrehaute
942  ks/topeka
943  ky/rathole
944  md/baltimore
945  md/perryville
946  md/pointofrocks
947  md/sykesville
948  mi/battlecreek
949  mi/detroitdelray
950  mi/durand
951  mi/kalamazoo
952  mn/stpaul
953  mo/birmingham
954  mo/kansascityunsta
955  mo/kirkwood
956  mo/laplata
957  mo/marceline
958  mo/pacific
959  mo/stlouis1

tu 10/22/19
updated the guides index cause I added the following new page:
960  oh/conneaut

wed 10/23/19
updated the guides index cause I added the following new pages:
961  ne/brady 89
962  ne/gibbon
963  ne/grandisland
964  nc/thomasville
965  fl/plantcity
966  oh/bellevue
967  oh/berea
968  oh/cincinaticut
969  oh/deshler
970  oh/dover
971  oh/fostoria 100
972  ca/glendale
973  oh/lima
974  oh/marion
975  oh/toledo
976  oh/vermilion
977  oh/walbridge
978  or/columbiariver
979  or/klamathfalls
980  pa/portland
981  pa/altoona
982  pa/cassandra
983  pa/cresson 112

tues 10/29/19
updated the guides index cause I added the following new pages:
984  nc/hamlet
985  pa/gallitzin
986  pa/marysville (rockville bridge)
987  pa/altoonaHC
988  pa/northeast
989  tn/nashville
990  tx/flatonia
991  tx/saginaw
992  tx/spring 121

thur 10/31/19
small update to the yardley pa guide, added logo69, added a few captions, how to get here, deleted unused sections
updated the guides index cause I added the following new pages:
993  ut/echo
994  ut/ogden
995  ut/soldiersummit
996  va/ashland
997  va/lynchburg

fri 11/1/19
updated the guides index cause I added the following new pages:
998  va/cliftonforge

sat 11/2/19
updated the guides index cause I added the following new pages:
999  va/manassas
1000  va/roanoke
1001  wa/auburn
1002  wa/tacoma
1003  wa/vancouver
1004  wv/harpersferry
1005  wv/harpersferrybr
1006  wv/thurmond
1007  wi/alma
1008  wi/bryon
1009  wi/duplainville
1010  wi/lacrosse
1011  wi/prarieduchien
1012  wi/tempealeau
1013  wy/douglas
1014  wy/cheyenne
1015  wy/shermanhill

wed 11/6/19
updated the philly towers page with info from railpace, mostly morris
updated the main philly index with additional railpace ref, may 09 for the towers

thurs 11/7/19
updated the guides index cause I added the following new pages:
1016  il/tuscola
1017  mi/grandhaven
1018  mi/plymouth
1019  ne/craford
1020  wy/douglas
1021  wy/cheyenne
1022  wy/shermanhill
1023  ct/oldsaybrook
1024  in/unionmills
1025  oh/vermilion

mon 11/11/19
updated rsus/signals/hagerstown, got rid of thumbnails, edited html, added new pictures of the intersection from Google, edited disclaimer section, edited the logo69-making hagerstown smaller
1026 created guides/system/RF&P
fixed bad link on RSUS/INDEXA page for maryland train stations-had a double http://

tue 11/12/19... raining dammit
updated 12 of Denvers pages: hoxie, flomaton, anchorage, flagstaff, winslow, comptonac, fresno, sanfranciscocc, unionirm, oldsaybrook, blueisland, oaklandjls

thurs 11/14/19
updated the FL stations page

fri 11/15/19
updated the FL stations page again with more from Denver

sat 11/16/19
updated rsus/support/mounting, added logo69, edited html, made some pix full size
updated rsus/signals/bulbs

sun 11/17/19
updated the rsus relays page, mostly edited the HTML

mon 11/18/19
updated the rsus dollpost page, corrected status of signals
updated rsus finial page, edited html, added logo69, got rid of thumbnails

wed 11/20/19
added new map resource to guides index page under interesting maps, thanks Denver

mon 11/25/19
updated the N&W CPL page, edited html, got rid of some thumbnails

tue 11/26/19
created guides/dc/transit/index.htm, added it to the DC section
re-organized the DC section, made it alphabetical

fri 11/29/19 BLACK FRIDAY
updated the staunton va page with a few new photos, adding the pl and SI icons, added logo69

sat 11/30/19
more updates and pictures for Staunton
updated the guides index page

sun 21/1/19
1027 created guides/system/C&Odiv for the maps of C&O timetables JB gave me

wed 12/4/19
updated the mason city ia page, added logo68, moved signals to own section, added pix of M&StL depot, added standard in general section

th 12/5/19
updated a bunch of Denver's pages:
irondale, moffat tunnel, lavergne, bnsf racetrack, west chicago, frankfort, griffith, lafayette, mich city, ogden dunes,
boone, clinton, lagrange, point of rocks, delray, plymouth, trowbridge, north platte, belen, hamlet
1028 created gregarious page for sutherland ne
1029 created gregarious page for lansing mi/trowbridge

fri 12/6/19
updated the howard st tunnel page with Sunpapers article from yesterday, edited html

mon-wed 12/9/19-12/11/19
started move of RAILFANGUIDES to GO DADDY, after learning that I could piggyback up to 3 additional websites for what I am paying,
JUST HOST was a pin in the ass to get EPP and start a domain move to go daddy, not completed as of fri 12/13
Saves $452 over 4 years

fri 12/13/19
updated guides/ia/manly

mon 12/15/19
the DOMAIN got transferred to GO DADDY, but not the website, yet

wed 12/18/19
updated guides/streetcartraincrossings, with info by Alexander Hirji of the Muni system

thurs 12/19/19
updated gregarious pages: bellevue oh, cincinnaticut oh, deshler oh,
updated the guides index cause I added the following new pages:
1030 Marion OH
1031 Lima OH
1032 Glendale OH
1033 Toledo OH
1034 Walbridge OH
1035 the Columbia RIver Gorge (listed under both WA and OR)
1036 Klamath Falls OR
1037 Portland OR

mon 12/23/19
1038 created guides/system/etwnc
1039 created guides/tn/erwin
1040 created guides/tn/johnsoncity, placed a "holding page there for now

thu 12/26/19
updated the erwin page

fri 12/27/19
another erwin update

wed 1/1/20
uploaded the Johnson city TN page, it had been part of the Erwin page (why????)

sat 1/4/20
JC update

thu 1/9/20
small update to the JC-TN page
uploaded the STATIONS pages, which I forgot to do last month... altho the files are from a 4/2/18 backup, and are not current

fri 1/17/20
updated most of the Perryville page, corrected html, added logo 69, added signal and sight icons, added disclaimer section

sun 1/19/20
updated the Havre de Grace page, added logo69, added disclaimer section, used icons nested in root, cleaned html
Kansas City Chiefs won against, and the 49'ers won against the Packers, for the superbowl

mon 1/20/20
updated the MBTA Matapan page with new map

wed 1/22/20
updated the baltimore guide homepage, updated html code, added logo69

fri 1/24/20
updated the baltimore guide homepage again, updated more html code

sun 1/23/20
updated the septa route 15 page

mon 1/27/20
updated the EIL page with additional products

fri 1/31/20
another update to the EIL page with more pix and a little dribble about some of the branches
1041 created guides/md/jessup for breakout page from the annapolis junction page

tu 2/4/20
HAD CT SCAN TODAY - nothing unusual seen
updated the Jessup page again
changed the Dorsey & Annapolis Junction page to the Savage and AJ page, added logo69, edited html, deleted Dorsey stuff

wed 2/5/20
1042 created guides/md/annapolisjct for breakout page from stuff formerly on guides/md/dorsey

thurs 2/6/20
another update to the annapolis jct page, added USGS map and other additional pix
1043 created guides/md/laurel for breakout page from stuff formerly on guides/md/dorsey

fri 2/7/20
edited more of the new laurel page, added it to the index page
added a list of the stations on the Camden line that i have a guide for

sat 2/8/20
updated the silver line page, added logo69, edited html, added a few pix, need to ad the articles yet
1044 created guides/md/riverdale

mon 2/10/20
added riverdale to the guides index, also added the other stations of the camden line to the index
1045 created guides/md/collegepark

tues 2/11/20
updated the dorsey page, cut out all non dorsey stuff, edited html, added logo 69, added a few pix

wed 2/12/20
1046 created guides/md/muirkirk

th 2/13/20
dr appmnt with Delanois/knees
upload the muirkirk page

su 2/16/20
1047 created guides/md/greenbelt
updated the laurel md page
updated the savage/annap jct page

w 2/18/20
updated the greenbelt page
updated the museum/EBT page, had not been updated since it stopped running in 2011, yikes, edited html, added logo69, added 3 articles

w 2/26/20
updated the Hell Gate page with 50 or so pictures from 1/12/20 trip to boston, added logo69, edited html

th 2/27/20
another update on the hell gate page, added 9 more photos

f 2/28/20
added last bunch of pictures to the hell gate page, for now

m 3/9/20
updated the manunka chunck page cause Mark R sent me a link to jeffs 4653 pictures of the tunnel, edited html, added logo69

th 3/18/20
1048 created rsus/railfanguides/baltimore/baileyswye/index.htm for a new baileys wye page, on the rsus site so it is secure

sa 3/21/20
updated the bal map 12 page, deleted most of the baileys wye pictures, edited html

su 3/22/20
updated the hellgate page with picture from Mitch Waxman

m 3.23.20
1049 created page for Ed's retirement party: rsus/amis/ngc/EdMartinez/index.htm
updated indexpix.htm to add Mike Reynolds and Ed Martinez's retirement party, edited html, added logo69

sa 3/28/20
updated the green spring page with a new map from 1902, usgs
updated the ruxton page with part of that same 1902 usgs map, blown up as large as I could get it

sun 3/29/20
updaated the buffalo map 2 page, inserted logo 69, massive html edit, added pictures, substituted icons for signals, bridges, and places

m 3/30/20
more update on the buffalo map 2, added a huge bunch of signal and bridge (streetview shots) pictures

th 4/2/20
update on the signal basics 4 page

sun 4/5/20
big update to the lanesboro page, edited html, lots of contribution by nelson lawry

mon 4/6/20
additional updates to lanesboro

tu 4/7/20
lanesboro again

w 4/8/20
lanesboro again

th 4/9/20
lanesboro again, hopefully last for a while
Last day of original filters for new coffee maker :-) WTF???

sun 4/12/20 -- Easter
another lanesboro update, added a few more pix of bridges, added text, added my name to my photos
added call outs for starrucca and nicholson viaducts on the main railfan guides index page
updated the rsus/support/phone page, edited html, added pix of 2 insulators, deleted some thumbnails

sat 4/18/20
updated the boyce va page with article by george hamlin that mentioned the siding there, edited html, added logo69
made small edit in the index page for the new webpage directory

mon 4/20/20
updated the forwarding page, put it in the FORWARDPAGE1 directory
1051 created page for Walton KY, and placed it in RSUS/guides directory instead of the REAL railfan guides website

tue 4/21/20
updated the lorton page again, new vre scheds, added more of my pictures from trip there with Denver

wed 4/22/20
updated the fredericksburg page, including the corel drawing cause of signal replacement, edited all html, added disclaimer section

th 4/23/20
updated the EMPORIA VA page with open rwy map, used ../../ for the pl and signal icons

f 4/24/20
updated the MILFORD VA page, cant find created date on this page, so I put it at 6/30/2013, up the created number by one starting with the last page created on 4/20
deleted indents and superfluous things on this page
updated suffolk va page, added open rwy map, edited some html

sa 4/25/20
updated the wash terminal signal aspect page, added logo69
1052 created a page for the yugoslavian rr signals
1053 created a page for the reading rr 1954 signals
updated the reading54 signal aspect page with scans from rulebook, only took 9 years to add them

sun 4/26/20
1054 created a page for the chicago, south shore & south bend 1930 signals, rulebooks/CSSSB30/

th 4/30/20
updated  the salem va page, added logo 69, redid the corel map, added a few new aerials, added standard info section and disclaimer section

f 5/1/20
updated the richmond 4 page, added logo69, added new aerial photos, added USGS map, edited all html

sa 5/2/20
updated the richmond/map3 page, added logo69, current general section and disclaimer, severe html edit, added bridge section
updated the main rsus page with pix from the blue angels/thunderbirds flyover Timonium
last update to the Richmond 4 page

su 5/3/20
updated the richmond 2 page, edited html, added logo69

w/th 5/7-5/6/20
huge update on richmond page redoing the whole signal section and doing new corel draw because of the massive CSX changes

su 5/8/20
updated the Richmond 2 page

su 5/10/20
finished major update with the main richmond guide page, edited html, added a bunch of pictures, added bottoms up, guides/va/richmond/index

m 5/11/20
quick update on the Boyce VA page due to email from the curator of the RPO museum there

su 5/17/20
updated the Richmond VA page 1

Sa 5/23/20
1055 created RSUS/rulebooks/BNSF10/index.htm
1056 created RSUS/rulebooks/CN75/index.htm

Tu 5/25/20
1057 created RSUS/rulebooks/bo41/index.htm

W 5/26/20
1058 created RSUS/rulebooks/alaska131/index.htm

th 5/27/20
updated rulesbooks/corabrc with new rulebook scans from travis ebner, updated the logo69, and edited the html a little

f 5/29/20
1059 created RSUS/rulebooks/WC90 for the Wisconsin Central
1060 created guides/oh/mansfield, updated all week long

sa 6/6/20
updated the bios page for Greg's passing

m 6/8/20
1061 created guides/oh/crestline

w 6/10/20
1062 created guides/oh/bucyrus

th 6/11/20
1063 created rsus/system/pc/index.htm for the Penn Central rr system map

f 6/12/20
updated the signal xformer page, cleaned up html, added logo69, added 3 units

su 6/14/20
added more transformers to the above page

m 6/15/20
added 1 more xformer to the above page

tu 6/16/20
updated the MKT system map page

th 6/18/20
added a few instances of cussing to the OBLIVION page, where he goes to the tower to check the rogue signal, edited some html
1064 created guides/tx/dallas/map1 for union station

m 6/22/20
1065 created guides/tx/texrail

m 6/29/20
i think i'm done with the texrail page, for now, may split it into 3 pages
updated the guides page and put it in the commuter section
1065/1066 created split the texrail page into three, 1 for signals, 1 for bridges
updated guides/md/baltimorelightrail/shops, html edit, added logo69

tu 6/30/20
1067 created created rulebooks/N&W61
updated guides/md/baltlightrail/rules, massive html edit, added logo69

w 7/1/20
updated the guides index, added breakout of the Balt Light Rail section
started updating the guides/md/baltlightrail/stations page, phew, what a disaster!!!

tu 6/30/20
1068 created created guides/MDMTA/stations/map1/index.htm

f 7/3/20
changed guides.us/md/baltimorelightrail/stations/index.htm to guides/MDMTA/stations/index.htm

su 7/5/20
1069 created created guides/MDMTA/stations/map2/index.htm
updated guides index to include the new pages

tu 7/7/20
1070 created created guides/MDMTA/stations/map5/index.htm

w 7/8/20
1071 created created guides/MDMTA/stations/map3/index.htm

th 7/9/20
1072 created created guides/MDMTA/stations/map4/index.htm

f 7/11/20
updated lrv stations page 2 with proper logo69
created the 3 directories in MDMTA for metro, marc & lightrail
MOVED the stations page to the lightrail subdirectory, so it is now:
    guides/MDMTA/lightrail/stations/map1 etc
changed the main guides index page to reflect this
1073 created guides/MDMTA/metro/stations
moved the stations section from guides/bal_metro/index.htm to the above page

sa 7/11/20
moved the metro section from guides?bal_metro to MDMTA/metro/index.htm
updated the page, took out the stations section, edited html

tu 7/14/20
big update on LaGrange KY page, big html edit, added logo69, added 4 new signal pictures, added full disclaimer section
backed up website shit onto yellow hard drive

F 7/17/20
big update to the NO streetcar page ,massive html edit, added logo69, added pix from NCIS new orleans
updated the KY/rathole page, but had to edit Denver's work for page to work

su/m 7/19 & 7/20/20
updated the Lewistown PA page, started in 2016 but never added pix from trip, edited html

tu 7/22/20
updated the suffolk va page with 3 new pictures from Pat Suttle and corrected date

w 7/23/20
updated the Lanesboro PA page and corel map after Nelson told me about Erie coaling tower

fri 7/24/20
1074 created guides/nd/minot, added it to the guides index page, 1st ND entry

sun 7/26/20
updated the lancaster PA page, huge html edit, added log69, made some thumbnails full size
created some new mini-logos like FIRE F, POLICE, etc, so I could use them on this page

mon 7/27/20
updated the Trimet home page with additional and updated maps, deleted my own map-outdated, edited html, added logo69
also edited trimet map 1 page, added a whole bunch of shit

tue 7/28/20
updated the trimet map 2 page-portland streetcar, edited html, added pix

wed 7/29/20
updated the trimet map 3 page for WES, added pictures, edited html, corrected spelling of Tualatin

th 7/30/20
updated the EIL page with pix of keychain, and a few grammar fixes

sa 8/1/20
updated the guides/or/trimet/map4 page with additional photos, edited html

su 8/2/20
updated guides/or/trimet/map5 with additional photos and html edit

m 8/3/20
updated trimet/map5 with additional photos

tu 8/4/20
updated trimet/map5 with additional photos

th 8/6/20
reorganized the portland transit section, deleted 4 pages:
1073 deleted guides/or/trimet/map11
1072 deleted guides/or/trimet/map12
1071 deleted guides/or/trimet/map13
1070 deleted guides/or/trimet/map14
edited trimet/map6 to reflect rose quarter to gateway

f 8/7/20
updated trimet 6 again

sa 8/8/20
started massive update on trimet 7, edit html, add logo69, add pictures

su 8/9/20
continue update trimet 7

m 8/10/20
started massive update on trimet 8, edit html, add logo69, add pictures
few more trimet 7 updates

tu 8/11/20
more trimet 8 edit

w 8/12/20
more trimet 8 edit

th 8/13/20
small update to trimet 6 with new map takn from trimet map
started massive update on trimet 9, edit html, add logo69, add pictures

fr 8/14/20
add more pix to trimet 9, almost done

sa 8/15/20
update trimet map 4 with new map of dntn
another small update to trimet 9, added wiki links and article on shops

su 8/16/20
update trimet 9 with additional photos
update trimet 5 with same

m 8/17/20
started update of trimet 10 for the green line, added logo69, edited html, added pix for the first 4 stations

tu 8/18/20
trimet 10 edit

w 8/19/20
trimet 10 edit

th 8/20/20
finish trimet map10 edit, for now, added on page links
start trimet orange line update, add logo69, edit html, add photos

f 8/21/20
continue trimet orange line edit, map11

sa 8/22/20
trimet map 11

su 8/23/20
pretty much done with the trimet map 11 page

m 8/24/20
update detroit map 1, edit html, add logo69, add pictures, changed from delray to SW detroit (it had been wrong since whenever)

tu 8/25/20
small update to detroit map 2, the delray page, added a few pix

w 8/26/20
more update detroit map 1, add more bridges, redo corel map

th 8/27/20
more detroit map 1 update
update the flatrock page, edit html, add logo 69

f 8/28/20
updated the detroit section of the GUIDES index page
more flatrock updates

sa 8/29/20
more flatrock updates

su 8/30/20
more flatrock updates-signals n flatrock bridges n corel dwg

m 8/31/20
more flatrock updates-signals n corel dwg
1075 created wyandotte.htm and added it to the guides index page
updated the MI stations page, redid it back in 2019, byt never uploaded it, WTF???

tu 9/1/20
wyandotte page work
edited the main detroit page guides/mi/detroit/index.htm, reorganized lists, alphabetized, added a few

w 9/2/20
small update to the flatrock page: added a map of the yard from the google CN system map

th 9/3/20
updated detroit map 3, changed it to ferndale/royal oak guide because added Amtrak station, edit html, updated the corel map

f 9/4/20
1076 created guides/mi/detroit/QLinestreetcar added it to the guides index
1077 created guides/mi/detroit/map4 for the downtown area
changed map 3 to guide for Royal Oak and Ferndale

sa 9/5/20
continue creation of detroit map 4 page

su 9/6/20
work on the QLine page
update links on MDMTA/lightrail/stations/index, add logo 69
update RGUS index page cause links to the balt light rail station pages were incorrect

m 9/7/20
1078 created a duplicate page for the misc light rail pix at MDMTA/lightrail/miscpic

tu 9/8/20
finished the misc page edit, did away with the thumbnails, and changed photo names

th 9/10/20
put up the 9/11 page, added 2020 disclaimer
started work on the track section of the Balt LR pages

FRI 9/11/2020
9/11 19th Anniversary
busy day, finish cleaning LR, rug stretcher, take Jen to her mom's after bath, rug cleaning, stress test, cut tree, get paint/say hi to andrew, fix LR/hallway walls, dinner-nautilus
1079 created guides/mdmta/lightrail/support/track

sat 9/12/20
add stuff to the track page
remove 911 page
update guides index with link to CN RR map

tu 9/15/20
1080 created guides/mdmta/support/substations, already on the guides index page
updated the rsus index page to include pix from boston trip in jan
updated the oldmainpage pix page with three pics

w 9/16/20
more updates on substations

th 9/17/20
1081 created guides/in/linden, thought i had one, added to guides index

f  9/18/20
finish linden page
update the toronto streetcar page, removed little bit about subway

sa 9/19/20
update toronto streetcar page, edit html, added logo69, added route maps
edit RGUS index, adding the 2 below, and chnging the streetcar one to streetcars only
1082 created guides/on/ttcsubway
1083 created guides/on/pearson
missed out today on two items, signal trip with Brotzman to chase N&W CPL's from Lurray south, and missed Linden RR Museum dedication of Lafayette steam engine
1084 created rsus/rulebooks/metronorth20

sun 9/20/20
continued working on the pearson page
finished the metro north signal page
added MN to the rulebooks index page

m 9/21/20
updated the confederation page

tu 9/22/20
more updates of the confederation line

wed 9/23/20
did more on the confederation line
1085 created guides/on/confederationnew to split out the new stations coming with the extensions
added it to the guides index

fri 9/25/20
1086 created guides/bc/skytrain
1087 created guides/bc/wcx

sun 9/27/20
1088 created rsus/system/ncrwy
updated the MKT system map page, added 2 maps

m 9/28/20
updated he pacific electric map page with new map
updated the CNJ map page with additional map
1089 created guides/system/dssa

tu 9/29/20
1090 created guides/system/eje
1091 created guides/system/southernpacificrr
updated guides/petersburg/map2, edit html, add logo69, add pix

w 9/30/20
more on petersburg map 2 page, added open railway map of the area
updated the ACL system map page with logo 69 and 4 new maps

sat 10/3/20
updated the light rail substations page with more pix
updated the light rail map 1 page, took out thumbnails of pictures I cant fookin find anywhere

tu 10/6/20
updated the PATH page, new map, edited html, added pix from Jan2020 trip, added logo69

th 10/8/20
updated guides/elkhart, html, added signal and bridge pix, revised corel map

f 10/9/20
few more changes to elkhart
updated the haley twr page, added logo69, added pix, got rid of thumbnails, divided into sections, added links

sa 10/10/20
did more on the haley tower page

sun 10/11/20
big update to indy/map1 page, added logo69, open rwy map, edited html, added signal locations and 2020 aerials

tue 10/13/20
updated the junction valley rr page

w 10/14/20
updated the southern mi page, edited html, added logo69

th 10/15/20
updated the battle creek page

f 10/16/20
More update on the so mi page, added places and links

sa 10/17/20
1092 created guides/sd/siouxfalls/index.htm, 1st entry for south dakota

sun 10/18
updated the AK/riverrail page, added logo69

m 10/19/20
updated the riverail corel map

w 10/21/20
updated balt map 17, added logo 69, got rid of thumbnails, added pics and aerials

th 10/22/20
more map 17 work

f 10/23/20 Debbie's Birthday

sa 10/24/20
started updating the Sykesville page

su 10/25/20
updated the Sykesville page
updated the Blacksburg SC page

m 10/26/20
updated my toys page with 3 new photos and logo 69
updated the Hixton WI page, added logo69, edited html, added standard general and disclaimer sections, added pix of now gone depot

tu 10/27/20
updated the gastonia page, added logo69, added Mike Falls pix

w 10/28/20
updated rsus/renfaires/index.htm, corrected a few issues with the html, standardized indents and underlines

th 10/29/20
1093 created guides/wi/wyeville

sa 10/31/20
updated the harpers ferry wv page

su 11/1/20
 more harpers ferry updates

m 11/2/20
updated the doswell va page, edited html, added logo 69, added pix, updated corel dwg, put signal pix in their proper place, they were all over!

tu 11/3/20
finished the Doswell update
ELECTION DAY - the worst ever, fook me

f 11/6-tu 11/10
update the Charlottesville VA page, edited html, added logo69, added many pictures, added bridge section, added fire maps

w 11/11/20
changed the rsus index page for Veterans day
another small update on Charlottesville

th 11/12/20
more cville va update, main map, added cats maint facility

f 11/13/20
added a banner box pix to the early signals page

tu 11/17/20
finished huge 3 day ERWIN update, added bridges and gps, made a corel map, added fire and police depts
updated the favladies page, took away all but 3 or 4 for each, made them all the same height, added 3 women
added a link to favladies on the indexa page

th 11/19/20
UD guides/ky/lagrange with link to video
UD some of the Austin Metrorail page, need to do more

f 11/20/20
UD rsus/trip 3 page with link to #7 irt train ride

sa 11/21/20
corrected problem with the Indy Map 3, where I had uploaded it to the map 1 page, also had to correct 2 pix names

su 11/22/20
UD austin metrorail page a little

m 11/23/20
UD austin metrorail page

w 11/25/20
US guides/in/elkhart with super hero museum info
UD austin metrorail sumore

sa 11/28/20
UD austin metrorail page

su 11/29/20
created guides/system/awrr
added more stuff to the austin metrorail page

m 11/30/20
added link to Philly site with historic maps to Guides index

su 12/6/20
Been working on 3 new pages for Philly, stations of 1934,
1094 created guides/pa/phl/stations1934
1095 created guides/pa/phl/stations1934NE

m 12/7/20
1096 created guides/pa/phl/stations1934S
changed stations1934 to stations1934NW

tu 12/8/20
UD fav ladies page wit 2 honorable mentions

w 12/9-w 12/16/20
continue to add material to the 3 philly 1934 station pages, finished the locator map

m 12/14/20
added 3 new stations to the south map, and added an insert to the locator map

tu 12/15/20
UD to the 3 1934 station pages

w 12/16/20
UD to the 3 1934 station pages

th 12/17/20
UD to the 3 1934 station pages

f 12/18/20
UD to the 3 1934 station pages
1097 created guides/pa/phl/history

sa 12/19/20
trip to Ashland to meet the kids for lunch and exchange xmas presents and Doswell

sun 12/20/20
big UD to guides/va/ashland, added: logo69, standard in general section, disclaimer section, pix from trip

m 12/21/20
UD guides/va/ashland

tu 12/22/20
UD RSUS index, put 3 pix from Ashland with signs up for Christmas
UD Doswell page

th 12/24/20
UD MILW system map page, added logo69, edited hitml, added header pix, added 2 maps, added disclaimers
1098 created page for M&Pa system maps

2021 ----------------

f 1/1/21
1099 created rsus/early/tiltingtarget
1100 created rsus/early/smashboard WE HIT 1100 PAGES!!!
1101 created rsus/early/ball
1102 created rsus/early/banjo
1103 created rsus/early/bannerbox

Tu 1/5/21
UD fav ladies page

Sa 1/9/21
UD guides/ny/batavia, edited some html, added 3 photos and usgs map

Su 1/10/21-Su 1/24/21
UD iowa stations page, a few stations a day...

f 1/22/21
UD sunbury pa page with info about 1920 bridge

sa 1/23/21
UD emporia va page, removing link to the Carr Tracks website, he emailed me and said the website is going away

Su 1/24/21 -- F 1/29/21
UD continue added pix to the IA station page

F 1/29/21
uploaded the current NV station page, which I did years ago, and did not upload
UD NM stations page

Sa 1/30-W 2/3
UD NM stations page sumore

W 2/3/21
1104 created guides/nm/lordsburg, added it to the guides index page

Th 2/6/21----2/25+
Working on pages for the Eiffel Tower, 4 of them for now
1105 created guides/eiffeltower/index.htm - main page
1106 created guides/eiffeltower/eiffelreplicas0.htm - index page to replicas
1107 created guides/eiffeltower/eiffelreplicas1.htm - replicas cities A-H
1108 created guides/eiffeltower/eiffelreplicas2.htm - I-R
1109 created guides/eiffeltower/eiffelreplicas3.htm - S-Z

Su 2/21/21
UD Houston map 8 for Eureka Jct/tower 13 cause Abel G sent in pictures and link to drone video, edited html

Th 2/25/21
UD main Jacksonville FL page, added logo69, edited html, added small map
1108 deleted guides/mi/delray/

F 2/26/21
UD detroit map 2 sumore, did open rwy map 4 dearborn

Sa 2/27/21
UD detroit map 2 sumore

M 3/1/21
UD rulebooks/nyc37.htm, edited html and reduced size of pictures
UD pittsburgh light rail page, added pix of shops and south hills jct

Su 3/7/21
UD guides/il/cta, edited html, added logo69, added highway map, removed signal pictures

Tu 3/9/21
1109 created rsus/rulebooks/CTA73
1110 created rsus/rulebooks/CTA59
1111 created rsus/rulebooks/CTA85
UD the "stuff" page with new shield

th 3/11/21
1112 created guides/eurostar

w 3/17/21
1113 created guides/fr/sncf
1114 created guides/fr/tgv

th 3/18/21
UD added mo stuff to the above 2 pages

f  3/1921
UD added mo pix to the eurostar page

sun 3/21/21
UD guides/mi/detroit/map1 with updated map, cause allan park is allen park-also did a few other minor changes in map
FINALLY uploaded guides/eiffel/eiffelreplicas0 after having it around for a month, but not uploading it, also, where did the models go to?
UD eiffelreplicas0 to include link to models
UD eiffelreplicas3 to include onpage link to models

m 3/22/21 JEN turns 41!
UD added content to eiffelreplicas3

Tu 3/23/21
small UD to guides/va/suffolk, modified a few of the pictures to add RGUS, edited html, added about Amtrak street name

Th 3/25/21
UD added more cities to the eiffel tower guides page 1

sa 3/27/21
added the eiffel tower to the RGUS index page

m 4/5/21
small UD to ny/bingo/map1, working on corel map update

Tu 4/6/21
small UD to guides/ny/elmira-edit html, add open rwy map of town, pix of the erie depot

Su 4/11/21
UD Cascade Tunnel page cause I had the NP in there as the builder.....

F 4/16/21
UD finished a 2 week update to the bingahmton map 1 page, redid the corel draw map, added bridges, added some signal stuff

Sa/Su 4/17/18/21
UD the binghamton map 2 page after uploading the map 1 page to it, and didn't have a back-up of it, updated the corel map too,
something tells me i left something out tho, about the JC208 milepost and the interchange track from the erie to the susquehanna?????

tu 4/20/21
UD fav ladies page with 5 girls
started UD on the NY B2B page

W 4/21/21
quick UD to the Elmira page to add Missy's name

F 4/23/21
UD guides index page, added 5 gregarious railfan map links

Su 4/25/21
1115 created rsus/Allan_Melvin, UD thru the week

F 4/30/21
UD RSUS index page to include Allan's page
UD changed the pix at the top to LED light bulbs

W 5/5/21
UD fav ladies page with 3 new ones: ladyva, laura johnson, marlyne barrett, n changed pix for ksenia solo

Th 5/6/21
1116 created rsus/helppage1 for Steffen in Germany with model rr signal question

started using UD for UPDATE

F 5/7/21
UD rsus/rulebooks/cror with additional jpg
1117 created rsus/rulebooks/BNSF18, and added it to the rulebook index page
UD rulebooks/up88 with new jpg and cleaned up html
UD guides/StreetcarTrainCrossings/ with 1 pix

tu 5/11/21
UD guides/md/perry page with 3 news pix

Th 5/13/21
UD guides/md/ruxton after Bill Spicer sent me two pictures in Riderwood

F 5/14/21
UD guides/md/ruxton again, took spicer pix off cause he wants me to use watermarked pix

Sa 5/15/21
UD guides/md/ruxton again, cause bill sent in version with low visibility watermark

Su 5/16/21
UD the csx-bsm derail page with additional info on cause
UD the Harpers Ferry page with article on csx accident on 12/21/19

M 5/17/21
1118 created guides/system/wmrwy for WM maps

W 5/19/21
UD guides/oh/deshler, edited html, added 2 pics of restaurants

Th 5/20/21
UD guides/oh/deshler, added google signal pix, corrected "deshler2.jpg", added fire dept

Sa 5/22/21
UD guides/nm/stations page

Sa 5/22-5/25/21
UD the MD stations page with bridges of highlandtown

Th 5/27/28/29/30/31/21
1119 created guides/museums/bsm/7303, added link to it on the bsm page and index, and updated many days

Tu 6/1/21
UD the trolley/train crossing page with a 4th location in Memphis, tnx to JVE and his friend

Th 6/3/21
1120 created guides/tn/mata for the Main Street Trolley in Memphis

Sa 6/12/21
UD guides/nj/manunkachunck page with small map and 2 timetables
1121 created rsus/THSHOF for hall of fame luncheon

SU 6/13/21
UD added 3 pictures to guides/stations/nj for Andover, accidently came across bridgehunter page for bridge
1122 created guides/system/dlw
1123 created guides/system/el, added both to guides index page

Th 6/17/21
UD the soo system map page

F 6/18/21
UD tombstone2.jpg on the PL page

Sa 6./19/21
1124 created guides/system/bcrn
1125 created guides/system/seaboardroanoke
1126 created guides/system/seaboardraleigh
1127 created guides/system/eugene (OR, for trolley system of the 1910's)
1128 created guides/system/mnstl

w 6/23/21
UD the THS HOF page
UD INDEXPIX with link to the THS page

Su 6/27/21
UD the PA station page with strafford

Tu/W 6/29&30/21
UD guides/ny/b2b page with new pictures and editing html

Th 7/1/21 -- Sa 7/3/21
UD guides/ md/baltimorelightrail/signals/index.htm

Su 7/4/21
1129 created rsus/amis/ths6920/

M/Tu 7/5-6/21
UD the guides/baltimore/greenspring page, edited html, added standard general section, added info for stevenson west and Turnpike

F 7/9/21
UD the MDMTA/map1 page with additional pix from the balt/map1 page (transferred them)
UD the guides/baltimore/map1 page, deleted content moved to other pages
1130 created rulebooks/gtw84

Sa 7/17/21
1131 created guides/ct/coscob

M 7/19/21
UD guides/fr/grenobleLR, added a few pics, edited html, added standard IN GENERAL section, added standardized disclaimers

Tu/W 7/20+21/21/
UD the Ferndale/Royal Oak MI page, redid one of the maps, but may not use it, added signal location 1a

F 7/23/21
1132 created guides/md/maglev
Start of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, a year late due to the Covid shit

Sa 7/24/21
UD guides.us/museums/BnOmuseum/index.htm, added pix, edited html, added general and disclamer section, made some pix full size
UD guides.us/md/baltimorelightrail/complaints, edited html mostly

F 7/30/21
UD guides/index, edited the whole Maryland section

Sa 7/31/21
UD guides/baltimore/map10, edited html, added pix, installed standard disclaimer
1133 created guides/md/baltimorelightrail/introduction

M 8/2/21
UD guides/mi/detroit/map1 with a few new pics of schaefer yard and changed info to CR from CN tower

Tu 8/3/21
UD to guides/mi/detroit/map1 to separate out the bridges and put them on another page

W 8/4/21
UD to guides/md/baltimorelightrail/introduction

Th 8/5/21
1134 created guides/mi/detroit/map1a

F 8/6/21
UD guides/mi/detroit/map1a

Sa 8/7/21
UD guides/mi/detroit/map1a

Su 8/8/21
UD guides/mi/detroit/map1a
End of the Tokyo Summer Olympics

M 8/9/21
started using UD for UPDATE
UD guides/va/richmond/map1 with usgs map from 1956 showing ACL yard
added link to RGUS index page with link to USGS topo map resource

W 8/11/21
UD guides/va/petersburg/map1, added 2 pix for ACL br, added map from petersburg map2 page, edited html

F 8/20/21
another quick UD to guides/mi/map1a

Sa 8/21/21
UD fav ladies page with Kate Upton, Bridget Moynahan & Vanessa Ray & Marissa Ramire from BLUE BLOODS

W 8/25/21
UD guides/mi/detroit/map1a again

Th 8/26/21
UD guides/oh/deshler, corrected radio frequencies, updated the deshler1 corel map
added the Jewelry Exchange girl to the favladies page

Sa 8/28/21
UD guides/mi/detroit/map1a for the last time for a while
UD guides/oh/deshler with 2 pix from Jim Mihalek

Su 8/29/21
1135 created rsus/railroadbridges/index.htm, added to indexa.htm

Su 9/5/21
removed the bridge types from guides/mi/detroit/map1a
1136 created guides/md/gaithersburg

M 9/6/21
FINALLY found & uploaded B&Omap1, missing from rsus for about 10 years, edited it some first
UD guides/md/gaithersburg, added marked up map

F 9/10/21
put up the annual 9/11 page as the RSUS main page

Sa 9/11/21 **20 YEAR 9/11 ANNIVERSARY**
added pix of my 9/11 memorial to the hompage

Th 9/16/21
UD guides/baltimore/map6, UD thee corel map, some html, need to split into 3 maps

F 9/17/21
changed the RSUS index page to normal, and put up pix from NYC trip
1137 created RSUS/trips/trip for trip to NYC on Wed
UD fixed link problem to a pix on guides/eiffeltower, and uploaded 2 missing pix

Sun 9/19/21-Sa 9/25/21
UD guides/tx/houston/map3, edited all html, created new corel map, added bridges, added bunches of new locations and pix

Su 9/25/21
1138 created guides/tx/ftworth/map1 for tower 55, added it to index

M 9/26-30/21
UD guides/tx/ftworth/map1

Th 9/30/21
changed ftworth/map1 to ftworth/tower55

F 10/1/21
UD guides/septa/trackless, edited html, redid the corel map
UD guides/septa/index, deleted yahoo groups links
UD guides/septa/railmaps/index

Su 10/3/21
UD guides/septa/route15

M 10/4/21
another UD to the route 15 page
1139 created guides/dc/virginiaavetower/index.htm

Tu 10/5/21
UD VA twr page

W 10/6/21
UD VA twr page

Th 10/7/21
UD VA twr page
UD mn/hiawatha
UD RGUS index by separating minneapolis L/R into 4 pages
1140 created  guides/mn/hiawatha/blue
1141 created  guides/mn/hiawatha/green
1142 created  guides/mn/hiawatha/sw
made the original hiawatha page a general intro page

F 10/8- F10/14/21
UD the hiawatha/green page

Sa 10/15/21
UD 2 dwgs on stpaul/map2 with RGUS logo, edit html and descriptions

W 10/20/21
UD mn/hiawatha/green
UD ga/atl/map1, edit html, resize pix, move amtrak info, add disclaimer section

Th 10/21/21
UD guides/ga/atl/index, edited html

Sa 10/23/21
UD guides/ga/atl/map10, edited html, added a few pix, and logo69

Su 10/24/21
UD guides/ga/atl/map9, edit html, add a few pix

Tu 10/26/21
1143 created guides/ga/atl/map7

W 10/27/21
added Norcross and Duluth as separate entries on the main guides index

Th 10/28/21
moved guides/ga/atl/map7 to guides/ga/duluth
moved guides/ga/atl/map8 to guides/ga/marietta
moved guides/ga/atl/map10 to guides/ga/kennesaw

F 10/29/21
edited corel map AtlantaAreaMap1 with snagit to correct location of SE RR Museum in Duluth and Amtrak depot
1144 created guides/ga/atl/map2 for downtown

M 11/1/21
UD the rgus index page
moved guides/ga/atl/index to guides/ga/atl/map1/index
UD the atl map1 page

Tu 11/2/21
UD the Chicago homepage, guides/il/chi/index/

Th 11/3-4/21
UD guides/il/effingham, complete html edit

Sa 11/6/21
UD rsus/railroadbridges, uploaded missing pix
UD guides/sd/siouxfalls, added pix of bridges, edited html, pix of feeight shed

Su 11/7/21
UD siouxfalls page wit more pix n content

M 11/8/21
UD guides/atl/map1 with new locator map
UD the siouxfalls page again, added the dntn diamond and E&Err pix

W 11/10/21
created a Veterans day page for the rsus site, uploaded it

F 11/12/21
took down the Veterans day page
UD the rsus/1225robinhoodcircle page

M 11/15/21
UD guides/stations/nd, added larimore
1145 created guides/stations/wa, ALTHO it had been done months ago, maybe even last year
UD edited the stations index page to include WA

Tu 11/16/21
UD guides/stations/al, new logo 69, uploaded the updated page I did who knows how long ago and didnt upload
UD guides/stations/ar, new logo 69
UD guides/stations/az, new logo 69, been done for a while, just never f88king uploaded it
UD guides/stations/ak, new logo 69, edit html, add standard intro section
UD guides/stations/co, new logo 69
UD guides/stations/ca, new logo 69

W 11/17/21
UD guides/stations/ct, new logo 69, edited html

Th 11/18/21
created rsus/1204ridervale

Su 11/21/21
UD guides/stations/dc, edited html, added the now standardized stations logo 69
UD guides/stations/de, edited html, add new logo69

M 11/22/21
UD guides/stations/fl, added new logo69
UD guides/stations/ga, added new logo69
went back and re-edited all of the station pages done so far, added a blurb about sources, and standardized the comment about snagit
edited guides/stations/index, moved AK to before AL, like duh!!!

UD guides/stations/ia, added new logo69 & standard disclaimer n intro
UD guides/stations/id, added new logo69 & standard disclaimer n intro
UD guides/stations/il, added new logo69 & standard disclaimer n intro
UD guides/stations/in, added new logo69 & standard disclaimer n intro

W 11/24/21
UD guides/stations/ks, edited some html,added new logo69 & standard disclaimer n intro, added extra bit about skurfan postcards, but not going back and adding it to the rest
UD guides/stations/ky, added new logo69 & standard disclaimer n intro, edited html, smallerized cap city names

Th 11/25/21
US guides/stations/ca again, noticed I have 2 lines on the stations page about being for historical reference, dammit, gotta redo ALL of them
did same for IL, IN
UD guides/stations/la, added new logo69 & standard disclaimer n intro

F 11/26/21
UD guides/stations/la, added new logo69 & standard disclaimer n intro, added new towns tnx to ebay

Sa 11/27/21
UD guides/stations/la, added pix of bridge in Monroe n depot in Ruston
1146 created guides/la/gibsland

Su 11/28/21
1147 created guides/system/kcs

Th 12/16/21
UD the MI stations page, added bridges in Muskegon

Sa 12/18/21
1148 created guides/fl/trirail, added it to the index page, along with 2 other Miami train items

W 12/22/21
UD Guides index, added FL's Brightline
UD guides/fl/trirail, added 2 maps, modified map101

F 12/24/21
uploaded new Christmas page on RSUS

2022 ----------------

Sa 1/1/22
took off christmas page on rsus
UD guides/ny/buffalolr with another trivia note from Paige

Su 1/2/22
US guides/livediesel/index

Th 1/6/22
UD RSUS/rulebooks/tm with new signal chart

M 1/10/22
UD rsus/rulebooks/prrpenn with many additional photos
uploaded missing picture to guides/uk/isleofwight
uploaded missing picture to guides/eurostar

Tu 1/11/22
UD guides/fr/paris/stations with additional pictures of the stations, added the rest of the stations, reorganized the on page links, need more tho

W 1/12/22
1149 created rsus/rulebooks/pc69, added it to rulebooks.htm, the main page

Sun 1/16/22
UD guides/septa/mf with a bunch of signal pix from 2019, and corrected signal description

M 1/24/22
UD guides/baltimore/majorlines, edited html, updated the map in corel, changed disclaimer section to now standard

Th 2/3/22
1150 created guides/system/snowpiercer

Su 2/6/22
1151 created guides/system/kct
UD the Snowpiercer page
1152 created guides/ks/santafejunction, added it and the kct map page to the KS index

M 2/7/22
UD guides/mi/plymouth

Tu 2/8/22
UD guides/mi/plymouth

F 2/11/22
UD guides/mi/plymouth

Su 2/13/22
UD guides/mi/plymouth

M 2/14/22
UD guides/mi/plymouth

Tu 2/15

M 2/21/22
UD guides/mi/baycity, redid all of the html
UD guides/wi/wytheville with date for pix

Tu 2/22/22
UD guides/mi/baycity

Tu 3/1/22
UD guides/mi/cadillac, redid html

W 3/2/22
UD guides/mi/cadillac

Th 3/3/22
UD guides/mi/cadillac

F 3/4/22
UD guides/mi/cadillac

Sa 3/5/22
UD guides/mi/annarbor, edited htmal, added 6 RR overpsses, updated the corel map

Su 3/6/22
more ann arbor page UD

Th 3/10/22
UD guides/va/emporia with new info on state police relocation, tnx to Rush Wickes

F 3/11/22
more UD guides/va/emporia

Sa 3/12/22
UD rsus/trips/trip11 with additional pix

Su 3/13/22
more UD rsus/trips/trip11
quick UD to guides/va/emporia to get rid of duplicate state police map

M 3/14/22
UD to emporia, added siding, locator aerial view & additional diamond pix

Su 3/20/22
1153 created guides/system/NY&LB for map I created of thye railroad superimposed on google map

Tu 3/29/22
UD guides/stations/mn

W 3/30/22
UD guides/stations/mn

Sa 4/2/22
UD guides/museums/bsm/7303 with 3 pix from JR's post yesterday

1154 created guides/ga/savannah, but did not put on the guides index page

W 4/13/22
1155 created guides/co/ttci

F 4/15/22

M 4/18/22
updated guides/parktrains/other with missing pictures since 2018, wtf, over

W 4/20/22
1156 created rsus/TonyK
UD the rgus/museums/bsm/7303 restoration page, twice

Sa 4/23/22
UD guides/mi/kalamazoo

Su 4/24/22
UD guides/mi/kalamazoo

Su 5/1/22
1157 created rsus/renfaires/spoutwood22

M 5/2/22
UD spoutwood22

W 5/4/22
UD guides/mi/orange, huge html clean, added pix from streetview

Tu 5/17/22
added Savannah to the guides index page

Th 5/26/22
1158 created rsus/trips/trip 15 for going to savannah

Sa 5/28/22
UD guides/de/wil/map3, added 44 pix from 2016, edited html

Su 5/29/22
UD guides/ny/buffaloLR with 2 pix from Paige Miller

Tu 5/31/22
UD guides/ga/savannah with timetable
UD guides/va/petersburg/map1 with pix of caboose

W 6/1/22
Trip to Wilmington, Philly, Trenton, Camden

Th 6/2/22
1159 created rsus/trips/trip16

F 6/3/22
UD guides index, added trips 15 and 16

Su 6/5/22
UD guides/tx/houston/index, finished track descriptions i started 15 years ago, fm!, edited html

M 6/6/22
UD more of the houston page

Tu 6/7/22
1160 created guides/system/paturnpike
UD guides/system/nsold, redid the map- gave it a title, and photo-shopped some black marks out, added RGUS tag

W 6/8/22
UD rsus/amis/ths69RIP with 4 additional people
UD guides/ga/duluth with pix of norcross depot

Th 6/9/22
UD guides/ga/duluth

F 6/10/22
UD guides/ga/duluth

Sa 6/11/22
UD guides/ga/duluth

Su 6/12/22
UD guides/ga/duluth

M 6/13/22
UD guides/ga/duluth, all i need now is to UD the corel map
UD rsus/amis/THS69RIP with info from Pat's list
1161 created guides/ga/norcross, split norcross stuff off of the duluth page, ATL11
1162 created guides/ga/doraville, ATL12

Tu 6/14-15-16-17/22
UD guides/ga/doraville

Su 6/19/22
UD guides/dc/metro/index, new map, edited html, added logo69

M 6/20/22
UD guides/dc/metro/orange

Su 6/26/22
UD guides/md/havredegrace page, edit html, added logo69

W 6/29/22
UD the HdG page, more html, added content

Th 6/30/22
US rsus/pictures, got rid of the thumbnails, edited html, added logo69 and disclaimer section

su 7/2/22
UD the HdG page, added content

su 7/3/22
UD the HdG page, added content

M 7/4/22
UD the HdG page, added content

tu 7/5/22
UD guides/mi/grandrapids, forgot to upload the logo69 jpeg, how long has that been?
UD the HdG page, twice today, finished the corel draw map
UD guides/il/union, edited html, added content-it was an empty page

w 7/6/22
UD guides/il/union, added more stuff

th 7/7/22
UD guides/il/union, added more stuff

f 7/8/22
UD guides/il/union, added more stuff

m 7/11/22
UD rsus/fav ladies-added Anne Hathaway
UD guides/oh/nbalt, chane town name in top address line, started corel draw map UD

tu 7/12/22
UD guides/oh/nbalt, reorganized signal and site section, added site 3

w 7/13/22
UD guides/oh/nbalt, added more pix

th 7/14/22
UD guides/oh/nbalt

f 7/15/22
UD rsus/favladies, added Michelle Williams, Eva Longoria
1163 created guides/ok/vinita... the 1st for OK

sa 7/16/22
UD guides/ok/vinita

su 7/17/22
UD guides/ok/vinita

m 7/18/22
UD guides/mi/kalamazoo with link to LOC hi-res 1874 map
1164 created guides/ok/waynoka

tu 7/19/22
UD guides/ok/waynoka

w 7/20/22
1165 created guides/nv/winnemucca... the 1st for NV

th 7/21/22
UD guides/mi/detroit/map1 with Livernois yard, and added sight shortcut bar

f 7/22/22
UD guides/mi/detroit/peoplemover, edited html, added logo69, new pix for shops, standard disclaimer section

sa 7/23/22
UD guides/mi/detroit/peoplemover

su 7/24/22
UD guides/mi/detroit/peoplemover

m 7/25/22
1166 created guides/ca/barstow

w 7/27/22
UD guides/index, added 2 of Denver's maps to index page

f 7/29/22
1167 created guides/ca/losangeles/unionstation

sa 7/30/22
UD unionstation

su 7/31/22
UD unionstation, added it to the guides index page

m 8/1/22
UD unionstation

tu 8/2/22
UD unionstation

w 8/3/22
UD the Oblivion page with photo of #166, and asked who painted the decapitated man on it?
UD unionstation

th 8/4/22
1168 created guides/me/portland

f 8/5/22
UD guides/me/portland

Sa 8/6/22
1169 created guides/gregarious/la/slidell, had to take page from the wayback machine and completely redo the html

Tu 8/9/22
UD eiffel tower 3
down from the fuking covid booster shot all day

Th 8/11/22
Had catheterization at St Joes, things looOKUD

Sa 8/13/22
UD guides/ny/jamaica

Su 8/14/22
UD guides/ny/jamaica

M 8/15/22
1170 created guides/ny/NYCairtrain

Tu 8/16/22
UD the airtrain page

W 8/16/7/22
UD the airtrain page

Th 8/18/22
1171 created guides/ca/needles

F 8/19/22
UD the needles page

Sa 8/20/22
UD the Needles page
1172 created guides/ca/ibis

Su 8/21/22
UD guides/ca/ibis and needles

M 8/22/22
UD guides/ny/NYCsunnyside, start long and intensive research

Tu 8/23/22
1173 created guides/ny/penntonewrochelle, and moved the signal pictures from the Hell Gate page there
UD guides/NYsunnyside

W 8/24/22
UD guides/ny/penntonewrochelle, added new penn station map I did
UD guides/ny/sunnyside, added more content about tunnels and harold interlocking

Th 8/25/22
UD guides/ny/NYCsunnyside with stuff about LIC yard
UD guides/md/redline with rebuttal letter

F 8/26/22
UD guides/ny/sunnyside with big USGS map, and info about the 19th st bridge
UD the redline page again with a linkto that douche bags website

8/27/28 and 9/1/2/3/4/5/6/8/10/11 2022
UD guides/ny/NYCsunnyside

Su 9/11/22
put up the 911 page, made some changes to it, but nothing significant

M 9/12/22
UD Sunnyside

Tu 9/13/22
take down the 9/11 page

W 9/14/22
UD Sunnyside
1174 created guides/ny/NYCeastsideaccess (esa)

Th 9/15/22
1173 deleted Tony K*b*lsk*'s page cause of wife Rose, the c**t
UD Sunnyside
UD esa

Sa 9/17/22
UD guides/md/baltimore/greenspring, added a few more graphics, added GPS locations, deleted the bad note about someone who didnt read...

Su 9/18/22
UD the greenspring page
UD the sunnyside page

M 9/19/22
UD rsus/support/sleepers, edited HTML, got rid of thumbnails, and uploaded 2 missing pix from who  knows how long ago

Tu 9/20/22
UD rsus/support/sleepers, added the B&Orr, added locations with pix and gps, edited html

W 9/21/22 thru W 9/28/22
UD guides/dc/DCstreetcar, edited html, added articles, added logo69, made pix size a constant, added support items and signals, and pix history at shops, added gps

Su 10/2/22
UD rsus/tech/chroma, edited html, added more diagrams, added reference links, added disclaimer section

M 10/3/22
UD chroma page

Tu 10/4/22
UD chroma page
UD guides/ma/waltham, edited html, etc

M 10/10/22
1174 created rsus/helpfulhints/index.htm

W 10/12/22
1175 created guides/ca/highspeedrail

Th 10/13/22
UD guides/ca/highspeedrail

F 10/14/22
UD guides/ca/highspeedrail

Su 10/16/22
UD guides/ny/NYChellgate, added postcards, 1956 USGS map, more pix, 13 pix from the Boston trip

M 10/17/22
UD guides/museums/ebt, changed rr link, added open rwy map, added info box, added address n shit

Tu 10/18/22
UD guides/sandiego/trolley, edited html, added pix, added new maps, changed title at very top

W 10/19/22
UD guides/PA/ebt with new link

Th 10/20/22
UD guides/sandiego/trolley sumore

Su 10/23/22
1176 created guides/ca/escondido

M 10/24/22
UD guides/ca/sandiego
UD guides/ca/escondido

Tu 10/25/22
UD guides/ca/sandiego

W 10/26/22
1177 created guides/vt/middlebury, added it to guides index

Th 10/27/28/22
UD guides/system/prr, renamed most drawings according to division, new top prr logo, edited html

F 10/28/28/22
UD guides/system/savanahatlanta, edited html
UD guides/system/williamsortelmira, edited html, added logo69
UD guides/system/wmrwy, edited html, added a map
UD guides/system/wabash, edited html, added map, addded logo69

Sa 10/29/22
UD guides/system/wabash, added several maps after photoshopping flaws out
Created guides/system/TW&GW, and then deleted it because it is the same map as in TW&W
UD guides/system/tww, edited html, added 2nd map, changed logo69

Su 10/30/22
UD guides/al/stevenson, edit html, changed titles on maps to match what is the now normal

Railfan Guides of the U.S. = guides NOW rfg

Tu 11/1/22
UD rfg/ar/hoxie, edited html, added a few pix

F 11/4/22
1178 created rfg/ca/losangeles/metromaps, 8 maps of the transit in LA

M 11/7/22
1179 created rsus/funny/funny9
1180 created rsus/funny/funny9
1181 created rsus/funny/funny9
UD funny1 thru funny8, edit html mostly, added logo 69 page 5 was the worst, all day project

Tu 11/8/22
1182 created rsus/ItsGenius

Th 11/10/22
1183 created rfg/ms/jackson, added it to the index page
UD rfg/ms/vaughan

Tu 11/15/22
UD rfg/ms/jackson

W 11/16/22
UD rfg/ms/jackson

Th 11/17/22
UD rsus/itsgenius
UD rfg/ms/jackson
UD rfg/ms/vaughan, again
1182 deleted rfg/ms/caseyjonesmuseum, andtook jackson ms/caseyjonesmuseum off the guides index page

F 11/18/22
1183 created rfg/system/cthserwy for new map
1184 created rfg/ms/magnolia for the southeastern rwy there

Sa 11/19/22
UD rsus/amis/thsrip, added 3 names and 3 obit pix

Su 11/20/22
UD rfg/MDMTA/metro/stations, corrected spelling and titles

M 11/21/22
UD rfg/MDMTA/metro with more maps and links, edited html
UD the Oblivion page, edit html, add additional comments and links

Tu 11/22/22
UD rsus/Halloween, edited html, added logo69, 1st time since it was created

F 11/25/22
UD rfg/pr/index

F 11/25/22
UD rfg/pr/index
moved the tren urbano page to: rfg/pr/trenurbano, updated the index page

Sa 11/26/22
UD rfg/ri/providence, edited html, added pix from boston trip in 2020

Su 11/27/22
UD rfg/ri/providence sumore
UD rfg/sc/blacksburg, added pix of the I-85 overpass

M 11/28/22
UD rfg/sc/blacksburg, added more pix, edited some html
1185 created rfg/sc/blacksbugyard, one of Mike Falls pages from his website

Tu 11/29/22
1186 created rfg/nc/grover

W 11/30/22
US rfg/nc/grover

Th 12/1/22
UD rfg/nc/grover
UD rfg/sc/blacksburg, added article about rail trail & track chart

F 12/2/22
1187 created rfg/tn/chattanooga for the other RR sites

Sa-Tu 12/3/4/5/6/22
UD rfg/tn/chattanooga

W 12/7/22
UD rfg/tn/chattanooga
1188 created rsus/rulebooks/up10x

Th 12/8/22
UD rfg/tn/chattanooga

F 12/9/22
UD rfg/parktrains/zoo with maps

Sa 12/10/22
UD rfg/al/decatur, added additional tracks and edited the big map

Su 12/11/22
UD rfg/bc/vancouver/wcx, added additional station info

Tu 12/13/22
UD guides/or/portland/map2 and map3

W 12/14/22
UD guides/or/portland/map2
UD guides/mn/stpaul/map2

Th 12/15/22
1189 created rsus/funny/funny12 for stuff sent to me by Mary
1190, 1191, 1192 created rsus/funny/funny13/14/15 as place holders-future stuff

F 12 16/22
UD guides/hallmark with large size trains

Sa 12/17/22
UD guides /hallmark, added more large stuff

M 12/19/22-F12/23/22
UD rsus/lp, edited html on entire page, added a few new categories, and rearranged others, added bunches of new pix

12/24 & 12/25 - nuttin, Xmas break :-)

M 12/26/22
UD rsus/signals/trilight, edit html

Tu 12/27/22
put pix of Grand Haven on RSUS home page

2023 ----------------

M 1/2/23
UD guides/tn/erwin, edited some html, added Sandy's name and link
UD guides/tn/johnsoncity, edited some html, added Sandy's name and link

Su 1/8/23
1193 created guides/pa/coatesville

M-Su 1-9/10/11/12/13/14/15-23
UD guides/pa/coatesville-add content

Th 1/12/23
UD guides/museums/ebt-added link to EBT's own web page - HTF did I leave that out the last time?

Sa 1/28/23
UD guides/eiffeltower, added more links and google info boxes

Sa 2/5/23
1194 created rsus/rulebooks/bo31

Th 2/9/23
1195 created guides/lego

F 2/10--Tu 2/28/23
UD the lego page
UD rsus/rulebooks/rdg54-corrected my PDF

W 3/1/23
1196 created guides/lego/legoparts
started moving stuff from the lego main page to ones for parts, trains, stations, etc

Th 3/9/23
UD guides/station/mi with pix of Olive township
UD guides/al/decatur with correct county info for Decatur

Sun 3/12/23
UD guides/wi/hixton, added note by Floyd Rose about depot being razed, many thanks!

M 3/20/23
UD rsus/tech/signaldriver, redrawed the watnosky dwg, edited html, added disclaimer

Tu 3/21/23
UD signaldriver sumore

Tu/W 3/21/22/2023
UD guides/museums/harris, edited html, added a few maps, added a bunch of info blocks, added text, added standard general section, added disclaimer section

Sa 3/25/23
1197 created guides/MD/towsonloop

Tu 3/28/23
UD guides/septa/rt100
finally uploaded the Towson Loop page, n added it to the index

F 3/31/23
UD guides/ca/caltrain, edited html, added pix and names, added standard in general section

Sa 4/9/23
UD guides/ny/NYCsunnyside, added 2 signal maps, 1st ud since 9/22

Sa 3/25/23
1198 created guides/sc/carlisle cause of 2 pix Mike Falls sent me.....

Th 4/13/23
UD the towson loop page with 2 pix
UD guides/museum/rosenberg with info

F 4/14/23
UD the pere marquette aspect page

Sa 4/22/23
1199 created guides/nj/harrison to take pix off the newark page

M 4/24/23
updated indexa, checked links, some bad

W 4/26/23
1200 created rsus/ego for my problems with the Ego zero turn mower

Th 4/27/23
UD the ego page, added it to indexa

Su 4/30/23
UD guides/stations/nj with califon, bound brook, bloomfield, bordentown

M 5/1/23
UD stations/nj with caldwell, englewood1908, jenkingsons beach  train, disclaimer section, point pleasant bch....

W 5/3/23
UD nj stations page sumore

Th 5/4/23
UD nj stations page sumore

F 5/5/23
UD gregarious/ky/rathole, edited html so pictures would show up, deleted bad links

Su 5/7/23
UD guides/ky/walton, added USGS map, changed title block on 2 pix, added credits and link

M 5/8/23
UD guides/septa/rt100, added route maps

Tu 5/9/23
UD guides/md/redline, changed and added text
UD guides/septa/rt100 sumore-text

F 5/12/23
UD guides/septa/rt100, modified logo69

Sa 5/13/23
UD guides/effieltower, added pix of 1889 expo
TINA IN TOWN for MOTHER'S DAY today and Sunday

Tu 5/16/23
UD guides/eiffeltower, moved pix of train systems

W 5/17/23
1201 created guides/lego/nonlegotrains, finally

M 5/22/23
1202 created guides/system/cccrr

W 5/24/23
1203 created guides/trackwork

Tu 5/30/23
UD guides/md/sykesville, edited and cleaned up html, corrected on page links

Sa 6/3/23
UD guides/pa/nicholson, edited a little html, added captions to the unilens signal pix
1204 created RSUS/signals/unilens

W 6/7/23
1205 created guides/largestations

W 6/14/23
1206 created guides/ut/utagreenline

Th 6/15/23
UD guides/ut/utagreenline

F 6/16/23
1207 created guides/lgb for the former LGB factory in Nurnberg
UD RGUS index with links to new salt lake city pages

Sa 6/17/23
UD RGUS index with link to trackwork, and INDEXA with same
UD trackwork page, moved around pix
quick UD to the LGB page, fixed pix sizes
UD the unilens page with pix of remote head
UD guides/ut/uta/slinestreetcar with additional pix

Th 6/22/23
1208 created guides/ks/columbia

Tu 6/27/23
UD guides/favladies with Jenna Ortega and Camila Cabello

W 6/28/23
UD guides/ny/jamaica, edited html, replaced pix with thumbnails, added all of the pictures (nuttin there before)

Th 6/29/23
UD jamaica page with 2 aerials of the trackwork on both sides of the station

Su 7/2/23
UD trackwork, added nottingham uk

Tu 7/4/23
UD guides/ny/penntonewrochelle, edited stuff sent in by Joshua

W 7/5/23
UD guides/stations/ny, edited html, added 2 bronx stations

Th 7/6/23
UD trackwork page

F/Sa/Su 7/7-8-9/23
UD guides/pa/newcastle, added bridges, created corel map, added 2 stations, added 2 more signals

W 7/12/23
UD guides/me/portland

Th 7/13/23
UD guides/me/portland

F 7/14/23
1209 created guides/me/mattawamkeag

M 7/17/23
UD guides indexa, added the 5 lego pages, altho only 2 are done

Th 7/20/23
UD the trackwork page with pix from Jim Mihalek

Tu 7/25/23
UD guides/pa/phl/zoo with pix that had not been uploaded, mistakes on amtrak map
UD guides/va/tide with new stuff

Th 7/27/23
UD guides/tn/johnsoncity with pix of the new restaurant in the CC&O depot
UD guides/va/tide

Sa 7/29/23
1210 created rsus/amis/CRC060923 for crc lunch back in June, finally
1211 created rsus/amis/ERC071423

Su 7/30/23
UD rsus/indexpix with 2 recent lunches
UD rsus/indexa with new link

Th 8/3/23
UD guides/on/confederation

F 8/4/23
UD guides/on/confederation

M 8/14/23
UD guides/md/capitolbeltway, added logo 69 + one pix & disclaimer section, edited ALL of the html
UD guides/livediesel/wc, added logo69, disclaimer section, in general section, edited html

F 8/18/23
To St Joes ER, can't f--kin breathe, xray, cat scan, heart echo, they couldn't find anything :-( MF

M/W 8/21/23/23
UD rsus.amis/west/benson84

W 8/23/23
UD guides/on/guelph, redid map edges, added pix of ont southland rr
UD guides mi/flint, edited html, added disclaimer

Th 8/24/23
UD guides/mi/flint

Sa 8/26/23
UD guides/mi/flint, added postcards and info on huckleberry

Su 8/27/23
UD guides/mi/grayling, added logo69, disclaimer section, in general section, usgs map, 2 new locator maps
UD guides/mi/kakaska, new disclaimer, added statcounter, new locator map, history, usgs map

M 8/28/23
UD guides/mi/flint wit new disclaimer
same for kalkaska, grayling, and on/guelph

Tu 8/29/23
1213 created rsus/amis/dannys for Danny retirement party, added to indexa

W 8/30/23
To St Joes ER again, eating problem, cat scan, tests, couldn't find anything AGAIN, MF's WTF?

Th 8/31/23
UD guides/dc/map2, updated corel map, header, redid some html, added current disclaimer
1213 created guides/it/ardore

Su 09/03/04/05/06/23
UD guides/it/ardore

Su 9/10/23
UD guides/it/ardore

M 9/11/23
changed the RSUS main page

WED 9/13/23
Trip to Richmond via Amtrak with Buxton

Th 9/14/23
UD guides/va/richmond/map3 with correct link to PDF map, fixed problem with onpage link to USGS maps
UD richmond/map1 with same PDF problem

F 9/15/23
created a standard disclaimer JPEG, and will now start inserting it in every page, so that all I have to do is update one thing and not 2000 pages, disclaimer1

Sa 9/16/23
took the 9/11 stuff off the RSUS homepage

Su 9/17/23
UD guides/va/richmond/map1

Su 9/24/23
1214 created rsus/amis/ths6855

M 9/25/23
UD rsus/amis/6855

W 9/27/23
UD indexpix.htm with ths 6855 page

Su 10/01/23
UD RSUS index page with tuvalu stamps

M 10/2/23
1215-1277 created rsus/quebectrains to add the missing website of martin levesque... 62? pages

Tu 10/3/23
UD the hiawatha blue line page by uploading 3 missing pictures, no html work done, WTF??? Over

W 10/4/23
UD guides index with addition of link to Supertrain page

Sa 10/7/23
UD rsus index page with link to rsus/quebectrain
continue to work on editing quebectrain pages to correct links

SA 10/21/23
started on Halloween stuff

Su 10/22/23
huge UD on this page to clean up html at top & bot of the page,
changed font color from 008000 to 008800 for created headers, and deleted the italics, got up to 2/9/23, and then 7/20/22,  #1165
UD rsus/screen, added logo 69, edited html
started UD on legosignals

Tu 10/24/23
UD legosignals, added more items
UD nonlegotrains with an urban rwy

W 10/25/23
UD nonlegotrains

Th 10/26/23
UD nonlegotrains
1278 created disclaimer.htm, replacing my idea to do a JPG of the disclaimer and insert link for it onto pages
added new disclaimer section to lego/signals and nonlegotrains, guides/ct/coscob, and the default new web page index

F 10/27/23
UD nonlegotrains
UD lego stations

Sa 10/28/23
UD nonlegotrains
UD lego stations

Su 10/29/23
UD lego stations

M 10/30/23
UD nonlegotrains
UD lego stations

Tu 10/31/23
UD nonlegotrains

Th 11/2/23
UD nonlegotrains

Sa 11/4/23
UD lego stations Changed lego parts to lego introduction, edited, added new disclaimer, added floobydust section UD indexa to reflect changes in lego pages

Tu 11/7/23
UD legotrains, added new disclaimer

W 11/8/23
UD legotrains

Th 11/9/23
UD legotrains
UD guides/trackwork, added new disclaimer

F 11/10/23
UD guides/nh/dover, 1 additional pix, added some gps, fixed pix links, added new disclaimer

Sa 11/11/23
UD guides/lego/legotrains
UD guides/lego/signals

Su 11/12/23
UD guides/lego/signals

M 11/13/23
UD guides/lego/stations

Tu 11/14/23
UD guides/lego/legotrains
UD trackwork with unique crossing in australia

W 11/15/23
UD guides/lego/legotrains

Th 11/16/23
UD guides/septa/rt100, added new disclaimer, added caption under unk pix, added names to credits
UD guides/stations/il, deleted all calls for font=timesnewroman, added nebo n pleasant hill pix, added new disclaimer
UD guides/lego/legotrains

F 11/17/23
UD guides/lego/legotrains
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains

Su 11/19/23
UD lego/nonlegotrains
UD guides/lego/legotrains

M 11/20/23
UD lego/nonlegotrains

Tu 11/21/23
1279 created guides/funny/funny14 for temu tshirts
1280 created guides/funny/funny13 for cat signs

W 11/22/23
UD funny14

Th 11/23/23
UD funny14

F 11/24/23
UD funny14

Sa 11/25/23
UD ?

Su 11/26/23
1281 created guides/lego/access1
1282 created guides/lego/access2

M 11/27/23
renamed lego/access1 to guides/lego/accessories
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2
1281 deleted guides/lego/access2 and put it all in lego/accessories

Th 11/30/23
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2

F 12/01/23
UD guides/lego/stations2
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2

Sa 12/02/23
UD guides/lego/stations2

Su 12/03/23
UD guides/lego/stations2
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains1

M 12/04/23
UD guides/lego/stations2
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2

Tu 12/05/23

W 12/06/23

Th 12/07/23
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2

F 12/08/23
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains1

Sa 12/09/23

Su 12/10/23
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2

M 12/11/23
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2


W 12/13/23
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains1

Th 12/14/23
UD guides/lego/signals, delete access section and change logo69
UD guides/lego/intro-added l-gauge forum link
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2

F 12/15/23

Tu 12/19/23
UD rsus/amis/eil, added disclaimer, corrected logo69, added a test set, added on page links

W 12/20/23
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2

F 12/22/23
1282 created rsus/rulebooks/cp21

Sa 12/23/23
UD RSUS index, put pix of 33ft tall Eiffel Tower up for Xmas
UD nonlegotrains2

Tu 12/26/23
UD nonlegotrains2

W 12/27/23
UD guides/stations/pa, big HTML edit, added now shortened disclaimer, got rid of a lot of thumbnails, redid many on page links

Th 12/28/23
UD more of stations/pa
UD guides/pa/manheim, uploaded logo69, redid some html, resized pix, added new disclaimer

F 12/29/23
UD more of stations/pa

Sa 12/30/23
UD more of stations/pa

Su 12/31/23
UD more of stations/pa

2024 ----------------

M 1/1/24
UD nonlegotrains2

Tu 1/2/24

W 1/3/24

Th 1/4/24
UD nonlegotrains2

F 1/5/24
UD nonlegotrains2

Sa 1/6/24
UD indexa, added lego link for dollar tree
UD nonlegotrains2

Su 1/7/24

M 1/8/24

Tu 1/9/24

W 1/1/0/24

Th 1/11/24

F 1/12/24

Th 2/1/24
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2

F 2/2/24
UD guides/il/chicago/towers, edit html,add polk st tower, other pix, added new disclaimer section
UD indexa, added lego nontrainstuff page 3

M 2/5/24
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2 with listing for bnsf sd-70, and moved all sd-70's to single heading for sd-70-s

W 2/7/24
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains3

Th 2/8/24
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains3

F 2/9/24
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains2
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains3

W 2/14/24
1283 created guides/me/maine

Th 2/15/24
UD guides/oblivion

F 2/16/24
UD guides/oblivion
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains1

M 2/19/24
UD guides/lego/nonlegotrains1 with notice about bricksmyheart

Tu 2/20/24
1284 created rsus/rulebooks/acl26a for dwgs instead of scanned copies
UD guides/eiffeltower/eiffelreplicas1

Th 2/22/24
UD guides/system/chicagoalton with 4 new maps, new disclaimer

Su 3/10/24
1285 created guides/pa/harris/harrispower for the PDO

M 3/11/24
UD the PDO page

TU 3/12/24
UD the PDO page

Th 3/14/24
UD the PDO page

F 3/15/24
UD the PDO page

Sa 3/23/24
UD guides/ct/saybrook edited content, standardized pix size

Su 3/24/24
UD RSUS/rulebooks/bo41 with new PNG dwg from Rick Gast
UD RSUS index page with pix from Harrisburg PDO

M 3/25/24
UD the PDO page, tech content by Jim
UD the guides/stations/ga page with additional pix in AThens, and info from M O'Malley

Th 3/28/24
UD guides/baltimore/map5, edited html, inserted new disclaimer section, inserted ../../ for callouts, added standard in general section

F 3/20/24
1286 created guides/spain/lacalahorra for site of movie production for spaghetti westerns

M 4/4/24
UD rsus/support/mileposts, added pictures, edited html

Tu 4/2/24
UD guides/spain/lacalahorra

W 4/3/24
UD guides/spain/lacalahorra

Th 4/4/24
UD RSUS indexa page,  added link for mileposts, like duh
UD rsus/support/mileposts, added a bunch of pictures, renamed others, edited html, alphabetized listings

F 4/5/24
UD RGUS index with La Calahorra, edited some html

W 4/10/24
1287 created guides/pa/newport

Th 4/11/24
UD guides/pa/newport

Sa 4/13/24
UD rsus/amis/bensonave84

UD guides/pa/newport

Su 4/14/24
UD guides/pa/newport

M 4/15/24
1288 created rsus/amis/towsonhigh24

Tu 4/16/24
UD guides/pa/newport
UD rsus/amis/towsonhigh24

W 4/17/24
UD guides/pa/newport

Th 4/18/24
UD guides/pa/newport

F 4/19/24
UD guides/pa/newport

Sa 4/20/24
UD rsus/signals/inusual, added new disclaimer, edited html, added pix by rick gast

Su 4/21/24
UD guides/index, added blain, newport, N&SVRR down in history section, copied nisbit pa to williamsport
UD guides/pa/blain, finally uploaded it

Tu 4/23/24
UD guides/pa/blain

W 4/24/24
UD guides/pa/blain

F 4/26/24
UD guides/pa/newport, added sanborn city map
deleted things like br1.jpg and pl2.jpg from the PA subdirectory
UD guides/pa/nicholson, put in new disclaimer
BIG UD guides/pa/northumberland, edited all html, new disclaimer, removed bad new

Sa 4/27/24
UD guides/pa/nisbit, edited html-took out the "bad new", put in new disclaimer
UD guides/museum/lakeshore, edited html-took out the "bad new" as shown below,  put in new disclaimer
called GoDaddy to renew SSL cert on Railfan Guides, what a fuckin hassle....

Su 4/28/24
UD guides/pa/ebt, slight html edit, added disclaimer section
UD guides index, added Spencer Shops to NC and museums listing, how the fuc was it not listed all these years???
UD guides index, added Rockhill as a separate listing in PA as rockhill (orbisonia)
UD guides/museums/rockhill, complete html edit, added logo69 and disclaimer

W 5/1/24
created guides/ms/relay for the stuff from map 6

Th 5/2/24
UD guides/md/relay

F 5/3/24
UD guides/md/relay

Sa 5/4/24
Spoutwood Fairie Festival - missed due the rain, fuc me
UD guides/md/relay
UD guides index, big html edit in baltimore cnty section and added relay

Su 5/5/24
UD guides/md/relay, redid corel map-made it relaymd050524
UD guides index

Th 5/9/24
UD guides/petersburg/map1 with arby menu and map, now standard disclaimer, did ../../../ for icon callouts

F 5/10/24
UD guides/va/staunton,added histories, B&O depot, B&O viaduct

Sa 5/11/24
UD guides/va/staunton more

Su 5/12/24
UD guides/ks/santafejunction

M 5/13/24
UD guides/ks/santafejunction

Tu 5/14/24
UD guides/ks/santafejunction, did new open rwy map

W 5/15/24
UD guides/va/staunton, added 4 pix of B&O arch br

Th 5/16/24
UD guides/ky/lagrange, new disclaimer, added a few lines
UD guides/ky/walton, new disclaimer, added a few lines

Last revised 05/16/2024