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In General

Somehow I missed the first Spoutwood Fairie Festival at Marshy Point in 2019.  Dang.  Then we had a two year hiatus due to Covid.

The 2022 season was well worth the wait.  The day started off a "little slow", but by noon, the place was packed!  If you were hungry, there was a 20-30 minute wait!!!

After the close of Spoutwood's 2018 season, they started looking at alternative sights in which to continue their tradition.  They settled on the Marshy Point Nature Center in eastern Baltimore County, off Eastern Ave between Chase and Bowley's Quarters.

Frenchie and the Punk, and Cu Dubh were the major music attractions of the day.

Since I parked in handicapped parking because of my daughter, I'm not exactly sure where the regular parking was, but those I spoke with said it was OK, with a little bit of walking needed.  It looks like it is probably off Brinkman Ave, which is a little further beyond Marshy Point Rd.

Getting Here

Getting here is pretty easy.

Marshy Point Road is 2-1/2 miles north of where MD-43 / Whitemarsh Blvd, hits Eastern Ave.  Eastern Ave is east of both I-95 and US-40.

If you're coming in via I-95, either north or south bound, get off at the MD-43, exit 67, and head east.  MD-43 ends at Eastern Ave/MD-150.... take a left.

If you're coming down I-83, head west when you hit the Beltway/I-695.  Look for the signs for MD-43, and stay to your left, as it is a left exit off the Beltway.

If you're coming in via I-70, you have a choice.  You can go around the Beltway, or go south on the Beltway to I-95 (about 3 miles), and go thru Baltimore via the McHenry Tunnel.  It will cost you an extra toll, but it is a little quicker if you're running late and have to be there "on time".

The map below shows where the original Spoutwood was, and where the new location is.

Here is the immediate area....


If you look down at the bottom right of her coat, you will notice the Tardis! :-)

(L) Along the path from the parking lot

(L) Simple yet effective :-)

(L) Singer/Musician Kristin Rebecca welcomes you from along the path from the parking lot

Frenchy and the Punk



My daughter Jenny with Mike and Debbie Bull, past King and Queen of the Festival.  Mike has also been doing the artwork for the flyers, since, like, forever.

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