The final day of the 2018 season started off as a fairly nice day, and started raining around 3PM, on and off.  It was predicted to be raining all day long, so we were all very relieved.  The rain chased off a few people, but most remained till the end.  Till THE end.

Citing (mostly) pressure from the township Spoutwood Farms is located in, Rob and Lucy decided to make the 2018 run of the Spoutwood Fairie Festival the last one.  Over the past 27 years, the Fairie Festival has become a part of almost everyone who has had the opportunity to come and enjoy everything the Faire has to offer.  Some have even grown up their entire life making the annual migration to this small community tucked away in the hills of southern Pennsylvania, and they will be grateful for the opportunity. 

For those of you that heard of the Spoutwood Fairie Festival, and never made the time or effort to come or otherwise make it here, shame on you -- for you won't really know what you missed and how it could enhance your life, even if it was for only one magical day out of the year.  Even if you were an adult when you came here, you could NOT leave without feeling somewhat better about yourself and the world in general, hoping that reality may somehow be more like the experience here at the Festival.  If you came here as a kid, we as parents could not help but to watch as the look of amazement and wonder lit up your face!

For some reason, even I have been coming to the Spoutwood Fairie Festival for about 12 years, I never had the opportunity to meet the owners of the Faire, Rob and Lucy, until this year - my loss!  There is a very small exclusive club of friends I have, that once you met them, and get to know them, you say to yourself "I wish I could have met them 20 or 30 years ago."  Rob and Lucy are like that.  I can't think of two people more sincere, warm, and genuine than them.  They have given everything they have to the Farm and the Festival, and made both of them a place where you want to go, and never leave.  While we may not have another Festival on these hallowed grounds, the spirit lives on when you walk around the Farm, and you are reminded of the many memories each corner of the property has to offer.

This is going to be a long page, for I went around and got pictures of (almost) every vendor, and will present them here.

I also took pictures of an awful lot of tattoos, which are presented on the page for day 2.




The Dark Fairy Realm






Below is an aerial view of where things were for the last Spoutwood Fairie Festival, vendors listed alphabetically:

  The Art of Broken Glass, last of the row 4 vendors, next to Prof Punk

  Ash & Griffin Pottery, 8

  Big Horn Trading Company, 4

  Sir Bird Whistles, 4

  Crystal's Casbah, 5

  Elegant Ear Cuffs and More by Fiona

  Far Wraps, 10

  Gilded Parasol, 4

  Hair Braiding, 4

  New World Glass, 10

  Papa's Kettle Korn, it was a good faire for them, as they ran out of korn, 12

  Professor Punk's Emporium, 4

  Tatterdemalion, 4

  Tomboy Togs, 4


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