Saturday, October 22nd, 2011
Only three more days!



Today was a chilly and overcast day, too bad the next days weather couldn't have gotten here a day sooner....
but that didn't seem to keep people away....
My daughter and I didn't get here until 1pm, and people were still coming in by the droves!

During the last three weekends of the Faire, they have their "Halloween Daze and Spooky Knights",
You'll never know what to expect :-)

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is located in (kinda) east-central PA,
about 24 miles east of Harrisburg at exit 266 off the PA Turnpike,
or about 20 miles north of Lancaster (and US30) on PA72

It's rather hilly, so make sure you have good walking shoes on,
or a good charge on your wheelchair,
as I've seen many people having theirs pushed to get out. 
It's still rather easy to walk around, as much of the walkways are paved. 
The site covers about 35 acres, with plenty of parking.




        These ladies were part of a group of eight that graced the Faire





I  think this is the Empty Hats plying on O'malley's Stage at 4pm     


      These guys do some great work!

 If you were at Fairie Festival in southern York County in May, you'll recognize these faces! 

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