Here are pictures from wherever and whenever.  Some may interest you, most probably won't :-)

Non-Train Stuff


A few shots of a NS freight passing a U.S. DOT track car in Manassas VA on 082205

A SB VRE commuter train in Alexandria VA on 082205

A few shots of New Haven freights in Queens, about a mile and a half from Hell Gate bridge.  The middle picture shows southbound E-33's in 10/68 - a year later they were gone as evidenced in the right picture.  These pictures were taken when I was in my teens when I would stay with my grandparents over the summer.  Nice view from the sixth floor of the apartment building - trains, planes, and subways!  These are scans of Instamatic pictures.

Gallitzin PA - At the Horseshoe Curve helper facility

Marietta GA - Georgia Northeastern #9708 and #316 leaving the yard for the mainline.

Eastbound Amtrak heading down Horseshoe Curve into Altoona.

Pennsy GP-9 #7048 on display at Horseshoe Curve.

A westbound Norfolk Southern freight with Conrail engines climbing Horseshoe Curve.

New Castle PA - New Castle Industrial #4094 in the shops and doing the local thing.

New Castle PA - A couple of heavy weight transformer cars

On the east side of Kokomo IN

South of Waterloo IA - After an hour of waiting in 12" of snow with tennies on, and it's nearly dark.....

Union Bridge MD - A Maryland Midland freight

Downtown Roanoke VA - we're in NS territory

Relay MD - EB CSX freight at the St Denis commuter station

Hagerstown MD - an EB CSX freight

Berea OH - THE Railfan spot of Cleveland area where both CSX and NS are easy to shoot....

Roanoke VA - An NS freight with a BNSF GE on the lead

Rosenburg TX - a WB BNSF freight.

Houston TX

Baltimore MD - Pictures at the Martins MARC station



Last day of operation before the double tracking project started on the north end.  Right photo by John Buxton, that's me off to the left.

Philadelphia PA - SEPTA streetcar near the 69th St terminal.

Houston TX Light Rail

Minneapolis MN Light Rail

Non-Train Stuff

This is one of my all time favorite photos.  It's from the Hubble, and every spec of light is a galaxy, there are no stars in the picture!  More pictures

The Mason's Washington Monument in Alexandria VA / 082205

This is the "big chicken" on Cobb Pkwy in Marietta GA. It almost got torn down in a remodeling of the KFC, but the locals prevailed and kept the landmark. The eyes and beak move.

The water tower on the left is along I85 in Gaffney SC.... Pretty cool, huh?  The smiley face is on I-75 above Flint MI!!!

Downtown Atlanta skyline at dusk and a couple of buildings at night that decorate the Atlanta skyline, the one on the left is particularly neat.

A couple of cars seen on the highway in North Carolina that you probably want to avoid.... I stayed away from the one on the left, figuring he wouldn't have insurance to cover my truck if he hit it - he was on the cellphone and not paying much attention to his driving, probably why his car is the way it is!

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