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9/13/2020 - present

Located in southwest Philly on the NEC, the Grays Ave/52nd St trolley stop is on the other side of the building
on the left.  Taken from the back end of an Amtrak Regional train on my way to Boston on Jan11/2020.
There use to be one more track where the ties are now laying, so maybe they will cover up or remove one of the signals?

5/2/2020 - 9/11/2020

The Air Force Thunderbirds and Navy Blue Angels on a flyover in Timonium MD on May 2nd, 2020.

  9/13/19 - 5/2/20

  used Feb 22, 2019 thru Sep 13th, 2019

After 67 years in the same home (a row house in Baltimore City), they got kicked out and are looking for a new home....

spare hair :-)

  used 9-27-2018 thru 2-22-2019
This is where I spent my summers in the 60's, in the Queens borough of New York City.
Enough to keep any train loving kid busy for a while! :-)
At the time, the New Haven was running trains on two tracks, and it was such a sight to watch two of them passing!
And then there were the two subway lines, one elevated, one underground, easy access to anywhere in Manhatten.
and then, of course, there were the planes landing at LaGuardia,
You could also watch the stack during the busy times, and you could watch them drop down in the levels... cool
Far off to the left of that 6th floor apartment, you could watch the Pennsy and NH trains go over Hell Gate Bridge,
Down the left side of the apartment building you could grab a great sunset with the Empire State Building right in the middle of the sun,
And in 1964, the World's Fair was just 8 stations down the #7 IRT.
I caught this shot on the approach to LaGuardia, after popping out of a low cloud ceiling, just in the nick of time!

  used 7-9-2018 thru 9-27-2018

In the space of a New York City subway platform, we have all three common aspects.  You gotta love it!

used 5-27-2018 thru 7-9-2018

Pictured above is one of the few Maryland and Pennsylvania RR Stations left standing in Maryland, and the only one in Baltimore County.
There are forces who want to raze the station, just to make the parking lot where it sits, bigger (probably).
The people who want to tear it down are suppose to be fairly powerful and well connected.
We have a hearing coming up on June 14th, 2018 at 6PM, if anyone can attend and tell the county why it should be saved.
18 years ago I went to the Baltimore County Council and had the PRR Riderwood Station saved from being sold
and razed by having it put on the historic landmark list,
and hopefully, we will be able to do the same for the Glen Arm Station.
Please come if you are able, to help save the station!

  used 9-17-2017 thru 5-27-2018

These signals still remain on the NS Buffalo line, on the east side of the Susquehanna River above Harrisburg PA, about 18miles north (as the crow flies).  These signals are also slated for replacement in the near future, like those on the Pittsburgh main line.  Photo from a trip to Northumberland PA on 16SEP2017 with Jersey Mike.

  used 3-7-2017 thru 9-17-2017

One of three CPL signals left in the Baltimore metro area.
This is the eastbound signal protecting the Bear Creek Swing Bridge,
going from the former Grays yard in Sparrows Point to Dundalk MD, and then on to Penn-Mary yard in Canton.
The signal is always lit, and displays stop and restricting.
Photo from a trip to Canton and Sparrows Point on 2MAR2017 with Michael W.

  used 12-12-2016 thru 3-7-2017

Well, in the spirit of the Midwest, north and northeast, I present a Philly Trolley Bus in the snow :-)
Photo by Mitchell Libby

  used 10-6-2016 thru 12-21-2016

Almost gone!!! The PRR PL-Position Light signals between Harrisburg and Altoona are in the process of being replaced by NS with the now standard three aspect " Darth Vader" colorlight signals. These are at CP PORT, west of Newport PA, a guide to the signals is here. Photo from a September 2016 trip with Jersey Mike.

  used  7-15-2016 thru 10-6-2016

A three aspect dwarf colorlight signal with LED's.  A new installation in Kalamazoo MI, where the entire interlocking between Amtrak and the Grand Elk was updated with new signals in 2015.  This is a signal for the Grand Elk.  Photo by Denver Todd on a trip to Kalamazoo on 7/11/2016

      used  2-14-2016 thru 7-15-2016

A set of three pictures from the days of yore, showing the Griswolds that operated along the Erie Mining tracks in upper Minnesota.  Photos courtesy Jim Mihalek!  I wonder if the signals are still there?
The F Units were trashed in a runaway wreck back in 1997...... darn.  LTV Steel took over Erie Mining in 1987, and made its last run in 2001.  #4211 was donated to the Lake Superior Railroad Museum (Duluth MN) in 2006.  They also have (had) a beautiful "better than museum quality" 1/8 scale Missabe articulated steamer! 

  used 10-28-15 thru 2-14-2016

A pedestal signal mounted in a protective housing at Baltimore's Penn Station over track 9.  The signal has been updated with LED's.  There are around six of these here in the station area.

 used 8-18-2015 thru 10-28-2018

These horizontally mounted colorlight signals can be found throughout the New York City subway system when clearances get tight.

  used 8-25-2014 till 8-18-2015 - phew, almost a year! :-)

A NB New Jersey Transit Commuter Train gets ready to enter the Secaucus Station.
Plenty of signals around for the signal fan, and lots of trains too on both levels of the station!!

  used 3-28-2013 till 8-25-2014

The new and the old.  New colorlight signals waiting for the cutover at Bailey's Wye in Baltimore.  According to signal maintainers at the wye, it is now scheduled for May 2014 (happened in July).  When the time comes, a crane will lift the new signals off the base and rotate the cantilever bridge 90 degrees, and cut the old one down.  More pictures  here

  used 8-18-2013 till 3-28-2014

Steam returns to the Northern Central in southern York County PA.  This picture is at Hanover Junction, my Railfan Guide for the "ride" is here.

  used 6-23-2013 till 8-18-2013

Train #51 arriving in Staunton VA, about 5 minutes after NB #50 left on 6/21/13.  Plenty of railfanning for a small town with 4 railroads, 2 of which are shortlines   The C&O signals in the background are slated for replacement by CSX.

Used 5-30-2013 till 6-23-2013

CSX's Acca yard at night, formerly the RF&P's southern terminus in Richmond VA, from the I-195 overpass

Used 4-27-2013 till 5-30-2013

The majority of what's left with public access of the rail system in El Salvador as of September 2013.  The freight cars are used as storage by local businesses.  Huge bus terminal across the street.

Bad area - not recommended unless you're with a local, the locals are very friendly however!  Taken on business trip to fix San Salvador's airport radar.  Plans to get guided tour of stuff inside the fence fell thru on second trip in October :-(

Used 1-18-2013 till 4-27-2013

Now that it is winter in most of the U.S., it only seems appropriate.....
The train is on the old GN Willmar line which is used to access the yard and some local industries, but doesn't go very far.

Used 11-2012 thru 1-18-2013

NS freight #119 passing through Blacksburg SC at mp424.3..... Big Thanks to Mike Falls for the photo
Why are the signals offset? Check here to find out.

Between the photos above and below, I was highlighting pictures from the Norfolk Southern 30 year anniversary shebang in Spencer NC over the July 4th, 2012  weekend.  Pictures are here: http://www.railfanguides.us/NS/index.htm

  Used 6-15-2012 till 7-5-2012

Bennett Levin's restored PRR E8s 5711 and 5809 approaching the West Baltimore MARC station, Saturday June 16th, 9:38.  A little while earlier, the train left Union Station in Washington DC and is headed to Enola Yard in Harrisburg PA,  via the Port Road at Perryville MD.  The train was sold out!  An Amtrak Genesis unit was behind the E's, and there were three Pennsy heritage cars on the rear.

  Used 2-24-2012 thru 6-15-2012

Looking south past the tower at the diamond in Deshler OH.   More pictures here

  used 1/13/2012 thru 2/24/2012

These two forlorn looking Pennsy PL signals stand guard at a diamond in Baltimore at the southern end of CSX's Penn-Mary Yard.  The two CSX tracks go over to the docks (Seagirt Terminal), and the single NS (ex-Pennsy) line crossing the CSX goes to the Dundalk Marine Terminal. 
Many more pictures of the diamond and signals are here

  Used 11/1/2011 thru 1/13/2012

For now, Altoona remains on the PL fan's Bucket List....  In this shot taken from the overpass at the Amtrak station you can see dwarf, pedestals, and full size PL signals.  This won't be for long, because new color light signals are currently going up numbering the PL's days.

   Used till Nov 1, 2011

Safetran's Unilens signals on the south end of a CP Rail siding in New Milford PA, between Binghamton NY and Scranton PA.... off I-81 at exit 223.
This whole line uses the signals.

    Used till 9SEP2011

Two pictures of PRR Pedestal Signals with red lenses, affectionately called "red-eye" or "red snake eye" signals.  Taken along Rt147 on the east bank of the Susquehanna River across from Duncannon PA.  For some reason, they are only found west of Harrisburg PA. 
Photos courtesy South Jersey Mike.

used till 9JUN2011

Great shot in downtown Roanoke VA, looking west from the Hotel Roanoke overpass.  The close set of CPL's used be mounted on the 1st St NW bridge (in black), but now sit on a new cantilever bridge.  Railwalk is to the left, the concrete bridge is 2nd St.
Photo by Mike Falls

    used till 2MAY2011

Two pictures of the same signal in Farmington MN, where, instead of using two heads, they used a four aspect head so they could show a red over red with the one head.
Photos by Jim S.

Pix of the lunar eclipse last night, the left and center ones are from around 03:40, and the right one was taken around 04:15 eastern time, taken with a Canon SX20IS with the lens all the way out at x80, not too bad for a non-SLR and being basically handheld... we were in Midlothian (Richmond) VA and it was pretty clear in the direction of the moon.
More info at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/December_2010_lunar_eclipse

  used till 12/28/2010

A colorlight signal in Cumberland MD, I believe on the ex WM.  Notice the mix of old WM heads with the large backgrounds in contrast with a newer Darth Vader head.

  used till 11/13-10

It's not very often that my non-train friends send something to me, so this month I'd like to feature a picture by Matt Brock, which he took on a recent visit to the Western Maryland Scenic RR with his son Jason.  The WM Scenic runs the only regular steam in Maryland, and runs west out of Cumberland to Frostburg.  A really nice hikey-bikey trail, the Great Allegheny Passage, accompanies the railroad the distance and beyond.... Thanks Matt!

 Used till 8/5/2010

Searchlight signals looking northeast from the Dearborn Street crossing at Delray Tower, Detroit MI.

Appropriate for this time of the year, Tim Vermande captures Chicago & South Shore #17 near Pine Rd. in South Bend in February 1978. 
See more of his pictures HERE 
used till 5/2/2010

This cantilever signal bridge is in Roanoke VA, along the N&W main at Park Street, adjacent to the now closed Park St. Tower.  This picture shows a small sampling of the variety of configurations N&W signal heads can appear in.  This kicks off my new page for N&W signals.  used 9/09-1/10

This copyrighted photo is courtesy Marcus Neubacher, and is from his webpage that can be found at the link below. 
The picture is along CSX's old Clinchfield route between Sevier and Altapass, NC.
The caption for the photo is as follows: A favorite railfan location in the Loops is Camp Two, which is the middle tier of three levels of track that twist through this location.  This northbound empty train has just passed through Rocky and traversed a horseshoe curve to arrive here at Camp Two.  Still upgrade is Ridge, where the rails pass through Blue Ridge Tunnel, cross the Eastern Continental Divide, and arrive at Altapass, the highest point on the Clinchfield.  All of that is approximately seven rail miles "north" of Camp Two, way up on the hillside above this train.
For more of his great photos of this wonderful line, and his N-gauge model railroad, the Charleston, Roanoke & Eastern Railway, please check out: http://www.kntower.com/5.html

Here is a photo sent to me by Earl Hackett (which someone sent him years ago), taken east of Hinton WV in 1947.  The photo is on the internet as "Fales A", and after Earl did some research, we believe the photo was taken by Bruce Fales.  The tower looks to be "Cabin A" judging from the "A" on the side of the tower.  If you look closely, you will see six signals in the picture.  Two high signals for the mainline, two dwarf's (one is a two aspect, the other is a three aspect), a train order signal on the tower, and a dwarf hanging off the side of the near cantilever bridge.  The dwarf on the cantilever is Y/G/R.  This was apparently a turn around for helpers assisting trains coming out of Hinton.  Allegheny tunnel is just west of here, and the tower still stands today.   A most interesting photo, Thanks Earl!  BTW, the C&O called their towers CABINS, and not towers!...used till 6/29/2008

A Southbound Penn Central train heading into B&P Tunnel in Baltimore, two E-44's and a GG1 on the lead, (and yes, this is a train even tho there are no freight cars) Pennsy PL's way before the change to Amtrak PCL's.  Picture taken in May of 1970


A pair of pictures of a US&S Searchlight signal with a doll post in Lineville AL on an ex-SCL line,
one of which includes a shot of a classic SCL whistle post.
As with many other railroads, they use a high signal for the mainline and a dwarf for the siding.
Photos courtesy John Higginson.   used till 07/25/2007

Lower quadrant semaphores in Drain OR on the CORP.  Photo by Rick D. Daniels, CEO of SouPac Transportation Systems   .....used till 4/1/2007

Griswolds are still alive and kicking (sans stopsign) in Minneapolis MN.  This one is on the way from BNSF's Northtown Yard to Minnesota Commercials home in St Paul.

A couple of GRS dwarf searchlight signals on the way out of Buffalo on the CSX (ex New York Central) mainline.  Nice cantilever bridge in the background.

NB double headed local freight on the Penn Central in Timonium MD, just north of Padonia Rd, with a SB Pennsy PL
Where was I when they were taking these guys down?  from Oct 1973

PRR Pedestal signal and position light dwarf at Baltimore's Penn Station

This shot was taken in downtown Roanoke VA in September of 2005.  Sometime in the mid 60's (I believe), the Norfolk and Western colorized their Position Lights (PL's) to what you see above.  Prior to the switchover, the signals were similar to the Pennsy signals with all amber lenses, and the equipment they use is identical.  The signal to the right illustrates one of the advantages of CPL's, where you can still see the aspect is red over red, even with the one bulb burned out..  If the lower lamp burns out, you still have the two on the top head to indicate the most restrictive aspect.  The dwarf signal is an interesting adaptation for a CPL.  It is supported by brackets to get it off the ground.

This signal protects a private grade crossing, south of Salem and Roanoke VA.  Salem is to the left, Christiansburg is to the right.

These B&O CPL's are in south Baltimore, on the main line to DC.  Picture taken from Patapsco Ave.


A couple of shots from "yesteryear".  The left one above, and the left one below were both taken on the last day of revenue service (1/1/05) before the double tracking project got underway on the north end of the Baltimore Light Rail System.  On top, we are looking north from the Timonium station, where the two tracks went into one.  They have moved the switch you see to the opposite (south) side (see below) of the station, probably in anticipation of resuming service only to the Timonium stop (for the next few months).  Service started 11/1/05 to Timonium.  Why couldn't they have placed the signal on the catenary support pole? ----- Below left, is the Joppa Rd. overpass, rebuilt in approx. 1990, again, knowing that someday they may want to put in a second track.  Almost every signal south of Warren Rd. went thru some sort of change, they even eliminated some completely, such as the northbound signal about a quarter of a mile south of where I live.  The roof to the right of the picture is the old Northern Central Riderwood Railroad station, which sold in early 2005 for $675K (three years earlier they bought it for $275K!)  The picture on the right also shows something they should have done on the whole system, and that was to put the pole line down the middle, instead of spending untold millions of dollars putting up a whole new pole line for the second track, making things look twice as ugly.

Two current views from Timonium are above middle (looking north) and right (looks south).  The northbound signals are gone, a temporary high-block has put in place, ductwork for the cables has been installed in the center of the tracks, and they moved the crossover to the south side so northbound trains coming into the station could take either side.


The right photo is from the same vantage point as the left, almost a year later.  The second (southbound) track is in - trains are running, they removed a pole from the middle, and replaced it with TWO poles... why, who knows? (More stupid engineering as far as I am concerned)  The signal(s) on the far side of the underpass are gone, and they placed yet another fence to keep people from traversing the center "embankment" between the two tunnels (there are already two fences at the top, I guess they wanted to make sure!).

Ex B&O station in Aberdeen MD, designed by Frank Furness, built around the turn of the last century.  This was almost torn down and has been saved by the Harford Historical Society in 2003.  It is supposed to be the centerpiece of a new park or shopping district once moved further away from the right-of-way.  Picture taken in July 2003, before a temporary fence was put up around it to keep people like myself away from the building.  I spent about 2 hours taking measurements of the building!

Single Aspect B&O CPL at the CSX Locomotive Maintenance Facility in Cumberland MD

CPL replacements on the CSX just west of New Castle PA

Westbound Norfolk Southern freight at Berea OH.  I betcha those NS signal posts looked a lot better with semaphores on them instead of the tri-lights!
To the right is a great restaurant to watch trains from - good food, reasonable prices... sorry to report, it closed before the overpass construction started in ~2009

A B&O dwarf CPL with three markers, on the west leg of Bailey's wye in downtown Baltimore
Photo by Michael Watnoski

New Haven Freight coming off of Hell Gate bridge in Queens, New York City, taken in Oct 1968 - That 6th floor apartment was great for watching trains!  Just to the right, off the picture, was a semaphore for the train - never did get  a picture of it, and it was there till they took the ironwork down in the early 80's - about a mile and a half up the r-o-w was a semaphore for NB trains - never knew how lucky I was

A NS Dash 9 is headed into a siding under Amtrak PCL's on the Northeast Corridor in Newark DE - from the SEPTA station platform looking north

New York Central eastbound searchlights in Depew NY, opposite the Amtrak station..... very high traffic density, worthwhile spot to stop at, especially since you're almost at the front door of the airport

Picture from pamphlet #1364 - "A Centennial - History of ALSTOM Signaling Inc." 1904-2004
BTW - The CTC machine was installed in 1927


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