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This museum is great.  if you are a signal fan, you have to stop here if you are anywhere near the Houston area.  The director of the museum informed me that they are concentrating on signals, and what they have to offer the signal fan proves it.  They are constantly on the look-out for additional signals to add to their collection.  By this summer (2007), when they open Tower 17 to the public, they should have the CTC panel "working" and the semaphores in the yard will be connected to it.

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Outside Signals




    Additional searchlight signals waiting to go up.

Tower 17




Inside Signal Stuff on Display

  A US&S lower quadrant indicator.

  A position type signal indicator, mimicking the action of a semaphore.

    A US&S upper quadrant indicator and optional rock guard.

  Something you don't see everyday, a can of 2A semaphore oil.

    Couple of semaphore spectacles and blades.

  A typical info card, this one explaining the focal length of lenses.

        General inside views.

The coach "Quebec"

A few inside shots showing the great restoration work going on to restore the coach to it's former glory.  When they brought the car down from Canada, it had been most recently used as general storage on someone's farm, and most of the inside had been totally ruined.

Other Stuff

The water tower is brand new and it's construction cost was donated by an area resident!

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