Spencer NC

The North Carolina Transportation Museum is a fantastic museum, placed at the former Southern Railway shops located in Spencer NC.  If you are anywhere close, you should make a point of stopping by.

The museum is conveniently located off I85 at exit 79, Andrews St.   Take it north till you cross the Norfolk Southern, and take a left onto Salisbury Ave, which is also US29 and US70.  The entrance will soon be on your left.  Spencer is about 45 minutes east of Charlotte NC, about two hours west of Raleigh/Durham NC, and about 5 hours from Washington DC.

From a signals standpoint, they don't have much.  They have a working dual train order semaphore at the visitors center, and a few odd signs just off of the entrance road.

Train Order Semaphore


      Outside mechanical details.

        Inside mechanical details.
I was allowed to change the semaphore from red to green, and let me tell you, even with as direct a throw as this linkage has, it took considerable effort to get it up to green!

  Plaque explaining the purpose of the semaphore.

  Plaque describing the railroad that started it all in the area.

  Really basic map of the Norfolk Southern railroad.

  Map of Train-Spotting locations in North Carolina.

Mail Pole


Spring Switch and Yard Limit sign




Spencer is located next to Salisbury NC.  If you head west on Salisbury St after coming out of the Museum, it will turn into Main St after you cross the town line into Salisbury.  Hang a left onto either Kerr or Council, and take 'em down to Depot St, where you will see the depot on your right (Kerr St), or to your left from Council.  Nice color light signal adjacent to the station.  The sign is seen throughout the I85 corridor between Charlottesville and Raleigh.

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