Amtrak PCL signals at MP 65, Aberdeen MD

  Searchlight signal in suburban Atlanta - Unfortunately, the only versions I have of this searchlight are all low resolution..... :-(

    Todds small signal collection

    B&O CPL dwarf at Aiken siding, north of Perryville MD - gone as of around 2014

  Close-up of a Pennsy PL-5 signal west of Mt. Union PA

      B&O CPL's in Newark DE

      Uncolorized version of the N&W CPL at Railwalk, Norfolk VA

      Colorized version of the N&W CPL at Railwalk, Norfolk VA

  GE Dash-8 in Roanoke VA

  B&O signal bridge just west of Baileys Wye in downtown Baltimore, replaced with colorlights in 2015

  Almost full B&O CPL (on the right - just missing restrict) in south Baltimore, replaced with colorlights ~2013

  B&O CPL signal bridge in Hancock MD, gone

  N&W CPL's plus dwarf in Roanoke VA

  4 aspect colorlight dwarf in Fostoria OH on the CSX

    Looking south on the Northeast Corridor in Newark DE, Amtrak PCL's

  Wig-Wag crossing signal at the Chattanooga Choo-Choo Hotel in Chattanooga TN

  B&O CPL dwarf in southern Baltimore City, gone

New colorlight installation on the CSX, St. Denis MD, typical of new installations, to the right is a new signal bridge in Landsdowne MD on the CSX

      Amtrak PCL's at the Halethorpe MD MARC station, with 100MPH speed limit signs

  B&O CPL at Baileys Wye in downtown Baltimore showing "clear", replaced in 2015

  Colorlight signals on the ex C&O line behind the Richmond VA airport for trains coming from Newport News VA (now CSX)

    PRR dwarf on a mast for better visibility, and a pedestal signal (now gone), in Newark DE

ex B&O CPL's at the Dorsey MD MARC station from 2009, the 2 on the right are from 2011 before they got replaced with colorlight signals ~2015

  CSX SW-1500 entering Baileys Wye in downtown Baltimore with B&O dwarf facing us and high CPL facing away from us, replaced with colorlights ~2015

      GRS Searchlight signals in Flint MI on CSX

  B&O CPL in Deshler OH on the now CSX, next to the Deshler tower

    ex Pennsy pedestal signals mounted on bridge in Wilmington DE, only 1 of 3 installations like this

    Colorized and un-colorized PRR PL signals in Altoona PA on the (now) Norfolk Southern

    The left signal is the only CPL we know of that can display ALL aspects, and is known as a "full" CPL, south Baltimore
Interesting to note that this signal was recently "converted" to a full CPL, about 2009 or 2010, then replaced with colorlight signals in 2015

  Restrict only CPL in south Baltimore

A Unilens signal south of Binghamton NY, Unilens signals are similar to a searchlight, but use a separate bulb for each aspect, and then use fiber-optics to direct the light to the single lens

      B&O dwarf signals at Union Station in Washington DC, a one of a kind installation, if you look close, you will note that the marker lamps are separated further away from the main signal for better visibility, see below for an explanation why they used B&O signals here.....

      Another one of a kind installation, where they used PRR PL lamps to build a B&O CPL signal, this is on the northern approach to Union Station in Washington DC, where all of the railroads going into Union Station decided way back in the 1920's to use B&O signals for the approach on both the south and north sides.

  US&S H-5 Searchlight signals in Kalamazoo MI at BO tower

  A special version of the colorlight signal, nicknamed the "tri-light" signal, here in Gallitzin PA on the ex PRR line near Horseshoe Curve, please note that professional signal maintainers do not use this term!

  GRS searchlights on the old New York Central west of Batavia NY (now CSX)

    GRS searchlights on the ex New York Central in Buffalo NY, on a cantilever signal bridge

    ex RF&P (Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac) colorlight signals on a bracket post in Doswell VA (now CSX)

              "tri-light" installation in Berea OH (suburban Cleveland), they have now been replaced with the colorlights seen to the right of the cantilever bridge, and the photo all the way on the right

    Working on a "tri-light" signal at Berea OH

    Signals at Trowbridge Diamond in Lansing MI

    View of a GRS, left, searchlight showing the hood which differentiates it from a US&S signal, right, I Know they are low res photos, but maybe you can use them in a small thumbnail type picture if you want to get into details.....

  Dwarf searchlight in Durand MI protecting the diamond

  Manual interlocking at Delray Tower in Detroit MI, still in use

  A B&O dwarf on the back of my truck when I go out signal chasing, rewired to work with my turn signals (that's why only one yellow lamp is "on").



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