Some people are content with just turning on the porch light and handing out candy, usually, I'm not.
Halloween has been my favorite holiday of the year for years,
And I enjoy creating stuff to scare the kids as much as they enjoy going around and getting candy.

For 2006, I went slightly overboard and created this castle to scare them with, complete with a water filled moat (kinda a wasted effort for night, shoulda put lights in it or something.... oh well, there's always next year), and some guy who died trying to escaping from one of the dungeons in a crumbled part of the castle foundation.

Pictures of the general lighting didn't turn out very well, but we had plenty of strobes and other scary lights around, in addition to speakers blaring screaming noises!

I found this "guy" wandering around the neighborhood looking for work, he was willing to work for a few kids to cut up and eat.


My daughter Jennifer checking out the entrance to the castle.

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