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In General

I am always getting emails asking me what railroad items costs.
As much as I would like to be an expert on all things railroad or railroad signal related, I am not!

PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT SELLING THESE ITEMS -- Many people write and ask me if these things are still for sale - I don't know.

Unlike other "antiques" you might see on the Antique Road Show, railroadiana is a much more fluid market depending on the interest of a certain item at the time it is offered for sale.  There is also the "relative" value of an item depending on someone's sense of historical value, for instance, there was once a simple 3 aspect color light signal for sale on Ebay maybe 10 years ago.  The starting price was $1500 because the seller felt it was worth way more that the real street value because he claimed it came from a specific station.  The first time he listed the signal, he did not even include a photo of the signal.  The second time he listed the signal, because it obviously did not sell the first time around, he at least included a photo, but still had it listed for $1500.  It did not sell the second time around either.  I never followed the auctions to see if he ever offered it again, but obviously, the market is very, very small for a signal collector looking for a signal from a specific depot.

With that said, I present a collection of sales and ads that I have come across to give the reader some idea of what you can expect to pay.  The first batch (1-62) come from the Discover Live Steam website.  The majority of the remainder of the listings were found on EBay.

Some of the prices for this stuff I feel are good, some I feel are excessive... my opinion is to the left in the little signal icon, I'm a guessin you can figure out what I'm trying to convey :-)...
Again, these are just my opinion!

Whether or not a particular price for something is "good" or "bad" depends on:
     What you think something is worth,
     How much you are willing to pay,
     And, is it something you "just want", "think would be cool to have", or "really, really just have to have it". 
A few years ago on EBay, a late 1800's Banjo type signal sold for $18,000!!!  Wow!  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for the free enterprise system, but if you think a lot of prices are good, go to a train show and see how much of this stuff IS NOT selling!

Because the pages are picture intensive, I have divided up the pages into quicker to load sets.....
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Pictures are always needed if anyone feels inclined to take 'em, send 'em, and share 'em, or if you have something to add or correct.... credit is always given! Contact info is here

  Two Upper Quadrant Semaphores  $2500ea


  Pair of WRRS Crossing Signals (Gates)  $1250ea or $2200 for a set


  Three Semaphores  $1500, $1000, and $1000

  "GRS Tower Indicator" $395


  2" Brass Whistle Valve  $700

  Cast Iron Sign off the New York Central  $350


  "Three Light Train Signal" (Standard 3 Aspect Color Light Signal)  $1500ea

Comment: Would be OK price if it includes relays in the base cabinet.


  Antique Switch Stand  $350 OBO (or best offer)

  Cast Iron Cross Buck with Signal Light  $1700

  Steam Locomotive Headlamps  $3000 each or OBO


  British Cast Brass Signs  $2000 each!!!

  3 Sets of B&O CPL Signals (3 aspect with Lunar Marker)  $1600 (~$533 each)

Comment: Anytime you can get a full size CPL AND a marker lamp for around 500 bucks, it's a deal....  A fair price for just the CPL alone if refurbed would be around $800.

Station Agents Phone  $250 OBO



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