This years reunion ran from 7pm to 11pm at the Country Club of Maryland.
I understand we had an attendance of ~132, which makes it the best turnout we have ever had!
We actually had quite a number of first time attendees,
and I hope they had as much of a good time as the people who come to these things on a
regular basis so that they feel inclined to return the next time!

Now that this year's reunion is in the rear view mirror, it is time to get busy with posting pictures,
And to start planning the next get-together.

Clicking on almost all of the photos below will pull up the full size pictures! :-)
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I don't know how long the pictures on Evite will be kept or otherwise be with us, so they are re-posted here to make it easier for ya'll to find them....







Eric sent in his apologies for not being able to attend the reunion this year, and sent in this photo of himself.





Steve also apologizes for not being able to attend, and hopes he will be able to do so in future events.

There was one pre-reunion event scheduled, a tour of Towson High at 10am.
Here are a few pictures courtesy "Linger" Farrel.
If anyone missed the tour, and can make it to school on the 2nd Wednesday of the month,
we can give you a tour prior to the Alumni Association's monthly meeting...


We may try to have a 51st reunion since many of us were born in 51.....
Next summer at the Poulet in Timonium..... Maybe.....
In the meantime, if you have never been, give it a try, great food, great prices, great ice cream, and mixed drinks.....

  2235 York Rd., Timonium, MD 410-842-2270

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