Towson High School, Class of 1969, 45th Reunion

CLASS of 1969
45th Reunion
November 15th, 2014


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Despite the fact that I seemed to be everywhere taking pictures, it seems I may have missed a few
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And We Would Like To Remember Those That Couldn't Be With Us:

Kathy Arniel
Bob Berwanger
Lee Blatteau
Susan Brooke
Nancy Burbage
Barb Button (June 2009)
Janet Childress
Barbara Clark
Lloyd "Chip" Clifton (August 2013)
Dawn Culbertson
Doug Davis
Bob Fenske
Sharon Goldrick
Fran Grandes DelMazo
Maureen Hare
Wally Hartlove
Michael Hutton
Joanne James
Mark Jeffers
Steve Justis (January 2011)
Tom Kalista
Jean Kelly
Bruce Kniffen
Linda Kroening
Pat Lemmon
David Lewis
Clay Linstid
Arden Lowndes (June 2013)
James Lynch
Fred Metschulat (2010)
Martha O'Connell
Patrick McPartland
Jim Peterson
Kathy Pierce
Tom Sawyer
Cathy Schultz
Owen Sexsmith
Kathy Shell (October 2010)
Linda Smith
Jim Stephenson (2009)
Denise Strappelli
Steve Webb
Trish Weitzel
Richard Whitten


A note about the 140 or so pictures that follow...... I apologize for the pictures not being here for the past 2 years, I thought I had uploaded them.... not! :-)  Bad Dad as Tina says :-)  :-)

You have two choices.  The pictures below are "large format thumbnails".  This means instead of being tiny tiny little things which you can't use fer nuttin, they stand fairly well on their own at around 100-120K apiece in size, decent enough in their natural state to view on your computer - right click on the picture and select the option to save as.......  However, if you want a higher resolution picture in order to print, click on the photo, and it will upload a full resolution photograph of around 3 to 4 meg, then you can download it by right clicking on it.  PS, in order to prevent things like the Google web-bots from tagging pictures with peoples names, and sticking you in their database, I have taken the precaution of inserting names into the page inside a JPEG, therefore keeping Google and other search engines from seeing names.

Also, by the time I was able to corral everyone for the group photo, some of our classmates had left the building, darn.

I hope to see everyone again in 2019 for our 50th anniversary.  Please nudge those that we haven't seen for a while to come out and enjoy in the fun!











































A few from the night before at Liberatore's


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