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The Reunion Committee:

Marcia Conlin
Frank Filer
Dianne Glock
Ron Culbertson
Suzie Gaston
Jean Rinehart
David Holdefer
Todd Sestero

On behalf of the reunion committee, I would like to thank everyone for coming to the reunion and
helping to make it a success.  We hope to see everyone at the next one in four years!... Todd

Thanks to Dave for organizing the Boordy gig, and for buying the wine!

We would also like to acknowledge the help of Arden Lowndes and Paula Dugdale, without whose help, we would have incurred a whole lot more work.
Arden was also responsible for rounding up a couple people we would have otherwise missed.
Also, a big thanks to Dianne Glock's sister Donna (THS Class of 79) for helping at the check-in table!
We missed you Paula, enjoy the pix!


    Hard at work, planning at Marcia's

Despite the fact that I seemed to be everywhere taking pictures, it seems I may have missed a few
So Please share your pictures, email them to me at: toddgp30@yahoo.com

Please note, most of the pictures are around one and a half meg JPEGS if you go to view or download them, hope ya'll got a hi-speed connection!

Click here for a list of our classmates in Word format
Anyone not wishing to be on the list, please let me know, toddgp30@yahoo.com

It is with great sadness to report the latest of our great friends to leave us, Steve Justis.  Paula Dugdale emailed me with the news the other day, and said he passed away on January the 21st, 2011.  We are all glad we got to see him at the reunion, but it was much to short a time to really catch up with him.  He will be very much missed by all of us for the friendship, kindness, respect, and humor he bestowed on all of us.  Photo by Chris Reichhart Strassner.

And We Would Like To Remember Those That Couldn't Be With Us:

Kathy Arniel
Bob Berwanger
Lee Blatteau
Susan Brooke
Nancy Burbage
Barb Button (6/2009)
Janet Childress
Barbara Clark
Dawn Culbertson
Doug Davis
Bob Fenske
Sharon Goldrick
Fran Grandes DelMazo
Maureen Hare
Wally Hartlove
Michael Hutton
Joanne James
Bruce Kniffen
David Lewis
Clay Linstid
Fred Metschulat (2010)
Martha O'Connell
Jim Peterson
Kathy Pierce
Tom Sawyer
Cathy Schultz
Owen Sexsmith
Kathy Shell (10/2010)
Jim Stephenson (2009)
Denise Strappelli
Steve Webb
Trish Weitzel

Marcia Conlin and Betsy Pritcher made the board, Photo by Suzie Gaston

This photo was passed on to me by Jean Lillquist, who in turn received it from Jim's sister Janie
It's at the head of Springer's Point Nature Train on Ocracoke Island  NC
We thank Janie for sharing this with us!

Last summer while running errands before the reunion, I stopped by THS to see about buying a 2010 yearbook and had the opportunity to chat with the advisor for the yearbook staff, Ms. Claire Fluharty.

Because of this, and seeing how poor a lot of the pictures were in the yearbook, Dianne and I decided to donate a Canon camera to them.
I dropped the camera off the week before Christmas, and Ms. Fluharty was very surprised.
If ya'll are ever thinking of making a donation to somewhere, the staff and kids at THS are very appreciative and it's going to a really good cause!
One of my neighbors was in the 10th grade at THS and has Ms. Fluharty for English...  Ryan says they are all looking forward to putting out a much better yearbook this year.

Dianne and I ran into Mr. Farrier at the Peppermill on Sunday, February 6th, 2011, and as luck would have it, they sat at the table next to us.

We caught up a little, and found out that Mr. Mihok had passed away about a year and a half ago (late 2009), and Mr. Mar was now living in an assisted living facility, with all of his family gone.

Also found out that Mr. Farrier worked at Towson for 29 years, it was 26 years ago (in 2011) that he retired, and he still lives only a block or two away from THS.  He was surprised to hear that Towson was a magnet school for lawyers, and that schools had done away with things in Phys Ed like making you climb a rope to the top of the gym :-)



Floor plan for THS

Did you know these famous people were born the year we graduated from THS?

A little pre-reunion fun and crabbing at Ocean Pride on Friday night....


Back in 1970 (I think), I stopped by THS for some (now) unforgotten reason and managed to snap off a few pix of some of the teachers I had......

Mrs. Alston - English

Mr. Mihok - History - RIP 2009

Mr. Sparzak - Vice Principal

Miss. Crouse - French

Mr. Murray - Librarian

I also encouraged Mr Randy Walker (Phys Ed) to get his ham radio license after he retired from teaching, and I used to see Mr. James Farrier (another Phys Ed teacher) in and around the community theater circuit when I was doing techie stuff there, and still see him once in a great while at the Peppermill!... toddo

     Early activity around the check-in table

   Jody Mack and Betsy Pritcher

   Suzie Gaston and her husband Dan

   Steve Justis and Arden Lowndes

   Connie Spanos and Sam Englehart

   Debi Bindi and her husband Dave

  Report Card from the 12th grade, and no, you can't see my grades.....

   Checking Steve Justis in with most of the committee present, Frank, Marcia, Dianne, Suzie, and Jean, now that's service!

      Jean Brown

  Bob MacMeekin and his wife Colleen, and Richard Graham's wife Nancy Ann checking out the yearbooks

   Tim North and his friend Terry

   Arden Lowndes and his sister Parker

      Dave Holdefer and his wife Cheryl

   Marcia Conlin and her husband Jim

   Betsy Pritcher and Marcia Conlin

  Jeff Dreisbach

   Bob MacMeekin and Carol Brown

   Dianne Glock, Jean Reinhart, Marcia Conlin, and Betsy Pritcher

  Carder Mills, Tim Caslin, and Bob Derbyshire

   Jean Reinhart

  Gary Zour, Paul Tegtmeier, and Carder Mills

   Missy (from the hotel staff) getting the party going, without her help, we would have been stuck in the mud.....

   Steve Justis and Joanne Hodge

   Larry Preller and Debbie Stein

   Jeff Dreisbach and Frank Filer

   Deb Spicer, Lindsay Seeds, and Carol Brown

   John Appling and his wife Sharon

   Betsy Pritcher and Joanne Hodge's husband Henry

   Betsy Pritcher, Jean Lilquist, and Joanne Hodge

   John Appling and his wife Sharon, Tim North and his friend Terry

     Rick Goodhand

   Connie Spanos, Sam Englehart, Pam Poletis, and Bob Freeze

   Dianne Glock

   Jacquie Cummins and Brucie Tolson

   Rick Goodhand, Dave Holdefer, and the Prellers

         Larry Preller and his wife

   Judi Bonney and Meg Fitzgerald

   Richard Graham and Meg Fitzgerald at the sign in table.

   Todd Sestero and Lindsay Seeds, the sole reps for the 12N homeroom

   Paul Tegtmeier and his wife Linda

  Brucie Tolson

   Fred Harrison and his wife Maggie... Hey Fred, I'm over here!

   Fred, Maggie, and Frank Filer, with Mark Clark watchin over in the background

      Gary Zour and Steve Justis

   Richard Graham and his wife Nancy Ann

   Gary Durrett

  Ron Culbertson and Victor Giordano

  Lindsay Seeds showing off

 Pam Poletis and Bob Freeze (who gave him that guest badge???)

  Michelle McWilliams... don't go looking for her in our yearbook, she's Suzie Gaston's sister from the THS Class of 72!

  Marcia Conlin and Dave & Cheryl Holdefer

  Darby Waters and Frank Filer

  John Harter and his wife Nancy

  Pam Poletis

  Rick Goodhand and Jeff Dreisbach

    Carder Mills and Arden Lowndes catching up.... nice shirt Arden!

   Jacquie Cummins

  Gary Durrett, Chris Reichart, and Barbara Atkinson

  Chris Reichart and Steve Justis

  Mark Clark, check out the armor (photo from Suzie Gaston)

  Suzie Gaston and Frank Filer (photo from Suzie)

  Kitty Hanson

  Chris Reichart, Debbie Stine, Jean Brown, and Barbara Atkinson

  Larry Preller joins the ladies above

  Lindsay Seeds

  Nancy Hartung and Lenore Chapman

  Rick Goodhand, Barbara Atkinson, Debbie Stine, and Todd Sestero

  John Harter and Chris Reichart

  Pat Godman and Cheryl Latchaw

  Dave Holdefer and Michelle McWilliams (photo from Suzie Gaston)

  Kay Arwady

  Sam Englehart, David Fair, and David Miller

  Jean Brown and Mary Sklarevski

    Libby Eife and her husband Bruce

  Gary Zour and his wife Joann

  Rick Goodhand and Tom Dawes... boy, that Rick sure gets around.....

  Chris Reichart taking a few extra glasses :-)

  Mike Berry (Sue's husband), Betsy Pritcher, Sue Huntley, and Adrienne Winter

  Kay Arwady, Jody Mack, and Betsy Pritcher

  Cheryl Latchaw

  Barbara Atkinson, Debbie Stein and Pam Poletis

  Kitty Hanson and Fred Sibley

   Todd Sestero, still the geek after 40+ years, what else do you expect from head of the AV crew?  :-)

  Lindsay Seeds and Deb Spicer

  Rick Goodhand, Connie Spanos, and Pam Poletis

  Carol Brown, Arden Lowndes, Steve Justis, and Parker Lowndes clowning it up!

  Deb Spicer and her husband James

   Vonnie Plakatoris

   Tim Caslin

   Connie Spanos and Meg Fitzgerald

   John Harter and David Fair

   Carol Brown

   Debbi and Dave struttin!

   Barbara Atkinson, Debbie Stein, Pam Poletis, and that Rick Goodhand guy again

   Saying goodbyes, it's almost 11

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