The Reunion Committee:

Marcia Conlin
Frank Filer
Dianne Glock
Mary Ann Mudd
Ron Culbertson
Suzie Gaston
Jean Rinehart
David Holdefer
Todd Sestero

Please note, most of the pictures are around one and a half meg JPEGS if you go to view or download them, hope ya'll got a hi-speed connection!

So, Do You Remember Where Eudowood Was???

You can just barely make out the "Martin's" on the wall to the right of Best's....

And We Would Like To Remember Those That Couldn't Be With Us:
Kathy Arniel
Bob Berwanger
Lee Blatteau
Susan Brooke
Nancy Burbage
Janet Childress
Barbara Clark
Dawn Culbertson
Doug Davis
Bob Fenske
Sharon Goldrick
Fran Grandes DelMazo
Maureen Hare
Wally Hartlove
Michael Hutton
Joanne James
Bruce Kniffen
David Lewis
Clay Linstid
Martha O'Connell
Jim Peterson
Kathy Pierce
Tom Sawyer
Cathy Schultz
Owen Sexsmith
Denise Strappelli
Steve Webb
Trish Weitzel

Left to right: Cheryl Morrison, Cathy Reese, Terry Shriver, Pat Godman, Debbie Smith, Debbie Peterson, and Marsha Waters.

Floor plan for THS


more to come.... duh :-)  :-)

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