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I worked here for a little over a year and a half.....  Alger did mostly gas stations... most of the Hess and Crown stations (and a few Sunoco's here and there) in and around Baltimore were built in the 1970-1971 timeframe, and Alger did the electric for them, most of them are still around.  I got laid off from them cause I was too "hippie-like" for them.... rednecks and hippies don't mix too well ya know :-)  It was kind of funny that when I got laid off in 2002, and was looking for something to do, they asked me if I knew anything about the electronics in gasoline pumps.... nope I didn't specifically, but how hard can a counter be since it's all microprocessor based with a flow meter?  Never mind that I could design stuff like that.  So they passed on having me back... It was for the better anyways cause I'm making a whole lot more now than I would be if I had gone to work for them :-)  :-)  Need to keep looking, cause somewhere I do have a picture of Alger himself!  Oh yeah, when I went to them in 2002 for a job, the secretary said she had been there since 1970 or so, but didn't remember me, I guess that's OK, I didn't remember her either!

Junior - he was #2 until Alger passed away, then took over.....  he has a son named Bobby, who took over running the day to day operation in the 90's.


Joe Fletcher


The old ladder truck

Charlie - he operated the backhoe - looked way different the last time I saw him around 2002

Bill - I used to see him a lot at local hamfests, as he had a ham radio license

A picture of one of their newer trucks heading down the Beltway in 2011

Where Are They?

Well, I worked for them 1970-1971.  They are still in the same place they were 40 years ago.  North of the Baltimore Beltway off Reisterstown Road, and then off Mt. Wilson Lane.  Their empire has grown a good bit.  The original building was the house pointed to by the black arrow.  At some point, they built a new gargage pointed to by the blue arrow.  Then, later on, another building followed (green arrow).  The yellow arrow points to the house that Junior used to live in, but I'm a guessin that most of the other houses attached to the property are lived in by other family, for they are way too close to be lived in by anyone else.

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