Pictured above is one of the few Maryland and Pennsylvania RR
Stations left standing in Maryland, and the only one in Baltimore County.
There are forces who want to raze the station, just to make the parking lot where it sits, bigger (probably).
The people who want to tear it down are suppose to be fairly powerful and well connected.
We have a hearing coming up on June 14th, 2018 at 6PM, if anyone can attend and tell the county why it should be saved.
18 years ago I went to the Baltimore County Council and had the PRR Riderwood Station saved from being sold
and razed by having it put on the historic landmark list,
and hopefully, we will be able to do the same for the Glen Arm Station.
Please come if you are able, to help save the station!

Bienvenue.  Pour tous ceux qui sont en train de visiter mon site.  Je suis désole, mais je ne maîtrise pas la langue Française pour pouvoir traduire mes pages en Français.  Mais il existe un excellent site sur la signalisation canadienne et américaine par Martin Lévesque à: http://regle105.quebectrain.com/


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The Ringling Brothers 2017 Blue Train, Car by Car

RIP ROBIN  --- June 13th, 1954 - September 4th, 2015 --- Farewell My Dearest Sis
My best buddy Jim Southern RIP

I recently had someone write to me because I used a stock picture from Almay on one of my pages,
I took the picture off the page because "they" want 50 bucks to use the photo on a website vs $20 for personal use,
I don't discourage the practice of copyrighting and selling your pictures,
for a plain old 3/4 view builders style photo that you or I could take with our cellphone,
$50 just seemed a little ridiculous,
especially since I run an ad free, no fee, not for profit website,
......to fill up one of my trip pages, it would cost me $10,000 (with roughly 200 pictures),
if every page I have used 200 pictures, my website would cost $8,000,000 for pictures alone,
Yes, that's 8 million dollars, now you see how unreasonable that fee is!
PS, there was really nothing special about the picture, so you won't miss it! :-),
IOW, it wasn't an "I just gotta have that picture!" picture.
I'm sorry if this offends or pieces anyone off, it's just my two cents.....

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